‘Pawn Stars’ Matriarch Joanne Harrison Requests Restraining Order Against Her Son Rick Harrison After Suing Him Over Family Assets

How does it feel to be sued by your own mother?

Things among the Pawn Stars family continue to be problematic.

According to KLAS News, Joanne Harrison, mother of Rick Harrison and wife of the show’s late star Richard “Old Man” Harrison, has asked for a temporary restraining order against her son after suing him over family assets and ownership of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured on the History Channel reality show.

Joanne filed documents Monday in Clark County District Court in Nevada, seeking to block her son from “siphoning” $25,000 payments, transferring or concealing cash or assets, or any other actions that may diminish her interest in the family business.

The court documents also reportedly exposed ongoing disputes between the mother and son, which resulted in lawyers stepping in back in September when Joanne threatened to end Rick’s involvement in the family trust.

Rick claims he was not aware of his mother’s latest legal move, though he believes she is “being manipulated by others who are not looking out for her best interest.”

Rick reportedly found out about the restraining order filed against him by his mother when he heard it on a news report.


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“I’ve tried to reach her numerous times over the last several months and am unable to do so,” he said through a spokesperson. “In fact, one of the companies she is suing is owned 100 percent by my mother.”

Joanne allegedly wants to know where her money has been going since her husband, Richard “Old Man” Harrison, died in 2018. The 81-year-old is also reportedly concerned about paying for her medical care, which costs $15,000 per month, due to needing a 24-hour caretaker.

As The Ashley told you back in 2018, Richard left Rick in charge of his estate, naming him the administrator. (Richard specifically left his and Joanne’s son Christopher Harrison out of his will for unknown reasons.)

Court documents suggest that Joanne believes Rick has been moving her money without her permission or knowledge, and that he took out a $3 million loan using her assets as collateral.

While the popular pawn shop used to bring in more than $1 million yearly in net income, it took a big hit during the pandemic, bringing in less than $38,000 in 2020. As a result, Joanne’s $25,000 monthly payments took a hit; however, she claims her payments dried up prior to the pandemic.

In 2020, the Harrison trust reportedly received $790,083, though the amount that went to Rick was nearly $2 million. As for Joanne, she claims to have only received $85,000 that year.

“While Rick enjoys his comfortable life as a celebrity firmly in control of all the family businesses and finances, Joanne is left frightened, and unsure of if she will have enough resources to pay for her considerable medical and personal expenses each month,” Joanne’s request for a temporary restraining order reads. “More specifically, Joanne is 81 years old and suffers from a number of health issues which require 24-hour care and supervision.

“If Rick were to again arbitrarily cut off Joanne’s monthly income, it would place Joanne at immediate and serious risk of irreparable medical harm, which by definition cannot be remedied by money damages at the conclusion of this litigation,” the request states.

A court date has been set for April 7 to address the temporary restraining order.

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