Farrah Abraham Reveals She’s Now Home-Schooling Her Daughter Sophia So She Can Attend More Events

“My mom says regular school is for peasants.”

While many eight-year-olds were in bed on Sunday night, Farrah Abraham‘s daughter, Sophia, was busy walking the red carpet of the MTV VMAs with her mom.

When a reporter from In Touch Weekly asked Farrah how Sophia was able to attend the event, being that it was a school night, Farrah revealed that she’s made changes to Sophia’s schooling to enable the little girl to attend important things like fashion events and awards shows… as you do.

Farrah told the magazine that Sophia is now being home-schooled.

“She’s doing homeschooling, so she gets to come to more events and that’s awesome,” Farrah said of Sophia.

During several episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Farrah revealed that Sophia was having difficulties at her old school because the other girls were “jealous of her.” The school’s administrators also told Farrah that her allowing the little girl to attend classes with a full face of makeup on was causing her to be bullied.

Farrah stated that her solution to solve this problem was to put Sophia in virtual school. She says the change has allowed Sophia to “be the better her.”

“I decided to do that because, at school, I didn’t really want to make it about the bullying, dating, those things,” Farrah said. “It’s focusing more on her studies, traveling the world if she wants to do that while she is going to school. She’s doing more runway so she’ll be at New York Fashion Week. She has a lot going on and this just helps her be the better her.”

And, of course, the brainiac that is Farrah will be assisting the little girl in getting her learn on.

“We do virtual schooling and with the help of me or a tutor, it’s easier for her to get through it. She can be home. She can be anywhere! She’s virtual!” Farrah said.

(We all know from reading anything that Farrah has ever written that she is a master of the English language and the literary genius of our generation.)

Now that she has that pesky “attending school” task out of the way, Sophia is able to focus on her modeling career, according to Farrah. As you’ll remember, fans criticized Farrah over Sophia’s previous modeling jobs, after Farrah posted photos of the little girl posing suggestively in a bikini.

With Farrah behind the wheel of Sophia’s education, she’ll have the little girl fluent in “Farrah Speak” in no time at all!

UPDATE!check them out here Many have asked how Farrah can homeschool Sophia without having any credentials to do so. The answer is that the rules and regulations for homeschooling vary by state. You can .

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  1. i feel so bad for that little girl having a mother like farrah, she’s a child she shouldn’t be caring about modeling and red carpets, farrah is tying way too hard on making sophia her little minion

  2. Maybe Farrah can pick up some grammar and spelling tips from Sophia’s primers. Sophia could probably teach her mother a thing or two about spelling.

  3. Shame on you people who talk about an 8yr old child.. I hope you don’t have kids yet. Sophia didn’t pick her mother and the child is clearly hurting inside. So ya let’s just trash talk on an innocent child. Get a life you fucktards!

  4. It is probably for the best. This ensures our public schools will actually teach kids that may use that information in their lives. I doubt Sophia’s dead, soulless eyes would even enjoy anything outside of counting money and drawing horses with makeup on them. Farrah remains an impressive pile of shit that has been dumped into a fleshy tortilla. Just another failure on her part as a parent and a constant reminder that money is king in that house. I am kind of surprised that she bowed out gracefully on suing the hell out of the school system. I guess her lawyers are busy with other cases like her ‘business’ ventures…

  5. You know Farrah will start having plastic surgery as soon as she can find a willing doctor either here or another country. She’s already said Sophia is sad her teeth don’t look like hers, and we know Farrah waxed her eyebrows when she was very little. Sophia is also scared to get fat. She’ll have a plastic body and lipo before she’s 21.

  6. Sophia isn’t a girl deciding to take a break from college to model, she a small child with a seriously disturbed mother. She’s trying to raise her as a roommate rather than a child.

  7. Sophia really needs social interaction, especially since she is being raised by sons who has a personality disorder.

  8. Oh… Honey, no. That little girl needs a social, stable school environment to be able to relax and be a child. School is SO important to children and not just for vocational education but for a whole host of others that become clear as you grow. Unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances of course… Awards shows ain’t one of them. She’s being pimped out as mother’s little trophy child. Farrah 2.0.

  9. Not trying to be argumentative at all because I am not an expert in how the school system works. At my child’s school they sent out a memo saying that if children were going to be gone for 5 days for more for any reason, parents needed to let the office know so that they could go on independent study for those days. One child went to China for the mo th of Feb and was on ideoendent study. Also we have relatives who travel every year in Sept for 2 weeks and put the kids in independent study for those weeks. For the record, I totally do not agree with this & I would not use this option for anything but medical. I don’t doubt what you say about it being for medical only, but it makes me wonder who these kids knew in our district that gave them the green light for it. It should be fair across the board.

  10. Jesus God (Leah), I feel so terrible for Sophia.

    Besides the fact that I am genuinely starting to hate Farrah with a passion – and have a major cringe attack every time I read something that she wrote – I also feel bad for that poor girl that she will not be able to escape this Bubble of Cray to go to school! She will not be influenced by teachers and other kids, which means that she will not be expose to any kind of “normality”.

    There will be nobody in her life to teach her boundaries, humility, how to play and make up, how to accept that you might not be good at everything and,

    perhaps most importantly,


    Good God, this girl is a Teen Mom in the making, and I feel like a complete b#tch for saying that. One of the articles that TheAshley (more like #TheQueenAshley) linked to mentioned Sophia not wanting to eat because she doesn’t want to get fat.


    Clearly, there is a lot of pressure on her to be beautiful. Being smart comes second, I guess. As I said before in the comments, I think that Farrah is a huge narcissist and just wants a mini-me. She doesn’t care about Sophia’s needs at all. Shaking my GODDAMN head.

    As I don’t live in the US, I found it interesting to read all the comments about how homeschooling works over there. I live in the Netherlands, and over here it is VERY hard to keep your child out of school to have it homeschooled. I even think that it’s only allowed on medical grounds? Anyway, rant over.

  11. So like…if half of the country called CPS on all of this nonsense, do you think we could find Sophia a healthy home, actual loving parents? Asking for a friend…

  12. OH HELL…no. That little girl had no chance in the real world. Of shares being bullied at school cause her mom let’s her do anything she wants as an young person and adult she be nothing but a smart-ass idiot and in big trouble. That woman is nuts. Poor little daughter. What else is see doing that no one knows about, really bad adult stuff. Sad

  13. Homeschool by Farrah?? Sounds oxymoronic to me. Sophia is already a mega monster. This new move will deny her the opportunity of being a witness to normal kids’ behavior. Really sad.

  14. BTW school is much more important than events. Your ugly inside and out. Plastic surgery vagina reguvination botox and porn have not help your looks or personality at all. Sophia unfortunately will is growing up just like you to be nothing.

  15. Farrah it’s not about you it’s about sophia you know your daughter, getting a proper education. She needs to be in a regular school with regular attendance not going out to events during school hours. She’s gonna turn out to be a porn star just like you and your mom. At her age she’s too young for makeup. It’s not cute at all, neither are the parents to so there ya go.

  16. Oh god, this poor little girl.

    Also – it’s equally inappropriate for educators to blame a student for getting bullied. Sophia shouldn’t have been wearing makeup, no. But your classroom should be an inclusive setting where kids can freely express themselves.

    I hope Sophia isn’t like Farrah. If she is, she probably didn’t get along with other kids bc she’s a brat, let’s be honest

    1. That was my first thought. As soon as I read “other girls are jealous of her”, all I thought was, “Well, you over indulged your 8 year old and turned her into a mega-brat. I wouldn’t want to associate with her in 3rd grade either.”.

    2. I don’t think the school was blaming Sophia for being bullied but explaining why the students bully her. I don’t know if Farrah does Sophia’s makeup or Sophia does it herself but it wouldn’t surprise me if Sophia with makeup on made her resemble a clown to the students. It’s not nice but a face full of make up at 8 is a lot of make up.

      1. I just don’t understand the need for it. Kids should feel comfortable in their own skin. Sophia is definitely only wearing make-up to either appease Farrah, or mimic her, and Farrah’s job as a parent is to tell her she looks beautiful without it. Not cake her 8 year old’s face with blush and eye-shadow.

  17. That poor kid really got the shaft in the lottery of mothers. Farrah is an idiot and barely has a grasp of the English language. She and Sophia should attend the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good. Sophia still talks like a 2 year old.

  18. Oh my God, I can’t imagine a worse thing. Hopefully the tutor is doing the actual schooling or Sophia is doomed.

    1. I also wonder how that is allowed in the States. Where I live, the child who is homeschooled (there are quite few of them tho) has to pass a test at the end of the school year, if he/she doesn’t, it’s back to public school! Because you don’t have such strict rules, you get dumbasses like Duggars and Sophia is going the same path if Farrah is teaching her. I can understand many things but I will be forever pissed at parents who deprive their children of an actual education. (I’m not speaking against homeschooling in general, for bulled kids it is the best way to feel better about themselves cuz they leave the hateful environment but only if it is done PROPERLY which doesn’t seem to be the case in the family I mentioned or Sophia)

      1. It’s a state by state thing. In my state you have to be tested every year if you are homeschooled and it’s pretty strict, in other states you do not have to be. I’m pretty sure California requires testing but if she’s doing virtual school it’s a little different (there’s a set curriculum and actual teachers grading her) and I can see Farrah hiring a tutor because she doesn’t want to actual do anything herself and so hopefully Sophia will have proper supervision and assistance. I’m honestly more worried about her social development, I don’t think Sophia has ever been around other children for any substantial amount of time and this is just going to make it worse.

    2. Keep in mind that the tutor is someone that is “Farrah approved”. So…yeah. And anyone is allowed to homeschool their kids- there are no prerequisites or educational requirements. Nor are there IQ tests.

  19. The poor girl. And I never make fun of kids but Farrah; Sophia is no model and neither are hou. You are irrelevant.
    Or virtual. Dumbass.

  20. Farrah is an illiterate trainwreck, who despite being a “successful” business owner, is still a stripper who hawks molds of her asshole for a living. Maybe, and hear me out here, we should let literally ANYONE else make educational and/or career decisions for this kid. Just a thought.

    Also, Sophia reminds me of Carrie just a little. She looks like she wants to set Farrah on fire in every picture. I feel your pain, kid.

  21. I’m confused…so anyone can just decide one day that they’re going to take their children out of school and homeschool them? The parent doesn’t have to prove they have the ability/knowledge necessary to be successful? If Farrah HAS the ability to homeschool anyone, it isn’t apparent by listening to her speak or seeing her write. Every child has the right to an education and to allow this twat-waffle to make a decision that will affect her child negatively for the rest of her life doesn’t seem right. If Farrah was traveling the world to study historical events or doing missionary work in Africa, maybe the life lessons would be equal to what would be learned in a classroom but sitting in the lobby of the vag rejuvenation clinic while momma has a lip-lift or counting the money from Farrah’s g-string after a night of swinging on the pole hardly seems like the kind of education Sophia should be getting! I sure hope someone, SOMEWHERE, steps in and puts a stop to one Farrah’s WORST decisions as a parent!

    1. Depends on the state, some have strict regulations and in others they aren’t even allowed to ask parents what they are teaching. But if she is in a ‘virtual school’ that would qualify as adequate in most states because it has a curriculum.

      1. in Colorado anyone can easily do it. they even have virtual classrooms where the student logs in to listen to the teacher. they’re all free.

    2. I 100% agree with you!! But homeschool and virtual school are very different. Homeschool is where retard skank ass Farrah would teach her, “sad situation”. Virtual school is where your online and have actual teachers that are teaching her. So “POOR Sophia” might have a “little”chance..

  22. I wonder if this is how Courtney Stodden got her start? Didn’t her mother take her childhood away and basically pump her out? Right now it’s modeling, but who knows what Farrah will have Sophia doing next. I don’t know how the school system works in all states but I know in CA if you need to miss 5+ days of school you can go on independent study for the duration you are absent. IMO that’s not ideal but it at least is a way to stay in regular school and make up the work. If modeling really is Sophia’s idea it seems as though she should be able to go to regular school and miss only when necessary for modeling gigs. I doubt she has so many job offers that she can’t fit in school.

  23. I pray for that baby. She needs the social normalizing of a good school. She needs friends her own age, and a lot of free time to play with them. She needs a family that puts HER needs first.

  24. With Farrah as a mother, the rapping lunatic and (whatever) Michael being major influences on her, that kid was doomed from the start.

    I can’t imagine other little girls being jealous of Sophia.. she’s probably a major bully (like Farrah) and thinks they are all peasants because they don’t have a mini horse or a golf buggy or an international celebrity for a mother. I use the term “international celebrity” loosely as Farrah’s behind.

  25. And the delusion that Farrah embodies is truly scary….she’s taking Sophia out of school because the other kids are mean to her? How is Sophia supposed to develop a thick skin when she faces the HUGE amount of rejection she’s going to get being a “runway model”?….rejection in the industry that Farrah is pushing Sophia to get into is inevitable…She seriously needs to stop trying to live vicariously through Sophia.

  26. Sophia is going to have way worse social skills than Farrah….You can tell Sophia doesn’t really have any social skills or friends. She doesn’t participate in any real activities, and was brought to the VMA’s as her mothers date…Just watch. Sophia is going to be wayyyyy worse than Farrah. Having a normal childhood is crucial to kids development, and Farrah is snatching that away from Sophia.

  27. Since I have already confirmed my river front property on Styx once I’m dead, I will focus on a *possssible positive?*…

    I was 14 when my public school
    Guidance counselor suggest “independent studies” as it was called. I was a gifted student and unfortunately didn’t grow up in an area that could afford to keep those programs. I graduated high school at the age of 15 because I could do it at my pace. That pace was just quicker than the normal students. NBD.

    However, I don’t have a lot of faith that the standards that are necessary to have home studies benefit this… child, will be enforced.

  28. Farrah has never lived in reality but this is too much. No way will she spend any time educating her child unless it is about make up application and trashy clothes. She is raising an uneducated, illiterate and socially stunted child.

  29. Whatever Farrah is smoking or taking I wish she would share with me. So I can go through life having no clue of what’s going on around me. What the hell is she thinking?

  30. Omg is this true?? Where are child services??? This woman reproduced really. I’m sorry but man God himself dropped the ball on this one all the women out there that so deserve a child and this hambeast reproduced like wtf???

  31. I’m thankful that The Ashely exists for Sophia- she can just pull up the website and go “This is why I’m here” to her therapists.

  32. Sophia is not model material I hate to say. If she had a normal mother she would know better than to send an elementary school child to class wearing adult make up. It’s Farrah’s fault that she got bullied.

  33. That poor, poor kid. Farrah has just robbed her of pretty much the only normal social interaction she had in her messed up life. She is going to grow up as a carbon copy of her mother; spoiled, angry, bitter, and hating her mother. It’s a vicious cycle.

  34. Sophia wears full makeup to school?
    Kids can be sooooo, like well guess b jelly and uber-tastic super; cruel $$$$$ jealous of my $$$$ ya all. ( she would say ya all as she had loved in Texas several years)

  35. Ahahahahahahagh Ahahahahahah Ahahahahahah omg. Now after that fit of laughter. I realize farrah is a narcissist through and through. But
    Home schooling Sophia is her worst idea yet!!
    She’s not near educated enough to teach her dogs to pottie outside and she’s going to chance Sophia’s education and future so she can prostitute herself for a good time.
    Wow!! Now I’ve literally heard it all!!
    You’d think someone would intervene but I just answered my own question in my head, now who the flock would that be? Michael, she’d scream to high heaven, maybe throw a dish at his head but that would alienate him from his granddaughter. That would take the only near normal living that’s Sophia is exposed to away from her. So Soph can only hope that her mother will miss her too much and put this foolishness to the side.

  36. Wow, that’s so great that she forces her kid to do things around her schedule. How motherly of her. Whew, good thing Sophia doesn’t have to worry about dating at school(like all 7 year olds do). Now she can be a nice normal kid, with a pornstar mom and modeling deals.

  37. Shaking my head. Poor little girl. She doesn’t need to be going to events. She needs to be a kid. This is going to contribute to the devolution of humanity.

  38. A child really gets better from being isolated without classmates, learning from a computer and being too close to a red carpet … WTF ?!

  39. Her future therapist will have plenty of material to look at when trying to sort out what the heck happened to her. Poor kid.

  40. This poor girl is so doomed. I did homeschool for a year, and know a lot of people who do it, and work great. Byt this poor girl needs a kid life. I feel so incredibly bad for her

  41. Virtual school can be fantastic… But I don’t trust Farrah to implement it properly. I really hope she’s getting a qualified tutor to oversee her education (academic education, that is… We’ve known her social education was hamstrung by Farrah for ages. Poor tot.)

    1. Do you need qualifications to work at hooters?? Which is where this poor kid is heading with a mom like she has, not to mention a bat shit crazy grandma

  42. Lol, can’t wait to see how this plays out! Sophia….it’s time for school. Now write your ABCs ??

  43. Poor little girl. Sounds like she’s going to be the next Drew Berrymore, rehab by 12. I doubt she will be able to make the comeback Drew has, but here’s hoping??

    1. Just the look on that little girl’s face shows my feelings exactly. Maybe she should be reading “Little Girl Lost” by Drew Barrymore to see her future. Sad really sad. This was my comment and then I see Ambien agrees!

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