Brawl Nearly Breaks Out at ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Involving Cast of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ (Exclusive Details!)

Well this was certainly one for the books…

When the cast of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant was invited to take the stage during the Teen Mom 2 reunion this weekend,  things quickly took a turn for the worse.

A near-brawl started when ‘Young and Pregnant’ star Ashley Jones tried to start some drama with her former cast mate Jade Cline, who is now a cast member on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ While Jade was allegedly Ashley’s main target, she also got into with the other ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls, with some reportedly taking their shoes off, causing security to step in.

As The Ashley told you last week, producers ran into some drama trying to get the former castmates to agree to appear on stage together and according to The Ashley’s source, the reunion segment was set up to address the alleged friction between Ashley and Jade. 

“The ‘Young and Pregnant’ cast was asked how they felt about Jade joining ‘Teen Mom 2’ and everyone said they were happy for her, with the exception of Ashley, who declined to comment. After Dr. Drew pushed the question again, Ashley insisted that she was asked to join ‘Teen Mom 2’ first, but decided to turn it down. 

(The Ashley’s sources tell her that Ashley was never formally asked to join ‘Teen Mom 2,’ by the way. The selection of Jade was a very calculated move by the show’s producers.)

“Ashley started verbally attacking Jade and her family,” the source said.

While cast member Kayla Sessler attempted to get the situation under control by telling Ashley to basically let it go, Ashley got the impression that Kayla was picking sides. She then allegedly got out of her seat and went after Jade, calling her mom a “crack whore.” Jade was escorted off the stage at this point before anything escalated further.

Champion Daily reported that ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kail Lowry also reportedly switched seats with Kayla, who had been sitting next to Ashley. 

(Kail has since spoken out on Twitter about the reunion drama, encouraging MTV to “stop putting girls who do not like each other on the same stage.” Ashley responded to Kail’s tweet, adding that the network shouldn’t press questions “they know will spark drama.”)

The Ashley’s source says that Ashley was taken taken off the stage, at which point she made comments about spitting in Kayla’s face and screaming something about Kayla’s “f**king kids” while exiting.

“Ashley eventually rejoined the cast but again made a threatening comment directed at Kayla,” the source said. “She also called Brianna Jaramillo fake and accused Jade of saying that Brianna was dating half-female half-male.” (This is likely a dig at Brianna’s transgender former boyfriend Milo, previously known as Danae.)

“After being asked by Dr. Drew if she wanted to apologize for anything, Ashley said she was sorry for saying she’d spit in Kayla’s face, but she wasn’t sorry for what she said about her kids,” the source said. “After realizing how much this got under Kayla’s skin, Ashley allegedly kept going until Kayla took her shoes off and stood up.

“That’s when security stepped in again.”

Several of The Ashley’s on-set sources stated that Ashley also reportedly threatened to slap an audience member. 

One of the many posts Ashley directed at her cast mates…

Later on social media, Ashley went on to address some of what went down, in which she threatened any “b**ches” that “wanna be hard at the reunion.” 

“I will beat you the f**k up. Period. You know my hotel number,” she continued. 

Ashley also talked about her trust issues with people, as well as always being labeled “the bad guy.” 

“I hate that I’m always the bad guy,” she wrote. “I literally give so much support and love to people. But it’s always with me the short end of the stick.” 

After being mentioned in the social media drama, Kayla decided to speak up about what happened at the reunion in order to “clear up a few things.” 

“I didn’t want to post anything because I knew once the reunion airs you’d all see what actually happened,” she wrote. “But due to the amount of harassment I’ve received online over false information, I have to clear up a few things. Ashley and I did NOT get into it over Jade. I was upset with Ashley because she brought up my kids. I feel like that was taking it too far. Before yesterday, Ashley and I had no problems.”

Kayla went on to say that “no one jumped anybody” and that when she and Ashley “got into it,” Jade wasn’t even on the stage anymore. As for the safety of the girls, Kayla said MTV was on top of the situation in order to prevent anything from happening. 

“ … We were not allowed to leave our hotels unless security was with us,” she said. “It’s a liability for MTV to have us fight, so they kept a VERY close eye on all of us … .” 

Kayla said she and Brianna had been hanging out the previous night in her hotel room—where she said “everyone was invited”—and that Brianna even DM’d Ashley the room number when Ashley went on Instagram Live. After seeing Ashley Instagram Story in which Ashley claimed that she always feels excluded, Briana and Kayla messaged her to ask if they could talk before their segment, although Kayla said Ashley declined. 

Kayla went on to re-post a screenshot of the alleged text with Ashley.

Kayla said she would no long speak about the situation though she did encourage fans to watch the reunion in order to see “what really happened.” 

The Ashley’s source said network executives held a meeting yesterday, as well as one today and are watching and recording everything that has and is being said on social media. “They are taking it all very seriously,” the source stated. 

Also apparently taking the situation very seriously is Kail, who tweeted that she has no intentions of attending another reunion taping. 

“I promise y’all, nobody better ever think about asking me to attend another reunion,” she wrote.

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(Photos: MTV/Instagram; Twitter) 

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Ashley needs to act like an adult, this isn’t high school. You made yourself look like such a fool the way you came at all your Co-workers. There is a right reasonable way to approach issues and sweetheart that was not the way. The funny thing about it is that your Co-workers got the last laugh. You should ask your mom ( Pastor Tea) to teach you how to speak to adults. Have some class Ashley, because your starting to act like Bar. Peace & Love.

  2. Why does anybody care about this show or these people they are so stupid and the show itself isn’t even educational and it is also garbage like this that ruined MTV in the first give these attention whores the boot and start playing music video’s again

  3. It’s so sad that these are mothers and they want to get famous by acting like this. They’ve seen Jenelle and Amber get rich and famous by acting like this so I guess they figure, better this than going out and getting a job.

  4. I dont get this. These girls and yes girls, not woman are acting like teenagers. MTV needs to stop with all these shows. These girls are now “rich and famous” for all the wrong reasons and they are all mentally still 16. Bad combo but mtv its $$$

  5. Time to cancel. If I wanted to watch something like this I’d watch jerry springer. Time for them to find a different show TM franchise is done. Kail sit down. If mtv abuses you so badly get a real job. So over them all.

  6. Ashley likes to hear the words coming out of her own mouth. Her mother is just as bad! Bar is a thug, Ashley is a wannabe thug. The only one I feel sorry for is Holly. You don’t trash people’s children. Ashley will run into someone one day that will knock her teeth out. She needs to watch her foul mouth.

  7. Acting like a violent psycho hasn’t gotten anyone far at all Ashley…it’s not cute. I have second hand embarrassment for this loser. Given an opportunity of a life time to potentially make a ton of money, create partnerships, financially set her daughter up for life, and have enough money to live in the Bay Area ALONE, not with her mommy, and not throw shade about rent being more that “$900″…and this broad wants to act like a total asshole on national TV, ruining any credibility…not to mention her crazy baby daddy randomly coming after Devoin….like WTF is in the water over there? And to think these 2 are parents. Ashley is bitter, and Bar is gonna end up in jail just like his brother.

  8. I’m glad I stopped watching ALL the Teen Mom shows over a year ago… I just come here to The Ashley and read the recaps and that’s all I need…

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    And they are paid to be on this show by MTV to help prevent teenage pregnancy???? Fights, swearing- ya that should help end teenage pregnancy.

  10. Ghetto trash. Given the opportunity of a lifetime and can’t act civilized for one night. Half these girls are ridiculous.

  11. I would pay serious money to see Ashley vs. Brittany from the Coven duke it out in a all out Texas strap match. Winner would take on Hulk for the title of most “Un-bangable Women in Teen Mom history”. We could call it ” Street Justice, I have no dignity”. Just an idea.

    Sir Nibs #greatestcommentorever

  12. I’m trying to figure out what/why she said anything about another cast members children. And why Kailyn is tweeting about never doing another reunion blah blah blah when it seems like this fight was exclusive to the Y&P cast. Anything to stay relevant I guess.

    1. At the beginning of the article where they talk about “some people reportedly taking off their shoes, causing security to step in”, my first thought was of Roxanne and Brittany.

      I can still see Brittany hopping over the couch to protect Briana and Roxanne storming the stage with her red Stilletos (or whatever the fuck they were) to go after Devoin!!!

    2. Exactly. I never have understood why anyone would want to involve an INNOCENT child in the mix!! I mean, if you have a beef with someone, by all means hash it out, but do it privately. Don’t do it on national television for all of America to see your childish and petty bullshit!! You’re adults, FUCKING ACT LIKE IT!!!

    3. I don’t respect anyone who bad mouths someone else’s kid. It’s disgusting to go after children who are smaller than you, and can’t defend themselves…Honestly she’s lucky all Kayla did was take off her shoes…let that have been Kayla saying something about Holly…Ashley would’ve raised all hell, so for her to come after Kayla’s kids…shes WEAK.

  13. MTV knew exactly what they were doing when they hired Ashley s. For this show. Now they’re “ taking it all very seriously”… lmao yeah right! They knew Ashley was trouble, they knew her mom was trash and they knew $h!t would hit the fan by putting them all on stage together. Can’t throw a boulder and then hide your hand MTV! Ratings are declining so the network is anting up trash factor to boost viewership. Sounds like a total circus. Cancel this garbage ASAP! And Kail STFU you’re NO BETTER than the rest of these clowns!

  14. Lol I love how Kail thinks she’s doing a favour by attending a reunion. These entitled bitches have absolutely no clue what a real job is. Hint: it’s not free trips to South America every other week.

  15. I know that that Ashley is so trashy she has no class she’s so obviously jealous of Jade. Thank God that MTV didn’t cast her she’s a rude ugly nasty girl and she doesn’t fit in this show.. She should be on Jerry Springer. Trashy vulgar ugly YUK!!!!!

  16. Have the 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom shows really curbed teen pregnancy and there are so few teens getting knocked up that they have had to resort to getting the trashiest girls on these shows? Or is it just the trashy girls that are trying to get their foot in the door so they can get the same type of fame as the Farrah, Juhnelle, and Ambers of the world? Are the classy girls getting knocked up and they have the sense to stay far away from this circus?

    1. The United States is the 2nd highest country with teen pregnancies. It’s embarrassing, they declined but only by a grain of rice, look at the statistics. Teen Mom hasn’t done shit to make an impact against teen pregnancy. The fact that the older cast mates think they have is laughable. ??‍♀️

  17. Who???

    Like seriously… who?

    I am a season behind but I have no clue who those people are.

    Maybe just cancel this train wreck (that I admittedly can’t turn away from) and do a big “where are they now” in 5 years?

  18. Ashley needs to take a seat. How salty is she that Jade was asked for TM2 and her and her murdering family and ghetto try-hard baby-daddy and his own cracked mother weren’t asked?? Notice she goes for Jade – the weakest link. Honestly, Jade seems to hate confrontation. And Kayla too. Yet that’s who Ashley targets. So tough…..
    Ashley, take your ratchet ass back to LA to your fake ass god loving mama.
    Kail – SHUT UP.

  19. Bunch of spoiled ass bitches! Get your fat ass up there too Kayak and earn your pay check! Duh! The more drama the better tv! This is why I watch the shit out of this show! Even tho y’all have cash to wipe your ass witch, your life sucks more than mine! I’m more than happy to pay my cable bill for that type of kick ass entertainment!

    1. Idk if you were talking about Kiaya or Kayla, but either way you should be ashamed of your comment. Bodyshaming isn’t nice ?

  20. Exactly! I can’t stand how Kail plays victim all the time yet she was the one talking about wearing tennis shoes to go talk to Brianna as if security wasn’t surrounding her. She wouldn’t shut up in the makeup chair either. I’m surprised Brianna stayed calm for so long. It was funny though how Kail ran away from Brittany on stage though. I was lmao. She didn’t know which way to go. She’s only fake tough because she only bullies people that she knows won’t say shit. And I hate that everyone took her side in that situation.

    1. Damn those sisters are my freaking fav!!! They keep it real man. They ain’t pulling any victim cars like Kail! God I can’t stand her her freaking mouth! I just want to like see it shut!

    2. Agree Mernico! But we all know Kailyn couldnt take Brittany on thats why she went for Briana alone. Kailyn is another one who tries to act like shes hard but shes all talk. She changes the narrative to fit her story … Like when Brittany got ahold of her hair on stage and yanked it and we all saw her head jerk back but she proceeded to tell everyone that “Brittany did not pull my hair, she didnt touch me” Petty as fuck …

  21. The jealousy here is so transparent!
    (Yes, finally the “jealousy” claim actually fits!)

    I suspect that Ashley got offered TM2 *IF* JADE DECLINED – but she didn’t.

    I actually respected Ashley before this exposition.
    I like Jade.
    Too bad the lanes crossed…

    1. I don’t think she got offered TM2 at all. She’s a liar. She tried to lie on the other Young & Pregnant girls, and Kayla came with receipts. She’s a loser.

  22. Also, if Ashley got asked to be on teen mom 2 , why would she turn it down yet accept the offer to be on Y& P? HA she’s such a fn liar

  23. Jeez Ashley. You just went from borderline ghetto to straight up trash. She is the type of girl to look for and create drama. It’s so “high school” of her. These ladies have kids! Kids that are going to look up to them!! Ashley posting this ghetto crap is such a horrible look for her. Please MTV we don’t want to see this. It’s disturbing and not entertaining. If we wanted this drama we would watch jerry springer. This show is about young parenthood, not the ratchet adventures of Ashley trying to fight other mothers. I like Kayla and Brianna, don’t see anything wrong with them in this situation. Ashley is the instigator and manipulator. Also, SIT DOWN KAIL! no one is scared of you, and also get the F over your Briana drama, it’s literally so ridiculous and laughable. You make yourself look dumb

  24. MTV needs to fire Ashely. She is like a bipolar wildebeest. Nobody wants to see mothers fighting. Bar with the gang tear drops around his eye is disturbing. I’ve seen classier people on LOCKED UP.

  25. I don’t know why Kail is so upset. Kail started the fight with Brianna. Now Kail sets back and acts like she was a victim. Kail you came with friends. Everyone knew you were going to do something. Kail you and your friends were talking about what to do with your hair. KIl is a liar and a dog killer just like David. How can Kail complain about spending money on her pets when she makes all that money. Kail plays innocent but she’s far from innocent.

    1. Hi ashley. Someone is jealous and bitter. Dont throw stones in glass houses stupid. They didnt want ur ass deal with it. Go take care of your trap baby. Your shows gonna be cancelled. Better start looking for a job.

  26. Ashley is complete trash. No one asked her ugly ass to be on teen mom 2. Take your woman beating boyfriend and pop out another trap baby. You and bars mom are a lot alike. Complete wastes of space and complete trash. Dont hate on jade because she got the job and u didnt. Jade may have a crack head mother but jade is a good mother and works and has a good head on her shoulders. More than I can say for ashley. Your in laws are a bunch of murdering crack heads.

      1. If I’ve said this once I’ve said it twice and I’ll keep saying it, ASHLEY’S BITCH ASS NEEDS TO BE PUT IN A STRAIGHT JACKET AND THROWN INTO A PADDED ROOM WHERE THEY THROW AWAY THE KEY!!!

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