Amber Portwood Gets Called Out By ‘Teen Mom’ Castmates For Insulting Daughter Leah & Making Her Cry On ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’

Another stellar parental performance by Amber “Couch Queen” Portwood…

Amber Portwood’s behavior on the latest episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is being criticized by, not only viewers of the show, but some who star on it, too. 

As you may know, Thursday’s episode featured a birthday dinner for Amber and ex Gary Shirley’s 15-year-old daughter, Leah, to which Amber arrived extremely late. After finally making her grand entrance, Amber joined Leah, Gary, Gary’s wife Kristina, and the couple’s daughter at the table, where things proceeded to go down hill. 

Amber, reading her social media comments after Thursday’s episode. (Probably.)

At one point, Amber asked Leah if she was aware that she would need her mom “more than ever” now that she’s 15, as she’s “about to get real crazy”– a comment that Leah seemingly ignored. Amber then decided to talk about her new boyfriend (and now, fiance) Gary (aka Gary 2.0) and even pressure the birthday girl to check out a pic of her new boo. 

When a visibly amused Leah opted not to fawn over her mom’s latest couchmate, Amber immediately took offense. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop her from continuing to embarrass herself or from admitting to Leah that she wants to have a third kid. After apparently failing to get the reaction from Leah that she was hoping for, Amber kept the very un-happy birthday BS coming. 

“By the way, I didn’t bother getting you a gift…my presence is your present.”

“What the f**k are you talking about?” Amber asked Leah, who tells her mom that she didn’t say anything about her new boyfriend. 

“That’s the point,” Amber replied. “That’s her being a d*ck. See, you make me wanna cuss.” 

The birthday dinner concluded with some more comments from Amber and a tense argument between Amber and Gary (Leah’s dad) that left Leah in tears.  

Prior to Thursday’s episode, Amber’s cast mate Briana DeJesus let fans know that she took issue with the way Amber spoke to her daughter and encouraged her to “do better.”

“I know I’ll probably get dragged or get a phone call but after watching a certain scene….I don’t support talking down on ur kids or even calling them names. Do better!” Briana posted to X, confirming later that she was referring to Amber. 

Briana’s (first) baby daddy, Devoin Austin, also hinted at his thoughts on the scene, commenting a side-eye photo on a clip of the birthday dinner that was posted to Instagram. Even Jenelle Evans– who, quite honestly, should’ve sat this one out– co-signed Briana’s comments on the scene. 

“Girrrrrl I just watched 🤯,” she replied to Briana’s (since-deleted) tweet. 

Former Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver also sounded off on Amber’s antics from Thursday’s episode– particularly the moment when Amber insisted that Leah “needs her.” 

“ … She’s never really been there for Leah & when she does come around she seems to make things about her instead of trying to talk & get to know Leah,” Rachel wrote. “Then she straight up calls this kid who’s already hurt from not having a mom a ‘d*ck’ for not being interested in her boyfriend? 

“If anything she already has [Kristina] who’s there for her during these teenage years due to Amber barely ever being there,” she continued. “I would’ve lost it if I was Gary so I understand his frustration. Honestly poor Leah, she has put in so much effort to have a relationship with Amber & open up just for Amber to act like this.” 

Amber has not commented on the backlash she received following Thursday’s episode. Oh, but she did reportedly confirm that she’s engaged…so there’s THAT. 

Watch a clip of the birthday dinner from hell below.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; X)

79 Responses

  1. Kristina doesn’t need to legally adopt Leah in order to be her mom, she already is. She has been there with her everyday since she was young and Amber can never change that. Leah has been more mature than Amber for a very long time now. Gary noticed his daughter was upset, Kristina went with Leah to comfort her, Amber was focused on Amber like always. James is better off without her anywhere near him. I agree MTV needs to remove this pos from the show because she isn’t a mom to anyone.

  2. Amber wants Leah to think she needs her bc Amber really needs Leah. Leah is what started this all and her cash cow. If She already has little to no contact with James. Leah wants to go no contact, she has to be worried her storyline will die and there goes the money bc TM can drop her. Plus Leah makes her feel normal. She parentifies poor Leah and expects her to be like a show animal and perform/react the way she wants for the cameras. If she doesn’t follow the expected behaviour then Amber lashes out to hurt Leah the way Amber perceive Leah has hurt her. How long are they going to keep paying someone who is mentally unwell, cannot care for a child and is emotionally and physically abusive to the people around her. Amber is borderline as bad as David but has more polish and refinement to her abuse. She plays it off as her being the victim. Do I think she has mental health issues yes.. but that does not excuse or makes her behaviour ok. Jenelle was dropped for David’s behaviour which yes is more violent and manipulative but I do understand Jenelle being mad at MTV when you see the stuff Amber does and MTV just accepts it, keeps filming and paying her. Amber and MTV need to do better

  3. For me, it’s the fact she keeps calling herself Leah’s mother. Let’s be real, she’s never been a mother to her. She’s always placed men & other things above her kids & she’s doing the same thing again with Gary 2.0. Leah isn’t interested in seeing pics or taking anything to do with these men because she sees Amber’s toxic cycles with these men time & time again. She knows she isn’t a priority in Amber’s life. Thankfully she has Kristina to show her what a Mom looks like. The woman has a the patience of a Saint, cause the way Amber’s came to that dinner acting would make me want to drag her outside. I’m glad Kristina is a safe space for Leah. Amber… sign the adoption papers and let that girl be happy with her real Mom.

    1. Remember when she met you that dirt bag in the Walmart parking lot? Then she immediately brought him home and had her changing Leah’s diaper. That proved back then how truly lazy she is and that she really didn’t think of Leah’s well being. If I were Gary I would have gone completely nuts! Unacceptable!

  4. Amber’s issues don’t allow for her to know how or even learn how to be a mom, it’s clear as day. But Brianna, Rachel, and Jenelle can take a seat lol. Girlsssss, we have literally seen you all do the same thing! Especially Jenelle (x1000)…including calling Jace a liar on national television when he told the truth about her pulling a gun during the road rage incident. I will never forget the look of confusion and heartbreak on his little face.

  5. Gary & Leah have done the right thing by including Amber in family gatherings, etc. Now it’s time the cut ties with Amber since all she does is cause pain & anguish for Leah & makes Gary want to rip her a new azzzz. Kristina deserves a saint medal & thank God Leah has her a her MOM. Amber will never change and Leah doesn’t need to be hurt anymore. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. Narcissists and toxic people always ruin important dates like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, ect.

    Sometimes no contact really is best.

    1. When I was growing up my alcoholic, narcissistic step dad did this. Every single occasion he freaked out.

  7. There’s certain things you know as a present mom… Like, how pre-teens and teens are pretty sensitive and are going through a lot nowadays- even more than we went through at their age. Calling your child a d*ck, let alone a child you haven’t raised and are supposedly trying to “re-connect” with, is absolutely ridiculous! It’s also immature and wrong. You’re supposed to be the PARENT Amber- even if you aren’t around and even if another woman sees her more than you do- it doesn’t remove the fact that a child her age shouldn’t be acting more mature than you. I honestly think Gary and Kristina don’t even need to badmouth (I don’t think they do honestly) Amber… They know she will pop off with inappropriate comments to her daughter and Leah is a young adult now… she has figured out Amber on her own. It’s sad, honestly. I cannot imagine not having my children… I have three boys and while I did struggle with drinking for a bit, as soon as my mom said if I didn’t do something about it or she would take them from me- that was it for me. That was my bottom. Amber has lost not just one, but two kids… Either she has no soul and/or she should get her tubes tied so no other child goes through what he kids have gone through. SMH

  8. You don’t “have a chance with her” because YOU are the trash bag…. What a miserable slug. To Leah: big hugs, lots of love and all my support to you, sweet girl ♥️

  9. Amber needs to stop calling herself a mother. She might have had a child as a teen but she has never been a mother to her children. If this is the way she acts when cameras are rolling I can only imagine how much worse she acts in real life.

  10. Not Amber calling Gary a trashbag when her dumpy ass is sitting (per usual) in a wannabe retro glam jumpsuit with red lipstick that doesn’t work. Not Amber pissing off her baby daddy who has done EVERYTHING for her. Not Amber making her child cry on her birthday that Gary probably paid for. Not Amber nitpicking a fight to get some more toxic juices flowing for everyone to be reminded how ill she is.
    I don’t generally go after people like thay, but Amber deserves it. I don’t believe for a moment that she went to jail for her kid. There was some other self serving purpose there.

    1. Did she call him a trash bag In the argument? I really couldn’t understand what they were saying. They were talking over each other.

    1. Whoever downvoted you hasn’t seen the screenshots online of Amber’s two white wine glasses next to her on the table. Then she pours one glass into the other.

      1. Yeah. There’s someone on here downvoting negative comments about amber. Even the one about her letting a stranger change her baby daughter. Pretty scary!

  11. Rachel said everything that needs to be said. The best thing to ever happen to Leah was Amber losing custody and Gary finding Kristina. Amber has gotten out of doing any actual parenting work since Leah was a toddler (even then, she did the absolute bare minimum) and she still can’t be bothered to set her own selfishness aside for a couple hours to celebrate Leah’s birthday (which she’s lucky she was even invited to).

    Gary and Kristina have raised Leah to be a smart and respectable young lady, and that obviously pisses Amber off for several reasons: 1) she can’t take any credit for it, 2) Leah has surpassed her in every way, and 3) Leah’s above her drama and doesn’t want to take part in it.

  12. After watching the episode, if Amber gave any semblance of a crap about Leah then she would relinquish her rights. Leah was visibly upset and distressed asking to go to the bathroom, who is the first to stand up? Certainly not Amber. Instead Amber made it all about her, even in the beginning of the episode when they were talking about Mackenzie and her man. Convo starts then bam Amber pulls Gary out. She’s such a gross pick me. I don’t doubt in any capacity that Leah will very likely cut contact completely very soon and nobody but druggie loser Amber will blame her.

    1. With her stupid glasses and ridiculous lipstick…. Ugh, she’s so gross. Marry that toe you call a fiancée. It’s just not going to last… you’re a miserable piece of old sausage

  13. I used the wrong email the first time I tried to post and it’s under review. So this might post again.

    Amber just gaslit Leah. “You make me want to cuss..who is she Ronnie? Didn’t she go absolutely nuts and tell Andrew she didn’t like the baby or want it? The last thing new, ugly Gary needs to do is impregnate this POs. Amber pisses me off because she thinks she can act anyway she wants. Those of us who are mentally ill do not want people to think we’re like amber. We aren’t all lazy, bad parents and frankly, completely insane.

  14. She had no business bringing up anyone other than her own kid at her kids birthday. I also wonder how much of this was the shows doing. I do still think it’s just Amber being Amber though.

  15. I wish I would have went no contact with my own mother when she started acting this way when I was young. Instead it took until just a few months ago (I’m 33) and it only really clicked for me because I’m pregnant with my first child now. I refuse to let my child experience what I did for my entire life with narcs on the entire maternal side of my family. It took this pregnancy for me to finally give up and realize it was so warped and unhealthy and that I’m not going to tolerate it or let him become a victim of it.
    Amber has zero maternal instinct at all. She needs to be completely removed from Leah’s life, which wouldn’t even be much at this point. She barely has anything to do with her unless it’s for MTV $ and cameras. It’s absolutely disgusting.

    1. Good for you and Godspeed! That is such a difficult decision to make but sometimes it takes being strong for someone else to realize your power!

  16. Some people never change no matter how much therapy and medication one receives. Amber has the money for really good mental health assistance but it seems like it hasn’t done a whole lot. I don’t see why Kristana would adopt her when Leah is 16yrs old. It would take a year or more to process through the courts and then she would be almost 18.

    1. Because Leah deserves to have a decent mother legally on paper no matter how old she is , that’s why.

    2. Wow! I didn’t realize this kind of adoption process would take that long. I was thinking from Gary’s point of view, if he could magically snap his fingers and have Kristina be Leah’s legal mom, it would be beneficial because as it stands right now, if anything were to happen to Gary to cause his demise, Amber would legally have rights to Leah. Kristina could fight it, but who wants to deal with all that. I don’t think Amber would give Leah up for Kristina to adopt her though. As you’ve stated, time is not on their side and neither is Amber.

    3. Adults get adopted all the time. Leah and Kristina are daughter and mother in every other way and deserve to have that relationship formally recognized. It will also affect who Leah’s next of kin is. If she gets hurt or sick and they cannot reach Gary, it’s currently Amber who they might call. If this is what Leah and Kristina want, they should pursue it.

      1. I have 3 son’s and 1 daughter that are mine, but I have probably over 20 kids or more that call me mom, check on me and I do them. I think if them all as I gave birth to them. Someone needs a mom, I don’t mind stepping up. So I completely agree with your comment. I try to be the mom I never had but wanted for so long.

  17. Amber does not act like a parent to Leah. She acts like an older sibling who is jealous because their younger sister is getting attention. She picks a fight so she can bicker and make the parents focus on her. Ryan does the same with Bentley.

  18. That’s her being a dick?
    She actually said that on national TV about her daughter. That was after using the F word at her.
    Cancel this bitch. Physical and emotional abuse against a child should never be tolerated. Fuck you MTV.

  19. I can’t believe how much Leah and Gary hit the lotto with Kristina. I just know this could have turned out so many different ways when Leah was a baby. They are all so blessed to have each other, such a strong and supportive family (Gary Kristina, Leah and their other daughters). Leah is well aware that Amber is trash but thankfully she isn’t missing out on anything. That girl has such a bright future thanks to her real parents.

  20. $$ Alone can’t buy LOVE ! I believe that Gary is just trying to make sure that he is asking Leah about Inviting Amber to these family gatherings so that if there is ever a split from Amber there is No ? Because this is all documented by MTV it does not look good for Amber not only in helping to change her rights with Leah, but it could hurt her with James as well. She is a loose cannon and is unpredictable, Arguementable , Verbally Abusive On camera and god only knows what happens behind the lens. By the way what are her job Skills? This gig is not going to last forever remember she is a convicted felon!!

  21. Rachael beavers comment was spot on. When amber does come around, it’s all about amber. Disgusting. I hope Leah’s friends who I promise you prob read this stuff let her know that we all feel for her.. it’s not her, it’s amber

  22. Amber is the main reason I refuse to watch this show anymore.
    I cannot stand her attitude, it’s disgusting.

  23. The ONLY reason they communicate with Amber is to keep the show money coming, but you can tell they’re done protecting her. They’re about ready to walk away. They know the show is dying…Leah is almost 18 so it will be catch up w/ opportunities but they don’t need Amber for that! Get ready for the edit you deserve Amby! They played along a long time and they’re ready to put it all out there. They tried again And again to help you. They finally see you for exactly who you are and who you’re gonna be!

  24. This behavior by Amber is emotional abuse. She cares more about having another future husband and baby daddy. Please go get more help Amber. You are not well. Another thing is Gary needs to stand up for leah when amber talks to her like that and tell amber she is in the wrong and remove leah from the situation. Im beginning to think they like this teen mom money so they do whatever they can to stay in ambers good graces. They are teaching Leah its acceptable for loved ones to emotionally abuse her. F Amber and her abusive ways. Leah is a good kid in spite of having a trash mom. You better get your crap together amber and quick leah is a few yezrs awzy from being an adult and kicking your butt to the curb for good.

    1. I agree with standing up for your child, but to defend Gary if he would have said something it would have probably escalated and made it way worse. If it was me and I had to deal with something like that, I would have spoken with her in private and let her blow up at me without my child watching then discuss afterwards with my child. It’s unfortunate but with someone like that you have to do what you can to protect your kids. She’s an awful person, no doubt about that! I wanted to smack that smirk off her face

      1. Gary should have gotten up and said “Okay Birthday Girl, let’s go. We’ll get whatever you want to eat on the way home.” Completely ignore Amber. Don’t engage in front of Leah. And leave Amber to sit there and eat alone with pictures of her new man.

    2. Right! Talk about gas lighting “you make me want to cuss.” Who is she Ronnie?? Amber is an absolute POs. Didn’t she go nuts and tell Andrew something about her not wanting the baby? The last think this embarrassment of a human being needs is another kid. It pisses me off that amber thinks she can just act anyway she wants. Those of us who have mental illness do not want people to see us the way they see amber. We are not all bad parents, lazy and quite frankly insane.

    1. At least Leah has a stable home life with a loving father and mother (Kristina). Jenelle’s kids don’t have stability or caring adults. Babs is there for Jace, but there are issues there and it seems like Doris could only do so much for Kaiser.

  25. Gary and Kristina need to take Amber to court and get her parental rights taken once and for all. I understand that they have been trying for years to be civil and keep Amber involved and all that, but she is a liability. That poor girl is going to have so many issues due to Amber and the way she has “parented” Leah over the years. My heart hurts so much for Leah, because I dealt with the same stuff with my Dad, and I know what she is about to deal with in her adult life. Everyone needs to remember that she lost custody of James for a reason, a bigger reason than the alleged machete incident. And I don’t want to hear about her mental illnesses, she uses that shit as a crutch to not do anything in life and just keep being a perpetual 17 year old. Gary and Kristina need to just pull the trigger and get Leah far away from Amber and her influence.

    1. Im so sorry about your dad I had an abusive father growing up and no child deserves to have to put up with emotional abuse and on live tv also. How embarrassing for Leah and Gary does nothing to stop it. Amber does use her mental illness as a crutch. Maybe if she took her meds and focused on getting custody of her son and was respectful to her daughter maybe she might actually be a parent one day. That judge was right to take that sweet boy of hers away she isnt fit to be a mother. Not because she has a mental illness but because she is a risk to her kids safety and well being.

      1. I think that was Gary’s way of doing something about it. He said something he knew was going to make Amber mad to take the heat off Leah and put it on himself. He knew if he started and argument, Amber would lay into him instead.

    2. I’m sorry about the issues with your dad. I had a whole different experience and my mom was the toxic one in my life. I have a good dad, but it’s a whole different beast when your mom hates you and only cares about herself.

    3. I think its reported that Leah asked Kristina to adopt her, and Amber blows her lid.

      I mean Leah is 15, Amber maybe sees her once every three months when they film. And Amber pays child support to Gary, its not like Amber is going to ever get custody of Leah.

      Amber could try but then we will see the Gary’s real feelings come out in court when he has to be honest and fight for his daughter, Gary has 15 years of proof of why she can’t be a mother and she can even show all the drug issue and domestic violence issues Amber has dealt with. At best she’s getting supervised visits which is what she gets now, without the legal fees.

  26. “what time is it babe”… was clearly their code word.

    Amber is mad because Leah just is like I don’t care, whatever, as long as your happy. I think she’s done. And then starts insulting Leah and Gary is was like, okay we need to leave.

    Kristina could have said anytime and Gary was like oh, we got to go, we have that thing… remember that thing we have to do now. Oay

  27. Amber is always made every interaction with Leah about her. When Leah gave her father and Kristina that Christmas ornament in school, Amber literally got mad at her and then started crying, and Leah the child has to say she can make another one.

    Clearly this is not Leah party, this is a fake thing for MTV since Kristina’s kids can’t film and obviously they don’t want to film other people’s kids.

    It’s always sad to see Amber treat Leah like garbage and then be mad that she doesn’t want anything to do with her.

  28. Leah you are turning into a beautiful young lady. You have a good father and step mother. I hope you can distance yourself from Am er. She is toxic,

  29. AMBER… STOP IDENTIFYING YOURSELF AS A MOM… YOU’RE NOT A MOM… YOU NEVER HAVE BEEN AND YOUR DUMB SELF LET THE WORLD SEE YOU’RE NOT!!!! Stop blaming your mental health struggles on it. Ps… how’s that “college thing” going for you?? PATHETIC!!!

  30. The clip was so bad.

    The child was crying bc the parents are fighting at her birthday dinner.
    Then she chooses Kristina to accompany her to the bathroom, not Amber.

    Gary did as much bad here as Amber.
    He could have ignored Amber’s constant bitching. He didn’t. He pushed the buttons and kept at it with Amber.
    Amber could have sat there cussing to herself. She would have melted down all on her own.
    Gary needs to just gray rock when she starts her shit and not engage at all.

    1. Gary needs to gray rock Amber out his damn door and back to her home, There is no way in the world I would let my childs parent act like that in my home. He needs to kick her butt out and stop allowing Amber to continue her narcissistic ways. Mtv needs to stop profiting off the backs of kids being abused.

  31. Amber comes in late and then feels entitled. Sorry but she already has a Mother even if she is not biological. She has been in Leah’s life much longer then Amber. I have always liked Amber but since the time she walked in it’s like it’s all about Amber. She did even bring a GIFT? I guess since she paid the bill that is part of her daughter’s gift.

  32. OMFG! Who walks in LATE to their child’s bday and makes it about themselves? AMBER! “You make me cuss?” Oh he11 no! Amber, you chose to cuss and show your a$$. Only thing you are good for is example of what NOT to do/who NOT to be.

    Thank the good lord for Kristina.

  33. Sorry Amber comes to Leah’s birthday with a sour puss expression and acts like she is doing Leah a favor by gracing her with her presence. I truly believe that Gary and Kristina love Leah but Gary stands up for Amber more than he does Leah. You aren’t going to show up when cameras are rolling and make my kids cry. That would have been the last time. Amber has done this repeatedly to Leah. The last time Leah told Gary she didn’t want to see Amber it was because Amber went online in one of her rants calling Kristina a ho and cussing both Gary and Kristina up and down. Can you imagine Leah going to school and people show her clips of Amber? I would be mortified. Kristina looks scared to say anything regarding Leah to Amber (I think she is trying to give Amber a break and also let Gary deal with it) and that sucks because Kristina is the only mother Leah has.

  34. Amber has potential to be a good non-custodial parent but she chooses to be a complete cunt instead. CONSTANTLY wanting to show her ass and argue anytime, anywhere. And don’t get me started on how she has never been present to give Leah any kind of substantial love. I honestly hope Leah drops Amber’s ass for good because that’s obviously what is best in this situation.

  35. Wow – Amber never learns. Being a non-custodial parent isn’t that hard. Just love the child and be there for them. Care about their feelings and take interest in their lives. Amber doesn’t even have to discipline, oversee school work, arrange extracurriculars, provide transportation, handle illnesses or deal with typical teen girl moodiness on a daily basis. Saint Kristina and Gary are the parents who handle that.

    Leah understandably couldn’t care less about her mom’s latest couchmate (love that!) considering the weirdos she’s brought around before. The only good that came from Andrew was James who was snatched out of her life because her mother can’t control herself. So at the minimum it will just be another creep in her mom’s life. At the worst, Amber will procreate with Gary 2.0 and this time Leah will be afraid to get close because it will only be a matter of time before Amber loses custody of yet another kid.

    On a side note, Gary is looking healthier – good for him. If he’s still a cop, he probably has to stay in shape.

  36. Amber is just so spiteful and whiny. She takes zero accountability and is only happy when she’s the center of drama and attention.That’s why she loooves being engaged but being married doesn’t really interest her.

    Run, Leah, Run.

  37. I think Leah’s entitled to go No Contact with Amber now! No one should be forced to associate with a toxic, vulgar birthday-ruiner! Amber can just crawl back under her rock and STAY THERE!

    1. I feel like Gary does the exact opposite and guilts Leah into having a relationship with Amber. A year or so ago Leah told Gary on more than one occasion that she did not want to see Amber. Gary guilted her all season until she gave in and Amber acted like she was entitled to Leah’s affection just because she gave birth. A dog can give birth and probably has more interaction with their puppies than Amber does with her children.

      I don’t know if I believe this or not but it has been floating online that the reason Gary lets Amber see Leah is because of the MTV money. It’s also been said that Amber has zero to do with Leah unless the cameras are rolling. Leah is old enough to figure out Amber’s motives.

      Thank God for Kristina.

      1. I’m sure MTV would keep Gary and his family even if they fire Amber. I think Gary pushes a relationship with Amber because he doesn’t want Leah to have regrets later. He wants her to see the extent of Amber’s sh*ittyness so when she goes no contact with her, she won’t feel guilty about it

        1. Amber is the only thing that makes their segment reality TV worthy. They have a boring normal life without her. I think they’re finally done with her shit because she’s two years away from aging out. So the only thing there’s gonna be a catch-up with me and they don’t need Amber for that. And I’m sure they can probably keep it pretty juicy just talking about how she was a mom for 18 years. And in the next two years they can make their segment about showing who Amber really because they don’t have to keep the train going much longer.

          1. This was hard to watch. Amber disgusts me . She had audacity to show up to Leah’s birthday dinner late, with no gift in hand, and proceeded to talk about herself. Leah was not being disrespectful at all, she clearly setting boundaries. as much as I cannot stand Briana, I agree with what she said…. Do not call your kids names ever!

            Can Kristina just adopt Leah already?! I really have no idea why MTV has Amber on here still. She doesn’t have custody of her children.
            Petition to remove Amber from teen mom. enough is enough

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