“16 and Pregnant” Star Jordan Ward Announces She’s Pregnant With Her Third Child

Yet another girl from 16 and Pregnant is joining the “Three Kids Before Age 25” Club!

Jordan Ward, who starred on the third season of the MTV reality show, announced on her Instagram that she is currently pregnant with her third child. She posted a photo that showed off her baby bump, along with a caption that hinted she’s due to give birth to a baby boy in September.

Jordan’s episode of “16 and Pregnant,” which originally aired in April 2011 and followed the birth of her first son Noah, was one of the highest-rated episodes of the show ever. (Viewers loved all the drama that Jordan’s pregnancy created between Jordan and her twin sister, Jessica.) Jordan and her baby-daddy, Brian Finder, got married soon after Jordan’s episode aired.

However, Jordan’s story was not without scandal. Right before Jordan flew to Los Angeles to film the “16 and Pregnant” Season 3 Reunion special, Jordan discovered she was pregnant again. She was one of the first girls from the show to have a second pregnancy, and the show’s producers were not happy about it.

From what The Ashley heard at the time, they encouraged Jordan to keep her second pregnancy a secret for awhile. It has been said that MTV was planning to choose girls from “16 and Pregnant” Season 3 for Teen Mom 3, but Jordan’s unexpected pregnancy derailed that and the producers chose girls from Season 4 instead.

Anyway, Jordan and Brian welcomed their second child, daughter Arri, in November 2011. They remained married for several more years, but they eventually split in 2016.

“Meet my new baby-daddy!”

Jordan is now seeing a man named Manny Hinkson, who is the father of the child she’s currently pregnant with.

Jordan, now 24 years old, is certainly not the only girl from “16 and Pregnant” to go on to birth out three babies.

The other “16 and Pregnant” girls who currently have three children are Season 1’s Ebony Jackson and Maci Bookout; Season 2’s Leah Messer (who had twins the first pregnancy), Lori Wickelhaus and Jenelle Evans; Season 3’s Jennifer Del Rio (who had twins the first pregnancy); Season 4’s Mackenzie McKeeSarah Roberts and Kristina Head.

Season 3’s Danielle Cunningham and Season 2’s Kail Lowry are both currently pregnant with their third child.

See Jordan’s Instagram pregnancy announcement below:

? Sep 2017 ? @mannyhinkson

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  1. I am so sad that Brian and Jordan didn’t make it….marriage is tough work, I know first hand I have been with my husband for 17yrs and at times I can hardle stand him, but at the end of the day we have each others back. I see this real love in these 2 as well, I am gonna hold out hope of them rekindling their love.

  2. I really enjoyed Jordan’s episode and had high hopes of her and Brian making it. I was hoping she was gonna be picked for TM3.

  3. Is it just me or do you think she had loads of plastic surgery on her face because she looks totally different then when she was on 16 and pregnant, my question is how does she get all of that money for makeup and new clothes while have two kids, at least we know where Farrah gets her, this is just stetchy

  4. Not to be judgmental but her house looks filthy! why have another kid when you can’t even clean your house…

  5. Seriously?? Split for a year and pregnant with someone else’s baby. Nice. Keeping it classy 16&P girls ?

  6. You forgot Jordan Howard, she’s expecting a third child too. But she’s still with the same guy.

    I don’t understand Jordan Ward, not even a year after a breakup from ex and already pregnant with a new guy, like really?! Why moving on so fast? Why are all of these girls acting like Jenelle?

  7. I didn’t even know her and Brian split up. When I first read she was pregnant, I was thinking, “Well, at least she’s married and her third kid will be with the same guy.” Jeez, are there any girls besides Amber and Farrah that still have only one child?

    1. It’s sad when FARRAH is actually a role model for teen pregnancy. She’s 100% a terrible human being and is not a role model for her life choices regarding certain films she’s made. But if you ignore that, she’s only had Sophia, she graduated school, owns multiple businesses etc and has no help from her child’s father. Knock her for her attitude and back door situation all you want, but you can’t pretend she hasn’t beat the odds regarding teen pregnancy.

      1. It’s sad watching teen mom OG knowing Farrah is the only one with a legit job 🙁 It’s bad when Farrah looks good….

        1. Farrah is not the only one with a job and legit… well.. depends on the state. You actually believe she bought that big house from just porn money? Vivid claims the porn did not do that well, or that she was payed as much as she claims.

          1. Maci no job, Catelynn and Tyler no job, Amber an,d Matt no job. Farrah is the only mom on Teen mom OG with a job a fake t-shirt company, a “haute” online boutique, do not count.

      2. You’re right – say what you will, but Farrah has drive. I may not agree with her choices, but she hussles

      3. Nah, Farrah just did not have any more children cause she did not want them. They require love, attention and her time.

      4. I will give credit where it’s due. Farrah was my girl seasons 1-2. She was resilient as hell. She was dealing with death, grief, single motherhood, work, school, and she was balancing it well. I was heartbroken for her when it was finally revealed in season 2 that Derek was in fact dead. Mtv made her refer to him as “not around” prior to that so I had no idea the guy was dead. I don’t know what happened to her between the years of 2012- now. She just changed. She was nowhere near as disrespectful and crazy in the early days of TM. Now she’s just a wacky porn star that owns a lot of random businesses. None of these seem like endeavors that are near and dear to her, just money grabs. Adult entertainment is the only one that she seems most comfortable with lol.

    2. So I did some looking
      I made a list of all of the girls from 16 and pregnant who only have one child (this doesn’t include any miscarriages or abortions)

      Season One- Farrah; Amber
      Season Two A- Valerie; Samantha; Summer
      Season Two B- Emily; Markai
      Season Three- Kianna; Taylor
      Season Four- Lindsey; Alex; Sabrina
      Season Five- Maddy; Autumn; Milinna; Arianna; Aleah; Jazmin; Savon; Jordan; Courtney

      I’m putting together a full document that I’ll post on here later that includes ages of kids and the like.

      1. Just so you can see average age of children, how old they were when 2nd/3rd child(ren) were born, yada yada yada

        Maci (Bookout) McKinney
        Bentley Cadence- October 27, 2008 (8 years, 6 months)
        Jayde Carter- May 29, 2015 (1 year, 11 months)
        Maverick Reed- May 31, 2016 (0 years, 11 months)
        Farrah Abraham
        Sophia Laurent- February 23, 2009 (8 years, 2 months)
        Amber Portwood
        Leah Leann- November 12, 2008 (8 years, 5 months)
        Ebony Jackson (formerly Rendon)
        Jocelyn Jade- April 29, 2009 (8 years, 0 months)
        Jayda Jewell- October 15, 2012 (4 years, 6 months)
        Jaelyn Zoria- June 8, 2015 (1 year, 10 months)
        Whitney Purvis
        Weston Owen- April 2, 2009 (8 years, 0 months)
        River Blake- October 14, 2014 (2 years, 6 months)
        Catelynn (Lowell) Baltierra
        Carolyn “Carly” Elizabeth- May 18, 2009 (chose adoption; 7 years, 11
        Novalee “Nova” Reign- January 1, 2015 (2 years, 3 months)
        Jenelle Evans (formerly Rogers)
        Jace Vahn- August 2, 2009 (7 years, 8 months)
        Kaiser “Kai” Orion- June 30, 2014 (2 years, 10 months)
        Ensley Jolie- January 24, 2017 (0 years, 3 months)
        Nikkole Paulun
        Lyle Thomas- November 5, 2009 (7 years, 5 months)
        Ellie Jade- July 5, 2015 (1 year, 9 months)
        Valerie Fairman
        Nevaeh Lynn- September 14, 2009 (7 years, 7 months)
        Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer
        Aubree Skye- September 7, 2009 (7 years, 7 months)
        Watson Cole- January 25, 2017 (0 years, 3 months)
        Lori Wickelhaus
        Aidan Elliot- December 16, 2009 (chose adoption; 7 years, 4 months)
        Rylynn Jo- October 22, 2013 (3 years, 6 months)
        Logan- October 3, 2014 (2 years, 6 months)
        Samantha Hernandez
        Jordynn Amelia Marie- December 22, 2009 (7 years, 4 months)
        Nicole Fokos
        Brooklyn Marie- January 17, 2010 (7 years, 3 months)
        Scarlett Elizabeth- March 31, 2016 (1 year, 1 month)
        Leah Messer (formerly Simms; Calvert)
        Aliannah “Ali” Hope- December 16, 2009 (7 years, 4 months)
        Aleeah “Gracie” Grace- December 16, 2009 (7 years, 4 months)
        Adalynn “Addie” Faith- February 4, 2013 (4 years, 2 months)
        Lizzie Waller (formerly Sickles)
        Summer Jayde- January 30, 2010 (7 years, 3 months)
        Kailyn “Kail” Lowry (formerly Marroquin)
        Isaac Elliot- January 18, 2010 (7 years, 3 months)
        Lincoln Marshall- November 16, 2013 (3 years, 5 months)
        Brooke Smitherman (formerly Smitherman-Tarrant)
        Brody Ryan- January 28, 2010 (7 years, 3 months)
        Ryley Jean- December 18, 2012 (4 years, 4 months)
        Felicia Cooke
        Genesis Alexa- February 25, 2010 (7 years, 2 months)
        Giselle Isabella- May 14, 2014 (2 years, 11 months)
        Emily McKenzie (formerly Peterson)
        Liam Allen- February 17, 2010 (7 years, 2 months)
        Markai Durham
        Za’Karia Sanari- October 12, 2009 (7 years, 6 months)
        Aubrey Wolters (formerly Akerill)
        Austin Carter- February 6, 2010 (7 years, 2 months)
        Ryland- February 18, 2014 (3 years, 2 months)
        Christinna Cook (formerly Robinson)
        Destiny Brianna- December 22, 2009 (7 years, 4 months)
        Naomi- March 2014 (3 years, 1 month)
        Kayla Jordan
        Rylan Jayce- January 19, 2010 (7 years, 3 months)
        Bryce Harper- July 20, 2015 (1 year, 9 months)
        Megan McConnell (formerly Stone)
        Blake Ray- January 19, 2010 (7 years, 3 months)
        Silas Jude- April 13, 2015 (2 years, 0 months)
        Ashley Salazar
        Callie Danielle- December 16, 2009 (chose adoption; 7 years, 4
        Phoenix Roy- January 7, 2017 (0 years, 3 months)
        Jordan Ward (formerly Finder)
        Noah James- July 14, 2010 (6 years, 9 months)
        Arri Monroe- November 5, 2011 (5 years, 5 months)
        Jennifer (Del Rio) Del Rio- Gutierrez
        Joshua Devan- October 11, 2010 (6 years, 6 months)
        Noah Matthew- October 11, 2010 (6 years, 6 months)
        Sebastian- April 25, 2014 (3 years, 0 months)
        Jamie McKay
        Miah Christine- October 3, 2010 (6 years, 6 months)
        Mason- October 25, 2014 (2 years, 6 months)
        Danielle Cunningham
        Jamie Paul- October 8, 2010 (6 years, 6 months)
        Jayleigh Rae- June 7, 2013 (3 years, 10 months)
        Cleondra (Carter) Wrease
        Kylee Sue- November 29, 2010 (6 years, 5 months)
        Adrian Eli- July 8, 2015 (1 year, 9 months)
        Kayla Jackson
        Preston Michael- November 4, 2010 (6 years, 5 months)
        Cedric- July 27, 2016 (0 years, 9 months)
        Izabella (Tovar) Rodriguez
        Enrique “Henry” Jairo- September 17, 2010 (6 years, 7 months)
        Anastazia Emily- November 5, 2014 (2 years, 5 months)
        Kianna (Randall) Harrington
        Kay’den Elijah- October 17, 2010 (6 years, 6 months)
        Taylor Lumas
        Aubri Rose- November 11, 2010 (6 years, 5 months)
        Allie (Mendoza) Gerena
        Aydenn Anthony- December 17, 2010 (6 years, 4 months)
        Christopher Eli- September 10, 2015 (1 year, 7 months)
        Mackenzie (Douthit) McKee
        Gannon Dewayne- September 12, 2011 (5 years, 7 months)
        Jaxie Taylor- February 7, 2014 (3 years, 2 months)
        Broncs Weston- August 15, 2016 (0 years, 8 months)
        Katie Yeager
        Molli J- August 18, 2011 (5 years, 8 months)
        Briana DeJesus
        Nova Star- September 9, 2011 (5 years, 7 months)
        Lindsey (Harrison) Nicholson
        Aniyah Monroe- October 13, 2011 (5 years, 6 months)
        Alexandria “Alex” Sekella
        Arabella “Bella” Elizabeth- July 18, 2011 (5 years, 9 months)
        Jordan (Howard) Zeplin
        Chase Alexander- May 31, 2011 (5 years, 11 months)
        Skylar Aris- October 24, 2015 (1 year, 6 months)
        Myranda (Trevino) Trevino-Kennemer
        Kaylee Michelle- September 30, 2011 (5 years, 7 months)
        Ryleigh Paige- April 22, 2014 (3 years, 0 months)
        Hope Harbert
        Tristan Blaise- August 26, 2011 (5 years, 8 months)
        Sarah (Roberts) Fine
        Tenleigh Louise- June 18, 2011 (5 years, 10 months)
        Tessly Jordan Lucille- October 1, 2013 (3 years, 6 months)
        Kerrington Ray- February 17, 2017 (0 years, 2 months)
        Sabrina (Solares) Rosario
        Audrey Animi- August 21, 2011 (5 years, 8 months)
        Devon Broyles
        Landon Levi- November 4, 2011 (5 years, 5 months)
        Layla Monroe- July 24, 2015 (1 year, 9 months)
        Kristina (Robinson) Robinson-Head
        Lukas Todd- September 26, 2011 (5 years, 7 months)
        Tommie Joseph- January 9, 2013 (4 years, 3 months)
        Layton Jax- February 12, 2014 (3 years, 2 months)
        Maddy Godsey
        Aubrey Lynn- October 20, 2013 (3 years, 6 months)
        Autumn Crittendon
        Drake LeSeuer- December 17, 2013 (3 years, 4 months)
        Millina Kacmar
        Kayden James Michael- December 7, 2013 (3 years, 4 months)
        Arianna Hazel
        Aiden Connor- November 16, 2013 (3 years, 5 months)
        Summer (James) Rewis
        Peyton Daniel- October 28, 2013 (3 years, 6 months)
        Connor Mace- June 7, 2016 (0 years, 10 months)
        Karley (Deatherage) Shipley
        Amariah Dawn- November 14, 2013 (3 years, 5 months)
        Amayah Lynn- November 14, 2013 (3 years, 5 months)
        Aleah Lebeouf
        Peyton Reianne- December 13, 2013 (3 years, 4 months)
        Jazmin Young
        Laila Aubrielle- October 17, 2013 (3 years, 6 months)
        Savon Looney
        Eden Lavon- February 13, 2014 (3 years, 2 months)
        Jordan Cashmyer
        Genevieve “Evie” Shae- March 7, 2014 (3 years, 1 month)
        Courtney Ames
        Dayton Cash- December 15, 2013 (3 years, 4 months)
        Savannah Mooney
        Rowan James- February 27, 2014 (3 years, 2 months)
        Samuel Joseph- June 6, 2016 (chose adoption; 0 years, 10 months)

  8. These announcements always make me crazy! WTF is wrong with these girls that they need to keep shooting out babies without having any kind of handle on their lives? It really angers me that people find this acceptable.

  9. Isn’t season 3 the one with the most arrests to date? Also didn’t Jennifer Del Rio get exposed by her baby daddy and ex boyfriend for getting pregnant on purpose. This is what happens when you do multiple seasons of a show like this! Season 4 was hardly a better example of role models.

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