Ashley Jones Calls Dr. Drew Pinsky a “Disgrace” For “Instigating Little Girl Drama” at ‘Teen Mom’ Reunions

“Don’t think we don’t see you over there stirring the pot, Doc!”

Ashley Jones is not a fan of Dr. Drew Pinsky —and she let everyone know it on Wednesday!

The Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star— who will make the leap to Teen Mom 2 next season—was doing a fan Q&A on Instagram when she was asked if she is still feuding with her ‘Young & Pregnant’ co-stars. (As you may remember, Ashley nearly got into a physical fight with some of her co-stars while on-stage filming the ‘Young & Pregnant’ Season 2 Reunion in October 2019.)

Ashley said that, while she no longer has beef with the girls, she does have beef with Reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky— whom she accused of instigating drama among the girls.

“Dr. Drew messy ass need to drop the ‘Dr.’ [from his name] and just call himself a Wendy Williams cause he’s a disgrace,” Ashley– who is apparently not a fan of the talk show host either— wrote. 

“I am guilty as charge. I do enjoy the mess.”

“[Drew is] sitting up there old as my Papa instigating little girl drama for the last however long,” she continued. “Surely as a Dr. his medical contributions can be greater.”

Dr. Drew has hosted all of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise shows’ Reunion Specials, starting all the way back to the 16 and Pregnant Reunions. 

Ashley later posted on Instagram Stories that she feels Dr. Drew needs to focus on helping people instead of appearing on ‘Teen Mom’ Reunions.

“Point blank he needs to go try to really rehabilitate people instead of starting drama between girls who are young enough to be his granddaughters. F**king disgusting,” Ashley wrote.

Ashley is not the only person to call Dr. Drew out recently for starting drama. Since the old episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ began airing on Netflix, the show’s fans have taken to social media to voice their opinions that Dr. Drew frequently instigated drama among the show’s cast members and seemingly says things to try to make the girls upset.

“Something happens when I put this T-shirt-and-blazer on, I can’t explain it!”

“Watching old ‘Teen Mom’ reunions, Dr. Drew is one messy mf, he would instigate so much omg,” one person wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

“Teen Mom 2’… At the reunions it’s Dr. Drew‘s main goal to make them all cry lol,” another person tweeted recently.

Rewatching ‘Teen Mom 2,’ I can see why they for so upset at reunions. Dr. Drew is like kinda manipulative,” someone else wrote. 

“I thought I was the only one who noticed he’s completely biased,” another fan wrote. “Often taking the sides of the father’s over the mother’s. Thought I was losing my s**t for a min but this is real! You don’t notice this when you’re 16-17 watching this!”

In a preview clip from the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10 Reunion (which is currently airing), Drew is the only ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member to react in a catty way when Chelsea Houska announced that she was leaving the show after 10 seasons to focus on her family’s well-being. While all of the other ‘TM2’ girls wished Chelsea the best and commended her for her decision, Drew seemed downright offended, telling everyone he was “pissed and sad” at Chelsea for leaving.

“My question is— and I have a mix of emotions and I’m sort of keeping a lid on them at the moment– but why?! Why you doing this?” he asked Chelsea in the clip. 

Dr. Drew– who is currently battling COVID-19— has yet to respond to Ashley’s statements.

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter; Instagram) 


  1. MTV brought him on so that the “Dr.” aspect would make it seem like they gave a shit about the well-being of these girls but he’s basically an Andy Cohen.

  2. Ashley has a big mouth, but this time she put it to good use. She’s in no way wrong. What the fuck kind of mental health professional is “pissed” that someone this shitshow was supposed to “help” overcome teen pregnancy actually overcame teen parenthood and wants her kids to have a normal and private life? That was supposed to be the whole point. Oh, as a recovering addict Drew (not calling him doctor) was a HORRIBLE addiction specialist on Celebrity Rehab. The number of deaths from that show alone should be giant red flags. Nessa sucks too.

  3. Dr. Drew is a Svengali. Celebrity Rehab is a fine example of him making millions on the backs of addicts. With Teen Mom it’s the same only young girls. He cashes in on our most vulnerable citizens for a coupla (million) bucks.

  4. Anyone that actually believes he’s there to help these girls after all this time needs a serious reality check. He’s there to stir the pot and cause drama. The drama gets the ratings and those ratings gives those girls fat checks. He has a job to do and they’re all benefiting so they need to shut up and cash in

  5. She’s right!! And I hope more of the girls support her because Dr. Drew is the worst. If covid doesn’t fire him I hope mtv does. He’s so gross.

  6. Remember when Adam said he hated Chelsea and Chelsea was so upset and said she didn’t want Adam in her life and Dr. Drew said “I think you two can work it out”.

    1. I will NEVER forget him asking Randy if he had ever thanked Adam for the positive things Adam HAD done. Like, WTF?!!! If I was Randy, Adam would be 6 feet under. I literally could not believe what I was hearing. All the abusive, manipulative things Adam had said and done to Chelsea (AND Aubree), and he tells Randy he should THANK Adam??! GTFO you clown.
      That being said, regardless of what Dr. Drew says or does, everyone is responsible for their own reactions. No matter what he says, control yourself and don’t jump up and fight someone like you’re a child. You’re a grown adult with a child. Sit down and use your words.

  7. “Dr” Drew is the worst on his own but he’s also paid to make those girls cry. I have no doubts MTV encourages him to ask the pointed questions or bring up topics they know the girls will react to. The bigger the reaction, the more ratings and money they get.

  8. Drew is biased against women and i am sure os not self aware. He used to complain about his daughter when she was only 3 years old, but not his sons. ( on Loveline). Guess what now she is in her 20s and has had major issues. ( just google). Ashley is correct.

  9. Oh shut up ya messy violent immature twat. So violent and not classy. Making a baby with Bariki, not too bright. MTV rewarding this trashy behavior and Nessa and Dr Drew playing them like little flutes. Laugh all the way to the bank trashy trashy girls.

  10. Honestly, I agree with what she said. Do I think it’s a good idea for her to put this into the world before she starts working for a show tied to Dr. Drew? No haha I think it’s poor timing

  11. “…sitting up there old as my Papa instigating little girl drama for the last however long.”

    Ashley Jones is a poet.
    She can be nasty and petty, but this phrase sounded like word art to me.

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