EXCLUSIVE! Debra Danielsen Talks About Her Daughter Farrah Abraham’s Behavior on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’: “I Was Horrified”

“I was looking for a Porta Potty to hide in! I was so embarrassed!”

Farrah Abraham brought plenty of chaos (and negativity) with her when she made her surprise appearance on Teen Mom Family Reunion recently and, while her volatile behavior outraged many of the show’s cast members (and fans), it absolutely horrified her own mother, Debra Danielsen.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Debra— who is currently estranged from Farrah— discussed how she felt watching Farrah’s bad behavior play out on-screen. As The Ashley previously reported, Farrah surprised the ‘TMFR’ cast and, shortly after her appearance, angered Cheyenne Floyd by calling Chey’s baby daddy Cory Wharton “ghetto.” She went on to insult Amber Portwood and Maci Bookout, despite both women reaching out and being kind to her.

“When I watched the commercial [for the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ episode with Farrah in it]I was horrified,” Debra told The Ashley.

“Whatever, Debra!”

“And I can’t even watch the full episode. I saw Amber Portwood trying to calm Farrah down. I was proud of Amber. I wanted to reach out and hug Amber and tell her thank you.”

Debra stated that she believes that Farrah’s behavior stems from a lack of self-love, something she plans to discuss on her upcoming podcast.

“If people can’t love themselves, it’s very scary. On the inside that’s causing so much uncertainty. She doesn’t have peace,” Deb said of her daughter. 

While some ‘Teen Mom’ viewers may have been surprised to see Farrah’s former nemesis, Amber, reaching out and being kind to her, Debra says she was not shocked at all.

Where Farrah and Amber were not too long ago…

“Amber understands that it’s pure hell on the inside when you feel like you don’t have any love or support,” Debra said. “And there’s no peace in there. Amber gets it. And Maci, who I respect so much. I sent her some text messages and apologized and said Farrah is not herself right now.”

(Farrah is currently in an inpatient trauma treatment center, but Debra has not had any contact with her since last year.)

Debra told The Ashley that she saw the entire dynamic of the cast change as soon as Farrah arrived (with her negative energy in tow).

“I was really proud of the girls [on ‘Family Reunion’] for getting this therapist and making progress. I’m proud of those women for working on making themselves better,” Deb said. “But then here comes Farrah into the room and the whole things changes.”

Everything related to Farrah….

Debra stated that she’s often accused of “causing” Farrah to be the way she is, but says that the fact that Farrah’s actions are her own.

“What happened on [‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’] is a good example of this,” Debra said. “The people who think I’m crazy and I caused all of this, well, I wasn’t there [on ‘Family Reunion] I wasn’t in the room, otherwise it would have been a whole different outcome. Just as she disrupted the whole episode, you can have a family member who walks in and disrupts the whole family. It’s the same thing.”

Stay tuned for more of The Ashley’s interview with Debra…

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(Photos: MTV; WEtv)

23 Responses

  1. Unpopular opinion but Debz is correct. Farrah does not own her behavior. Farrah does not like herself, never mind love herself. Yes, Debz was a horrible mother and laid the foundation for Farrah but at some point? You either change the behavior and grow out of the trauma or you remain stuck. Farrah hasn’t taken one iota of responsibility for her actions and she’s damn near 30.

  2. As someone who came from a very broken and toxic childhood, and who still has very toxic parents now, i say this wholeheartedly…
    FARRAH , you are in your 30s, or close to 30. Either way , it is time to accept responsibility for your behavior and stop blaming it on everyone else but you. You can only play victim and blame your childhood and whatever else for so long. The common factor here is you . Go work on your crazy. Its bad enough that you have fucked up your own , but it’s also affecting your daughter. Grow up and deal with your shit.

  3. Deb and Michael are a huge part of why Farrah is how she us. They refused to let Derrick be a part of a part of her pregnancy journey. Her losing her first love and baby daddy. Deb being completely lacking of love and empathy. Deb beating the shit outta Farrah. Deb charging her 17 old rent! Deb & Michael exploiting her for years on TM, Bootcamp, etc..Fast forward to be Farrah being of wealthy young mom through dubious means.,They exploited the shit out of her for $$. Farrah became the parent of Deb and Michael and dished out what they did to her. Deb controlled Farrah with $ and abusive adult behavior. Farrah dished it right back to them w/ controlling them with $$ and abusive behavior. Farrahs a grown up now and has to take accountability for ALL her horrible behavior. But she didn’t grow up being a narcissistic entitled brat out of no where.

  4. I mean she’s not wrong y’all but after reading your comments I get your point. But after so long when do you stop blaming the parent for the adult-in-her-30’s behavior? It’s all on Farrah now.

  5. I’m mean.. you DID raise her Deb.. you sure have some guilt in all of this.
    And poor Sophia will end even worse.

  6. Deb can save it. She enabled Farrah’s shitty behaviour for years because Farrah was paying for her plastic surgery.

  7. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t think Farrah went to a trauma treatment center. I think she either went to a psych hospital or rehab.

  8. As I said before, Debra comes off like a lot of wealthier older white women I’ve known. They don’t care about raising their kids, they are too busy chasing money and/or dick, then a *shocked* at how rotten their kids turn out and pretend their shit don’t stink.

    Usually they get religious, but Deb’s *positive thinking* crap works too – their are all “love and acceptance” now when they are comfortable in life. But were probably complete shite parents, who publicly comment on the trainwreck of a child – like they had no hand in how this all worked out! Jesus, don’t make me defend Farrah, but she just didn’t become this way naturally – some or a lot of things fucked her up before she got knocked up as a teen.

    1. “Obviously you can’t blame me for Farrah, I wasn’t even there!”

      But Debz raised her! And shitty parenting follows you around for the rest of life if you don’t get help. Does she not recall literally slapping her daughter across the face ON TV?!? Not to mention EVERYTHING she let her get away with growing up! She and Michael are the reason Farrah is the way she is. Yes, Farrah makes her own stupid decisions and should own her own faults, but she didn’t get to this psychotic place all on her own.

    2. Let me guess: you are or were a stay at home mom or didn’t have a successful career.

      Your post was so anti feminist.
      God forbid the older women, who fought so hard to be taken seriously in the workplace, get slammed as not caring about their kids
      Oh and throw race in there too.
      What BS.
      Those wealthy older white women worked incredibly hard, deserved what they earned and provided for their kids.
      It might surprise you to learn that the data supports virtually no difference in problem kids based on working professional moms.
      What does matter is stability, mental wellness, love. Deb clearly has her own mental health issues so I doubt we can blame all the terrible issues in that home on her career.

  9. Both of Farrah’s parents created that monster, raising her in full view of their own set of bad behaviors. And by giving in to Farrah’s demands under the guise they would never see Sophia again if they did not give Farrah what she wanted. Well, what do you think of that poor little girl now, grams and gramps?

    Work on your family and get off these shows and podcasts. The only thing that MTV money did for this family, is causing them to sell their souls (and their arse) for more of it.

  10. I love how Amber tries to come off as big and bad, a fighter, someone you dare not fuck with…yet she couldn’t properly bitch slap Farrah from a foot away. Man, she’s scary!!! (Eyeroll) Both Farrah and Debra are nuts. Period.

    I’m lit

  11. If her appearance on this lame show was “Horrifying” to Debra, don’t ever ask her what she had to do in Dubai.

    stay lit

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