‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Kayla Sessler Debuts New Man After Her Mom Confirms Kayla & Luke Davis Have Split; Farrah Abraham Lights Her Apartment On Fire & More

We agree, Kayla…

From starting a fire to starting a new fling, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Farrah Abraham lights her own apartment on fire…and then trashes the apartment complex on Yelp.

“Hey Farrah, your patio is on fire…”

Former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham ignited her Austin, Texas, apartment after leaving a lit candle unattended overnight on her patio.

According to The Sun, the Austin Fire Department responded to a fire at Farrah’s home at 12:30 a.m. back in September, after a candle on Farrah’s patio fell over and caught a chair on fire.

What Farrah failed to do to her candle…

Farrah had reportedly gone inside and fallen asleep at the time of the incident. Her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia, was also inside the apartment at the time, but neither were hurt.

“[Farrah’s] patio furniture caught fire and set off the sprinkler systems, the fire department was called, and part of the building was evacuated at approximately 12:30 a.m.,” a source told the site. 

Farrah had only moved into the building a month before the fire occurred. 

Farrah immediately took responsibility for her actions and remedied the situation…Haha– just kidding!

This is Farrah, so, naturally she took to The Interwebs to leave one of her infamous Yelp rants, bashing the apartment complex with some harsh (and poorly worded) reviews, which have since been deleted.

“If anyone is to blame for this firetastical hate crime, it’s the apartment building!”

According to Starcasm, Farrah strung together some words for her first negative review on September 14, just five days after she caused the fire. In addition to leaving a one-star rating for the building, Farrah claimed “the staff” did not do their “due diligence.” She slammed the apartment for various issues including “horrible” cleaning and maintenance and slow Wi-Fi. According to her review, Farrah was forced to “babysit maintenance since they couldn’t use their two hands.” 

Imagine having Farrah as your babysitter… shudder…

With the classic “Farrah Speak” word salad style the reviews were written in, Farrah somehow managed to confuse even The Ashley— who is fluent in “Farrah Speak”— on what the hell she’s trying to say. 

“I wish this building all the best because it needs the best to upkeep the bones of the new building, the cleaning and support to residence needs an exception amount of training,” Farrah wrote. “No one should … be treated like this or disrespected in their home. 2022 lives by better work ethics, equality and inclusion then this building provides.” 

In a follow-up review, which was also deleted, Farrah called out an employee by name and accused the individual of being unable to “manage a beautiful property nor be honest or respectful to top residence.”

(Apparently Farrah considers herself “top residence” and does not feel that this employee treated her as such.) 

Further in the review, Farrah called out another employee, and claimed to be the victim of “hate crimes” and discrimination.” 

Farrah, after finding yet another opportunity to pretend she’s the victim of a hate crime, despite having no understanding of what that even means.

She also took issue with maintenance not replacing the fire sprinkler in her apartment. That’s right, the very same sprinkler that went off after she lit her apartment on fire. 

This is just one of many apartment complexes that Farrah has left bad reviews for on Yelp. In February, Farrah slammed a complex she lived in while in LA, claiming there was no hot water (though she says the complex still felt that “it was ok to charge me 14k a month for lack of habitat”.)

Other complaints were that there were no “electrical” car chargers, and small, “AWFUL” laundry machines that were below what Farrah expects when paying “$14,000 a month in rent.” (According to The Sun, though, Farrah’s apartment actually cost $4,000 a month, not $14,000.)

She also reported that there was a person in the complex who said he was terrorist (as you do), and no one did anything about it.

“That person should be placed in the driveway port-a-potty, stat!” 

Click here to read another one of Farrah’s infamous Yelp reviews! 

Kayla Sessler’s mom confirms Kayla & Luke Davis aren’t together; Kayla debuts her new man

But…but…they were so happy together…

Kayla and Luke are officially over!

Kayla’s mother, Jaime Szot, finally confirmed what fans have been speculating for months: that Kayla and Luke are no longer together. She also confirmed that the once-engaged couple is now living in separate places. 

In an Instagram Live session on Saturday, Jaime answered fans’ questions, including a question regarding the current status of Luke and Kayla.

“Kayla and Luke are not together. They’re living in their own places,” she said, adding that, up until recently, Kayla, Luke and the kids had all been living with her. 

“They all just moved out of here. Finally! Everyone’s gone!” she said.

Kayla announced that she and the kids had just moved into a new place last week. However, she did not answer fans’ questions at the time whether Luke moved with them or not.

It appears that Kayla is not exactly sitting in her new place, pining for Luke. In fact, on the same day her mom made the announcement about her and Luke being over, Kayla debuted a new man on her Instagram Story. She posted several photos of new man on Instagram, which showed him in front of a car and then in bed…as you do.


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According to the TeenMomFanz Instagram account, Kayla’s new, um, “friend” is named Justin and he’s 21 years old.


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Luke— as well as his very outspoken mother Noopie— have yet to comment publicly on Kayla going public with her new boytoy. 

“Oh no she did NOT!”

UPDATE! Over the weekend, Kayla answered some questions about her new boo, as well as how her co-parenting with Luke is going now that they’re no longer together.

She confirmed that the man in the photos is, indeed, her boyfriend, and that they’ve been “a thing” since August. As for her breakup with Luke, Kayla stated that they “had a lot of problems, more than y’all know.” 

“During [Teen Mom] Family Reunion [Season 2] I let you guys know something that’s been weighing on me heavily for years,” Kayla wrote. “We are better as friends.”

She said that Luke knows about her new boyfriend, and he gets along with Luke. Kayla also stated that Luke still spends time with her son Izaiah. (Luke and Kayla share daughter Ariah, but Luke is not Izaiah’s biological father.)

“Of course [Luke sees Izaiah],” Kayla wrote. “Nothing’s changed. That’s his son.” 

Mackenzie McKee is running the NYC marathon to promote Type 1 diabetes awareness.

“Please let there be plenty of TikTok breaks along the way.”

Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Mackenzie McKee will put her Body by Mack to work this weekend when she takes part in the New York City Marathon. 

The mom of three told People she decided to run the marathon to raise awareness for people living type 1 diabetes– something Mackenzie has lived with since she was in middle school. 

“I’ve trained so hard for this and I’m getting super emotional,” Mackenzie wrote on Instagram. “Thank you @beyondtype1 for raising awareness on this. I’m running all 26 miles this weekend for every type 1 out there. This is for you!”


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A post shared by Mackenzie Taylor (@mackenziemckee)

Mackenzie has been preparing and training for the run with Beyond Type 1, an organization with a focus on education, advocacy and the path to a cure for type 1 diabetes. Along with Mackenzie, Beyond Type 1 has a team of 50 runners taking part in Sunday’s marathon– one being Mackenzie’s sister Whitney, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes within the last year. (Mackenzie and Whitney’s dad, Brad Douthit, is also a type 1 diabetic.) 

While Mackenzie will be running to raise awareness this weekend, she said she’s also running the marathon as a way to honor her mother, Angie Douthit, who passed away in 2019 from cancer. 

“When my mom got sick, she was going to run a half marathon with my sister,” Mackenzie said. “And I was like, well, she can’t now so I’ll run it with you. And then I caught the running bug. So I’ve done three half marathons and I told myself, that’s my limit. I’ll never run a full [marathon].”

Mackenzie said her mom and sister always dreamed of running the NYC or Boston Marathon, but considered it a “dream tucked in the back of their head,” as the races are not only pricey, but require participants to qualify. However, Mackenzie said she and Whitney will now have the chance to live out their mom’s dream. 

“ … it’s a very emotional experience for us,” she said. “And also, I’m not around a lot of type 1 diabetics, so getting to meet 50 other people in America who have a passion for living healthy and living with diabetes, it’s really exciting. 

“And I just know that crossing the finish line is going to be one of the most emotional experiences ever,” she added. 

Malorie Beaver explains why she chose such an, um, “unique” name for her unborn son.

“…if I had it my way, mom would’ve spelled my name ‘Mahloughereigh.'”

Malorie Beaver–- the sister of ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ star Rachel Beaver–- is currently expecting her second child and she wants to make it very clear that her unborn son’s moniker is intentionally unique.  

Mal recently stated on Instagram Stories that she has rightfully received a lot of criticism for selecting the name Ascecieus Seagran for her baby.

The Ashley will give you a moment to let that name sink in…

Malorie fired back at the critics and provided a much-needed lesson on how the hell she plans to pronounce this kid’s name. 

“Since people are still confused as to how to pronounce Ascecieus’s name: Ace-sea-us,” she wrote.

She then proceeded to explain that she basically created the name herself by mashing together her favorite anime character’s name and the name Odysseus (as you do). 

“I came up with the name (taken from a name off of my favorite anime & the name Odysseus) & took letters from both his father & my name to get the spelling.” 

Me, trying to make sense of this.

According to Malorie-– who will be welcoming this oddly-named bundle of Beaver with her boyfriend Achilles Crowe–- said that picking a unique name “ensures that no one else should ever have my son’s name.” 

Raise your hand if you suddenly feel a lot better about being named Hazelee…

Malorie also noted that people can stop telling her Ascecieus isn’t a name because “no name was a name until someone made it up.” 

She then explained why she is giving Ascecieus the middle name of “Seagran.” When The Ashley posted about the name previously, many fans assumed that Malorie was using the name as a tribute to Seagram’s, a company that makes gin and fruity wine coolers. Malorie assured fans that she did not choose the name because of the alcohol brand.

“As for his middle name Seagran, it has absolutely nothing to do with alcohol & was taken from the name ‘Seigrain,'” Malorie revealed. “I love the ocean & thought the name Seagran was fitting.”

(After a Google sesh, The Ashley found out that “Siegrain” is actually an anime character’s alias, although Malorie misspelled it as “Seigrain.”) 

That’s right, Malorie…you still have 7 weeks to change your mind on that name…

Baby Ascecieus Seagran will join big sister Emerson–- Malorie’s daughter with ex-boyfriend Lane Fernandez, who passed away earlier this year.

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


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  1. It must get awfully tiring for Farrah to always be a victim of discrimination, hate crimes and continual disrespect. Poor thing!

  2. My middle child is Waylon Kawliga. Kawliga comes from the Hank Williams song “Kaw-Liga” and is basically pronounced “Kalijah.” I stuck it in the middle because I didn’t want him to have to constantly explain how to spell it or to have people say is “Kaw-Leegah” or anything like that. So I completely agree with the sentiment of giving them a normal first name and saving the off-the-wall stuff for the middle name.

  3. What a life Farrah has lived and she’s barely in her 30’s…and that is NOT a compliment. Her life is such a trainwreck.

  4. Look, I can appreciate wanting to be creative and break from traditional names. I myself have a less-common version of a common first name. But this is the name this child will have for life. And he has no say in the name, yet will spend his entire existence explaining how to pronounce his name and how it came to be. Using anime as the basis for his name doesn’t show great maturity, in my opinion.

    Personally, I am a fan of giving your child one traditional name and one less-traditional. Timothy Rocketship or Emily Butterfly. It’s hard to be taken seriously with an insane name.

    That’s just my opinion.

  5. Are we sure Farrah’s not an inspiring arsonist? She could (would) try to scam her way around to not pay for things and any lawsuits means getting to fight people and play victim regularly.

  6. I read the Farrah Speak word salad to my boyfriend and somehow he fully understood? I don’t know if it’s his ADHD that works like a superpower in this case or that this is a red flag ?

    Note it’s just the word salad he understands, not the (re)actions by Farrah that led to dropping that confusing Yelp review.

      1. I for one am not surprised that Kayla has moved on yet again…this girl literally keeps guys on speed dial should she have a disagreement with her current guy….the shocker would be if she didn’t end up pregnant in the next few months.

  7. I don’t know who in the hell Farrah think she is. She acts like she’s the queen to the human race. She needs to stop treating people bad. Karma will bite her back.

  8. Omg, Farrah ?? I couldn’t decipher what she was trying to say in her Yelp review either. She’s the one who started a fire and endangered everyone else in her building. Luckily no one was hurt from Farrahs irresponsibility.

    Also, how can she afford $4k month rent? I thought she was broke and being sued for rent from her failed businesses.

    1. New sugar daddy?

      Some guy that likes them dumb and cocky so he can feel better than her and feel like her rescuer.

      Maybe she knows damn well she can mooch of guys with a “rescue the damsel in distress” complex and lays it on a bit thicker often.

      She knows he laughs about her stupidity but she’s laughing leading a very comfortable life.

  9. I’m surprised all the apartment complexes (nationwide) don’t have policy in place to immediately state they have NO VACANCIES if they ever see Farrah heading their way!

    1. Most have an automated system. The problems arise when the property owners don’t pay for the updates. Screening for 2017 Farrah is hit-or-miss at this point.

      1. Those updates are essential! Universities, restaurants, and gynecology offices need this technology as well.

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