Amber Portwood Has Reportedly Not Spoken to Formerly-Missing Fiancé Gary Wayt Since Gary Was Found; Ghosted ‘Teen Mom’ Star is “Still in Disbelief”

“There’s always room on my S**t List for one more Gary!”

It’s been nearly a week since Amber Portwood’s fiancé, Gary Wayt, was located after being listed as a missing person in North Carolina, though, according to a new report from The Sun, Amber has yet to reach out to her fleeing fiancé, due to her being shocked and hurt by Gary publicly ghosting her.

As The Ashley previously told you, Gary– who recently proposed to Amber– was listed as a missing person by the Bryson City Police Department in North Carolina on June 10, after he left the vacation rental he and Amber were staying in for the weekend, and didn’t contact anyone. After Gary contacted law enforcement on June 14 to confirm that he was OK , the search was called off. 

Whether or not Amber and Gary’s engagement has been called off is unknown, but a source confirmed to The Ashley that Amber and Gary have not spoken since Gary resurfaced, thousands of miles away from where he had been staying with Amber.

Prior to Gary resurfacing, Amber spoke out about her fiancé’s disappearance, begging fans to pray for Gary and insisting that the two have a “beautiful relationship.”

However, since learning that Gary essentially ghosted her, Amber has gone radio silent. 

Amber and Gary, pre cross-country ghosting…

“Amber has not spoken to [Gary] and she isn’t reaching out to him,” a source told The Sun. “She hasn’t really reached out to anyone since he was found. 

“She’s pretty hurt by the whole situation and still in disbelief,” the source added. 

Us Weekly reported last week that Amber’s ‘Teen Mom’ co-star Maci Bookout had traveled to North Carolina to comfort Amber in her time of need. After Gary had been located alive, Amber left North Carolina, snagging a ride home from Maci last Thursday. (Amber and Gary had traveled together from Indiana to Amber’s brother Shawn‘s wedding in North Carolina. When Gary high-tailed it out of North Carolina, Amber was left stranded there without a car.) 

Amber discussing how all her relationships with random dudes end…

“Maci was kind enough to drive [Amber] home to Indiana,” a source told the magazine. 

The Sun also revealed that Amber has yet to get a ring back that she purchased for Gary as an “engagement ring” on June 9. It’s unknown if Amber wants the ring back from Gary, or if she has returned the engagement ring that he gave to her. 

According to The Sun‘s source, Amber and Gary aren’t officially broken up, due to the fact that they haven’t spoken since Gary went all “runaway groom.”


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27 Responses

  1. How long did this ‘soulmate’ last? A few weeks, at least he was not injured and there are no court cases pending involving him, he got away extremely lucky, he should buy a lottery ticket!

  2. She called her daughter a dick on tv, on her birthday. I have no sympathy for this bitch. Glad he ghosted her. Happy he got away from her toxic behavior. Hopefully he will let the world know why he ran.

  3. I get it- She’s a crappy person and yeah, I don’t think Gary 2.0 thought about what he was getting into and it’s best he doesn’t get into anything with her. No one should until she clearly does some work but geez, no one deserves to be publicly ghosted like that. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted which is fine and I am no Amber fan. I think she REALLY needs to lay off seeking a relationship (like Jenelle) but he should have at least told her what was going on so she didn’t put out a missing persons report and crap. Now that is all over the internet for the foreseeable future.

    1. I don’t think she “deserves” it, but I also don’t feel sorry for her. She has done a million times worse things. She’s a deadbeat mom, she physically /mentally/emotionally/ verbally abuses everyone in her life. So no, I don’t feel sorry for her. She is garbage and treats everyone like garbage. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      I think you’re being compassionate, which is nice of you, but my compassion ran out with her a long time ago.

    2. I would agree with you ordinarily, but I don’t think she’s being truthful about what went down that night. It seems that it was indeed an aggressive blowout fight, which she denies. Initial report saying Amber threw him out and said go get away ..I believe that. So technically, he didn’t ghost her if he is doing as she asked.

      1. I for sure believe she’s minimizing what actually went down. He snuck away like something REALLY bad happened. It’s giving battered partner who fears for their life and is trying to disappear/never see their abuser again.

    3. She called her teenage daughter a d*ck on her own birthday because she didn’t want to make Amber the center of attention. You are right, she doesn’t deserve to be ghosted: she deserves much worse than that. She’s vile.

    4. He didn’t just ghost her though. She literally told him to leave, and he left, full stop. What more does he need to say? She said gtfo and he gtfo.

      It was made public because she made it public. She wanted it out there on the internet, like every other story about her life she tells (true or not). She’s just mad it didn’t go in the direction she wanted it to. No one feels sorry for her, nor should they. She put that all out there, she can’t complain about it being public (neither should anyone else).

      She’s so much worse than just “a crappy person”, though. She deserves any and all bad shit that comes her way, whether she’s the cause of it or not. What kind of grown ass adult calls their CHILD (who they refuse to try and have a real relationship with, of course) a dick on television for the world to see? Screw that she. She wants to publicly shame people, she can’t bitch if it happens to her too.

    5. I’m sorry but Amber deserves being ghosted publicly ten times over, especially after she called Leah a dick on public tv. She’s pure trash that will never get it or change.

  4. Well, sitting on the couch not seeing her daughter isn’t really a storyline, so it was nice of this guy to go along with one for her. And of course very smart of him to then get away from it all.

  5. I’m betting she “hasn’t” reached out because she can’t, dude probably blocked her on everything. I don’t believe for a minute she wouldn’t reach out if she could. Amber also probably hasn’t publicly spoken about yet because she’s either trying to find the best she’s the victim angle or her and Maci filmed the whole car ride and she can really talk about it because it’ll be on T.V.

  6. Amber is hurt? You know who is hurt Amber your daughter who you literally emotionally abused and humilated on national tv. I pray every day mtv fires this abusive person from the show. For an man to literally leave his phone and the state to get away from a woman means something bad went down. Focus on your kids you dont have custody off Amber, quit drinking on your bipolar meds and stop abusing your daughter. Good for Gary you are lucky she didnt get pregnant listen to your family.

  7. With all sorts of information readily available there is no way Gary didn’t know a dang thing about Ambers past. Has to be some sort of mtv story scam to get the heat off her for ruining Leahs birthday. She’s the only person I feel for. There’s also no way no one Gary knew didn’t say crap when they learned of who he’s with if he couldn’t be bothered to look himself lol.

  8. After the way Amber has treated Leah, James, Gary 1, and Andrew, I’m glad Gary 2.0 ghosted her. Gary 2.0 got out without being chased down with a machete or kicked while going down stairs. Now Amber can marry her true love Bubby!

  9. Good for Gary! I’m glad he’s OK and seems to have dropped Amber like the psycho flaming garbage pile she is.

  10. Of course she hasn’t commented. She isn’t in disbelief as much as she is humiliated and it couldn’t have happened to anyone else more deserving than Amby Pamby. She finally met a guy who wasn’t going to put up with her abuse and good for him honestly!

  11. I’m glad Gary is okay.

    Why couldn’t Amber Uber to a Greyhound bus station to get home?

    Maci and Catelynn apparently don’t have kids to take care of, where they had all this extra time. Maci drove to North Carolina to pick up Amber, then drove to Indiana to drop her off, then drove back to Tennessee.

    Per Google, that’s 2.5 hours to get Amber, 7.5 hours of listening to Amber scream and cry in the car to Indianapolis, and then a 7 hour drive back to Tennessee.
    17 hours total…

    1. Right!!! I would offer to drive maybe an hour or two but not 8+. Especially for someone who is a known abuser, has her own money to travel, and especially if I had kids at home.

    2. All of them are jobless losers who have al the time to waste in the world. Congrats to Gary 2.0 for escaping Amber!

    3. They absolutely filmed on that road trip. There’s no way Maci drove to Indiana out of the goodness of her heart when Amber could have gotten to an airport and flown back.

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