‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood is Engaged to Her Boyfriend Gary

“I may not be a ‘damn good mom,’ but I’m gonna be a damn good bride!”

Amber Portwood is getting hitched. 

Us Weekly reported Friday that the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star is engaged to her boyfriend Gary– aka Gary 2.0– whom she met in 2023 on a dating app. 

Amber and Gary 2.0

The current Gary in Amber’s life reportedly popped the question sometime “within the last two weeks,” presenting Amber with a ring crafted from “a family stone that was reset into a new ring.” 

“She’s really, really happy,” a source told the outlet. 

“Well THAT tracks.”

While Amber and Gary 2.0’s relationship is still relatively new, the couple have allegedly been “putting in the work” to ensure that their relationship is solid prior to tying the knot. 

“They’ve been in couple’s therapy and talk about everything,” a source told Us Weekly. “They’re being very protective in their relationship and are doing the work to prevent problems before they start.” 

…especially if they’re signing up for a lifetime with Amber.

Gary 2.0 is in his late 30s, does not have children of his own and resides near Amber’s hometown of Indianapolis.

He also claims that he never watched Teen Mom before meeting Amber, unlike most of the men Amber has dated over the years, who have reportedly been “fans of the show.” 

This latest engagement is the fourth for Amber, as she was previously engaged to her daughter Leah’s father, Gary Shirley, on two different occasions; she also was once engaged to ex Matt Baier.  

Amber, collecting engagements like it’s her job…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

30 Responses

  1. Your kids need you forever but they really really need you when they’re little. Believe it or not, that 18 years flies by so quick and if you miss the critical points and aren’t fully present and there in the beginning it’s pretty much how it’s gonna be for the rest of your life. If Leah stops speaking to amber when she’s 18 I wouldn’t be surprised. Shame on amber! Focus on your kids not some random dude who’s not smart enough to stay away from you! Her history with men speaks for itself. Amber won’t change

  2. There will be a day when Leah will cut Amber out of her life PERMANENTLY. I would say the same for her son but I’m sure he does not even know who she is. As for Gary 2.0… RUN!! RUN!! You’ve been with her a little more than a year (at best) and are already in couple’s therapy?? Did she b*tch slap the hair right off your head when chasing you with a machete for sitting in her spot on her prized couch or something? RED FLAG HOME SKILLET!!

  3. 1. I knew he would look weird.
    2. Please God Leah dont let that monster get pregnant again
    3. Needs to be voted off of the Teen Mom Island now.

  4. That picture of Gary 2.0 looks like he’s been sucking what Amber called Leah…..there’s a red ring around his mouth bahahaha

  5. Was part of “putting in the work” amber requiring Gary 2.0 to take some defensive driving classes so he’ll be her best chauffeur yet? Heck, he might want to throw in some self defense classes too while he’s at it.

  6. @lampshade ~ she not only called leah a d*ck 🍆, she also:
    •showed up super late
    •swore repeatedly in front of leah AND her younger sister
    •apparently didn’t bring a bday gift 🚫🎁
    •was the only one drinking wine 🍷 while everyone else had soft drinks or water (sorry, it’s weird to order drinks, plural, when no one else is partaking)
    •dressed like a mime in her suspendered ‘fit (not actually a problem, I just found it funny 🤡)

    1. (was supposed to be a reply to @lampshade’s question downthread) 🥴🤓

  7. I think Gary needs to binge the show on netflix. Just to see what his getting into with Ambie…

    Let’s hope this Gary has fast reflexes, once you set Amber off, you never know if its going to be a fist or a machete coming at your head.

    1. I say if he’s that ignorant and stupid, let him hang. Everyone knows about amber. Remember when Matt claimed he’d never seen the show and it was revealed that he hit on Jenelle or Farrah. Whichever crap pile.
      I hang out with some men and they all know who amber is. My husband knows who amber is and he doesn’t even know who gizmo and the stay puft guy are. He’s from the 80’s and never watches tv. This guy is lying through his teeth. We just need to know what his motive is😳

  8. TM usually tried to sugarcoat her storylines but last nights episode was cringe how she acted. Her daughter is almost old enough to decide she doesn’t need her antics ruining her birthday. I felt so bad for Leah.

  9. So Gary #2 is color blind if he can’t see all of the red flags with Amber. He better hide the machetes.

  10. As long as Gary 2.0 has had a vasectomy, I’m fine with it!! No more babies for The “Mom” Who Doesn’t Have Custody Of ANY Of Her Kids!

  11. Did I dream it or did Amber call Leah a d$@k in this latest episode at Leah’s birthday supper?

    1. You didn’t dream it. She called her a dick and ruined her birthday dinner after being late to begin with.

      1. Thanks for clarifying. I was appalled at her behavior and she was wondering why Gary was so furious.

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