‘The Challenge’ Fans Start Petition Asking MTV to Take Action After Cast Members Discuss Alleged Assault of Amanda Garcia During “War of the Worlds”

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge are demanding the network release footage of a cast member’s alleged assault during the filming of “War of the Worlds,” following several of the show’s stars speaking out about what they say happened.

A petition posted Wednesday to Change.org by fans asks MTV to air footage showing Amanda Garcia allegedly being tied up with tape one night by three male cast members while filming, resulting in her losing some of her hair.

“On #TheChallenge33, a cast member was possibly assaulted after a prank that could have gone too far. As fans, we want the cast member to be able to see whether or not the actions of the pranksters were malicious or not,” the petition description reads.

That same day, ‘Challenge’ vet Shane Landrum resurfaced on Twitter to urge the show’s fans to demand the alleged footage in question be aired. He also claimed that the show’s cast members have received letters that state that they are not to talk about what allegedly happened.

“I’ve gone unprivate so all ‘Challenge’ fans know that certain entities at a certain television studio are sending threatening letters to cast telling them they will be sued if they discuss Amanda’s assault and its cover up…Demand the footage. Just like a racist assault that was covered up. Only you can demand the footage.”

Amanda first mentioned the alleged incident on Twitter on February 22.

“Looks like they didn’t wanna show the guys tying me up against my will either,” Amanda wrote. “Hmmmm. I guess if you don’t constantlyyyyy play victim on tv they don’t wanna show that s**t #TheChallenge33”

Da’Vonne Rogers also spoke out about the alleged incident, which according to her, involved Amanda getting her face, hair and head taped up by her “War of the Worlds” co-stars Johnny Bananas, Theo Campbell and Kyle Christie. In her YouTube video recap of the season’s third episode, which was posted last week, Da’Vonne told her version of events. (She begins talking about the alleged incident around the 13:20 mark, by the way.)

“Johnny got the tape and tied up Amanda. Let’s talk about that for a minute because I’m still not OK with that situation,” she said. “Before I get into it, let me say that I do not think that the intention behind it was malicious…I think Amanda even believes that it began as a joke.”

Da’Vonne said that, initially, Johnny, Theo and Kyle were pranking Amanda to get her to shut up.

“Apparently Amanda was doing all this s**t-talking or whatever and Johnny and them got some tape and they taped her mouth shut, taped her whole face. Basically, mummified her face with this tape,” Da’Vonne said in her video. “And so it went from ‘Ha ha ha this is funny’ to Amanda screaming and crying saying, ‘Stop this hurts, stop, it’s not funny, stop stop!’”

Da’Vonne said she became aware of what was happening when she heard Amanda crying and yelling for them to stop taping her up.

“So when I come out of the room, she’s coming into the room and we kind of meet each other like halfway,” Da’Vonne said. “By this time, she’s gotten the tape off of her face. Like, she’s ripping it off her face but it’s still in her hair. She’s trying to pull the tape out of her hair but it’s pulling strands and strands of her hair out. She’s like ‘I’ve got all this tape in my hair and it’s taking my hair out.’”

Da’Vonne said that she was alarmed by how much of Amanda’s hair was being ripped out by the tape, so she took Amanda into the bathroom and drenched her hair in conditioner to make it oily so that the tape would come out of her hair easier.

“She’s sitting there in the bathroom bawling, and I’m slowly peeling the tape off but still her hair is still coming out. It just…it wasn’t cool. I do feel like they owe her an apology because that wasn’t OK…”

Other “War of the Worlds” cast members have discussed the alleged incident on social media as well. During an Instagram Live session, Paulie Calafiore stated that he felt the network purposely omitted the footage from the episode to protect those involved.

“They like, wrapped her up…I forget what they used but it was a little disturbing,” Paulie said. “Amanda was crying when they did that. It wasn’t cool.

“[MTV] choosing to leave that [incident] out is for sure them protecting certain individuals who would have gotten f**king slammed,” he added.

The Ashley has reached out to the network for comment on this alleged incident, and will update this story when more information is available.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Twitter)

33 Responses

  1. As much as I dislike amanda that is completely cruel and no one should ever have to endure that at all and don’t they all sign a contract not to harm or even deathly threaten other players? MTV isn’t cool trying to hide that.

  2. I feel like if someone says stop,and crying you stop right then and help them.plus her hair being damaged by the tape. I feel yes definitely this is assault.Let the footage play so the public can see this act.They showed footage of two men fighting yrs ago, show us how they tied a female up as she screamed “No” ,MTV

  3. Amanda has stated it was a goof that went a little to far. I’m pretty sure nobody want anyone to get hurt. Amanda has forgiving all involved. Shane is a shit stirrer that needs attention. Also I want to do butt stuff to Amanda, just saying. Hit me up girl.

  4. Can there be a petition to get Amanda off the show permanently, as well? I don’t agree with what they did to her and they took it too far but she is a bully and so hateful, I cannot stand her. I hope she’s not as bad in person as she is on the show.

  5. Right, so she can be verbally abusive for 5 seasons straight and instigate fights but it’s only unacceptable when she gets what she’s been asking for. She’s provoked SO many fights and that’s the only reason she’s been kept on, because every show needs a villain, and Amanda is truly toxic.

  6. Bananas has always been an ass to women. He and Kyle are two misogynists. MTV should end their time on the show forever.

  7. I can’t stand Amanda. She’s a bully and got what she deserves. Stop being a B**** and maybe people will like you better.

  8. Amanda tweeted on it, and said it was no big deal. So everyone else should probably stop worrying about it too… ?‍♀️

  9. Johnny has long shown that he has no respect for anyone’s personal boundaries, no awareness of when his pranks go to far and become harmful, And just doesn’t give a fuck about how his behavior impacts others.

    And mtv encourages it, covers up the evidence and protects him from consequences.

  10. Ok Cara. Omg i like totally can’t remember, like did they use like blankets? I i i can’t remember. Ya cuz wrapping in a blanket is easily confused with wrapping someone’s head in tape. Not defending Amanda, because she’s horrible, but lets be honest. Side note, Cara looks so dirty. I bet her lady bits stink

    1. Looool, am I the only one that DIED when Zach was talking shit in the other room and called her Captain Jack Sparrow ???

    2. What’s the deal with her? She is always complaining “I just washed my hair”
      So? Do you not wash it much? Not even after these challenges? Does she shower? Is the hair fake? I need the 411.

    3. Umm Paulie didn’t remember what they used either. Amanda is now good friends with Kyle and he helped the tape assault and I can just see his chucky lookalike face laughing his arse off.

    1. The point when someone is crying and say “stop! It hurts!” Is too far. There doesn’t need to be a rule to tell people that. Who the fuck thinks it’s ok to keep doing something to someone who’s crying and begging you to stop? And what the fuck is wrong with people who are saying she deserved it because she’s a bitch?

      Seriously, what the fuck is wrong it’s peoole?

  11. Not even a little bit surprised that Johnny was the ring leader here. He’s probably the reason why MTV hasn’t aired the footage.

  12. I don’t like the girl and that’s a good way to shut her up but not at the expense of her hair coming out. With that being said I don’t think she deserves to being touched by anyone. They prank a lot on The Challenge but anyone knows if u put tape around someone’s hair its gonna be he’ll getting it out. I’m sure they will be held accountable.

  13. Are they produced by B&M? Either way, it isn’t new that the production on the Challenege likes to cover things up. I wouldn’t feel safe on set st all. Remember the way they watered down when Camilla called (I think it was Leroy) the N word? When Kenny and Evan violated Paula? Sad

  14. Cara is so shifty in that video. She went from someone who was bullied to someone who protects the bullies

  15. They shouldn’t arrest all the guys involved. If it was someone besides bananas. They would have showed it. MTV does not want to show that prick doing anything wrong.

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