‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Ashley Jones’ Mom Reacts to Bar Smith Being Held at Gunpoint; Mackenzie McKee Begins IVF & More ‘Teen Mom’ News

“I’m ready to have the Spawn of Khessy inside me!”

From getting a gun to the face to getting ready to be knocked up, it’s been a busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Mackenzie McKee Begins IVF in Hopes of Having a Baby with Fiancé Khesanio Hall 

Get ready for Body Baby By Mac…and Khessy.

Mackenzie McKee  Douthit is ready to make some babies!

She revealed this week that she has officially begun the IVF process in the hope of welcoming a fourth child– her first with fiancé Khesanio Hall. 

As fans may remember, Mackenzie had her tubes tied after welcoming three children– sons Gannon and Broncs and daughter Jaxie– with ex-husband Josh McKee. After splitting with her rodeo-ridin’ (and buckle-bunny bonin’) husband, the ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ star began dating Khesanio, to whom she recently got engaged. 

Despite having her tubes tied in 2017 after a series of high-risk pregnancies associated with her having Type 1 diabetes, Mackenzie has expressed that she would like to have a child with Khesanio, who does not have any children of his own. Mackenzie happily shared on Facebook this week that she is well underway on making baby No. 4 happen. 

“Eggs are retrieved,” she shared on social media, along with two photos of herself in a hospital gown. “Magic number was 15.” 

While Mackenzie’s ex-husband has been mostly absent from their children’s lives since he and Mackenzie split, Mackenzie has continued to praise Khesanio for stepping up as a father figure in Josh’s absence. 

“I love watching Khes be dad,” Mackenzie told viewers on a recent episode of ‘The Next Chapter.’ “I was doing my best being a single mom, but he’s made me realize that there was a lot I could have done better with. He just like, naturally picked up the pieces. 

“Khesanio’s role is– in this house– safety,” she continued. 

Jaxie, thinking that job sounds WAY better than official garage sh*t scooper…

Mackenzie revealed last month that Josh has also commended Khesanio for “doing a really good job raising these kids,” before going on to reveal that she plans to give her children the option to change their last names from “McKee” to “Hall” once she and Khessy walk down the aisle. 

“He did not have kids until he met me,” she previously said of Khesanio. “Now he’s the best parent I’ve ever met.”

Bar Smith Reveals He Was Held at Gunpoint This Week & Nearly “Lost [His] Life”; His Estranged Mother-in-Law Responds 

“Lemme set the record– and my MIL– straight.”

Bar Smith, the estranged husband of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ star Ashley Jones, took to social media this week to reveal that he was held at gunpoint Wednesday morning…and his mother-in-law Tea Chappel had a lot to say about it! 

“Really almost lost my life this morning at like 6am, thank you to the most high for getting me through it,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. (It was later shared in a post by @teenmomfanz.)

“It’s been a long time since I was staring down the barrel of a [gun]. Was a millisecond and a split decision away from a RIP being next to my name. Y’all love y’all people cause they can really be gone at any moment.” 

Bar is currently living in California, where he was sentenced to 24 months of probation for (ironically) a gun charge. Meanwhile, Ashley continues to reside in Las Vegas with her and Bar’s daughter, Holly. The family of three had been living together (in Las Vegas) prior to Bar’s being sentenced to probation. Ashley explained on ‘The Next Chapter’ Season 2 premiere that while in California, Bar had been having lengthy conversations with a female “friend” for months, which she considered cheating. 

“…with my two-timin’, four-brow havin’ husband.”

In response to a comment on the post by @teenmomfanz claiming that Bar would “never change,” Ashley’s mom, Tea Chapple, left a series of emojis confirming that she agreed with the sentiment, before proceeding to throw some serious allegations at her son-in-law. 

“You do know he lived with us for the last seven years in my world with my daughter, right?” Tea wrote in response to a person defending Bar. “Why just better be lucky that I myself don’t have a [re]straining order against him for the foolishness he’s done to me alone. So get a grip and chill because you don’t know what the hell be going on behind closed doors.”

“You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors when he shot up my daughter’s house and shot at her friend,” Tea wrote in response to another comment on the post. “So like I said, you don’t know what goes on behind. Closed doors are in peoples’ personal lives.”

Tea, with her rhinestone visor already on, ready to annihilate Bar on The InterWebs…

After getting wind of Tea’s comment– as well as others, which accused Bar of being out “running the streets” when he was held at gunpoint– Bar returned to the comment section to defend himself and provide addition details about the incident. 

“Let’s just be clear I get off work at like 3am…. I smoked and accidentally dozed off in front of my place in my car for like 20-30 mins and woke up to some s**t happening around me I won’t go into detail about….,” he wrote. “I wasn’t a target just happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time, I wasn’t running the streets, and I had only about 45 mints of sleep the night before…. I’ve been working pretty much every single day for like 2.5 weeks non stop so I been tired as hell … .” 

Bar went on to admit that he “did Ashley wrong” by “talking” to another girl behind her back, though he insisted that “nothing ever happened” between him and his “talking” buddy.

“ … it was made so much worse with the negativity,” he claimed. “I don’t need Ashley’s attention I always have it, and she still always got mine together or not is what y’all don’t know.” 

Bar ended his lengthy response by encouraging people to “find peace and stop projecting pain” onto him. 

Ashley has yet to respond to Bar allegedly being held at gunpoint, or his comments following the incident.

Jenelle Evans’ Ex Nathan Griffith Lands Behind Bars– Again

Nope, not THIS time, pal.

Another day, another arrest for former ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Nathan Griffith. 

Starcasm broke the news this week that the former fiancé of Jenelle Evans was arrested Monday, and as of Wednesday, he remains in the slammer in Nevada. Jail records obtained by the outlet list Nathan’s charge as “specialty court sanction.”

“Do I have a type or what, dude?!”

Nathan’s arrest comes nearly two weeks after a bench warrant was issued for “non-compliance with the Veterans Treatment Court Program.” (The warrant was issued June 7.) 

As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan has been reporting to bi-monthly status check hearings in Veterans Court related to him pleading guilty to attacking his sister, Heather Griffith, via assault by strangulation last year. 

The Ashley can reveal that, at Nathan’s status check hearing on June 4, it was stated that Nathan was once again back in an in-patient rehab facility. He was ordered by the court to enter outpatient treatment immediately after his release from the in-patient rehab. In addition, Nathan was to “establish [a] sober living treatment [plan] with coordinator.” 

Just days later, though, the bench warrant for Nate’s arrest was issued, which likely means he didn’t follow these court-ordered instructions.

During a status check hearing last month, Nathan was scolded by the judge for failing to focus on his recovery. He was informed that he was being given one “last chance” to comply with the terms of his treatment program. Nathan proceeded to ask the judge during one of his May status check hearings to remove the no-contact order that exists between him and his occasional-estranged wife, May Oyola, though his request was ultimately denied. 

Nate, praying that the judge would overlook his many, many transgressions…

In April, Nathan spent some time in jail for not following the terms of his probation. An employee of the Clark County Detention Center confirmed to The Ashley at the time that Nathan’s arrest was likely due to him violating one or more of his guilty plea agreement from 2023.

As The Ashley previously reported, when Nathan pleaded guilty in September 2023 to assaulting his sister, he agreed to abide by a list of terms and conditions. Those terms included participating in and comply with the Veteran’s Court program; complying with all the terms of his sober living placement; not using or possessing drugs or alcohol; complying with a set curfew, following counseling requirements; agreeing to only have one cell phone and allowing it to be searched/providing its passwords; not using anyone else’s phone or allowing anyone to use his phone.

As of press time, Nathan is still in jail in Las Vegas. He will most likely remain behind bars until at least July 2, which is when his next status check hearing is scheduled. 

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

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  1. I always think Bar is referring to a Barbara. Anyhoo, what a pile indeed. Sounds like Tea is done with his silliness so that is good and hope he comes to his senses. Nate on the other hand I am just tired of reading about. How has this dipshit not just been put in prison for abuse of civil services for all of those dumb arrests. Guy gets loaded and likes to drive around and punch people. Sounds like a total winner that should be out on the streets lol. What a pair of dumbasses…

  2. The fact that Mack’s children *need* someone besides her to take their safety seriously is just sad, but I guess good for Khesanio for pointing this out to her. How the hell the man can see what kind of parent she is and choose to reproduce with her is beyond my comprehension, however.

  3. I thought Ashley’s mother was educated, but one would never know from the vernacular of that text. All of these girls are proof that money can’t buy everything, common sense and class being the most obvious.

  4. Nathan can’t be on his own. He needs jail time and rehab in jail. He has major issues and is incapable of solving them outside of jail. He was given enough chances.

  5. Josh is such a POS. I could see you bailing on your kids when they’re young- it doesn’t make it right at ALL but this is so wrong. They all lived with him and he’s their DAD. Now he’s totally MIA and allowing his children to be given the opportunity to change their last names… SMH. I don’t know many dad’s that would do that…

  6. That girl has no business having more kids. She needs to focus on the ones she has. I won’t even go into her medical issue and why it’s not a good idea for her to do it again.

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