Farrah Abraham Slams Maci Bookout As “Pathetic” & Says ‘Teen Mom’ Producer Dia Sokol Savage Is A “Woman Abuser” Who Forced Her to Leave ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’

“Farrah, please stop talking… or whatever you want to call that thing you’re doing.”

Farrah Abraham may have quit Teen Mom Family Reunion, but she isn’t done talking about the experience or dragging the franchise and her former cast mates. 

The latest to find themselves on the receiving end of Farrah’s nearly indecipherable rant is Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout– whom Farrah accused of being both “abusive” and “pathetic,” despite Maci attempting to befriend Farrah on the show and convince her to stay– as well as those working behind the scenes of the show.

In the aftermath of this week’s episode, Farrah took to Instagram– in what may possibly be the longest “Farrah Speak” word salad to date–– slamming society, the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, producer Dia Sokol Savage and Maci.

Farrah kicked off her rant calling ‘Teen Mom’ an example of “how society takes advantage of teen moms [and] single moms.” She also claimed that production “tries to make life choices for grown a** women against their will.” In true Farrah fashion, she stated these actions were “against the law.” 

Imagine stringing together this many words and none of them make any sense.

Farrah went on to claim that leaving the spinoff wasn’t her decision before calling ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ a “failed show.” 

“ … I was made to leave via woman abuser Dia Sokol and Paramount had to handle the contract breach per usual with these failed filmmakers,” she said. “When I speak- I speak to production not to the teen moms on this show who will say anything and mistreat anyone to keep a failed show going…In spite of me? … Enjoy the weight that looks really torture some.” 

“Torture SOME? When Farrah talks, I’d say it’s more of a torture ALL situation.”

Farrah added that none of the moms–- Maci included–- know what really happened, as she claims she was “open to meeting for therapy” and even “gave Maci a gift.” 

“Hilarious how much Maci allows herself to be manipulated and that could be why she feels she’s not enough: Life coach lesson,” Farrah said, before continuing to vomit more confusing Farrah Speak. “They have non teen parents on the show to even take more advantage of teen parents work– so pathetic.” 

While life coach Cheyenne Bryant (aka Coach B) has been helping the cast on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ through various exercises, Farrah claims she’s done “more life coaching and executive functioning work” on herself and has always supported those who dislike her.

“Although I think we can all agree there aren’t many people who dislike me, right? Right?!”

She ended her entirely too long statement by demanding better, more credible TV shows. 

“Our world deserves far more credible tv shows that do not put women in vulnerable situations,” she wrote. “WORD TO YOUR MOTHER.” 

“You rang?”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

20 Responses

  1. No matter how messed up Farrah gets, there’s usually some truth in her word salad. Macy and the other girls are unbelievably cruel and hateful, the way they ganged up on Mac from Oklahoma. That behavior towards her was completely unacceptable. Reminded me of middle school age girls. Sure, Mac was annoying af. She’s so high energy and having lost her mom, having a husband cheating, and all those little kids feeding off her unsettled stress is enough to drive one nuts. Still, the way they shunned and her abused her made me lose all respect for the lot of them. What Farrah does is gross and the way she treats Sophia is terrible. Someone help that little girl! How about the way the others treat their kids? Look closely. They’re all exploiting their kids at the very least. MTV sucks for using them the way they do. I no longer watch but keep up here and on Instagram. Yuck they should get new girls after their babies are 2 years old. Making monsters with a little money outta all of them.

    1. There is usually some truth in her word salad? You must not have read much of The Ashley’s coverage of Farrah’s ramblings over the years. Nail salon receptionists, Harvard professors, restaurant staff, ob/gyns – they are all ‘abusers.’ No human being has suffered as much abuse at the hands of random service-providing strangers as Farrah.

      She’s 100% delusional, and the best policy is to laugh at and then disregard every single word.

      1. I haven’t followed everything, no. Still I say “there is usually some truth” Key words usually and some. She is delusional and unstable. So MTV and Dia Sokol Savage have exploited her for ratings. Exploiting a delusional and unstable person on the streets or in the real world is a crime. It’s abuse. Still feel so bad for her little girl. Why hasn’t anyone saved her?

        1. She has exploited and prostituted herself, her daughter, and degraded herself for a dollar. She is a grown woman and makes her own decisions. She alone is responsible for her actions. She should be in jail for her latest attack. I got SO much enjoyment watching her face get ground into the dirt and cigarette butts.

  2. Back in 2009, E! Network banned Speidi (Spencer and Heidi) from their network and website. It cast those two off into oblivion for many years and all was well in the world.

    As much as I enjoy The Ashley’s stories, translations and all-around mockery of Farrah, I would have zero objections to the black listing of Farrah from this site. At least for a little while.

    And I would be very happy to have David crawl back into his swamp and stay there permanently with nary a word from him, but I worry about those kids. I feel like having some notoriety is the only thing keeping David from murdering Jace and Keiser. Since he knows we are watching, David restrains himself from killing those poor children like he has their pets.

    That’s my two cents.

      1. Correct, The Hills aired on MTV, but E! banned Speidi from their site. So no more stories about Speidi. Their “news” shows didn’t mention the pair. Speidi was dead to E! until The Hills was rebooted.

  3. I’m confused, if Maci supposedly got Fake AF Farrah fired from TMOG. why would she be nice and try to convince her to stay at the retreat?

    Sounds like Fake AF Farrah got herself fired and the “fans” blame Maci.

    Which is it?

  4. farrah has made it loud and clear that she only came because she’s broke and needed the money. because why else did she even go if she was gonna be a c u next tuesday when everyone including AMBER is just being nice and being the bigger person? ?

    1. Sell some more shit on your daughters website Farrah. I am sure your perverted male friends overseas will pay more of your bills. Great roll model for your daughter. You must be so proud she is taking after you.. CPS…nothing yet?

  5. Do I think Maci toes the company line. Sure. She needs the paycheck.

    Do I think she tried to make the best of the Farrah bit and be a bigger person? Yes. Its been years and really, Farrah has no bearing on Maci’s life today.

    Does Farrah step in shit and not understand its her shoes that stink? Absolutely.

    I’m over all of these ppl and Im finally at the point where I can no longer hear about Farrah. She needs to join Jenelle in the abyss.

  6. I am not a Maci fan at all but I saw the clip of Maci talking to Farrah, Maci was actually being nice and trying to be supportive of Farrah. The conversation was uncomfortable because you could tell that Maci was walking on eggshells with Fragile Farrah. Surely Farrah realizes that she acts like a complete moron. Maybe Farrah having self awareness is “against the law”.?

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