EXCLUSIVE! Debra Danielsen Opens Up About Her Daughter Farrah Abraham Allegedly Selling Her Own Feces; Says She’s Lost Jobs Due To Farrah’s Actions

“Your Porta-Potty-level antics are costing me work!”

Debra Danielsen has put up with a lot of crap from her daughter, Farrah Abraham, over the years, but the former Teen Mom OG grandmother says her daughter’s most-recent antics have managed to surprise— and embarrass– her. They’ve also caused her to lose work.

In an interview with The Ashley, Debra— who has appeared alongside Farrah on the ‘Teen Mom’ shows, as well as Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and 16 and Pregnant— talks about the recent claims that Farrah had been allegedly selling her on feces online, as well as participating in pee- and poo-themed adult videos online. (Although several videos have surfaced online seemingly showing Farrah talking about or participating in these activities, the former ‘Teen Mom’ star has denied these claims.)

Deb says that she never expected to see her daughter stoop so low, and that she gets angry when people online blame her for Farrah’s actions. 

“I worked with some of the most prominent people on the planet when I was an executive. I advocated higher education to my daughters, do you think there was any time I would ever suggest she get to that level of human depravity?” Debra said. “Why would you sell your soul, why would you be so depraved that you would do that?”

Debra said that her husband, Dr. David Merz, told her that media outlets and online fan sites were stating that Farrah had been selling her poop

“David told me about it. I had no idea. I’m sitting there and he’s telling me this and I’m like, ‘What?!’” Deb said. “He came to me and told me about it, trying to protect me so that when I go into a room and someone throws this [topic] at me, I’m not blown out of the water.

“It hurts me deeply because I know my daughter deep down inside is better than that,” she continued. “I have no idea how to pull her back.”

Debra suspects someone put Farrah up to making the alleged bathroom-themed adult videos, photos and products.

Where it all began…possibly…

“Somebody who is [her] enemy got on OnlyFans and said ‘I’ll give you 1000 bucks if you s**t in a vile. She thinks it’s a great idea and a great way to earn money, not realizing she was set up,” Deb said. 

“All I know is that I’m really sad and disappointed that I heard about all of this and these movies, and it affects me and [Farrah’s daughter] Sophia negatively. People come after us and say horrible things.”

Debra also mentioned Farrah’s January arrest, in which Farrah was held face-down in the dirt by a club security guard after she allegedly slapped a club employee. The Backdoor Teen Mom was caught on video belligerently screaming, insisting that she’s a “public figure” and a “JD law student,” but was still arrested and hauled off to jail. The next day, Farrah stated on Instagram that she was unfairly detained, harassed, targeted and assaulted. She also denied hitting anyone.

Farrah, the night of her arrest…

“Here she is lying out on the sidewalk drunk and slurring her words and acting so depraved,” Debra said of her daughter. “She’s a victim? No. Grow up, say ‘I have a problem and I need to fix myself.'”

“People came to me and said ‘you need to make it clear that you don’t support this kind of behavior,'” Debra said, adding that she has not spoken to Farrah since May 2021. “I don’t want to speak against my own family, but if somebody is not talking to somebody and you can’t get through to somebody, you have to say something publicly.”

“This behavior is not anything I ever taught my child; God is sitting up there going, ‘Oh this isn’t good,” Deb added.

“Doesn’t he know I’m the No. 1 Celebrity In Our Nation? He’d probably want my autograph!”

Debra— who is about to launch her own podcast next month— has stated that she does not believe Farrah is in her right mind.

“Mental health and wellbeing are really important to protect yourself from all of these evil things that come across your path,” she said. “Obviously, I don’t think she understands what people are trying to hurt her, and she doesn’t believe in herself.”

Deb said that, because of the negative press surrounding Farrah, she has lost out on opportunities herself. 

“People think I’m like Farrah,” she said. “No, I’m not anything like that…. I’ve gone to school and achieved so many things, made history, and it’s all destroyed when you have one person running around doing weird s**t.”

“And I mean that figuratively and literally!”

Debra said she has pitched reality shows recently but believes she was turned down due to Farrah’s recent antics. She also believes that she has lost out on TV opportunities because Farrah has acted poorly during her own gigs. 

“Farrah’s gets in an altercation on Celebrity Big Brother and now it’s like, ‘We don’t want to bring Farrah’s mom in here because she would be like that, too… People look at the world as the way MTV framed it up [on ‘Teen Mom’] and take it as the truth and it really isn’t.”

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(Photos: WEtv; MTV) 

41 Responses

  1. I think the reason why Michael supports Farrah is because Farrah absolutely turns psychotic if she doesn’t get support. It’s just keeping the peace. There is no reasoning with a person like Farrah. And the best thing to happen to Deb was to distance herself from Farrah. Farrah is a toxic person, and the way she speaks to people omg. All MTV crew having to wear shoe covers and use portaloos while filming at her house? What is wrong with her! I actually loved the therapist who told her how viciously she speaks to people (even though Farrah didn’t accept any fault in this). Happy to see her pooping in jars to make a living now, it is about what she deserves!

  2. Said it before; something bad went down in the Abraham house that caused Farrah to end up like this. It seems Debz would like to absolve herself of all blame but people don’t start selling their poo online (and doing other terribly degrading things) because they’ve had a stable upbringing in a happy home. I feel sorry for Farrah tbh.

  3. Debz is right. At this point, Farrah’s actions are her own. HOWEVER, Debz created this monster and then unleashed her on society. She’s not innocent in all of this, she raised Farrah and caused quite a bit of her issues.

  4. Deb, you have reaped what YOU have sown. Maybe it’s the needy way you try to fit in by rapping, maybe it’s the shoving your face in front of whatever camera that you can get, maybe it’s the posting of images of you in wannabe dominatrix outfits that ruin your ‘opportunities.’

    Maybe it’s the way you call anyone who disagrees with you a hater like a 15 year old, or smacking your kid on camera while driving! This behavior doesn’t work well in business Deb. This all has little to nothing to do with Farrah. Your gravy train stopped and now you’re forced to look at yourself, so you’re throwing your kid under the bus so people look the other direction. Gross.

  5. Deb: “I didn’t teach her this!”

    All of us who have seen Deb get physical with Farrah: “………..”

  6. No wonder Farrah is such a terrible person. Her own mother throws her under the bus for a buck. If that was my daughter, I would be worried sick about instead of trashing her in the media. Debra Danielson = Mother of the Year ?

  7. So if Farrah isn’t in her right mind, what is she doing to help Sophia? She was raised by a woman who made her take pics of her b*tthole, who took her to see her johns overseas, who left her in a department alone while she traveled, who took her out of school (is someone checking on Sophia’s schooling?). That child was and is exposed to dangerous environments and you never challenged that

  8. She’s partially messed up because of u Deb! So maybe u should call her and try to talk to her privately if you’re so concerned or was she paid for that interview? Also Sophia needs taken away from Farrah! Maybe she’d be better off with Derek’s family or Michael. I agree Farrah does need to work on her mental health and get better for Sophia and herself!

    1. Derek’s family yes, Michael OH HELL NO!!!

      He’s the biggest reason Farrah is like she is!!!!

      1. At first I thought Debra was part of the problem but now I’m beginning to see that Debra has nothing to do with her daughter’s bizarre behaviors. Other than Derek’s parents, if there is any other grandparent who should have custody of Sophia, it’s Debra and her husband, Dr. Merz and definitely not Michael. Michael is the parent encouraging Farrah’s bizarre behaviors. I will pray for Debra and Sophia. So sad ??‍♀️

        1. Deb is psychotic too, remember in 16&P when they were in the car and Deb backhanded her?

          I remember actually feeling for Farrah and liking Michael then but not now!!!

          I know nothing about Deb’s hubby, but I figure he’s got screws loose too. I mean, look who he married!!!

          You fall for Deb, you obviously ain’t right mentally!!!

  9. Deb is just as mentally unstable as Farrah is. Just because she doesn’t condone certain very specific actions Farrah has taken doesn’t mean that Deb didn’t set her up to spiral out of control. She was not a good mother and the fact that she even says shit like “I made history” (not to mention the plastic surgery and music videos) shows that she and Farrah are very similar.

    1. THANK YOU. As soon as I read that part I was like “Uhm hi Farrah”
      She is very much to blame for a lot of Farrah’s issues.

  10. Yeah cos your own actions, arent crazy at all are they Debz.
    Your bahaviour is bizare and embarrassing, to say the least, its not all farHoes fault.

  11. Deb speaking against Farrah means that Farrah is broke. When Farrah had money Deb only talked good about her.

  12. I can’t help but think if Farrah was talking to Deb, Deb would be making excuses for everything Farrah is doing. Deb’s mad because she’s out of the loop. And as for Deb losing jobs because of Farrah, what about the crazy music and embarrassing videos Deb has put out?

  13. I’ll be honest and say I tuned out most of Deb’s ramblings, but I noticed Farrah is STILL in denial about this? It would be one thing if she or her *customers* were being kink shamed, but this signals she is ashamed of this.

    Deb publicly saying she’s embarrassed and blames Farrah for a lot does not help this situation. Debra again conveniently forgetting her own issues and while shitting on Farrah, does absolutely zero to help her grandchild out of the mess she helped create. The truth hurts and Farrah’s family will never face it.

  14. Deb’s word of the day- depraved. And saying the reason Farrah selling her shit is because somebody told her to? Sure, let’s just not hold Farrah accountable for her actions.

    What a damn mess, and an innocent child in the middle of it all.

  15. The absolute nerve of Debz. She absolutely helped create the Frankenstein’s monster that is Farrah and she sure didn’t mind the “depravity” when she had her mug all over MTV or when Farrah was using her p0rn money to pay for facelifts.

  16. why is deb acting so surprised that farrah would do this like she doesn’t know what farrah really does in dubai ?

  17. I dislike Farah, and there’s absolutely nothing positive to say about her at this point, but Deb forgets that her own mother, farrahs grandmother has filed a restraining order against her, acusses Deb of stealing money from her and more. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  18. Deb, actions speak louder that words. You may not verbally condone her behavior but you didn’t raise her right.

    You’re shit, so she’s shit, now she’s selling her shit (literally)!!!!

  19. Ok, so are we pretending that she doesn’t “White Women Rap” on the internet and that has no affect on how people view her? She was wearing black tape pasties in the street y’all. Farrah didn’t do that.

  20. You lost jobs because of Farrah’s behavior? You probably wouldn’t have even been considered for those jobs if you weren’t Farrah’s mother. Yes, she is a mess, yes, she likely needs help, but where was this conviction years ago when she started to spiral?
    Dont get me wrong Farrah is a fucking dickhead, but we saw Deb ask her daughter to pay for her cosmetic procedures, all while ignoring her kid’s horrible behavior, so she could keep getting that easy money.

    Also, its bananas that Deb thinks only one of them does “weird shit”

  21. We saw almost from day 1 how disappointed Deb was in Farrah’s actions & how Michael defended everything his daughter did not matter what it was or who she hurt. This girl has been mentally unstable all along and her father backed up every deranged choice she made. What an embarrassment to her mother. No one can say “Wait until Sofia grows up & does this” because that child has learned it all 1st hand from the woman who birthed her. I can’t even call her a mother…per law!

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