Substance Misuse, Ex-Husband Harassment & More: Find Out What’s in Store for the Cast of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 2

The new cast photos look like a catalog for the latest Shein fashions…not gonna lie.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter returns next week for a brand-new season chock full of baby mama/daddy/grandma drama like never before. (At least not this year, anyway.) 

This week, MTV dropped the Season 2 storylines for the nine main cast members, who will take on everything from substance misuse and sobriety, to racism and harassment in the upcoming season. 

Here’s a look at what’s in store for the moms of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 2:  

Briana DeJesus

RIP to whatever Muppet Briana had to scalp to make this top…

Season 2 is slated to be a heavy one for Briana DeJesus. Briana’s mom, Roxanne, shares that she’s been “hiding a substance misuse issue” and “has been on methadone for years.” (Methadone is a medication most-often used to reduce or stop the use of opioids.) 

In response to the shocking news, Briana demands that her mom seek help in order to continue being a part of Nova and Stella’s lives. 

Briana will also get a “surprise” from Baby Daddy No. 1, Devoin Austin, who reveals he’s moving out of the state. 

“Now, Briana must navigate Nova feeling abandoned by her father, a situation Briana is all too familiar with herself,” according to MTV.

In response to the Season 2 storylines that the network dropped this week, Devoin took to social media to express his frustration. 

“🤦🏾‍♂️ is all ima say..,” he commented on a post by @teenmomfanz that featured the cast storylines.

In another comment, Devoin explained his reason for moving, claiming he can’t “be there” for his kid “with no money.”

“ … And these kids ain’t cheap,” he continued. “I’m looking long term. Leaving them s**t behind when I leave this earth. Not working until I’m 80 etc. I made a lifetime decision, Didn’t just [go] get a temp job to make me feel good for the moment. I chose a company that if I apply myself, I’ll bring so much to the table and be straight for life!” 

Devoin also clarified that his frustration was with MTV, not Briana, whom he said has “been very supportive thus far” of his decision to move. 

“I’m just wondering why the network would try me like that,” he wrote. “This one the reasons I branched out to make another living elsewhere. They janky as hell for that description.” 

Catelynn Lowell 

“Me– and my trusty peplum top– are back for yet ANOTHER season!”

In the new season, Catelynn Lowell “navigates her own boundaries” with her mom, April. (As The Ashley has previously reported,  Cate and April became estranged last year, with Catelynn and her siblings taking their mama drama to social media several times.)

Although Catelynn and April have been on the outs, it appears that Catelynn’s oldest daughter, Nova, still wants to have a relationship with April.

“Now bring Granny her smokes, Nova!”

Viewers will also see Cate and April head to therapy, and the return of ‘Teen Mom’ father-daughter dances, courtesy of Tyler and Nova. 

Amber Portwood 

“Maybe this will finally be the year I get a sponsorship from Lazy Boy furnishings! I’ve been promoting their couches for years!”

In the upcoming season, Amber Portwood and her couch moves back into the house she and ex/baby daddy No. 2 Andrew Glennon once lived in, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, “things get serious quickly” when she begins dating a new man named Gary. 

Amber will also be a “damn good mom” to daughter Leah, whom she shares with ex Gary Shirley, right up until she and Gary (OG Gary, that is) get into an “explosive argument” during Leah’s 15th birthday celebration. 

Ashley Jones

“I made it back on this show somehow!”

Season 2 of ‘Next Chapter’ will follow Ashley Jones as she continues working on her nursing degree in Nevada and parenting daughter Holly while her husband, Bar Smith, is living in California, seemingly up to no good.  

“Ashley is heartbroken when she realizes Bar has been talking to another woman and contemplates divorce,” her storyline for Season 2 continues.  

Like Devoin, Bar’s mom, Shen Williams, took to the comment section to share her frustration over what’s to come in the upcoming season, claiming she wouldn’t be tuning in to watch. 

“Now after reading all of them I’m not sure how much is actually true smh yeah it’s a no for me,” she wrote. 

Shen went on to accuse the show of being “rigged,” before sharing some other (very on-brand) opinions. 

“I am gonna say again, this show is what I said it was…a lot of stuff ain’t true and that’s speaking for all cast,” she wrote in her typical “Shen Speak” format. “[If] the truth was aired y’all would never stop watching. This s**t rigged.”

“I’m not willing to throw someone I love under the bus on lies for a check,” she commented, before threatening to burn the whole place down…as you do.

“If someone come for me I will set this place on fire.” 

Maci Bookout

“Hey Larry, do me a favor and make sure Shen is kept away from anything flammable, please!”

On the upcoming season, fans will watch as Maci gives Bentley driving lessons.

The Ashley will give you all a moment to let it sink in that the babies we saw born on 16 and Pregnant are now getting their learner’s permits. (Can anyone else feel the wrinkles forming on their face as they read that?!) 

Maci will continue to play nice with Bentley’s dad, Ryan Edwards, who is “doing well in recovery.” The mom-of-three will also work on building a relationship with Ryan’s girlfriend, Amanda Connor, whom he met in rehab. 

Also of note is the fact that Maci is offered an actual job— outside of selling leather-pocketed T-shirts and putting her mug on MTV.

“Maci gets offered a job as a high school girls’ wrestling coach, but she wonders if she can handle it as she has an overflowing plate of responsibilities with her own three kids,” Maci’s Season 2 storyline reads. 

Cheyenne Floyd 

“Here’s me…and also my giant diamond ring. Taylor, take note.”

On the upcoming season, Cheyenne Floyd and husband Zach Davis find themselves at odds about having another child. Meanwhile, Cheyenne and Cory Wharton– the father of Cheyenne’s first child, Ryder– clash over co-parenting and communication.

Cheyenne, Zach, Cory and Cory’s baby mama and girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, ultimately “put aside their differences and come together” to educate themselves and help Ryder after she is called a racial slur by another child. 

Leah Messer

“My dern daddy is fixin’ to get clean y’all…and by ‘clean’ I mean off drugs…but also possibly in the wersh tub, too!”

In the upcoming season of ‘The Next Chapter,’ Leah Messer agrees to help her dad as he goes to detox, which, upon completion, provides him with a chance to reconnect with both Leah and her three daughters. 

As for Leah’s twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah– whom she shares with ex-husband Corey Simms– they are “thriving in middle school” and Leah is teaching them to stand in their power “use their voice on issues they believe in, including strong sex education in school.” 

“Y’all girls need to learn not to let them boys diddle you none!”

Viewers will also see Leah have a hellaciously hard time in the holler with her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert after Jeremy “harasses her” at work, leading her to take legal action and leaving the former couple’s daughter, Addie, “caught in the crossfire.” 

Jade Cline

“Look out, here comes Hurricane Christy!”

Jade Cline and baby daddy Sean Austin have the wedding of their dreams.  Season 2 will also see the return of Jade’s parents, who are continuing their “journey of sobriety,” though the couple’s past mistakes will “have consequences that impact Jade and Sean’s happily ever after.” 

Sean and Jade also make the decision to homeschool their daughter Kloie. 

Mackenzie McKee

“I am, once again, asking you all to accept me as part of this franchise.”

Mackenzie McKee and her boyfriend Khesanio Hall have been dating for one whole year and are officially living together, along with Mack’s three children. In addition to shacking up together, Mack and Khessy want to have a child of their own, but their plan is complicated by the fact that Mack had her tubes tied years ago after three dangerous pregnancies.  

“Getting pregnant again could impact Mackenzie’s overall health, but it’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make, so they look into all the options,” Mack’s Season 2 storyline reads. 

Viewers will also see Mack finalize her divorce from husband Josh McKee in Season 2, after which Khessy “finds the perfect way to propose.” 

Season 2 of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ premieres May 30 on MTV. Watch the latest sneak peek below. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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    1. I don’t like her either. However, you are correct. Methadone isn’t just for heroin addiction or drug addicts. It is given to treat people with chronic pain that cannot be controlled with certain narcotics.

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