Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Calls Out Editing on Reality Shows Following Recent Meltdown on ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’

Snooki’s reaction to nearly episode of ‘Jersey Shore,’ probably.

Despite being a reality TV veteran, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi still has some qualms with the way shows are edited. 

According to TooFab, after she was seen having a full-on meltdown during last week’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Nicole took to social media (armed with some liquid courage) to vent her frustrations.

While tweeting after the episode, Nicole blamed bad editing more than once, first calling it “a b*tch” and later adding that she’ll “speak the truth” via documentary one day. 

“Ok my drunk a** is going to sleep,” she wrote. “All I have to say is, editing on a reality show is a b*tch. I will speak my truth one day with a full, tell all documentary. Until then, enjoy your pinot and dramer.” 

She also clarified that she actually walked out of the house four times during the incident, “very dramatic, stomping and grabbing my bag.” 

Before blaming bad editing, Nicole seemed to have a little fun with some of her haters online, retweeting their negative comments and quipping back along the way. When accused by one of her followers of frequently pulling the “I’m going home card” Nicole joked that it was “a thing.” 

“No. I pulled the going home card every season because I wanna be with my kids. I do it every season. Ask MTV. It’s a thing,” she responded. 

When footage of the “I’m going home” incident first surfaced, Nicole confirmed that her meltdown was a result of her missing her children, including her then two-month old son, as well as her anger over roommate Angelina Pivarnick “giving [her] crap.” 

When another follower accused Nicole of only pulling the “I’m going home card” when she “gets busted” and saying that she’d never leave because she “craves the attention in money,” Nicole confirmed just that. 

“And yes. I crave the money,” she said. “I enjoy allowing my kids to eat and have college funds off of my a**holery.” 

While Nicole seems to have no regrets about her behavior on the show, she does regret one thing about the meltdown that aired last week… 

“I regret not flipping the table,” she tweeted. 

Check out the clip from last week’s episode below! 


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(Photos: MTV; Twitter; Instagram) 

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