Amber Portwood’s Fiancé Gary Wayt Reported Missing After Allegedly Getting Into An Argument With the ‘Teen Mom’ Star

Amber Portwood’s fiancé, Gary Wayt, has been reported missing, just days after it was announced that he and the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star were engaged to be married. 

As The Ashley told you on Friday, it was reported that Gary– aka Gary 2.0–  proposed to the mom-of-two sometime “within the last two weeks.” However, it appears that the couple’s wedding plans may be on hold, as @teenmomfanz revealed Tuesday that Gary 2.0 has been reported as a missing person in the state of North Carolina. 

Amber and her currently missing fiancé…

Sources reportedly told the outlet that Amber and Gary 2.0 got into an “explosive fight” a day after announcing their engagement, during which Amber told her fiancé to “f**king leave and don’t come back.”

Gary 2.0 and Amber allegedly have not spoken in more than 60 hours. 

Police were notified Tuesday morning of Gary 2.0’s disappearance and the 39-year-old has since been labeled a missing person by the Bryson City Police Department in North Carolina. 

According to the police department’s social media page, Gary was last seen on Sunday in Bryson City, North Carolina, driving a grey 2009 Nissan Rogue with Indiana plates. 

(As previously reported, Gary 2.0 resides near Amber’s hometown of Indianapolis.)

The Ashley reached out to Amber’s manager for a comment on Tuesday, and was told the following: 

“No comment at the moment, thank you. We are just very worried.” 

UPDATE! In a comment to The Ashley via X, Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood denied that Amber and Gary fought before Gary went missing.

“Any report of an argument between my sister and her bf is completely false,” Shawn stated. “People are reporting anything just to spice up a story rather than what they should be focusing their attention on.”

UPDATE #2: On Tuesday afternoon, Amber’s ex Gary Shirley (aka “Gary OG”) posted about Gary 2.0’s disappearance. 

“We need to find this man,” Gary captioned a missing alert about Gary 2.0. “Prayers for a safe return.”




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80 Responses

    1. The police release this statement saying they had a flight before he left so Sean should shut up because that was testimony from Amber 🙄. Somethings up that he didn’t take his phone

      1. The missing people that don’t have their phones always end up being dead (based on my many hours of watching the ID channel).

  1. Considering the timing of everything that happened, I feel like the clip with Leah got out, he saw it, maybe they got into an argument cuz she had been telling him all this time what HER version of events were from that night, but then he actually saw the real version for himself & it was probably DRAMASTICALLY different from Amber’s version, then Amber probably couldn’t handle being called out for lying & being an asshole to her daughter, then he probably just left cuz we all know Amber says some foul shit when she gets mad. Though it’s pretty interesting how I haven’t seen one person from his family or any friends of his post anything. It’s really just been teen mom pages & that one police department’s page but like, didn’t this guy have anybody that cared about him besides Amber??

    1. It’s become a criminal investigation. His family may have been advised not to say much to the media.

    2. He hasn’t contacted his family or friends after “leaving” Amber. I put leaving in “” because who knows what really happened.

  2. When I read the article about Leah’s birthday I didn’t pay much attention to the part about Amber having a new fiancé because it’s like fiancé number 47 or something. Then when I saw the headline that this fiancé is missing, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I have a very bad feeling about this. I really hope I’m wrong and he has just taken off to get away from Amber.

  3. I’m thinking he watched some old(er) episodes of TM & saw what a complete trash bag she is. She’s not mentally ill, she’s fucking psycho. I think the moment he met “Bubby”, he dipped. Who wouldn’t?! Went back to Indiana, packed his bags & left. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

    Prayers that he is truly safe & well

  4. North Carolina? Isn’t that where Jenelle and psycho David dick head live?? Maybe Gary is out on the broken down boat with psychopathic Davey boy??? Jesus, North Carolina sure does attract the trashiest of people!

    1. I read on another site that they were there for Bubby’s wedding, so … You kinda have a point….

  5. Amber and Gary 2.0 got into an “explosive fight” a day after announcing their engagement, during which Amber told her fiancé to “f**king leave and don’t come back.”

    Gary 2.0 and Amber allegedly have not spoken in more than 60 hours.

    Call me dumb, but if you tell your fiance/ex-fiance to leave and not come back, and then they don’t. How does that make them a missing person? They just listen and respect boundaries, like a normal person.

    He was in North Carolina for bubby’s wedding, so maybe he just went home. Or to a friend or family member who lives along that way.

    Look, I’m not saying he’s not missing, but I want to see someone from his actually life make a comment, his parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, than I will give it more credibility. Amber’s mental illness talking, he’s not allowed to leave her, so you must be missing. She like you can only be done with me, when I tell you, I’m done with you.

    1. You’re dumb.

      No, jk. But, seriously, I’m sure the police contacted friends and family to try to locate this man before posting publicly that he is missing.

      Amber probably also contacted his friends and family. So, for the time being, I think it’s safe to assume that no one who knows him has heard from him.

      1. Lol. I am dumb sometimes. I think its that I see these people like I told you to leave so why didn’t you stay and fight for me? I’m like this isn’t a hallmark movie, if I ask you to leave and you don’t or you comeback, I’m calling the police. I don’t want people to keep trying after I break up with them, that’s stalking. But that’s the healthy rational part of me, and I forget that Amber has many mental health issues.

        I feel like police just take the word of the person calling, especially a fiance. Maybe they called family, but if Amber doesn’t have their number, they maybe didn’t have a way to contact them. I mean I don’t have my partner’s friends phone numbers let allow have them after 4 months of dating why would I. Why after four months of dating would you have your partner’s parents number?

        They have only known each other for four months and he thinks Amber is worthy of marriage, so I would argue they know nothing about each other.

        In the new update, they said he ran out after a disagreement with Amber, and didn’t take his phone just keys and wallet. So its possible he just doesn’t have a way to contact anyone or remember anyone’s number to call.

        I hope they just go check his home and see if he’s there and not during the day time when people work at night. But also remember how disconnected more police forces are to each other, unless they have access to each states data base and know what to look for he could have left NC on Saturday and been in Indiana by Sunday and they would have to go to each states data base ask for them to run the check for them, see if they can track his charges. Its not as uniform as people think it is.

  6. According to the local press in Bryson City NC or wherever, the source that mentioned that Amber and Gary 2.0 had an argument was the police chief. So her brother can go sit back down now.

    Also saw someone comment on a TT they went to the same gym as Gary. Apparently once before 2.0 failed to show up for work and a welfare check was called in. The commenter said it was her understanding that 2.0 made suicidal threats/comments.

    If true, definitely disturbing given what we know right now.

  7. I gave the engagement 3 months, but they proved me wrong and only went 3 days. I hope he’s ok and safe, and makes a safe return. Hopefully he finally got a glimpse of her crazy and dipped.

  8. “He couldn’t handle me because I’m a rill woman and a damn good mom” – NEVER THE TRUTH, AMBER
    Omg I hope Matt, Andrew and Gary 2.0 are in the works of having a book deal… with a special introduction written by that one legit guy she met at Walmart on a Wednesday morning and moved in with her on Saturday afternoon.. “Teen Mom OG.. We Survived a “Relationship” with Amber”

  9. He is probably running from her, if she didn’t kill him and I’m not kidding about that. Yes…I think she is capable of it.

    1. Came here to say this. If you can raise a machete to hurt someone around your own child, it’s not a big jump to think murder is on the table.

  10. I hope new Gary is safe and just ran away. Hopefully he will call law enforcement, so they know he’s safe and not missing.

    Amber’s been absolutely unhinged for years. She could be making her next TV debut on “Dateline”.

      1. Weird, totally and not totally unexpected. Hoping for the best. Being with amber this guy probably isn’t all there and hopefully he doesn’t have psychological issues.

  11. Shawn should know that he can’t believe Amber’s version of events, but I’m not surprised he’s defending her. Of course they had a fight. Amber fights with everyone.

    1. Either Shawn is completely delusional, or Amber pays him to defend her. She’s beeb awfully quiet…probably a good idea not to incriminate yourself. But not even a peep about new Gary missing…

      1. It’s more likely than not that he has a lot of the same issues she does, which is why he sees nothing wrong in the things she says and does. It’s pretty easy for someone who shares a disorder/issue with someone to explain it away as “oh, yeah, that happens” or even flat out lie and say “not true, didn’t happen”.

        I totally get that sometimes family will defend family, as one should, but the amount of evidence is so overwhelming that continuing to deny it happened just shows the level of delusion (and mental health/behavioral disorders) they share.

          1. And this means what? That they can’t have any kind of mental health or potential behavioral disorders?

            I assure you, anyone can and not all of them present themselves wrapped in a pretty little bow or flashing neon sign the day you’re born. Many people, the world over, live seemingly normal, mundane, sometimes even spectacular lives while still having mental health issues (especially those related to their upbringing, or inherited genetically).

            My brother was a police officer for a large city for fifteen years before his really surfaced (though, always there, it’s easier to find subtleties after the fact). He’s no longer a police officer (his own choice) but it took a couple of years on the job after they started really surfacing to realize the potential ramifications. My brother is a great guy, but he has issues, and he’s just as likely to defend someone with similar issues as anyone else in that sort of position would be. It’s actually pretty damn common. He has a great job now, he’s quite functional, has a fantastic family and is dealing with the issues he does have. It’s not always that difficult to do, but you do have to be willing to admit you have them and put the work (including sacrificing some things, like a certain type of career) to help yourself and those around you.

            I have ZERO doubt that her brother also has issues. It’s obvious in the way he defends her so vehemently, even when presented with actual physical evidence. He still insists she didn’t have a machete in her hand that night, and even SHE has admitted she did (she just denies how it all went down).

        1. Yeah, he’s better at hiding it and functioning, but they both had a messed up childhood. Their sense of what “normal” behavior is must be totally screwed up.

  12. The article about their engagement said they were so solid in their relatively new relationship and they were in couples counseling or whatever. Guess all that’s going super well 😒 Amber is horrifically toxic in all her relationships, even with her kids. Once he’s found (safe, hopefully 🤞🏻), I hope he dips. She needs to be alone for a while instead of cooking up more drama.

    1. Yeah, not even married yet and they need couples counseling. I hope they are using Amber child psychologist for these sessions too! /s

      I mean, I would struggle to be with anyone who has two children that they have no relationship/limited relationship with, have been arrested multiple times for DV on different partners. And both times the child was in the room when it happened. I can’t imagine choosing to be with someone who’s this awful. Just that last episode the way that she talked to Leah, that’s so not okay. I couldn’t imagine being okay with someone talking to any child that way.

    2. Yeah, because you signed up for couples counseling after you known a man for three months …yeah that sounds healthy and normal.

  13. I can’t wait until she’s booted off the show. MTV has placated her, babied her, and reinforced her narcissism for way too long. She uses the mentally ill card until it is exhausted, and she needs a “rill” bitchslap into the normal world. Can’t wait to watch that!

  14. Hopefully fake Gary grew a set and ran for the hills after seeing how Ambien treated her own daughter and the backlash that received. We all know he certainly didn’t have a set before then, because he ignored every other glaringly bright red waving flag like it wasn’t the whacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubeman that it was. That’s a lot of wishful thinking on my part, of course.

    Assuming Ambien didn’t do something to him, I’ll continue believing he just got tf away from her, full stop.

    Also, her brother has literally always defended everything she says and does, without question and/or pause even when clear evidence is presented. I take his opinion on anything without any amount of seriousness, he’s a moron and thye probably share a brain cell.

  15. And more embarrassment for Leah… Gary 1.0 needs to completely sever ties with Amber if that is Leah’s preference.

  16. Of course “Bubby” would deny that Amber and Gary 2.0 fight before he went missing. Hopefully Gary 2.0 realized what a huge psycho she is and left. She is going to meet someone one day who is not submissive and will not put up with her shit. She needs to be in jail she does this to every single guy she meets.

  17. WOW. This is a bad look for MTV. I bet if Producer Morgan Freeman is wondering how he’s going to spin this distressing story. The Teen Mom franchise girls always get talked about but people forget that MTV helped contribute to their behaviors.

      1. Sure but does mtv take no accountability in what or who they’re giving a platform to? They hired Cheyanne and she’s a huge racist. They’re such hypocrites

  18. Hopefully he is ok. However , not everyone who is “missing” wants to be found . Maybe he just wants to be left alone and get away from Ambers crazy ass .

  19. Please don’t tell me she told him to leave and was the one to report him missing lol. I can imagine how bad she blew up his phone and is angry he didn’t answer so she pulled this stunt.

  20. I’m gonna go ahead and assume this man simply went home. He needs to let the PD know he’s safe, at least. Glad he got out bc Amber is a #1 bitch cunt.

    1. Except his family just put out a statement that they haven’t heard from him & are worried about him.

  21. Hopefully he just realized what a shithead she is and took her demand to leave and stay gone seriously, but I wouldn’t put it past Amber at all to have done something to him.

  22. It’s not normal to fight the way amber does, how any man would risk himself and his safety for toxic amber is a mystery.

    1. Remember how her and Matt fought on that Couples show? Her mom was there too. I forgot the name of the show. They fought A LOT!

      1. The one Andrew filmed her on and decided to make a baby with her? 😂😂 That asshole deserves everything he got. Absolute trash, both of them, for bringing a baby in.

    1. Maybe he simply took her at her demand of leave and don’t come back and he took his ass back home. Could have been wanting a way out and Ran with that mf 😂✌️😂

  23. I’m sure she did something to him, they need to check dumpsters in the area. She needs to be in a rubber room permanently.

  24. Um. she legit told his to leave and to not come back… LOL. He’s just doing what she told him to do.

  25. She probably went after him with the machete. Hopefully she didn’t kill him. The nut job is capable of anything.

    1. Seriously. After the way she treated Leah at the birthday dinner I wouldn’t be surprised by anything. She is unhinged.

    1. She probably keeps her machete in her car and went after him. I bet she’s even named her machete by now

  26. I hope he catched up with some old episodes of TM and ran for the hills. Seriously he needs to know that she’s violent and he’s not safe

  27. If he’s smart, that argument opened his eyes and he left choosing to not notify her of his whereabouts.

    Hopefully he’s safe and “missing” of his own free will.

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