‘The Challenge’ Star Mark Long & Other 1990s TV Stars to Face Off in “Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition: That’s So ’90s”: Meet the Cast!

” …and no, you may not incorporate Gushers, Dunkaroos, or any other ’90s snack foods into your culinary creations.”

A group of cooking-challenged 1990s celebrities will head to the kitchen to serve up nostalgia and nearly-edible food in the upcoming season of Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition: That’s So ‘90s.

Premiering next month, People reports, ‘Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition: That’s So ‘90s’ will follow hosts Anne Burrell and Food Network star Jeff Mauro as they attempt to turn the ‘90s television stars into better cooks, with the winner taking home $25,000 for the charity of their choice. 

The cast will include stars from 1990s TV hits such as All ThatFull House and California Dreams, as well as Mark Long, who got his start on the original season of Road Rules in 1995 and continues to appear on MTV’s The Challenge spin-offs. 

“While these recruits were Hollywood darlings on television in the ‘90s, they never won anyone over with their cooking–- so Anne and Jeff guide them through a series of rigorous challenges to improve their culinary game,” the show’s press release reads. “From a short-order diner relay to superhero-themed obstacle course, the challenges are wilder and more outrageous than ever.” 

The cast includes (from top left):

Mark Long of ‘Road Rules’ and ‘The Challenge’

Lori Beth Denberg of ‘All That’

Elisa Donovan of ‘Clueless’

Tracey Gold of ‘Growing Pains’

Jennie Kwan of ‘California Dreams’

Matthew Lawrence of ‘Boy Meets World’

Jodie Sweetin of ‘Full House’

Nicholle Tom of ‘The Nanny’

Curtis Williams of “The Parent ‘Hood”

“So I take it Urkel was booked?”

Network president Courtney White called the ‘90s cast “so much fun,” noting that most of the group “have never spent this much time in the kitchen.” 

“The season is a nostalgia-filled blast with familiar faces, hilarious challenges and some impressive culinary transformations,” she added. 

On Sunday, Anne shared her excitement about the upcoming season on social media. 

“I am THRILLED to announce that the next season of #worstcooks ‘Celebrity Edition’ will be premiering on Sunday April 24th at 9 pm on @foodnetwork !!!” Anne wrote. “I am paired up with my GREAT friend @jeffmauro to take this hilarious and super fun group of celebrities through boot camp!!!”

‘Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition: That’s So ‘90s’ premieres Sunday, April 24 at 9 p.m. on Food Network. The series will also be available to stream on Discovery+. 

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(Photos: Food Network; Instagram) 

15 Responses

  1. That’s interesting: Jodie Sweetin may not have had the most extensive or prestigious acting résumé, but she was never someone who just showed up on any ol’ celeb-reality show, as many do.

    Yet now she’s doing CBS’s *Beyond the Edge* AND this?

    I chocked BtE up to its potentially being pitched as “Celebrity Survivor,” (and, as a one-off, I might be able to see signing up for this if one actually wanted to learn to cook, so, why not get a paycheck and exposure for doing it? …It’s what it would take for me to ever bother!), but this seems a bit more more z-listy anyway, let alone back-to-back.

    Now, if she suddenly starts showing up on Marriage Boot Camp-level shows, I’ma wonder what’s going on in her life.

    (I’m actually enjoying her on BtE–I haven’t seen *Fuller House*–so it’s not a slight; it’s just interesting timing to suddenly appear on a second subleb-reality show, and one that doesn’t even seem to have had the pretense that it’s higher quality programming, as I think BtE was intending to be).

    I’m sure it’s something totally boring and logical like both shows fit her schedule well and worked for her now that her kids were getting older, but it’s just interesting for someone who never went this route but, even pre-*Fuller House*, likely had the nostalgic appeal and life-comeback draw to have gotten many of these gigs previously, if she’d been interested.

    1. Jodie Sweetin is actually my favorite on the cast.

      While she hasn’t had the most extensive, she’s had personal struggles that I admire her for overcoming. As well as how well she obviously mother’s her daughter, I mean I haven’t seen her in the news for physical abuse of any kind towards then unlike so many others in the public eye. And it’s most especially impressive for a child star!!

      Not a slam ThatBich, just a comment about how I feel about her as a person.

      1. Oy, so many typos in the previous comment. I REALLY should have read that before submitting it.

  2. Lol I am so watching this. There was a 90’s con a few weeks ago and missed that, so this will have to do. ?

  3. I don’t remember Matthew Lawrence on Boy Meets World. I remember Ben Savage and Ryder Strong.
    Matt had a show with his brothers Joey and Andrew. He was also on Super Human Samurai. But Boy Meets World is not ringing a bell for me.

    1. Matthew Lawrence played Jack Hunter, Shawn’s (Ryder Strong) brother from a previously relationship.

        1. He didn’t become a regular until they started college (1997 or ’98), 4 or 5 years into the show.

          1. Who the hell would give someone(AYITICHERI) 2 downvotes for legit just not knowing who a character is?

            THAT’S FREAKING CRAZY!!!!

          2. Yeah, the 1 year of Jr High and the High school years were the funniest.

            Although the episode where Jack and Eric (Ben Savage’s brother) dressed in drag to deter a bully was pretty funny.

  4. I know all but the first 2 and last one on this, God I’m showing my age…lol.

    This looks like a fun show though.

    1. 1st one is The guy from the Challenge, idk why he messed with his face that much, 2nd one is the funny girl from All That, and the last one was the younger son on The Parent ‘Hood. He looks great! I couldn’t recognize him at first.

    2. Lori Beth was on The Steve Harvey Show too.

      I think the kid from The Parent Hood was the youngest kid. There was an older sister and brother iirc.
      Both shows were on the WB.

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