Amber Portwood Asks Fans to Pray For Her Missing Fiancé Gary Wayt & Insists She “Did Not Hurt Him”; Amber’s Ex-Fiance Matt Baier Weighs In

As the search for Amber Portwood’s fiancé, Gary Wayt, continues, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star is asking the public to pray for Gary’s safe return and insisting that she “did not hurt him.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber’s fiancè– aka Gary 2.0– was reported as a missing person in the state of North Carolina, just days after it was revealed that he and Amber were engaged to be married. 

After the news broke about Gary’s disappearance, an emotional Amber joined YouTuber Elle Bee’s Live stream to answer questions about her missing fiancé, whom she denied having a “big blowout fight” with prior to his disappearance. Amber asked for help and cleared up rumors that she had anything to do with Gary going missing. Since then, the investigators in the case have given interviews to several news outlet….and Amber’s previous fiance, Matt Baier, has even weighed in on the situation.

During her YouTube interview, Amber stated that she and Gary got into an “emotional” discussion that ended with Gary 2.0 leaving (without his phone) and driving away. Gary 2.0 has allegedly not been seen or heard from since Sunday afternoon. 

After police were notified on Tuesday of Gary 2.0’s disappearance, the Bryson City Police Department in North Carolina officially labeled the 39-year-old a missing person. 


“I’m praying for anybody that sees him,” Amber said. “Nobody has found him or heard from him yet. They only know that he was in a Walgreens [the day he went missing] alone on camera and that is all we know. 

“ … So please, everybody, do not think the harshest things right now,” she continued. “Just please pray, do whatever, like, whatever your religion is, just please hope that he is OK. Just hope he’s OK.” 

Regarding the alleged “explosive” argument she and Gary 2.0 had at some point over the weekend, Amber argued that she and Gary 2.0 “have a wonderful relationship.” 

“There was no explosive argument. You guys have to understand, OK?” Amber stated. “I am not what people have been saying about me all of these years. I changed a long time ago, OK? You guys have to understand this. Please listen to what I’m saying. I’m an honest person to you guys.”

Amber denied that she had any part in Gary 2.0 going missing.

“ … We have not had explosive fights,” she continued. “We are very in love. This man asked me to be with him. This man asked me to marry him. I have not touched this man in any horrible way. He does not touch me in any horrible way. We do not yell at each other. We have a wonderful relationship, please understand this. People change.” 

Amber and her currently missing fiancé…

Amber– who confirmed that Gary 2.0 took his wallet and car keys with him when he left, later stated that she and Gary 2.0 had “a discussion” before he went missing, but she claimed it wasn’t “heated or anything.” 

“It was emotional, because it has something to do with the fact of his parents being Vietnamese, and me being who I am and stuff like that,” she said. “It had nothing to do with us personally, OK? This is the only thing that happened. He was very upset about this, I was upset. 

“We do not yell at each other,” she added. “We do not hurt each other.”  

Amber claimed that she has been in contact with Gary 2.0’s family since his disappearance, though she revealed she was “hurt” that someone in his family seemingly reached out to the media about the situation, as Gary 2.0’s “family members were told not to even make any comments.” 

In addition to insisting that nothing nefarious happened between her and Gary 2.0, Amber noted that their vacation rental is in the mountains and that Gary 2.0 “has never driven” in that type of terrain.

When asked if Gary 2.0 suffers from any mental health issues that require medication, Amber confirmed that her fiancé does, but did not disclose any other details. She also told Elle that police are now in possession of Gary 2.0’s phone. 

“[Police are] doing everything, all of that is being done right now, OK?” Amber stated, before issuing a reminder to the public that Gary 2.0’s disappearance is not about her, Teen Mom, her past or any of her exes. 

“This is about him missing,” she said.   

WLOS News in Asheville, North Carolina, aired a news segment about Gary 2.0’s disappearance Wednesday, in which it was mentioned that Amber and Gary 2.0– who reside in Indiana– were in Bryson City attending the wedding of Amber’s bother, Shawn Portwood. By Sunday night, however, Amber’s fiancé “had gone missing.”

In the segment, Bryson City Police Chief Charlie Robinson reiterated previous reports that Amber and Gary 2.0 “had some kind of disagreement” prior to Gary 2.0’s disappearance. 

“ … He left and when he left, he grabbed his wallet and his keys and that’s the last time he was seen,” Chief Robinson noted, before mentioning an “unusual” detail about the case. “ … He just grabbed his wallet and keys, he left his other personal items there and he left his cellphone there.” 

Chief Robinson claimed that Gary 2.0’s parents, family and friends have not heard from the 39-year-old since he was reported missing. He also stated that Amber was supposed to head back to Indiana on Monday, but is staying put in Bryson City “until [Gary is] located.” (Amber made a similar statement herself during Elle Bee’s YouTube Live.) 

In a comment to The Ashley via X on Tuesday, Amber’s brother, Shawn, denied that Amber and Gary 2.0 got into an argument before Gary 2.0 went missing. Later that day, Amber’s former fiancé Gary Shirley (aka Gary OG) posted about Gary 2.0’s disappearance. 

“We need to find this man,” he captioned a missing alert about Gary 2.0. “Prayers for a safe return.”

On Wednesday, Matt Baieranother one of Amber’s former fiancés– took to X to comment on the situation, as well as the accusations being made on social media. 

“I think the focus should be on hoping for a safe return,” Matt wrote. “The situation is hard enough for his loved ones and ppl throwing accusations around makes the situation harder for the ppl that love and care about him.”  

Watch Amber’s full interview with Elle Bee below. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Facebook; X; YouTube)

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  1. The Sun is reporting that Gary was seen at a Verizon store in Oklahoma on Tuesday (this comment is posted on Thursday). So he’s definitely not dead or injured or anything like that. Amber is terrible, but y’all can stop dog piling on her now

  2. I find it VERY suspicious that he left his phone. Is it because police can ping a phone for it’s location? JS

  3. Since she is a “public figure” (insert HUGE eye roll), the cops are probably actively investigating her but not releasing anything to the media. I believe that they absolutely know that she has something to do with it, they know about her record as far as domestic violence and drugs are concerned, they know that the reason she doesn’t have custody of her kids is because of her problems with drugs and violence. You would think that if it was just a fight, there would be a paper trail from his bank or credit cards or something. I agree with previous comments that this is giving off big Chris Watts vibes.

  4. The fact he hasn’t been found and he hasn’t somehow gotten in contact with police or his family, or even been spotted. Makes me think he is not in a position to. I honestly don’t think Amber did anything to him, she might be violent and unstable but I don’t think she would be capable of killing someone and then successfully hiding a body and a car. I honestly think that he was on an isolated unfamiliar road or something and lost control, and I predict they will find him eventually having been in a car accident (hopefully alive). No matter how heated an argument was, you’re not going to straight up disappear for 3+ days without contacting a single person. Also if he had his wallet I assume they would be tracking his bank account and whether he is spending any money too.

    1. I hear you BUT I could reference at least 10 different instances ON CAMERA where she’s shown an inability to control her temper. This is even her with weapons. Imagine how often it actually happened when cameras weren’t around. I’m not saying she did anything, but the benefit of the doubt ship left the port(wood) a long time ago.

      PS. That name joke was totally necessary.

  5. I’m hoping he’s OK and safe, BUT on the flip side I wouldn’t be shocked if Amber did something awful. She’s been escalating against her partners over time. Pushed Gary down a flight of stairs, chased Andrew with a machete. Wouldn’t be shocked if the other “soulmates” had some story of her violence against them. She’s not incapable, she has a documented anger problem and history of physical violence w/ownership of weapons.

    1. 🎶 she’s the WOOOOORSSSSTTT 🎶
      seriously ~ the worst ever
      ( mona lisa and jean ralphio are hilarious 🥰)

  6. Did he, or she, mentioned WHY he left? Was he planning to run to the store real quick and come right back? Not being familiar with the area, and if it was dark, could mean he drove off the road somewhere.

  7. I just thought of this one:
    Everyone is talking about how he hasn’t used his cards etc. I’d like to hope they’re looking at Amber’s as well as her recent transactions/withdraws. Did she withdraw a large sum of money recently or several amounts over a period of time, thus giving 2.0 a nice amount of money to live “off the grid”?

    I hope whatever the situation may be, that if Amber is involved that she goes away for a long time and Kristina is able to adopt Leah.

  8. I don’t think Ambien has this level of thought in her…but here’s a random thought.
    What if she staged all this to:
    1)Deflect from the bad press she received after last week’s episode and/or
    2)To secure a spot on the next season since the scene at Leah’s party might be the last nail in her TM coffin…unless her soulmate of the week goes “missing” and becomes local news. The producers would eat all this up…and then magically 2.0 appears in a few weeks/months with some bs that this was just a big misunderstanding, he was soul searching etc.

  9. Is this a ploy to shift all the attention she was getting for being a crummy person at Leahs 15th birthday so people feel sorry for her? Not gonna happen.

    1. Just what I was thinking who states I didn’t hurt him we don’t hurt each other,I mean really,that screams GUILT!! But like u said,I really hope I’m wrong,too!!Lord let this man be ok for his family’s sake!!

  10. 1. She acting like being engaged is a big deal to her. This chick has been engaged numerous times, what makes this any different than the others?
    2. Why did he leave his phone?
    -on accident?
    Just in a hurry to get away, but why is he in a rush to get away?
    -on purpose?
    So she can’t contact or locate him? Again, why such an extreme reaction to a simple conversation?
    3. She is trying to distance herself and downplay the conversation too much for it to not matter.. How can you say it’s not a personal conversation when it’s about his parents and you? That’s about as personal as it can get for an engaged couple.
    She’s sus from one end of the couch to the other.

  11. I don’t think she did anything to him. She has gotten into physical fights with people and had a machete that one time, but I don’t think she killed him or anything like that. It sounds like either he went to the mountains to be alone for a few days or he got into some kind of accident.

  12. If he has any history of addiction, he could be on a binge. Anybody who has been in a relationship with an addict knows they can disappear for long periods of time.

  13. She’s been erratic recently she’s probably off her meds and drinking.with her anger issues she killed him and probably had help getting rid of the body

  14. This is ridiculous. He’s clearly probably embarrassed to be associated with her, she probably went very “Amber” on him and he left. Big deal. Leave him alone.

  15. 1. People who have truly changed don’t feel the need to try to convince everyone else that they’ve changed. When you’ve changed, you live a different life and carry yourself differently. Telling people you’ve changed versus actually changing are two different things.

    2. I’m sure this has been said before, but I’m kind of really worried about this man’s safety. Even if he didn’t bring his cell phone, I’m assuming he would need to spend money on gasoline to drive wherever he’s going, he did bring his keys after all. In order to purchase gas, You typically use a card which can be tracked for purchases by your bank. If you don’t use a card, there are always cameras on ATMs when you get cash out. Something isn’t adding up here, And the way that Amby is carrying herself … The desperation, trying to undermine the severity of their last conversation before he disappeared, The fact this man has not been found yet when it’s really hard to not be found this day and age unless you flee the country … It’s giving major dateline vibes. When narcissists lose control, They will try to maintain that control by altering the narrative to paint themselves in the best light possible. Amber was the last person seen with this man before he suddenly vanished. Whole lot of red flags to unwrap here. Hope they find this guy.

  16. so ~ his family isn’t supposed to make any statements, but amber can hop on a live (didn’t watch, but read the somewhat lengthy transcript) and chit-chat away? um, okay. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤔🙄

  17. No one:

    Absolutely f**kn no one:


    In all seriousness, I hope 2.0 just needed some time away from Amber.

  18. The fact she insinuated that she didn’t do anything to him is the biggest red flag of all. Why cast doubt like that if he was simply missing? How many innocent people say “I didn’t hurt xyz…” when someone goes missing?

    I watched the clip from Leah’s party and wondered 2 things:
    1)Is she still on her medication for depression/BPD?
    2)Is she using drugs again?

    She’s back to be loud, lewd, and crude. I’m genuinely afraid of what has happened to 2.0. The timeline seems awfully convenient.

    1. Seems awful odd that she’s at a wedding, probably where alcohol was flowing, and suddenly she’s in an argument with someone she is so in love with…

    2. Usually, sure, but in fairness, the entire internet is speculating that she killed him. So I don’t blame her for feeling like she needs to say that she didn’t. If she left that part out, everyone would be in the comments saying “omg, she didn’t say even once that she didn’t hurt him!”

  19. Every argument this psycho gets into is explosive. She can’t even just disagree with someone without exploding and going off the rails.

    Hopefully he is okay, but we all know that SHE is the reason he left, regardless. Whether it’s because they had an argument about her and her behavior, her family, their own relationship, or whatever else, she’s the source. If he has his own issues, and we can all, at this point, presume he must if he sees anything whatsoever redeemable or positive in Ambien, I can see an argument causing his own trigger(s). So, hopefully, wherever he is, he’s not only physically well, but mentally too (or at least headed towards getting better and not spiraling downward).

    Ambien, STFU, go home, and work on yourself. Quit giving interviews and “selling your story”. You’re the reason he left, you’re likely the reason he hasn’t yet found a way to reach out, so, just, STFU and GTFH.

  20. I feel like if they haven’t yet, they need to start canvassing the woods using tracking dogs. His shit is still at Amber’s as far as I understand so they have access to his scent. I grew up around the smokies, those woods can be deadly, especially if someone gets turned around in there.

  21. Angela and Mycul 2.0

    Yeah, we’ve seen she’s changed. She now calls her 15 a dick instead of Bew Bew 🙄

    1. Haha I was just going to comment about how has she changed when she calls Leah names! I would hope she’s not capable of anything to do with the disappearance, but ya never know will mental illness!

  22. This is the same story that Chris watts tried to pull.. shannan left her house without her phone.. who leaves for days willingly without their phone? WHO would do this? I’m scared for this man

    1. The Watts case is exactly what i was thinking of too, because the ONLY 2 times i’ve ever heard someone say that they had an “emotional conversation” is when Chris Watts said that (while Shanann & the girls were missing) and Amber saying it here. AND like you said, both Chris Watts & Amber claimed that the missing person took off after the “emotional conversation” WITHOUT their cell phone.—That just doesn’t make sense! Especially since Gary 2.0 was in a place he was totally unfamiliar with. I don’t know what to think here, but these parallels to the Watts case aren’t giving me good vibes.

    2. I thought that at first, but then I was thinking, she probably had his phone or grabbed it at some point if they were having an emotional discussion. Even if it was about his parents not approving of her…..maybe that’s how she found out. Maybe she saw texts from his family talking bad about her, and so SHE had his phone from looking through them. Then maybe he got upset and left but she still had the phone.

  23. I definitely believe her about the “emotional discussion” topic. His family is probably traditional Vietnamese and were upset about the engagement news. It wouldn’t be uncommon for them to voice their disapproval about him marrying someone outside of what they deem acceptable. The timing tracks there.
    After seeing him at Walgreens and hearing that he took not only his keys but also his wallet, I believe her. The smoky mountains area has a lot of long winding roads. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was driving too fast out of being upset and went off the road. Either that or he did something to himself (not sure if his mental health issue is severe or not).
    Hopefully not either of those but 3 days is a long time for no one to have heard from him when it’s all over the news and police are looking for him. I know he has no phone but if he’s in a hotel there would be tv for the news and a phone to call ppl.
    I have a bad feeling about this but I don’t feel like Amber did anything. If Amber had done something, I can’t see her successfully hiding his body and his whole ass car. And she didn’t hide his phone, she turned it over. Some of her answers on Elle Bee were a bit odd, but she’s always like that lol.

    1. How dare she tell the world that he has mental health issues. How dare she TELL his family not to say anything? Asking someone and telling them, are different. She probably violently/forcibly kept him from leaving without his phone. If he was in unfamiliar terrain, he would’ve gone back immediately for the phone, correct? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find that she harmed him. Oh how I hope he’s found safe. This guy probably had no idea what he was in for with Amber. Dumb Ambie, you haven’t changed at all. Proof was at the birthday party. Ambie is a vile, hateful, narcissistic, abusive, arrogant, ugly woman. We will soon be seeing her on police cam being interrogated and arrested, one day Bubby won’t be able to bail her out.

    1. I at first thought maybe he was clearing his head or something but wouldn’t he contact his mom/family after being on the news?that’s what’s making me think he CANT contact his family

  24. So if he has his wallet, unless he is using cash only his transactions can easily be traced. It is so hard to not be found now, with the digital footprint that everyone leaves now. If he got into a fight with Amber and left, he had his car, he could have drove back to Indiana and went to his family, that he did not do that, is what is troubling to me. That there is no trace of him is troubling, if he doesn’t turn up in the next day or two, he is probably not alive. If that is the case, there is no way Amber had nothing to do with it. I hope if she is involved in any foul play she goes to prison this time and never gets out, I always thought with her lack of impulse control and her documented violent behavior she is extremely dangerous.

    1. You speak the truth! It is extremely hard not to leave a trail. There are cameras pretty much everywhere.

      Amber’s BPD absolutely does make her dangerous. My neighbors gf has it and burned the house down with him and his boy inside. That’s no different than chasing your bf and BABY with a machete. These people can be unbelievably explosive.

      I’m not trashing people who have BPD. I actually have it, but I do what I have to do so i’m not acting like this.

  25. She didn’t do anything to him. The evidence would LITERALLY be everywhere. She would be sitting on the couch crying that she didn’t deserve this. Plus she doesn’t clean. We’ve all seen how she lives.

  26. So some dude gets into it with Dagger, oops I mean switch blade, I mean Amber, she probably took his phone as ransome, and in 2 days he’s missing? Her random dude? I hope they aren’t using resources illegally looking for a storyline. He’s probably just chilling somewhere with another chick

  27. Something real sketchy here. Her blabbing felt uncomfortable. If he took his wallet and left his phone he could but another and easily go online to say something to friends and family. If no one has heard anything either she did something or he’s shady and this was his whole plan to fake a disappearance using Amber. Ambers trouble but the guy seemed sketchy too.

    1. EXACTLY! The way she was talking. Begging, pleading for people to believe her. I just dont feel good about this at all. Why would he leave his phone? I don’t think she would have done anything where they were staying. The phone would have given away clues so of course she made she it remained there. I hope the NC cops know better and are questioning the shit out of her. She was the last one to see him. Do the know her history? They need to talk to Andrew. 🙄🥷🥷🥷

  28. I couldn’t finish the Elle Bee interview she did. It’s so cringe to me and absolutely reeks of deflection, gaslighting and other red flags that are so sus!

    I wouldn’t put it past her to take it to the next level given her abusive and violent past, but I also think she’s too lazy to figure out the other details.

    Since 2.0 has a history of mental illness himself, and I’ve seen stories where 2.0 has had suicidal tendencies, if anything I could definitely see her pushing someone to that edge. Especially the reports that came out before about “leave and never come back”, that tracks. That’s definitely more lazy Amby Pamby’s style.

    I also think her interview is going to come back to haunt her. It comes across that she knows more than she’s telling or leading on.

    Hoping for a happy outcome but it’s not looking too good at the moment.

  29. i mean matt’s comment was nice but who the f*ck CARES or would even ask about his opinion out of all people?? 😂😂

  30. I doubt he left his phone behind by choice, amber was probably withholding it from him so he couldn’t call the cops or his family and friends. She also doesn’t sound very sincere in the video with her tone and choice of words. I don’t think she k|lled him (probably ?) but the fact that people can jump to that so easily really says a lot about her. They’re in a likely unfamiliar area to him so it’s very possible he could have gotten lost or broken down somewhere or worse.

  31. Hitting all those talking points, huh, Amber?
    Could you imagine how mentally exhausting it would be to have her in your life? Good lord. 🥴

  32. So Amber is allowed to give interviews but his own family was told to not make any comments? Told by who? Amber?

    Also, the person who was just on television calling her child a d!ck on her birthday and swearing in front of two kids is claiming that she’s changed? Ok, Amber. Whatever you say.

    1. Same here. I was wondering how long it would be before Mat B. put his 2 cents in on this story. He was soooooo creepy looking and gross.

  33. I don’t know if Amber is responsible for Gary’s disappearance or not but, if so, this is going to cast a dark shadow upon MTV. I imagine that MTV executives are watching this saga very closely.

  34. The only thing really making me doubt that she k***ed him is the fact that she’s too lazy to get rid of the body herself. Can y’all imagine her trying to dig even the shallowest of graves? Unless she called Bubby to help…

    1. I thought the exact same, but they’re in the Smoky Mountains and there are so many places she could have easily shoved him off the side of a mountain in a fit of rage. Getting off the couch is a requirement to get to a place like that though, but there are a lot of spots accessible by car and a short walk.

  35. She’s mad his family said anything to the media. His actual family. But Miss known him for 4 months can talk all she wants? The “emotional” conversation is something about his family being Vietnamese and her “being who she is” WTF does that mean?

    1. Asian parents are usually more traditional, so I imagine they don’t want their son to marry a crazy woman with multiple failed relationships and two baby daddii that’s practically glued to the couch.

  36. He left without his phone, well no shit no one has heard from him. He probably doesn’t have his phone numbers memorized. I only have three numbers memorized my parent because they are lovely dinosaur’s who still have a landline that I had to memorize in elementary school, my bf, and my mom’s cell. I don’t even remember my brother’s, he changed cell providers like two years ago and I haven’t really thought to remember it, its saved on my phone and I mostly use facetime/whatsapp. Worse is he gets in an accident and can’t call for help.

    I hope he’s okay, I hope he’s not actually missing.

    Amber has downplayed her abuse in the past. She pretended that her machete attack with just a disagreement. So I really don’t believe her went they just had an emotional argument. We have heard Andrew’s recordings, and Matt’s recollection on Amber’s abuse. Even see what she has done to Gary. We also know abusers get worse as they get older, especially when they don’t face repercussions. Amber maybe doesn’t have custody of James or Leah, but for a lazy person like Amber who actually doesn’t want to raise her kids, its like a reward for her. She hasn’t had to go to jail in years and she makes money tv even though we know she’s an abuser. She gets mean, screams, hits, throws things, grabs objects and chases men, threatening to k!ll them.

    So either, he was in a hurry because she was either trying to attack him or was, and just grab his keys/wallet by the door, and got out, or Amber has more explaining to do.

    I hope they have officers checking the route he would take home, cross checking other state records to see if he made purchases along the road. And just go to his place in Indiana and check there.

    The only people we have heard from are in Amber’s life, her brother, Gary, and Matt (lol), why hasn’t his parents or siblings or friends come forward and say hey we also haven’t heard from him. Why hasn’t the police stated that they call his work? Its Wednesday, so he’s missed like three days, unless his job is odd hours.

    1. “she revealed she was “hurt” that someone in his family seemingly reached out to the media about the situation, as Gary 2.0’s “family members were told not to even make any comments.” ”

      Sounds like Amber is trying to order his family to shut hp

      1. Lol. Right. She really is a terrible person, thinking that’s she’s Mother Teresa reincarnated.

        She’s known this man for four months, and she’s telling his family that has known him all their lives to shut up. Yeah, typically Amber.

  37. “I am not what people say about me” Except just this last episode you were exactly what ppl say.

  38. Sorry can’t believe a word Amby Pamby says. She literally says the same thing about every guy she is with. “I’ve changed. This is my soulmate. We don’t fight”. And then we find out it is BS.

    My guess is that the “source” as far as saying they had an argument is from Gary’s family or maybe a statement Amber made to the police herself. If you can sit through the interview she trips herself up multiple times in between the “you guys” “you have to understand” “I’m honest with you guys” in between.

    Amber has known this Gary for a grand total of 4 months and is already engaged. By my count she has now been engaged to Gary, Matt, Andrew and Gary 2.0 she has committed domestic violence against ALL of them.

    I’m not buying what she is selling. It is always someone else’s fault. The classic abuser’s M.O. I am praying that he is found safe. He has a family that I am sure are beside themselves with worry and questions.

    1. I mean you have a point about the four months. LIke maybe Amber can keep the nice mask on for a while, especially if they don’t live together. But you can’t keep it on all the time. So the first trip together saying a room with her, she shows her true nature and was like getting verbally and possibly physically assaulted by her, he just grabbed what he could and ran.

  39. She is beyond help and probably buried him somewhere. I wouldn’t trust her because she clearly isn’t all there, even if she says she is. The way she acted at Leah’s birthday dinner is a great example of how crazy she is.

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