Engaged! ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Star Mackenzie McKee Accepts Proposal From Boyfriend Khesanio Hall

“Let’s get hitched!”

Mackenzie McKee is engaged!

The Teen Mom star has officially accepted a proposal from her boyfriend of nearly two years, Khesanio Hall. In sneak peek photos of the proposal, Khesanio is shown getting down on one knee on the beach asking Mack to be his wife.

“Congratulations are in order, Mackenzie and Khesanio are ENGAGED!” the caption on the official ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram account reads. (In an interview with Us Weekly on Wednesday, Mackenzie confirmed that the proposal took place on Tuesday.)

Khesanio included several sweet mementos at the proposal site, including a portrait of Mack and her mom, Angie Douthit, who passed away from cancer in December 2019. A red carpet lined with rose pedals led Mackenzie to the tent that Khesanio had set up for the occasion. It also appears that Mackenzie’s dad, Brad Douthit, and siblings, as well as her three kids, were present at the proposal.


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“I can not believe I get to marry the most amazing human on earth! My best friend. I love you so much,” Mackenzie wrote on Instagram in her own caption. 

 “This is very, very new. It was a big surprise,” Mackenzie told Us Weekly on Wednesday. “All the people I loved were here and everyone was crying and it was just, he made it very, very special. It means a lot to me.”

Mack and Khesanio received plenty of well wishes from their ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars.

“WELLL DAMMMNNNN” wrote Cory Wharton (who was heavily criticized on ‘TMFR’ by his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge and viewers for not proposing himself.) “Happy for them both though.”

“Congratulations!” added Cheyenne Floyd

Mackenzie has made it clear that she intended to marry Khesanio, who currently lives with her and her three kids in Florida. As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Mackenzie was (unhappily) married to the kids’ father, Josh McKee, from 2013 until 2022, when Mackenzie filed for divorce. During Mack’s time on Teen Mom 3 and then Teen Mom OG, fans watched as the McKees’ miserable marriage played out with separations and plenty of cheating during their time together.

“I did not walk away from Josh; I crawled away from Josh,” Mackenzie said during a video posted online in August 2022. “And it was hard. But staying [with him] was harder…it is no secret that Josh has had affairs on me. It’s no secret that I haven’t always been the best wife. All in all, we are both walking away from this marriage with deep wounds and scars. No one wins here; no one wins in divorce.

“Josh wasn’t really someone who cheered me on in life or was ever proud of me…but you aren’t going to walk away until you are ready. They can cheat on you, they can talk down on you, they can do it all and you just simply aren’t going to walk away until you are ready.” (That same month, Mackenzie accused Josh of verbally abusing her daily during their 12-year relationship.)

Josh has not yet publicly commented on Mackenzie’s engagement.

“I ain’t a man of many words…and stuff..”

Mackenzie has described Khesanio as a father figure to her and Josh’s three kids. (She recently admitted that Josh currently only speaks to their oldest son, Gannon, and does not have a relationship with their son Broncs or daughter Jaxie.) 

“[Josh] has said, ‘Khesanio is doing a really good job raising these kids,’” Mackenzie said on Instagram Live last month, before going on to reveal that she plans to give Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs the option to change their last names from “McKee” to “Hall” when she and Khessy eventually tie the knot.

“He did not have kids until he met me,” Mackenzie previously said of Khessy. “Now he’s the best parent I’ve ever met.” 


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According to the just-released storylines for the upcoming season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, though, Mackenzie and Khesanio want to have a child together, despite the fact that Mack had her tubes tied in 2017. (Mackenzie’s previous pregnancies were high-risk, due to her Type I diabetes and other health issues.) 

“Getting pregnant again could impact Mackenzie’s overall health, but it’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make, so they look into all the options,” Mack’s Season 2 storyline reads.

Mackenzie and Khesanio have not yet revealed when they planned to get hitched; however, Mack told Us Weekly that she’s ready to “bring on the wedding planning!” 

“We met one night and then we talked every night after that,” she told the magazine. “We kind of knew, and it’s almost been two years and there’s not one day that I doubted or had any doubts. I’m just really happy and I’ve never had this kind of love. I just really, really look up to him as a person and he just kind of stepped in and raised these kids.”

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  1. Mackenzie had Type I Diabetes not Type II. There is a major difference. Please edit this post because the error is disrespectful to diabetics. I love The Ashley and read all the time. But this correction needs to happen.

  2. I’m happy for her but you can’t just change your kids last names without the permission of the biological father. It doesn’t matter how much of a scumbag or deadbeat dad he is. People think it’s so easy & it’s not.

  3. My cousin lives a couple
    Houses down the road from her- her kids have played with mine. Half the time she has no idea where they are. She only plays with them outside when the cameras are rolling. She has barely anything to do with them.

    1. Are you around her 24/7 … Since you all are neighbors then. Why don’t y’all ask her straight out if isn’t uncommon to walk around the neighborhood or find kids to play with.
      And for two if your so concerned then … Contact her family back in Oklahoma or find thier dad on Instagram or his family and message them about this situation

  4. Aww happy for them! I feel like Mackenzie and Khesanio look genuinely happy together, feels authentic so good for them.

  5. i’m actually really happy for mackenzie. she seems genuinely happy with someone who matches her energy and that’s what everyone should want and look for in a partner ❤️ also i just KNOW todays not a good day at the wharton household

  6. Mack has her detractors, but hopefully for her and the kids he’s the real deal so good for her. Seems to be a big step up from mumbling’ Josh. He might even be employed – gasp!

    But what the heck does this guy see in her with three kids he’ll have to raise?! To each their own?

    Shocked that Cheyenne congratulated her. Maybe Chey is finally coming around to Mack’s comment about Kamala Harris being mere ignorance with no racist intentions. Another blow to poor Taylor, though. Cory is such a dusty dirtbag.

    1. I had 3 kids before my husband and I got together. A lot of people have kids if they are over a certain age. We have 2 kids together. It’s really not that big of a deal if you love someone.

  7. Cory can’t even wrap his mind around proposing to the woman whom he shares 2 kids with and it’s seeing how Khessanio proposes to Mackenzie after just two years and no kids lol

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