EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Adam Lind Tests Dirty for Meth & Amphetamine in Court-Demanded Drug Test

“Um…I was framed? Yeah, that’s it!”

Adam Lind claims he gets an unfair edit on Teen Mom 2, often stating that MTV tries to make him look like a “bad dad,” but…it looks the show’s editors won’t have to work too hard to do that this month.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad failed a drug test that he took earlier this month, testing positive for both methamphetamine and amphetamine! 

The Ashley was tipped off that Adam and his second baby mama, Taylor Halbur, were recently back in court, so The Ashley went hunting and found that, according to public record, Adam failed his recent drug test. The test results revealed that Adam had over 300 ng/ml of amphetamine detected in his system, as well as over 800 ng/ml of methamphetamine!

Multiple sources have been telling The Ashley for months that Adam’s two baby-mamas, Chelsea Houska and Taylor, (as well as some of the MTV crew) suspected that Adam had been using. The ladies reportedly took their suspicions to the court, and eventually got Adam to take a court-ordered drug test. He failed the first one, but wrote it off as a “faulty test.” The court tested the same sample again, in early April, and it came back dirty as well.

The Ashley hears that, because he tested dirty, Adam lost his privilege of having unsupervised visits with his daughter Paislee. His visits with his daughter Aubree have been required to be supervised by Adam’s parents for some time, and that will remain the same.

A MTV crew source tells The Ashley that Adam has yet to film at all for the upcoming new season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

UPDATE: The Ashley has also learned that Adam is still terrorizing the streets of South Dakota. According to public records pulled by The Ashley, Adam pleaded guilty to a charge of exhibition driving on April 17. It’s just the latest driving offense committed by Adam in a string of driving- and car-related crimes that goes back at least seven years.


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  1. I wonder when people like him actually grow up, poor little rich boy so hard done by.
    Get in the real world mate and sort your shit out for those poor innocent babies of yours.

  2. If there were an exponential form of zero, it would be called Adam Lind. And LOL at that stupid skunk stripe of hair. Shave your head, ya dope! Then pick up a pen and sign over all rights to Aubrey. She deserves a real dad, which Cole is!

  3. Well, now we know for sure where his money goes instead of child support. And why he is not a real father to either of his girls. I’m not surprised, just saddened for Aubree and Paislee, they deserve so much better. (Although they both seem to have wonderful father figures in their lives but I can see how they will resent him when they are older, I doubt they will keep in contact after they turn 18 or maybe even before.).

  4. I just feel bad for his kids at this point they deserve so much better if he keeps going like this he’s going to get himself or someone else killed

  5. He’s always been a dopey looking fucker but now he’s tore up from the floor up.
    How long before we see meth mouth & facial potholes?

  6. I’m always surprised when people test positive for cocaine and meth. Don’t those drugs only stay in your system for a few days? If you have a court date coming up where they might require you to take a drug test, wouldn’t you just white knuckle it for 3-4 days beforehand?

    1. That’s pretty high amounts on this test. He probably at least a daily user to have that high of an amount. But too even if you are a heavy user it would still be out of your system in three days tops. What an idiot!!!

    2. Probably because he’s an addict and he couldn’t just stop for a few days (or he tried and failed to on the last day). It’s sad but I do not pity him at all.

    3. Drug tests have gotten much more sensitive now too. They’ve made them to where they can pick things up from over two weeks ago, it’s crazy.

    1. My two: Bugger off!

      Leave those kids alone until you somewhat resemble a decent human being and dad.

      Now we know why he has issues paying his child support.
      Why can’t Chelsea ask for other supervisors I wonder? I see pictures of the girls at Adam’s home, is one of his parents there when they are???
      He is addicted enough to be so far away that he can’t stay sober for a first or second drug test. That does not sound okay. He must have been under influence while he had his kids with him. Are his parents capable of seeing the signs he is under influence and act upon it??

  7. And let’s remember this is the guy that sent Chelsea a text right after she had their daughter that wanted to sign his rights away to the little bastard. Chelsea girl, should have done it while you had the chance.

    1. That scene when she gets that text message from him you to this day breaks my heart (I realize is a reality TV show but something’s should never be said/aired) I hope Aubrey never ever regardless of her age is Has to ever see that

    2. He didn’t call her a little bastard but he called her a mistake. Aubree will see that one day and I’m sure it’s going to break her heart. How could anyone ever say that about their own child?

      1. He called her a mistake in the text if I remember but he did joke around and call her a bastard another time, if I remember correctly. It’s been 6 years since I saw her episode.

  8. Chelsea has done everything to keep Adam in Aubree’s life, but she needs to cut him off until he’s sober. It isn’t fair for his daughter, she doesn’t need to be around that at all. In fact, he needs to be cut off from Paislee as well. Meth is a serious drug, and until he can be sober, he has no business being near those precious little girls.

  9. Wait…why is this so shocking to me?! How has he had Aubree at home alone with supervised visits? Hopefully Chelsea cuts that mess out. And while we’re cutting things let’s gets the clippers for Adam.

    1. Adam already had the procedure done. To prevent further ‘mistakes’.
      As Adam clearly doesn’t have the balls to be a real man or father, I applaud the surgeon for finding everything.

  10. After seeing his Meth head friend from the season before last, I’m not at all shocked. That guy looked WHACKED.
    Waiting now for ex Jessica Rabbit to come out with how he bashed her in a meth rage. Because “alnost famous”

  11. I wouldn’t trust his parents to supervise him. Meth is serious. It’s not driving too fast and crashing your car is consciously taking a drug that destroys your mind and ability to function. I hope for his daughters safety chelsea seeks stricter supervision. What a pathetic person.

        1. Body double! MTV send a body double, twice, it’s just a storyline. Adam was at home sleeping.

  12. And people wonder why Chelsea does not want Adam around Aubree unsupervised…Adam is pathetic!

    1. Adams parents​ have previously let him take Aubree unsupervised so I don’t think they are any better to leave her with. I know Chelsea doesn’t want to take Aubree from him but this little girl deserves so much more than that POS in her life and seeing how little he actually gives a shit about her.

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