‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Kayla Sessler Answers Questions About Her Current Pregnancy, Future Marriage Plans & More

“I mean the show IS called ‘Young and Pregnant’…”

Kayla Sessler did not hold back during a recent Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, spilling the tea on her current (and apparently, unplanned!) pregnancy, her baby daddy Stephan Alexander and her future with boyfriend Luke Davis!

The Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star announced earlier this month that she is expecting a baby with Luke, but this marks the first time she’s really opened up about getting pregnant again.

Here are some of the most-interesting tidbits Kayla revealed in her Q&A session!

On how she ended up getting knocked up again:

Kayla indicated that her current pregnancy was “definitely not” planned, stating that she was on birth control but still got pregnant because she threw up her pills while sick…or something…

“Ladies! If you are on the pill and you get sick with the stomach flu or any other sickness that causes you to throw up, YOUR PILL IS NO LONGER ACTIVE! If you throw up within 2 HOURS of taking it. It didn’t have enough time to absorb into your body. You’re literally throwing up your birth control.

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15 weeks ❤️❤️ (Dress @fashionnova)

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On how she will prevent getting knocked up a third time:

Kayla stated that she plans to get on a new form of birth control (that you can’t puke out) after she gives birth to her second child.

“After this baby I will be trying the IUD implant!” Kayla wrote, adding that she has tried the Depo-Provera birth control shot in the past.

“Unfortunately, I got sick from it so went on the pill,” she wrote.

On what she plans to name Baby No. 2:

Kayla has not found out the gender of her baby yet (but she wrote that she will be doing a gender reveal on March 16).  When asked what she and Luke plan to name their bundle of joy, Kayla wrote that she only had girl names picked out so far.

“For a girl I like Bria or Aubree. No clue for a boy because Luke is stuck on Luke IV,” she wrote.

On her ex Stephan Alexander:

Kayla was reluctant to talk about her first baby daddy, but did admit that they have no sort of co-parenting relationship. She also stated that he hasn’t seen his child since November.

On her boyfriend (and future baby daddy) Luke:

While Kayla didn’t want to discuss Baby Daddy No. 1, she was happy to answer some questions about Baby Daddy No. 2. She told a fan that her mother “100 percent approves” of her relationship with Luke, whom she said she has been since December 2017.

“However, we didn’t make it ‘official’ until last August.”

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Had the best Valentine’s Day with my love 💓💓

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Kayla indicated that a wedding is not in the cards for the couple any time soon.

“Eventually, but I’m not in a rush! I’d prefer for us to both finish college before getting married,” she wrote.

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  1. Soo… you were so sick that you were throwing up your BC pills, but not sick enough to take your boyfriend’s D? Bullshit, you planned this cuz that’s what most of these girls do, gotta always procreate with their current dude so they feel “like a real family” – that or she’s trying to secure a storyline.

  2. I’m opposed to speaking on another looks but I did find Stephan to be a unique looking dude.. Not my cup of tea but obviously someone’s

    1. “Unique looking dude..”, bless your heart. The dude is absolutely ugly as sin, I wouldn’t be saying that if he weren’t just as ugly inside as he is outside.

  3. NO IUD for you Kayla. Get your damn tubes tied since you are irresponsible and don’t need anymore bastard children!

    1. I agree that she’s very irresponsible and stupid, but I don’t really think you need to refer to her kid as a bastard.Hes innocent in all of this.

  4. I hope she learns a lesson about stephen hes in mature an got a lot of growing up too do first he needs to get help for anger an next get a damn job. I dont no how you let him disrespect your mom she dows not deserve being disrespected by no one shes ur mom an she will allways have ur back men boys will come an ho

  5. Why not just say “we weren’t preventing it” ? I LOL at these girls excuse of birth control failure. The only medically backed failure I’ve heard of is antibiotics lessening it’s effectiveness. She sure knows how to order fashion nova and post on ig, I’m surprised she doesn’t know how to google pregnancy and birth control.

    1. They don’t order from fashion nova. They are sponsered by them. So fashion nova sends them clothes and they just have to take a picture in it and post on IG.

  6. This girls tried so,hard to be sexy. She is in a hotel wearing a pinknightie? Why would you even post something like that? She has daddy issue.

  7. I’m actually surprised she even bothered with the whole “I was on birth control, but got pregnant anyway” story, because by now we all know that these girls look at having babies as their jobs. However, she does win the prize for the first ever “I threw the pill up defense”. Homegirl was so sick she was throwing up everywhere, but not too sick to abstain from knocking boots…. smdh.

  8. Does nobody use condoms anymore?! Even as a double up on bc Incase there’s a failure of some sort….like puking;)…. They’re cheap and basically the only way to protect from stds as well. Wtf?! Am I too old are the kids these days just lettin it fly?! Ffs

  9. How about you finish college before making another child pay for your immaturity level of thinking.

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