Ashley Jones Says She Regrets Her Actions Against Her ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Stars Cheyenne Floyd & Briana DeJesus; Reveals She’s in Anger Management to “Make a Change” In Her Life

“I’m tired of being the one cussing and spitting on TV!” 

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Ashley Jones says she’s making some major changes in her life— going to therapy to try to figure out why she’s so angry and making amends to some of the ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars she’s feuded with in the past.

During an Instagram Live session earlier this week, Ashley opened up about the mistakes she’s made in regard to dealing with people on the show. (As The Ashley recently told you, Ash and her husband Bar Smith were supposed to be filming Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 3 right now in Colombia, but they were booted before ever filming with the cast for unknown reasons.)

Ashley— who appeared to be in an airport during her confessional— talked to her fans about how wrong her actions against Briana during ‘TMFR’ Season 2 were. (As fans know, Ashley and Bri got into a physical altercation on-set, with Ashley eventually spitting on Briana.)

“I don’t like what she did to me, but I don’t like what I did to her,” Ashley said of Briana. “I know a lot of you guys will be like, ‘You don’t owe that bitch an apology,’ but it’s not about her. It’s about me knowing who I am and how I want to be remembered. Is that what I really stand for? No.

“It doesn’t matter what she said about me, to me, it was wrong,” Ashley continued. “And even if she never apologizes for the things I feel like she did to me, what I did was wrong.”

“Don’t be holdin’ your breath for Bri’s apology, Ashley!”

“I’m speaking on reality, I’m speaking on growth. I’m speaking on me needing to look back and say, ‘What the f**k were you doing?'” Ashley added.

Ashley then brought up the phone conversation Cheyenne Floyd tried to have with her (which was featured on last week’s episode of ‘TMNC.’) Viewers watched as Ashley squashed Chey’s attempt to mend their relationship, which was strained after Cheyenne disinvited Ash to her wedding last year, and then went on her podcast to talk about why she doesn’t want to be friends with Ashley.

According to Ashley, she rejected Chey’s request to talk about their strained relationship because she was not in a good place at the time of Cheyenne’s phone call, due to the death of her brother.

“…so I am gonna kindly hang up before I reach through this phone and claw your eyes out!” 

“As far as that convo with Cheyenne, let me tell you something. I had just lost my brother…I was in a place where [I was like], ‘If I don’t get off this phone, I’m gonna say the meanest things and then I’m gonna have to come back and apologize,'” Ashley said. “It’s hard to take back things that you say, so I didn’t want to address it because I wasn’t in the space to give her my heart, so I didn’t take the phone call. I don’t think that makes me bitter, I think that makes me wise.

“I think getting on the phone with her, cussing her out, calling her out of her name, what the f**k is that gonna do?” she added.

Ashley then reminded viewers that the show’s producers set up certain things so they look a certain way. 

“It’s always Larry’s fault. I’m over here dodging saliva on the regular and NOBODY CARES!”

“It didn’t feel like a genuine conversation for me, so I didn’t have it,” Ashley said, adding that she was already dealing with too much at the time to worry about her feud with Cheyenne.

“Do you think having a conversation with a co-worker you never see is at the top of your list?” Ashley said, before talking about all of the things she had to do following her brother’s death to prepare for his burial. “The conversation with Cheyenne was the least [important thing] on my plate. And I really tried to handle it with grace.”

“Give me some credit: I definitely handled it better than other conflicts I’ve had in the past!”

Ashley said that, now, she would be open to having a conversation with Cheyenne, and she would apologize for saying that Cheyenne used the shooting she was a victim of to cover up for getting plastic surgery. 

“I feel like I could say, ‘You know what? What I said was wrong. What I said was mean.’ It was out of hurt and I don’t even know if it’s true. I feel like it’s true but I don’t know for a fact that it’s true. So I could apologize,” Ashley said. “But in the moment where I’m trying to figure out if my brother is being cremated or buried, sorry, it was the least of my emotions. I don’t think if [Cheyenne’s] loved one was being put in the ground [she] would want to have this conversation that feels miniscule.”

Ashley said she is open to talking to Cheyenne, Briana and any other co-star she may have hurt over the years.

“…but I’m willing to have that conversation with them now if I must.”

“But at this time, I do think a conversation with everyone needs to be had. More so me worrying about people on ‘Teen Mom’ and my relationships with people on ‘Teen Mom.’ I’m worried about myself,” she said. “I’m worried that I have taken so many losses this year.”

When asked if there is anything she has said or done that she would change if she could, Ashley admitted that there is a lot she’d do differently.

“Hell yeah! Just because things are ‘true’— or I feel like they’re true— doesn’t mean they need to be said, doesn’t mean they need to be put on blast.”

Cheyenne, after realizing Ashley’s apology to her still includes accusations that she covered up her plastic surgery with the shooting…

“I’m f**ked up,” Ashley said before stating that she plans to post a YouTube video that explains why she is the way she is. 

Ashley then revealed that she has been in anger management and therapy to try to improve herself.

“Listen, I know I’m a bitch. I know I say bitchy ass things. I know that I’m not the nicest person…but at the same time, I can say that, through therapy and through humility you can kind of see that you’ve been bitching about the wrong things,” she said.

“If you are like me, and you are in a place that you are looking at yourself and you’re like, ‘I don’t like this person. I want to change this person,’ it’s not too late to change who you are. It’s not too late to get in therapy and work through those problems. It’s not too late to say, ‘This isn’t right. I’ve been doing this before and this isn’t right.'” 

Ashley talking to herself…probably.

“I’m 26…I want to learn how to communicate,” Ashley said before addressing haters who say that she is not going to be a good nurse when she finishes nursing school. 

“I’m a straight A student, but more than a straight A student I want to be a straight A person,” she said. “…there comes a time in everybody’s life where you realize that you have not been seeing the bigger picture. You have not been contributing to a solution. That’s where I am. I’m just on this journey to try to be the person I see myself being. And I’m gonna fall short but that’s fine.

“And if you’re gonna say I need anger management– of course I do! That’s not an insult. I need to work on how to respond when I feel backed against a wall, or when I feel attacked, or I feel belittled. I’m not gonna argue with that.

“But I think there are a lot of people that could use anger management, you know what I’m saying?” Ashley added.

“I’m not gonna name any names but I will say that someone whose name rhymes with Driana BeJesus could use anger management as well!”

“And I’m paying for it, are you? I’m paying $185 a week for anger management and therapy. Are you?

“Now that I know all these things, it’s time to make a change,” she said.  

You can watch part of Ashley’s Live— which was posted to TikTok— below! 

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  1. Ashley has a terrible personality and it really shows period. If she can’t get along with the others why is she even on the show?

  2. Aka that teen mom money isn’t coming in anymore. Actions have consequences. She has always thought she was better than everyone else anyway so it should be no sweat off her back, right?

  3. Regrets losing a paycheck, is more like it. I wish they would hold all of the abusers accountable, though.

  4. That’s a whole lotta words to say, “My PR team says I need to say I’m sorry. But I’m not and I won’t pretend I am. But. look over there.”

  5. Cheyenee has more class than the rest of the cast members combined. She shouldn’t of tried to make peace with Ashley anyways. There is no reasoning with the Bay Area, Ashley.

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