‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: $4 Million Lawsuit Against Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Dismissed; Newly Single Farrah Abraham Reveals Frightening Orange Skin Tone & More

“It’s OVER!”

From ending lawsuits to ending relationships, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom Family ReunionTeen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

$4 Million Lawsuit Against Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Dismissed

“Say CHEESY POTATOES if you don’t have to deal with this legal headache anymore!”

Chelsea and her husband Cole are most-likely breathing a big sigh of relief this week, due to the fact that the $4 million lawsuit they’ve been fighting in court for four years was dismissed.

As The Ashley previously told you, Chelsea and Cole were sued by their former consulting company “Envy” in 2020 for allegedly withholding money made from social media promotions. The Down Home Fab couple went on to countersue Envy a month later, denying the consulting company’s claims that they purposely tried to get brands to pay them personally to avoid giving Envy their contracted cut of the revenue. The DeBoers also sued Envy for money they stated the company owes them but never paid out. (Click here to read more about the lawsuit.) 

According to an order of dismissal issued on April 22 (and obtained by The Ashley), attorneys for Envy agreed to voluntarily dismiss its lawsuit against Chelsea, Cole and their companies. In addition, Chelsea and Cole voluntarily dismissed their lawsuit against Envy. Both dismissals were done with prejudice (meaning both parties will not be allowed to file additional lawsuits regarding this matter) and without fees and costs. 

Envy had been seeking up to $4 million from Chelsea & Cole; however, in a filing on February 29, the court ruled in favor of the DeBoers on many parts of the lawsuit. The court decided that Chelsea and Cole’s ‘Teen Mom’ contracts had nothing to do with Envy, stating that Envy’s attempt to construe the DeBoers’ contracts with Viacom as “licensing agreements”–which would give the company a share of the proceeds the DeBoers made from the contracts— was a failure. 

“Keep your mitts off our cash, Envy!”

The court found that Chelsea and Cole negotiated and finalized their Viacom agreements before Envy came into the picture, despite what Envy was claiming. (The owner of Envy stated in the filing that she spent “hundreds if not thousands of hours” working on Chelsea and Cole’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ contract negotiations, something the court said Envy failed to show any proof of.)

“For all of these reasons, the Court holds that the DeBoers did not breach their [contacts] with Envy by failing to share revenue earned under their Viacom contracts,” the February 29 document states. 

The Court also agreed with Cole and Chelsea that Envy purposely withheld money it owed them. (Envy acknowledged that it withheld money Cole and Chelsea earned because it felt that the DeBoers owed them a cut of their ‘Teen Mom 2’ money.) 

As to how much Envy owed the DeBoers, the Court ruled at that time that it would be decided when (and if) the case went to trial. Since the case has been dismissed, there will be no trial. 

Farrah Abraham is (shockingly) single again and (shockingly) brown/orange/whatever this skin tone is…

Farrah is currently single…and rocking a very unapPEELing skin tone.

Farrah Abraham is back on the market and entirely too excited to share the news with anyone with a pulse. 

The former ‘Teen Mom’ shared a video with fans on social media this week–- after seemingly rolling herself in Cheeto dust–- confirming her newly-single status and promoting both Mother’s Day and summertime. 

“Isn’t it wonderful that I’m single again?” Farrah said in the video, reposted by @allaboutteenmom on Instagram. “It’s it wonderful that Mother’s Day is coming up? And isn’t it wonderful that it’s about ready to be hot girl summer again? So excited!” 

As The Ashley previously told you, Farrah announced in November that she was in a relationship with an unnamed man, whom she claimed to have met on OnlyFans in 2021.

While we can’t reveal Farrah’s ex’s face, here is one of Farrah’s.

In addition to insisting that her secret BF wasn’t paying her to be in a relationship with him, Farrah said things between her and her mystery man became serious shortly after the two ended up matching on a dating app in 2023. 

If her “wonderful” video announcement wasn’t enough to convince people that she’s no longer in a relationship, Farrah proceeded this week to go post-crazy, sharing messages/memes/#momlife content to her Instagram Story, nearly all of which reflected her single status. 

According to Farrah, in the 24 hours since she and her man called off their business arrangement relationship, she managed to nab a date with someone and score some free burritos, allegedly from her ex. 

Farrah also took a few opportunities to let everyone know that her recent romance ended because her man just couldn’t live up to her probably unrealistic expectations. 

“Only a strong man can handle a strong woman,” one message reposted by Farrah read. “A weak man will say she has attitude and unrealistic expectations.” 

“I stopped wondering if I am good enough for people and started wondering if they are good enough for me,” another one of her post read. 

In addition to reminding everyone that she’s a single mom, Farrah shared a link to “Farrah’s Fearless Relationship Group,” a channel that has miraculously garnered 2K members.

Farrah has yet to reveal the identity of the man she was in a relationship with, nor has she revealed what the hell she did to piss off whoever did her latest spray tan. 


Nathan Griffith Released From Jail; Ordered to Have His Sobriety Constantly Monitored

“I’m FREEE!”

Nathan is once again a free man, after living that “Shawshank” life in a Clark County, Nevada, jail for the past few weeks. The former soulmate of Jenelle Evans was released from jail on April 18, after spending 14 behind bars. (Starcasm was the first to report of Nathan’s release.) 

Nathan– who is the father of Jenelle’s son Kaiser– was thrown in jail on April 4. (An employee of the Clark County Detention Center confirmed to The Ashley earlier this month that Nathan’s arrest was likely due to him violating one or more terms of his guilty plea agreement from his 2023 “Assault by Strangulation” charge.) Nate was being held without bail until at least his next Status Check hearing in Veteran’s Court, which was held on April 16.

At the April 16 hearing— which The Ashley has obtained the Minutes from— a formal discussion was held among those present regarding Nathan being accepted into a residential recovery program for veterans in Las Vegas that treats substance abuse and other addiction.

During a conference at the bench, the judge ordered that Nathan be released from jail. However, Nate did pickup a new “accessory” to wear until further notice: a SCRAM GPS monitoring system to monitor if Nathan is maintaining his court-ordered sobriety.

“And, dear Lord, please make sure my ankle monitor doesn’t clash with my gym outfit…”

The ankle monitor is worn 24/7 and records and transmits the wearer’s location constantly. It also tests the wearer’s perspiration for alcohol metabolites. 

Nathan is also required to submit to daily urine tests.

He is due in court for his next status check on May 7.

Ashley Jones Defends Her Ability to Be a Nurse, Despite Her Sometimes Explosive Behavior on ‘Teen Mom’

“…just because I 

Ashley may have had trouble keeping her spit to herself during her ‘Teen Mom’ days, but the aspiring nurse says her behavior and actions on the show have nothing to do with who she is at work in the medical field. 

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ mom– who started nursing school in the summer of 2022— recently went on an online rant aimed at the show’s viewers who say she won’t be a good nurse, based off what they’ve seen her do/say on the ‘Teen Mom’ shows.

As fans know, Ashley was booted from ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 2 along with her mom Tea Chapple after the mother/daughter duo go into a physical fight with Briana DeJesus and her mom Roxanne. The fight ended with Ashley spitting on Briana, who was swinging from a kitchen light fixture at the time…as you do.

Nurse Jones promises this won’t happen in the ER if someone disrespects her mama…

The Ashley also exclusively revealed that Ashley and her husband Bar Smith were sent to Colombia to appear on the currently airing season of ‘Family Reunion,’ but the couple got kicked off the show before even making it into the cast house. 

Despite her past issues, Ashley says her nursing career will look very different from her reality TV career.

“My actions on ‘Teen Mom’ do not define me as a person nor a future nurse,” Ashley wrote on the rant on social media.

Ashley went on to explain that she has other methods for dealing with conflict while nursing, unlike when she is filming for the show.

“Like…I’m pretty sure the doctor’s are gonna frown on that in a medical situation…”

“If a patient assaults me, pisses me off, is rude to me, there are so many ways to escalate that to management, get an order for restraints or even switch [patients] with another nurse,” Ashley wrote. “In the ‘Teen Mom’ world that does not exist. I cannot walk away because cameras will follow. I cannot call management because production WANTS the drama and will not de-escalate the situation and I cannot just switch shifts [on the show].

“Just stop…please,” she continued. 

Ashley explained that she cares and has empathy for her patients, as they are sick. The same can’t be said about the ‘Teen Mom’ stars she has conflict with.

“I don’t have the same patience/empathy for others,” she stated.

Last week, Ashley posted to X that she is almost done with nursing school.

“I’m really about to be a nurse. Like praise god …. I don’t even know how I got here,” she wrote.

In March, Ashley joked on X that going into nursing has forced her to clean up her behavior.

“The desire to have and keep my nursing license has checked 26 years of attitude faster than both my parents could ever,” Ashley wrote. “Lol I will not be arguing or fighting love, pressing charges and walking away all day long lmfaoooo.”

Back in September, Ashley stated on Instagram Live that she regrets her actions against Briana (as well as Cheyenne Floyd and others). She also revealed that she had started anger management classes.

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram; HGTV)

15 Responses

  1. Unfortunately Ashley, your actions on Teen Mom DOES define you and reflects on you as a future nurse- If you cannot maintain control and it’s on a TV show that aired for all to see, that also can be found on the internet after, then yes, it does reflect on you as a nurse. Being a nurse is a tasking and demanding job- you have to have a level of compassion and calm in difficult situations. Patients can get unruly and combative sometimes and you can’t JUST restrain them because they are giving you issues… Good luck though

  2. The fckn irony of “pressing charges and walking away.” Likkkeee if you are acting like a decent & normal human why would you be in any situation to press charges or need to walk away?! I just cannot with this chick. I will be SHOCKED if she is able to become an LPN

  3. I will never ever ever understand why girls today mess with the orange=ness, the fillers, the plastic surgery, the plumped lips. It never looks good. And the more you get, the worse you get. It’s such a colossal waste of money. Farrah used to be beautiful and now she looks horrifying. Just stop with that crap. A couple wrinkles looks a zillion times better than a face that looks like a blow-up doll. It’s so cringe.

  4. Ashley is all talk. The way she was on teen mom recorded likely will influence the decision on whether she gets hired in to the field

    1. I hate to say it but most of the nurses I’ve met are nasty, entitled and act like they know it all!!! Not all of them- I went to nursing school myself!

  5. I still can’t believe that Cole and Chelsea met at a random gas station. And I don’t like Chelsea much but, admit, that this new show is an accomplishment. I bet Janelle and the rest of them are jealous of it.

  6. Ashley, from a nurse of 8 years working telemetry, ER, hospice, COVID unit, etc…
    Management gives NO fucks about patients assaulting you. They don’t want to hear from you, about you or for you. They want bedside nurses to show up and work in any conditions they so graciously provide. (Sarcasm)
    Management is not going to be a resource for good. Good luck on your boards.

  7. @theashley not a lawyer, but an experienced paralegal here. Without prejudice means the lawsuit CAN be brought again. With prejudice means it cannot be. If it was dismissed without prejudice, it can be refiled.

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