‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Nathan Griffith Pleads with Judge to Drop His Wife’s No-Contact Order; Farrah Abraham Compares Herself to Jesus & More

“Gimme another chance, Soulmate!”

From trying to make contact with an ex, to making crazy claims, it’s been a busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom: Young & PregnantTeen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Nathan Griffith Asks Judge to Drop No-Contact Order So He Can Talk to His Estranged Wife

The couple in, um, “happier?” times…

Nathan was back in court this week, hitting up his home-away-from-home for his latest status check hearing in Veteran’s Court on Tuesday. (Nathan has been having bi-monthly status check hearings related to him pleading guilty to attacking his sister via assault by strangulation last year.) As The Ashley previously told you, the former soulmate of Jenelle Evans was scolded by the judge at his last status check hearing for not focusing on his recovery and was given one “last chance” to comply with the terms of his treatment program. 

It appears that Nathan still has other things on his mind besides getting help for his substance abuse issues. The Ashley can exclusively reveal that, on Tuesday, Nathan asked the judge to remove the no-contact order that exists between him and his (estranged?) wife May Oyola. As you may remember, May was arrested in early January for domestic battery against Nathan, with Nathan claiming that May hit him over the head during a fight. A no-contact order was issued later that month, forbidding May from having any contact with Nathan. (Following several months of being monitored by the court– and staying out of trouble— May’s case was dismissed in March.) 

Neither party has filed for divorce since then, and on Tuesday, Nathan pleaded with the judge to allow him to contact his wife. However, the judge in the case was not having it.

“Please, Your Honor…I just want to share bench press tips with her!”

“Court stated It would not lift the No Contact Order at this time and wants Defendant to focus on himself,” the minutes from the hearing read.

It is unknown if May also wanted the no-contact order lifted. 

Nathan— who was present at this hearing— is due back in court for another status check hearing on June 4. 

Farrah Abraham Says She Removed Daughter Sophia from Regular School Because Kids Gave Her Too Much Attention; Compares Herself the “Jesus” 

“That’s just the price Sophia pays for having the Number One Celebrity In Our Nation as her mom!”

Farrah recently opened up about the real reason she yanked her daughter Sophia out of regular school years ago– and, as per usual, it is all about Farrah.

During an interview on Rachel Uchitel‘s Miss Understood podcast, Farrah spoke about a plethora of things: her adult entertainment career, being fired from ‘Teen Mom’ and her “ADA-compliant” disabilities… or something. (Yes, The Ashley is aware that this interview was from a few weeks ago, but she needed a lot of time to get through it all because it was A LOT.) 

The former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star was also asked to speak about why, back in 2017, she yanked her daughter out of regular school and chose to homeschool her. Farrah’s (very) long-winded answer was quite interesting.

According to Farrah, her own fame was becoming too much and was taking over Sophia’s school, with the kids worshipping her and the parents getting jealous.

“My daughter took over in a regular public school setting…I walked in and kids would come run to me. They loved me,” Farrah said. “You’ll see a lot of other parents have jealousy, gaslighting. I owned three stores in the community at the time. I supported the police station, the football team, whatever.”

The Backdoor Teen Mom then made another chuckle-inducing claim.

“It was like I was Jesus to those kids,” she stated. 

“Sure, Farrah….with your belligerent, anti-Christ attitude?”

Farrah also stated that Sophia, who was then about seven years old, was also taking all of the attention away from the other kids.

“I have to say when you see that you are taking over the element of a school system, your kid is the epitome of attention to everyone and no one can act normal,” Farrah said.

Farrah went on to say that, during her own schooling days, she was receiving all the attention, even though she wasn’t famous for getting knocked up at 16 yet.

“I was raised without being famous,” she said. “But I had all the people saying to me, ‘You’re going to be famous.’ I had all the attention growing up still, and I still wasn’t on TV. I do know what it’s like to have a real, authentic teaching environment and that’s not what was being given to my child. If that’s not what she’s getting, then she doesn’t need to be there.

“I think that’s why I chose online schooling for me.”

“I mean, Sophia. I chose it for Sophia!

Farrah insisted that Sophia— who is now 15 years old— has plenty of homeschooled friends, and even has a boyfriend who is a homeschooler.

“I took [public school] away from my parenting dynamic and my family, so [Sophia] could be happy,” Farrah said. “Do whatever you need to do that’s best for you. This is what is helping us be happy.”

Back in 2017, Farrah revealed during several episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG’ that Sophia was having difficulties at her school because the other girls were “jealous of her.” The school’s administrators also told Farrah that her allowing the little girl to attend classes with a full face of makeup on was causing her to be bullied.

At the time, Farrah stated that her solution to solve this problem was to put Sophia in virtual school. 

“I decided to do that because, at school, I didn’t really want to make it about the bullying, dating, those things,” Farrah said in 2017. “It’s focusing more on her studies, traveling the world if she wants to do that while she is going to school… She has a lot going on and this just helps her be the better her.”

Interestingly, back in 2021, Farrah vowed to put Sophia into regular school when she became a freshman in high school.

“Sophia was just like, ‘So mom, I can’t keep homeschooling because freshman year of high school is a very big year’ and I was like, ‘Sophia, I was already planning on you going back to public school for freshman year if it’s so important,’” Farrah said during a podcast interview that year. “But those are kind of the things that we do talk about. Like, we don’t want to sacrifice some of these beautiful moments … like prom … I don’t want to hold any child back from those experiences.”

As of press time, though, Sophia is in high school but remains in homeschool.


Kayla Sessler Ex/Baby Daddy is Expecting a Baby with His New Boo

“It’s grind time!”

Stephan Alexander, the ex and (first) baby daddy of ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ star Kayla Sessler, will soon have another child to “grind for.”

The Instagram account @teenmomfanz revealed this week that Stephan and his current girlfriend, Alijah Hurst, are expecting a baby girl. 

The couple’s gender reveal–- which was nearly identical to the gender reveal Stephan and Kayla did for their son Izaiah–- was met with congratulations from both of Stephan’s parents, despite neither of them being involved in Stephan and Kayla’s son’s life. 

As fans know, Kayla recently added to her family as well, welcoming son Zyaire with boyfriend Ryan Leigh in March. She is also a mom to daughter Ariah, whom she shares with former fiancé Luke Davis.

Although Luke isn’t Izaiah’s biological father, Kayla has stated that Luke continues to spend time with Izaiah, and considers the boy to be his son.

“Thanks for steppin’ up…and grindin’…”

Kayla– who is appearing (along with Ryan) on the current season of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’– has stated for years that she and Stephan do not have a co-parenting relationship and that Stephan is not in his son’s life.

While Kayla and Stephan’s tumultuous relationship was on full display in Season 1 of ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant,’ things came to a head in May 2018 when a domestic violence incident occurred between the two, after which Kayla took out an emergency order of protection against Stephan that was granted for two weeks. The order was lifted in June 2018.

Footage of the incident was not seen on ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’; however, the incident was discussed on an episode and viewers were shown the alleged bruises Kayla sustained at the time, as Kayla’s mom had taken photos for evidence. The incident allegedly stemmed from Stephan taking Kayla’s debit card. Kayla claimed that, when she confronted Stephan about her missing card, the two began arguing and things turned physical.

“The argument resulted in him pulling me out of the car and throwing me on the ground,” Kayla said during the episode. “He started hitting and kicking me. And [my friend] Annabelle called the police.”

Kayla said that Stephan was not arrested for the alleged incident because there was not enough evidence.

Anyway, according to their baby registry, Stephan’s daughter is due in July. His baby-mama-to-be apparently lives in Louisiana. It is unknown if Stephan is also living there, as he previously resided in Illinois.

Kayla Sessler Says ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Producers “Pushed” Her & Ryan Leigh To Act Like They Might Abort Their Son

Kayla and Ryan’s ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ “I’m Keeping My Baby” moment…

In other Kayla Sessler news…

Kayla caught a lot of flak from ‘TMFR’ viewers this week, after the episode aired in which she and Ryan announced that they had decided to “keep” the baby she was pregnant with during the show’s filming. (As The Ashley reported, Kayla and Ryan welcomed son Zyaire in March.) Over the course of several episodes, Kayla and Ryan stated on-camera that they were unsure if they were going parent the baby, or if Kayla would have an abortion. Finally, on this week’s episode, the couple announced that they had agreed that Kayla would have the baby.

However, according to new Instagram comments made by Kayla this week, the decision of what to do with the pregnancy was made before she and Ryan entered the house in Colombia to film the show, despite them pretending that they were unsure.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kayla Sessler (@kayla_sessler)

“After watching…the conflicted decision between keeping [the baby] or not, I’m so glad you guys decided to step up and be parents to him,” one person wrote in the comment section of Kayla’s Instagram post about the show.

“We already knew before going [we were going to have the baby],” Kayla replied. “It was just a storyline they pushed, but thank you.”\

When another person commented that Kayla and Ryan shouldn’t have pretended they were unsure what to do about the baby, Kayla claimed that she and Ryan did make it clear that she wasn’t going to get an abortion, but that footage was edited out.

“There were plenty of conversations of me saying I wouldn’t get an abortion that they didn’t use,” Kayla explained. “Even during the therapy session [we did].

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

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  1. Just shows these parents sell there kids for dollar if u are willing to act like u might abort baby. No way in hell would I give MTV that or have my reputation ruin for dollar. Show needs to be canceled teaches nothing anymore just another soap opera.

  2. Oh god, Farrah is not making Sophia go to a traditional school, I just envision her throwing books at Sophia all day, just being like read this.

    I hope Nathan just gets help. He needs to be inpatient for like a year. Sober getting help to deal with his PTSD, his anger issues, and his addiction. I’m glad the judge denied the removal of the no contact order.

  3. OMGoodness ~ that pic of nathan sporting the half-shirt with the 🙏🏻 and bleached hair is new (or at least new to me). 🤢🤮🥴
    wow. just wow.

    1. Nathan has only had two looks business or his uniquely custom-cut muscle tees look.

      Never forget, Nathan didn’t have a job while dating Jenelle because he collected disability from the VA and he was getting paid by MTV.

      And that man was always wearing a button-up and a tie. Sir, you are on the beach, what business meeting are you attending here?

      1. It’s a long process to collect disability from the VA. He apparently has aTBI and PTSD. There’s a lot of negative things we could discuss about Nathan, but his VA disability and trying to get a job after military service isn’t it…

        1. I’m not making fun of him for collecting disability. I support veterans collecting disability from injuries suffered during service.

          I’m making fun of him for wearing a suit to the beach and around Jenelle’s house.
          He didn’t need to wear a suit. He wasn’t working, he was just wearing a suit to look “professional”, like when a kid tries on their dad’s suit and says they are a businessman.

          Nothing wrong with getting paid to be on MTV or collect disability, just sir why are you wearing a suit to go to the beach?

          You can go through my comment history, I have always said that Nathan has serious problems stemming from his time in the military, he was getting DUIs on active duty, so clearly it started before he left the military from what he had to endure. And actually think the VA should be doing more for him.

  4. “My daughter took over in a regular public school setting…I walked in and kids would come run to me. They loved me,” Farrah said. “You’ll see a lot of other parents have jealousy, gaslighting. I owned three stores in the community at the time. I supported the police station, the football team, whatever.” -Farrah

    😂😂😂😂 I love how Farrah doesn’t know what gaslighting even means…it gets misused so much its ridiculous.

    Farrah is more famous than Jesus at this point (jk jk), no wonder all the children loved her. I’m sure it was like having their own combination of Jesus/Mary Poppins visiting. I hope Farrah allowed time for autographs and photos for all the children.

    Farrah loves the police department, until she’s arrested multiple times….then she’s just a victim of the police.

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