Breaking News! Ashley Jones of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Will Replace Chelsea Houska on ‘Teen Mom 2’ (Exclusive Details!)

“It’s meeeee!”

It’s been just over a month since The Ashley broke the news that Chelsea Houska was leaving Teen Mom 2, and, after much deliberation, MTV has decided who will take her coveted spot on the show.

People stated on Friday that Ashley Jones— who has starred on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant since it premiered in 2018— will replace Chelsea on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

The Ashley hears that this decision was just finalized. However, Ashley, as well as another girl on ‘Young & Pregnant’ were notified last month that they were being considered for the spot. (Another MTV star with young children was also in the running, The Ashley hears.)

For those who don’t watch ‘Young & Pregnant,’ Ashley is the mother of three-year-old Holly, whom she shares with her on- and off-again boyfriend Bar Smith. (The couple recently reunited and got re-engaged.) 

The selection of Ashley comes as a surprise to the other ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast members— Leah MesserKail LowryBriana DeJesus and (former ‘Young & Pregnant’ star) Jade Cline

“There goes my chance at a starring role. Sigh.”

“Most of the crew and producers didn’t know they were for sure going with Ashley, and the other ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast members didn’t know either,” one behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “Chelsea had no clue who was replacing her.”

Back in 2019, when Jade was selected for Jenelle Evans‘ role on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Ashley claimed that she had been the producers’ first choice, but that she had turned them down. (To The Ashley’s knowledge, this is not true, as Jade was always the replacement choice for Jenelle.)

With Ashley moving to ‘Teen Mom 2,’ it is unknown who will take her place on ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.’ However, The Ashley will update this as soon as she has more info on this!

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)

40 Responses

  1. Seriously, they should put Leah and Kailyn on TMOG since they are part of the original franchise (I don’t count TM3) and put Mack and Cheyenne on TM2.
    Actually, rebrand that one all together since I think Bri and Mack are the only ones who actually had kids in their teens.

  2. In case I needed further proof NOT to watch this show and give it ratings and only read The Ashley’s HILARIOUS recaps

  3. I wonder how mad Leah and her sister are now? Seeing as her sister keeps reproducing to get a spot on this show. That girl needs to go to and take that pea seriously.

  4. I wish they had used some of the girls from 16&P this new season. They were all awesome and I would love to see some more of their stories. Shoot, I wouldn’t be mad if they made a whole new teen mom series just for those girls! I’m sure they’ll add one of them to replace Ashley on Y&P though. And I freaking love Ashley. She’s wild, and can be a little ratchet at times but ultimately she’s an awesome mom and grinds hard for Holly and has a lot of support from her family which I love to see.

  5. Oh man, they really did get a replacement. Don’t know her and doubt she will be the reason people will want to tune in….anyway I guess they will evwntually replace all girls and just rename it The NEW Teen Mom 2 or something…(remember Bristol Palin? That was appaling.)

  6. Screw it, give the other Beaver girl a segment, so we can get double the Beavers. They’re the type of mess I like to watch.

  7. Look, I don’t mind this Ashley girl, this is a great opportunity for her, and she was very entertaining in the Twitter beef between her and Jenelle…however wtf?? Are they just going to replace all the TM2 girls with the young and pregnant girls?? If I wanted to watch the girls from Young and Pregnant, then I would watch Young and Pregnant. MTV had an entire new season of 16&pregnant girls/stories to choose from, but for whatever reason they want to just retransplant girls from Y&P.

    1. Oh and I don’t watch Y&P so I don’t know what Ashley is all about…but from the comments people really seem to not like her lol.

    1. I refuse to watch his mother!! I do think their daughter is adorable. I also think we will be having many SM fights with the Easons.

      1. I agree! Holly is so cute and so smart despite her parents ignorance. I don’t think his mom has been on for awhile. I’m not real fond of her mom either, just because she has Pastor in front of her name does not make her classy!

        I may not like Ashley but I’m here for anyone who fights with the Easons!?

  8. I always got a bad feeling about Ashley. I think it’s because of that birthday party she threw bar and she purposely didn’t invite his mom just to stir up drama. Then when the mom showed up, Ashley created a whole scene about it and people were fighting, throwing chairs, it was just such a ratchet mess. We wanna see hillbillies ditching their kids to go party!

  9. It’s almost as if Teen Mom OG should now be Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, Leah, and Kail since they are the only original cast members from their respective series. Let the add ons (Cheyenne, Mackenzie, Brianna, Jade, and now Ashley) be something else. But I guess no one cares about unknowns which is why Young and Pregnant never took off.

      1. But otherwise I agree with you 100%! Move the non OG’s to TM2. When I was still watching, I fast forwarded through any of the “add-on” girls stories, just not interested in more fake drama, as they seem to know what they are expected to bring in the drama Dept **cough** McKenzie**cough** and Her fake divorce, etc.

    1. No farrah should never return. She’s the biggest trash of them all. A despicable human. I wouldn’t even have given her the satisfaction of mentioning her name to begin with. Let her make a fool of herself thinking she’s something anyone would ever want to pay attention to like she does regularly.

  10. Oh man. Why Ashley? The beavers are way more entertaining and ridiculous.

    Initially her story was cool, but then the guy she is with was physically violent with her (more than once). She finished school and seemed to have a decent head on her shoulders. How many more young moms do I need to watch chase after half azz fathers? No thanks, MTV.

    Chelsea was too boring, but Ashley is too much.

  11. I’ve been following ashley for awhile since y&p and I’m happy with this choice. I really liked her on the show. She’s unfiltered but she’s also dedicated and ambitious. She works hard to be successful and I appreciate her drive and the effort she put in trying to get bar to do the same and strive for bigger things for their daughters sake. She also engages with fans and haters. We talked on twitter and she helped start a group (unrelated to her) I joined on FB. She makes mistakes, she’s still younger, but I think she’s genuine overall at least I get that vibe from what I’ve seen of her. She’s brash but I appreciate that in people they’re usually some of the most up front and honest. I’d also like to see more of the beaver bunch but I admit that’s more of a guilty pleasure for the trainwreck.

  12. Ashley’s boyfriends facial tattoos are way more interesting than Chelsea’s storylines the last 3 seasons.

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