New Details Reveal What Allegedly Happened at ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Angelina Pivarnick’s Home on Night of Her Arrest

“This dirty little hamster has some legal issues.”

More information has been released revealing why Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick was arrested last weekend.

As The Ashley previously reported, the MTV show’s resident “Dirty Little Hamster” was charged with Simple Assault, Criminal Mischief, Obstructing the Administration of Law, and Resisting Arrest after an incident at her New Jersey home. At the time, few details were released about what led Angelina to be arrested, but her attorney blamed a bad reaction to over-the-counter prescription meds for her behavior. New Jersey cops were unwilling to release more info at the time the story went public.

Now, though, has obtained documents from the police incident, which occurred on June 2.

According to the documents, cops were called to Angelina’s home (which she shares with her fiancé Vinny Tortorella) for a domestic violence call. Angelina received the “obstruction” charge because she allegedly tried to keep the officers from entering her home to conduct an investigation.

“[Angelina] did commit an act of obstructing by purposely running from uniformed officers in an attempt to run into a house, lock the door and prevent law enforcement to conduct a domestic violence investigation,” according to the complaint signed by Officer Christoph Poss, obtained by

Um…too late for that one, Ang.

Angelina received the charge of Simple Assault for allegedly striking the victim (whose name was redacted but is identified as being male). According to the report, Angelina struck “him with her hands/fists causing scratches, redness and complaint of pain to the victim’s hands.” Cops reported that the male victim suffered “bodily injury” as a result of Angelina’s alleged actions. 

As for why Angelina received the charge of resisting arrest, the cops stated that the ‘Jersey Shore’ star pulled her arms away and “refused to comply with the instructions of the officers once she was taken into custody,” the report states. 

Finally, Angie added a charge of “criminal mischief” to her growing list of charges for allegedly striking the victim’s car with her hands. This alleged act, according to cops, caused $500 or less worth of damage to the car. The alleged victim provided police with a video of the act, according to the affidavit of probable cause. 

Angelina’s alleged victim also provided police with a statement. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Angelina wasn’t actually hauled off to the Monmouth County jail, as she was “released on summons and given a ticket due to the degree of the crime.”

After news of Angelina’s arrest broke last week, her attorney, James Leonard, told TMZ that what happened at Angie’s place was not a big deal and that Angelina was having a bad reaction to her meds.

“This is nothing more than a very minor incident that was exacerbated by an adverse reaction to prescribed over-the-counter medication,” he told the site. “We look forward to resolving this matter favorably and putting it behind us. Angelina is home resting and has no further comment at this time.”

Interestingly, the alleged incident does not appear to have any effect on Angelina and Vinny’s relationship. Vinny’s attorney told on June 6 that the engaged couple is still living together in the house. 

This is not the first domestic incident the couple has had. On at least one other occasion (which was confirmed by Angelina’s attorney, as well as Vinny’s), Angelina called cops after an alleged altercation inside the shared home. However, she decided not to press charges on Vinny once the police arrived. 

‘Jersey Shore’ Star Angelina Pivarnick Arrested & Charged with Assault, Obstruction & More; Angelina’s Lawyer Says “Minor” Incident Was Due to Bad Reaction to Meds

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  1. Of course Teresa Guidice’s fame whore attorney is representing this dirty hamster.

  2. Domestic violence is no joke. If something isn’t done with Angelina the third time will be a charm. She might kill someone the next time.

  3. Its another toddler tantrum.

    Angelina worked as an EMT during the years she wasn’t on Jersey Shore. Can you imagine her showing up to an emergency and escalating every single situation, instead of deescalating and providing emergency care?

  4. Her attorney says “prescribed over the counter meds”. So were they prescribed or over the counter? Didn’t think over the counter meds needed to be prescribed hence being over the counter. Maybe the meds are part of the issue?

    1. Come on!! You know she was stupid drunk! That’s her M.O. Drunk and stupid. She definitely has anger issues. Seen on most episodes of Jersey Shore.

    2. It was probably just allergy meds. My son has severe allergies and they “prescribe “ his over the counter meds, because ins covers them. Much cheaper.

  5. So he called the cops on her and she had previously called the cops on him but they are still engaged and living together.
    Yeah that seems to be the ground for a lasting, healthy relationship for them.

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