Farrah Abraham Insists She’s Not “Lonely or Desperate” For Being on OnlyFans; Talks About New Show She Filmed for A&E

“New boyfriend, new show, same Farrah Speak!”

Farrah Abraham makes her money showing her booty (among other body parts) on OnlyFans, but the fired Teen Mom star insists she’s not on the pay site because she’s “lonely” or “desperate.”

Farrah recently appeared on the Coffee & Cleavage podcast to talk about her experience selling sex (among, um, other things) on OnlyFans. She also chatted about her boyfriend, whom Farrah says she met on OnlyFans. (Farrah brags about her new man online but is unwilling to show his face or reveal his name on social media.) 

The Big F also talked about a new show she filmed for the A&E network that apparently has to do with her OnlyFans business.

Here, The Ashley breaks down the most-interesting parts of Farrah’s interview.

On her boyfriend: 

“I’m very grateful that I met him on OnlyFans… we celebrated our six-month anniversary the other day… I’ve only been single. I’ve never had a real engagement. I’ve never had a fiancé and never been married,” Farrah said, before insisting that she’s still single because she put her daughter, Sophia, before dating.

“It’s absolutely, in no way, at all, because my personality is the human equivalent of nails on a chalkboard! Per law.”

“I do have a teen from ‘Teen Mom.’ I’ve chosen to prioritize my parenting over any relationship and I realize that was holding me back,” Farrah said, adding that she did a dating program and went to a “dating coach” for months before meeting her current boyfriend. 

“I really am so grateful for my life, all of my money, everything that I’ve earned,” Farrah (oh-so-humbly) stated. “But it’s just so hard for me to let a man in. I don’t want anything ruined.”

On what happened to the ring she said her ex Simon Saran “made” her buy herself:

“Just think, Simon, you could have married THIS!”

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans will remember an episode where Farrah turns up with an engagement ring, despite the fact that her beau at the time, Simon, hadn’t proposed– or purchased her a ring. In a later interview, Farrah claimed she bought herself the ring during a vacation because her daughter Sophia told her she should get an engagement ring. 

“I called Simon to see if he was even open or OK with that,” Farrah says in a clip from Season 6, adding that she sent him pictures of the ring she wanted and was “under the impression he was buying it” for her. Farrah stated that she paid $36,000 for her ring and thought Simon was going to pay her back (even though Simon made it clear he had no intention of proposing to Farrah.)

Somehow, when Farrah told this story seven years later on the Coffee & Cleavage podcast, she stated that Simon made her buy herself a ring and that he took advantage of her giving nature. (No…seriously.)

“Your giving nature?! Farrah, if you have a ‘giving’ nature, then I have a spot waiting for me in the Rappers’ Hall of Fame!”

“I sold my old engagement ring– it was from MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’. My ex [Simon] had me buy my own engagement ring,” Farrah told the hosts. “I used to be so giving, so naive, making too much money and not knowing what to do with it, and being taken advantage of. So, I had that ring from 10 years ago, and it’s been all over in the press.

“I just had an epiphany the other day,” she continued. “I said, ‘I shouldn’t even be holding on to these rings. It was for a different engagement. It was for a different time, for a trauma bond. And I don’t have that anymore. I have pure, wonderful relationships now and I really need to let this go. 

“Since then I’ve just been getting rid of old clothing, old diamonds, old rings, old everything, I feel like it’s really opened up that energy to receive all that my current boyfriend has to offer.”

“In other words, I cleaned out my closet to make room for gifts that Zaddy gets me.”

On her upcoming show:

Back in December, Farrah announced that she had filmed for an OnlyFans-themed reality show that would be airing this year on the A&E network. On the podcast, Farrah brought the show up (although it has yet to be confirmed by the network), stating that she’s now unsure when it will air.

“I did a show, I recorded a show and I talked about [meeting my boyfriend on OnlyFans] on an A&E show, and I don’t know if it’s going to be out this year or not,” Farrah said.

In December, Farrah told The Messenger that in the four years she’s been active on OnlyFans, she’s managed to rake in “millions of dollars” on the subscription-based site, noting that she keeps her content “very legal and clean.”  Farrah was so proud of…whatever the hell she does over on OnlyFans…that she stated that A&E is giving her a reality show to discuss it.

On how she reacts when people say she’s on OnlyFans because she’s lonely or desperate:

“Do I look like someone who is lonely or desperate to you!?”

Farrah said that, while she loves making money by showing her constantly evolving body parts on OnlyFans, she’s not always thrilled with how people judge her for it.

“Sometimes I feel like OnlyFans has a ‘lonely girls status,'” Farrah said.

“I don’t like my fans or my supporters feeling like I’m lonely and desperate. I have worked so hard to be so fulfilled and so happy,” she said. “So I try to keep it true to showing a full, balanced life, even though I can’t show so much of that with the restrictions.”

Farrah said she never expected to go in the direction of doing adult content on the paid subscription site, due to all the problems she garnered from her infamous sex tape and other adult work.

“To be totally transparent, I never thought to join OnlyFans. I had a lot of trauma from being fired from MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ because they said I was going into ‘adult entertainment’ because I was booked for a celebrity promotion on an [adult] site. They needed a celebrity to promote their brand,” Farrah— who was fired from ‘Teen Mom OG’ in 2017 — said. “And that ended up getting me fired, maybe a couple times from MTV’s ‘Teen Mom.’

“I was in therapy because of being wrongfully fired and kind of shamed for being an adult,” she continued. “And I am an adult. So I never thought of going on OnlyFans or doing anything of that nature, further, because it impacted my career…”

On being “kind” enough to come back to ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ after she was fired from ‘Teen Mom OG’:

“I’m never coming back to ‘Teen Mom’, PER LAW!”

As fans of the franchise know, Farrah was called back to appear in an episode of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion,’ years after she was booted from ‘Teen Mom OG.’ During the podcast Farrah— who calls herself MTV’s “cash cow”— discusses how nice she was to grace the producers with her presence again, even though they fired her.

“They got to see all the ratings [for the show] go down the toilet [after I was fired],” Farrah said. “Then they ended up calling me back to work with them for ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion.’ And I think that’s the gift of life. Life is so full circle. 

“I am so kind, even when people have been hateful, hurtful, hurt me, publicly just traumatize me,” she said. “But I was like, ‘I will come back to work if I want. If I don’t, cool.'”

Farrah said her therapist discouraged her from returning to ‘Teen Mom’ anymore, so she made the decision to never appear on a ‘Teen Mom’ show again. (Back in 2022, though, Farrah was telling a different story as to why she wasn’t going to appear on ‘Family Reunion’ anymore.)

Farrah did say that she will appear on more reality TV shows, provided the shows and projects have a “social impact.” 

You can watch Farrah’s full interview below.

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(Photos: YouTube; MTV)

18 Responses

  1. It’s probably a documentary about onlyfans and they interviewed people who use it and they interviewed her. It’s not about her but she makes everything about her. She is an escort. It’s not a boyfriend it’s a paid customer. I’m always amazed at her level of delusion and her face looks different every picture I see of her. I feel bad for her daughter

  2. I typed out a huge comment and the site refreshed and I lost everything 😭
    I’m not even going to try and type all of it out again. But I will say:
    I read the comments on the post and am so confused. I didn’t take Farrah’s interview in that way, I actually was shocked at how much she’s “changed” (using that lightly) and how i understood what she meant.
    Glad she sees it’s okay to date and let people in, getting rid of the old allows good to finally come in.
    As far as the money comment, we cannot deny that she did make an extreme move to be in the adult industry, but that doesn’t make her a horrible person. She made a choice, made $ and is in a far better situation than the cast. I will give her that. Her body her choice I could never shame her for that guys.
    She’s still a nutcase 🥜 but she’s Farrah and I happen to like her when she’s not a 🥜
    Idk I took her interview differently but totally see everyone else’s perspective 💜

  3. I’ve always believed she was grooming her daughter to tag team with her. She truly couldn’t be more vile.

    1. I’ve seen this type of comment going around for awhile and I don’t think she’s doing that. I do think she allows her daughter to express herself a lot more than the average parent, but I also see her involved in her daughters life.

      1. Farrah has absolutely exposed Sophia to sexual situations from a young age. You can’t be that naive.

  4. There’s so much wrong here I don’t even know where to start…
    “I do have a teen from ‘Teen Mom.’ I’ve chosen to prioritize my parenting over any relationship and I realize that was holding me back,”…is she saying her child was holding her back? Because that’s what that sounds like and that’s messed up.
    And the “I really am so grateful for my life, all of my money, everything that I’ve earned,” with no mention of Sofia is f’ed up too. She name dropped mtv and teen mom an awful lot. Saying you made so much money you don’t know what to do with it and then saying you “had an epiphany” that you should sell off all your old jewelry and clothes to make room for gifts from new men screams ‘im broke and need money and gifts because I can’t maintain my own lifestyle but want to put a good spin on it’. She definitely is desperate with the lengths she goes to on her only fans. I hope Sofia is the exact opposite of her and doesn’t follow in any of her footsteps.

    1. Her net worth is only 1Mil. Not that my net worth is even near that. But she is not apart of the elite and she is technically poor in Hollyweird…..

    2. She really tried to sugarcoat her OF content. There were so many fabrications in her responses it was hard to keep track. I have to wonder what is wrong with her new man to tolerate her narcissistic behavior and, moreover, she is definitely not mentally healthy.

  5. I think the fact that she never ended up being knocked up by another man tells you everything you need to know about how her ‘boyfriends’ see her…actually, I hope she never will. She is already impacting Sophia’s life (who can forget her allowing her to get creepy messages from middle aged men who want to see her feet??) negatively…she doesn’t need to bring another child into her world. Sophia will be a teen mom unfortunately, I am sure of it.

  6. This women has a serious personality disorder and giving her any platform to spew her BS is wrong its why MTV cut ties with her!

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