‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Boxing Grannies & the Loogie Heard ‘Round the World

That poor producer at the far right is very concerned for the welfare of the rented light fixtures….

Note From The Ashley: I realize that I am still disturbingly behind on my ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ recaps. I will be recapping this week’s episode too, but I couldn’t skip “The One Where Everyone Tries To Box” so I am doing recaps of Ep 3 and 4. 

The time has come! It’s the episode everyone dozens of people have been waiting for— the one where these trashgoblins exchange cuss words and body fluids (in a non-Oopsie Baby-making way, though). Grannies will be duking it out, girls will be swinging from the light fixtures— what a time to be alive!

This episode kicks (pun intended) off where Episode 2 left off– with Tea asking Roxanne what her damn problem is. Well, we know the shoe’s about to hit the fan because Roxy’s eyes bug out and she’s rubbing her hands together like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.


From the looks of it, Ashley must have done something really bad to Roxy/Briana. I’m figuring that Ashley killed whatever man the DeJesus Coven has been keeping as their pet or taken Briana’s VIP spot on Dr. Miami‘s hack list or something.

But no. Roxy tells us we’re fighting over Ashley going on Instagram Live and talking crap on Briana while Briana was talking crap on Kail. Or something. I don’t know. 

We get to see a clip of what Ashley said about Briana online. (Seriously, this entire show is basically just clips of things the girls post on Instagram all strung together with some cuss words added in.

The Ashley does have to give Ashley kudos for one thing she told Bri, though, when she was encouraging Briana to stand behind what she says.

“Say it with your chest. Say it with your implants and mean it!” she demanded.

5/5 stars for this insult.

Roxy tells us that Ashley’s mom Tea jumped in and “ran her mouth on social media” when Ashley said that.

Roxanne declares them to be “toxic” (which is rich coming from Toxy Roxy, who is basically the human equivalent of carbon monoxide poisoning).

She then tells Tea that she should be ashamed of Ashley for talking to her the way she has. (We then see more social media clips of Ashley ranting about Roxanne on Instagram. Honestly, I’d take Amber screaming in her kimono any day over this crap. She’s the true Queen of the Instagram Rants.) 

Meanwhile, everyone else at the table is just sitting there, looking like they’re not sure if they should run and put on a helmet and protective cup or go get popcorn and a camera and capture the Kodak moment!

Tiffany, mentally trying to calculate how long it would take to Amazon Prime herself a full protective bodysuit…

Tea and Ashley let Roxanne screech her piece, but when Tea tries to respond, Roxy cuts her off and that begins the Mother/Daughter screamfest. These yokels are getting in each other’s faces, screaming and cussing and causing a ruckus. (The poor security guards jump into action, attempting to pull everyone away from each other.)

“Psst. Psst. Do you guys know if Briana is still dating security guards or…? Asking for a friend…”

Tea and Roxy are both screaming, accusing each other of being old and of being trash.

OK, you’re both old and dumb as hell for worrying about this crap. Just enjoy the free MTV-funded vacation and collect your check. WHY DOES ANY OF THESE STUFF MATTER!?

Thank the Jesus God Leah for Margaret, who gives it to us straight as she watches this clownfest unfold in front of her.

“I don’t even know how people can do that at this age,” she tells us. “I have a bad knee!”

“Me, fight? That’s a co-pay just waiting to happen. No thanks!”

Tea insists that she doesn’t involve herself in this kiddy nonsense…as she involves herself in this kiddy nonsense. She vows to “come for” Roxy’s “Grandmama ass.” 

As this is all going down, poor April wails that “everyone is supposed to get along!” 

April is truly the “Rodney King” of this show…

Briana tells Roxy that it’s not worth the hubbub, but Roxy disagrees. (Why do I feel like Producer Larry has UPS on the phone, trying to find out how much it would cost to airmail Brittany to Oregon overnight so that she can join this charade.)

Roxanne begins wailing that she’s tired of the “bullying” and tired of poor, innocent Briana getting “harassed on social media all the time.” 

Christy seriously looks like she’s about to ask, “Um…didn’t your daughter send someone a treadmill and then brag about it on social media?”

The grannies are taking sides. April is clearly siding with Tea. She’s flipping off Roxy and sticking her tongue out at her (as you do), and shouting loudly. (I can seriously smell her ciggie breath through the TV.)

Cheyenne is puzzled as to when April became Tea’s “ride or die.” Catelynn is, as per usual, mortified by her mom’s behavior, which she believes is the result of the gallon or so of brand-name liquor that April has glugged down since they got there.

All of a sudden, Kiaya and Tiffany hop into the ruckus, bringing up a time where Ashley and Kiaya were scrapping on The Interwebs and Tea jumped in. 

So to sum it up: everyone’s screaming at everyone. And April’s drunk. Catelynn looks like she’s regretting letting everyone think that she was the one who put this Stooge Fiesta together.

“Does anyone have a therapy horse? Shoot, at this point, I’ll take a therapy squirrel!”

Ashley insists that she never had an issue with Kiaya, and Kiaya disagrees. Ashley refuses to admit that she crap-talked about Kiaya online, even though she clearly crap-talked about Kiaya online.

“When I said it wasn’t about you, it was not about you,” Ashley tells her.

(Narrator: It absolutely was about Kiaya.)

UGH. Can we just get to the spitting and throat karate-chopping and whatnot. This is embarrassing. And nobody cares.

Kiaya is making a lot of sense and Ashley isn’t liking that. Meanwhile, Roxanne is inside the house, basically gnawing on a stick to keep herself from charging outside and attacking Tea and Ashley like a rabid dog. 

Roxanne is also getting tired of April spraying negativity (and beer) at her. She “suggests” that someone snatch up April’s booze.

“You will have to pry this beer can out of my ciggie-smoke-coated claws, biotch!”

There is some progress being made between Tiffany and Tea, though. Tea apologizes to Kiaya for calling her a clown online. Kiaya accepts it, but tells us later that she knows Tea doesn’t mean it. 


Inside, Roxanne is just screeching random words at Tea. Outside, Amber pipes up and asks why they’re all on social media talking about each other anyway.

UMMM!?!?!?!? Well if that’s not the couch calling the recliner comfy. Allow me to remind you of this lil’ piece of heaven, courtesy of Amber.


Amber insists that all of the ‘Teen Mom’ stars haven’t gotten into fights with each other. Kiaya reminds Amber of the time she charged on-stage like a bull in heat to try to slap the Botox out of Farrah, but Amber insists that “Farrah is not Ashley.” 

Kiaya looks like she’s just entered the Twilight Zone, hearing Amber— Queen of the Televised Whoop Ass— talk about how dumb it is to fight with people you’re on a TV show with. 

Ashley decides she’s done listening to Amber yap, so she goes inside the house. Kiaya, meanwhile, continues to remind the ‘OG’ girls that they’ve been arguing over dumb crap on the Internet with each other since Kiaya and Ashley were eating Gogurts out of their Barbie lunchboxes.

Amber is trying to be helpful (and she’s not wrong saying that all of this drama doesn’t matter and is immature), but it’s pissing the other girls off.

Kiaya gets up and emotionally runs in the house, leaving Amber confused.

“I’m just trying to keep you kids out of gel! No one looks good in prison orange!”

Surprisingly, it’s Ashley who comforts Kiaya (?!?!) and they congratulate each other on being so mature (?!?!). They tell each other that it’s something to be praised if a conversation doesn’t end up in flipped over furniture.

I can’t… 

Tiffany tries to tell Amber not to take Kiaya’s outburst personally, because, in fact Kiaya looks up to Amber so much.

OK, guys. We actually are in the Twilight Zone. That’s truly the only explanation at this point.

There are so many fights and “conversations” happening and they keep jumping around to everyone to hear them complain about everyone else. Personally, I’d rather check in with April and her tall cans. Also…what’s Christy been up to this whole time? These are things I’d like to know. 

I do not care if Kiaya has beef with Ashley who has beef with Briana who is mad at Tea. Let’s just follow Christy around and see what hijinks she’s getting up to because you know there are hijinks.

“There are free snacks and all you people are spending your time arguing! WTF?”

Later, April slurs her way over to Roxanne and apologizes for flipping her off through the window. April explains that she “didn’t know” it was Roxanne who she was flipping of.

(Um…who did she think it was? Butch in a blonde curly wig or…?)

April is slobbering all over Roxy and Roxanne is desperately trying to get away from April (and her booze breath) but to no avail. Seriously Roxanne looks like she’s rather be shaving Christy’s “cooter cat” than be within five feet of April. 

When the stench of Fireball whiskey and beer hits you in the face…

Meanwhile, those in the house who aren’t part of the fighting are trying to lighten the mood by playing a game.

April, however, decides that it’s time to crack open another one of those brand-name bruskis and wanders outside to get it. There she finds Producer Larry, who looks very uncomfortable and is grimacing. He’s either got a case of the poops…or he’s just been tasked with cutting April off from the booze.

“I should have listened to my mother. I should have become an accountant. But noooo, I wanted to work in TV….”

Larry informs “everyone” (but basically just April) that they’re “done with the alcohol for tonight.”

April does not like that. She immediately declares that she wants to go home (back to where she certainly has a white Styrofoam cooler full of Natty Ices just waiting for her).

April charges into the kitchen to let everyone know that she’s been cut off.

Meanwhile, Cheyenne’s sitting in the corner thinking, “Lord, please don’t let my Mama say what she’s thinking…”

April is absolutely furious. There are two things you don’t do to April: disagree with her choice of prom dress or take away her booze.

She is cussing, pounding on the counter and demanding that she be given back her “f**king drink!” 

Honestly, April’s face is funny but the real comedy in this scene was watching Cheyenne and Margaret’s faces reacting to this…

As per usual, Catelynn is absolutely mortified by her mother’s behavior. Catelynn tries to get April to shut her trap (given that April is literally screaming and cussing out Cate’s employer…and, yes, I use that word looser than Farrah’s morals, but still…)

We haven’t had this much of an understatement since Catelynn’s 7-point quesadilla guesstimate…

April is still screaming about how everyone else still has their drinks except her, and Catelynn looks totally embarrassed. The other girls notice Cate’s expression and try to remedy the situation, but April can not be stopped. She is absolutely on a quest for that last can of beer. She is just continuously flipping off the camera to show her disgust. 

As you do.

April is screaming at anyone who even suggests that she may have slightly overindulged. By now, poor Catelynn is literally crying and everyone feels bad for her. 

Meanwhile, Larry is continuing to do the dirty work. He has Roxy and Bri outside, asking if they will be able to refrain from tearing Tea and Ashley’s faces off for the rest of the trip. The DeJesus girls assure him that they will.

(Narrator: They, in fact, would not). 

Briana and Roxy go into the kitchen to hang out with Jade, who is making cinnamon rolls. All of a sudden, Ashley and Tea come in to make some food. (All that squabbling has given everyone the munchies!) A sly grin spreads across Roxanne’s face.

When Roxy makes this face, grab your helmets because shoes are about to fly!

Tea bends over and “accidentally” booty bumps Roxanne. In turn, Roxanne walks past Tea and “accidentally” pushes into her. Tea demands an apology and Roxy pretends she has no idea what Tea’s talking about…but Roxanne was LITERALLY SMIRKING as she pushed into Tea. She tells us that Tea is just being dramatic. 

WE ALL SEE THIS, ROXY. I am not on either side of this jester jamboree, but WE ALL SEE THIS LOOK.

This is the look of someone who knew EXACTLY what they were doing…

They keep showing the “bump” over and over again (even in slow mo!) and it’s clear that Roxy intentionally body checked Tea. Suddenly, a bodyguard just appears between Tea and Roxanne because he— and everyone else— knows it’s about to go down.

At first, Bri and Ashley are trying to calm down the screaming grannies. Tea tells Briana that she doesn’t want to talk to her, because she’s the daughter and she wants to “respect” that. Of course, that sets off ol’ Roxy, who starts screeching that Tea had no respect for Briana when she was throwing jabs on The Interwebs awhile back. 

Jesus God Leah. Can someone please just hit somebody so this horrific episode can be over? 

Roxanne is still insisting that she didn’t bump Tea, and Ashley springs into action, insisting that Roxy did bump Tea. She calls Roxy a bitch, and that’s when Briana gets off her Dr. Miami-carved booty and jumps into the fight. She stands up on the kitchen counter and seems to be planning to karate-chop Ashley into next week. Amber tries to get Briana to get off the counter.

“I haven’t seen girls this rowdy since the day the prison commissary ran out of Top Ramen!”

Briana declares (as she is surrounded by security guards she actually hasn’t dated— yet) that she is up there because it will enable her to have a better angle to kick Ashley in the “f**king throat” easier.

It’s nice to have a plan…

Ashley calls Bri out, declaring that she is only up there because she knows she can’t fight. 

Come to think of it: have we ever actually seen Briana fight? Sure, she’s started a lot of ruckus, but have we ever actually seen her throw a punch? Or a kick? I think the only thing we’ve ever seen her fight is chlamydia.

Ashley declares Bri to be trash and Briana busts out her trusty trademark phrase, telling Ashley, “suck my d**k.” 

Ashley decides to up the disgusting factor. She hocks a loogie at Briana, who gets it smack in the face. As the spit flies over the jumble of women, cameras and bulked-up booties, it’s quickly becoming a chaotic scene. 

Meanwhile, Jade’s just like, “Um…guys can we move it over a bit? I need to ice these cinnamon rolls!”

As soon as the loogie hits Bri, everyone just begins to tear into each other. Briana is basically crowd-surfing trying to kick Ashley’s throat, while Tea and Roxy try to charge at each other.


(April is nowhere to be seen so we can assume she’s taking advantage of all the hubbub to go break into the bar and grab all the bottles of beer she can get her mitts on!) 

Speaking of grabbing bottles, Tea picks up a wine bottle and starts swinging it.

Kayla remains completely unbothered and, frankly, a little bored…

Briana, who is being held in a football hold by one of the security men, grabs a giant metal Hydroflask and chucks it at Ashley. It misses, but everyone keeps picking up crap to throw at each other. 

Finally, one of the producers gets the good sense to move the girls involved outside. However, no one goes out without a fight. Tea is trying to get her claws into Roxy, as Roxy is throwing water at Tea, declaring she is trying to cleanse her of her demons.

Seriously. There has to be something better we can spend our time watching, no? 

Kiaya tells us that she can’t believe everyone is trying to murder everyone and it’s only Day 2.

“At least be decent folks and wait until Day 4 or so!”

Poor long-suffering Larry is back, and he has to drag these angry wenches out of the house. Of course, Briana has to get back up on the counter and swing herself from the kitchen chandelier before leaving…as you do.

If you had to sum up this show in one sentence, this would be it.

Tea invites Briana to “come get these hands.”

All of a sudden, Jade comes out of nowhere and starts screaming at Tea that she’s too old to be acting this way. (I honestly think Jade was angry because she didn’t get to make her cinnamon rolls. She wanted that snack!) 

Tea declares that, yes, she’s old, but that she still looks better than Bri and Jade. 

They finally wrangle everyone apart and Ashley and Tea (and her trusty new sidekick April) go outside, where Ashley explains that she had to spit on Bri because Bri is a “dirty ass ho.” 

Cate and Maci go out to try smooth things over with Tea and Ashley. Catelynn decides to go ahead and tell us all that Ashley is with child. That’s right— not only is Ashley screamin’ and spittin’ and scratchin’ but she’s also sperminated.


“So in other news…”

Jade runs to tell Briana that she was trying to throat-kick a pregnant girl and Briana is shocked. Once word spreads around the house that Ashley is pregnant (thanks to Roxanne), all of the moms and grandmas seem to turn against her, stating that it was irresponsible and reckless to put an unborn child into that trash-heap of violence. 

Speaking of trash heaps and violence, Ashley is still outside declaring that she plans to beat the beJesus out of Roxanne and Briana the next time she sees them. She does not yet know that her pregnancy secret is out of the bag inside the house. 

“It’s about to be ‘Teen Mom: The Beheading’ up in here!” 

Producer Larry gathers up all of the “ladies” (again, using that term very loosely) and tells them to try to keep from clawing each other’s eyes out for a few minutes while he runs and checks Craigslist for job openings…I mean, tries to get everything straightened out.

Briana tells us that she’s proud of herself for not letting things get “super escalated” with Ashley.

UM…girl, you were literally swinging from the light fixtures. Have a seat. (Literally, please sit.) 

“I mean, I only THREW the water bottle at Ashley, I didn’t beat her with it. That’s progress.”

Larry decides to bring Ashley and Tea to a different hotel for the night. Ashley starts screaming that Larry should move Bri and Roxy. (To be fair, she’s right. They were all equally responsible, both mother/daughter pairs should be dropped off at separate trash dumps and be on their way.) 

Larry explains that Ashley spitting on Briana was the reason she and Tea are getting the boot.

“Tea, can you go get that wine bottle you had and just hit me until you put me out of my misery?”

When Larry says the move is for Ashley and Tea’s “own safety,” Tea gets all fired up (again) and starts screaming at Larry. 

Don’t these people get tired!? Seriously, I’m exhausted from just watching all this trashbaggery. 

Finally, they leave and Larry goes in to tell Roxanne and Briana that they’re also being removed so that the producers can figure out how to best capitalize on this dumpster fire what to do next. 

That’s all for this episode! 

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(Photos: MTV) 


  1. Truth be told, I can’t even be mad with Ashley’s behavior. She’s got her own set of problems, but she isn’t going around actively starting fights with everyone and anyone. And if you wanna fight with her, she won’t have it be a waste of your time nor bait-and-switch you by having someone else fight in her place.

    I swear it’s like the producers are afraid of Briana and the DeJesuses by extent not getting her way (like Ashley and Tea’s kicking out first under the claim of “but you were worse” or the firing of the security team because Briana was sneaking around with one of them) because I-don’t-know.

    It’s also something that Jade and Christy weren’t involving themselves (yet?) in any of it. Jade is normally Briana’s wingman going along with whatever she does. And Christy likes being a focus of attention.

  2. Has anyone else noticed how much April’s face has changed from the time of filming to the time of interviews?

  3. I didn’t watch whole thing, but I looked up a clip of it. It was when Amber jumped off the bridge and then it’s moved to pool scene with Catelyn and April.

    Catelyn is obviously okay with her mom drinking, it’s just when she gets belligerent she probably doesn’t like. I say that because they’re literally drinking in the pool together.

    Catelyn brings up why April wasn’t ever able to open up to her, show her real emotions etc. April talked about how her mom always pushed her away.

    These grandma’s may be old, but they clearly weren’t raised well either.
    You can look at all the family’s on Teen Mom and see where great support lied.
    I hope April gets over the worry of being judged as a bad mom, that ship sailed long time ago. She needs to tale therapy to heart and not be afraid.

    1. I know some women when they don’t feel safe or it may be in vulnerable position, they won’t put it down. Maybe she has protection i.e. weapon or extra alky lol

  4. You are always good at recaps but this was your opus. I literally spit out my drink and laughed so hard. I may actually tune in. Brilliant job! 🔥

  5. So much trashiness and stupidity to unpack here. I feel so bad for Briana’s daughters – cute, sweet kids surrounded by the Coven’s toxicity. It’s great that Ashley is going to nursing school and making plans for the future but I wouldn’t want to be a patient of hers – yikes! She’s too volatile. Sad to see April hasn’t overcome her addiction demons – same old April, just sans Butch.

    As much as I do not like Cheyenne, it’s evident that she’s from a better upbringing than the rest. Seems like she and her mom wanted no part of the dumpster fire reunion aside from the paycheck – unfortunately for Cheyenne she took a step down with her choice in spouse who loves him some MTV money so he can play “entrepreneur”.

  6. In ambers defense, she does tend to get physical with men who have mated her while holding her near infant children (she’s a rrrrril woman). Do you can see her confusion. (If you remember that punch missed Farrah by a mile).

  7. So April has been quietly babysitting the Non-Carlys for so long that everyone forgot that she is an evil booze hound?

  8. I stopped watching this show when the last season ended. Aren’t these women COMPLETELY EMBARRASSED by their behavior? Seriously. What are you teaching your children?

    And I’m by no means a perfect person but these people don’t act remotely close to their age.

  9. The picture where Amber’s trying to get Briana off of the table, I thought that she was taking a selfie from the middle of the scrum.

    Amazing recap. I am in tears.

  10. Omg this was hilarious, I might actually have to go back and watch these episodes. Ashley, you’re an amazing writer.

    On a serious note – It’s very sad that April has relapsed. I feel terrible for Cate, but maybe it wasn’t a good idea to bring her on TV when she clear fell off the wagon…?

  11. My biggest take away was Is Christy every without a crossbody purse? Also, what is in that crossbody purse exactly? She as even cooking with that on.

  12. Cancel all these trash bags. Let them have to put effort into finding real work. Obviously none of them have matured, spitting on people, hanging off light fixtures, acting straight hoodrat-hoochie. Every. Single. One.

  13. I didn’t watch, I never do (really, The Ashley, thank you for taking several for the team!) but this recap is comedy gold. “Well, if that’s not the couch calling the recliner comfy” and “…like a bull in heat trying to slap the Botox out of Farrah…” I’m dyin’ over here!

    Absolutely worth the wait.

    1. “Toxy Roxy, who is basically the human equivalent of carbon monoxide poisoning” was also comedy gold. Very fine comedic writing in this recap – these banshees made it easy with the dumpster fire they created.

  14. I have a very blunt, direct personality & a temper to boot, I see Kail & Ashley & I see similar reactions to my own when I was young, they get fired up first & think later. (Thankfully as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten wiser in this sense) so I get it. There does comes a point though, were people like Briana are the kind of people you avoid for your own peace. Don’t follow them on socials, don’t interact with them, don’t be around them.
    That is what Ashley still needs to learn, she needs to learn to shut down & she doesn’t she keeps giving these people attention on Twitter. Shut it down. Move on. People like Bri will always look for the drama & by feeding into her you give it. I hope for her own sake, Ashley learns this over time, she has a beautiful daughter she needs to be an example too. Spitting on someone isn’t the way to go.

    Briana is involved in every bit of drama that goes down, guess that’s why the producers keep her around, her family is toxic I feel sorry for those little girls.

  15. Honestly this is just embarassing, its not even funny, its just hella awfull in so many ways.

    I cant stand any of these people but god Roxy is a horrible human. I kinda hope theres is something wrong with her mentalwise because the thought of someone has a personality like that just kinda makes me want to cry .. Those DeJesus women are just downright horrible people..

  16. And we aren’t permanently removing the entire Dejesus coven because????
    I honestly need an answer MTV??? I mean I don’t care if the whole show goes away at this point. I dont watch anymore. But WTF? They are horrible. I don’t understand how a show about preventing teenage pregnancy turned into let’s let Bri mean girl most of her castmates and then when they respond back, make them out to be the bad one. Roxy has always been ready to pop off. She was ready to kick Devoin’s arse every time he looked the wrong direction. He has to tread lightly or the coven will stand in the way of letting him see Nova.
    Not only did Bri sleep with Javi (and Chris)and rub it in Kail’s face, she sent the girl a treadmill and then tried to say it wasn’t a dig at her weight 😑. She called Leah out and tried to make it seem like Leah chose Kail so they can’t be friends. She was dating a security guard and got the entire security team fired over it. Bri is super sloppy and not only slept with her ex in the club bathroom, she got chlamydia! On top of getting many diaper butt surgeries for free because she’s willing to have her body shown for all to see on Dr Miami’s. She’s absolutely the sloppiest/trashiest on the show.

    I don’t care that Ashley spit…sure it’s childish and disrespectful but…honestly, standing her ground, what was she supposed to do to defend herself and her Mom in that moment? Better than throwing chairs and swinging from the chandelier while threatening to throat kick someone. …and say what you want about her being pregnant in a shouting match. Knowing Bri is all bark and no bite I’m sure she wasn’t afraid of something actually happening to her baby. I’m sure if Brittany was there she would’ve been happy to pull Ashley’s hair. 🙄

  17. I cannot stand briana it didn’t take her long for her true colours to arise and we all knew romance was a bitch too brianna argues with everyone, as for jade talking about April drinking her mums perfect so is her partner keep the mouth shut no wonder you and briana get on plastic bodies and big mouths you’ve turned everyone against ashley I wish they would get rid of the de jesus family it’s same every season brianas had more prices than you get from a cactus and they all think they’re the show

  18. This is all ridiculous. MTV is just scrapping the barrel to keep this going.
    Also poor Cate. It’s very hard to have an addict for a parent and have her embarrass you on TV

    1. Yeah she clearly fell off the wagon. But what was cate expecting? Knowing she’s an alcoholic- for there to be alcohol there and her not over indulge as any alcoholic who has fallen off the wagon would??
      These girls will do whatever it takes to get an extra free, hand out pay check- including bringing your addict parents on a vacation- making yourself vulnerable to obvious embarrassments.
      It’s all gross.

  19. My jaw was on the floor while reading this article. I guess I should’nt get surprised anymore, but I am. I am so glad I stopped watching TM years ago and just read up on everything here because wow… How old are these women(all of them!)?!

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