‘Sister Wives’ Stars Talk Christine & Kody Brown’s Divorce: Christine Calls It “Freeing,” Kody Reveals He’s Grieving & Robyn Says She’s Angry

The moment you realize that it doesn’t matter what these numbskulls think…

Christine Brown is reveling in her freedom after leaving her unhappy marriage to husband Kody, but Kody and his real fourth wife Robyn aren’t happy about it.

In a new clip of Sunday’s Season 16 Finale (Part 3) episode shared by Us Weekly, Christine says that finally leaving Kody was “freeing” because she realized he could never again break her heart. She states that she’d eventually like to be friends to the man she was spiritually married to for more than 28 years, though.

Kody reveals that he is experiencing grief from the loss of Christine, but that some people in his large family (which includes other wives Meri and Janelle) are relieved that Christine has left Kody and moved to Utah. 

And, naturally, Robyn has to weigh in, cry and make it all about herself.

“Kody and I are divorced, Christine says proudly in the clip. “We’re completely separate.” 

Judging by Christine’s words, it appears that things between her and Kody— who is the father of her six children— are still not in a good place.

“We’re just going to be friends…eventually,” she said. 

“But now that I’m not chained to you for time and eternity, I don’t really give a hoot anymore!”

She goes on to explain why she finally made the decision to leave Kody after so many years of unhappy marriage.

“I just realized I had to make a decision from my heart, and my heart was done being broken,” she said. “And it felt…freeing!” 

Kody also talked about the split, confirming that he and his third wife are “no longer married.” 

Kody mentions that he does still love Christine, and that he’s currently trying to work through his grief— and anger— over the split. (As The Ashley recently reported, Kody told a fan in a recent Cameo video that he’s currently seeing someone to deal with his grief, although he didn’t specifically say the grief stems from his split with Christine.) 

“I don’t know what to do because I’ve got the grief but I’m still angry,” he says. “I’ll take the grief right now, for a little while, just to be out of the anger phase. And then just, moving on [to] have a good life and find happiness.” 

Kody then awkwardly mentions that some people (hmm…I wonder who?) are “relieved” now that Christine’s gone. 

“To be honest with you, there’s gonna be some relief from the rest of the family,” he said. 

“The rest of the family”…probably…

We are then taken to Robyn‘s interview, where she’s asked how Christine and Kody’s split affects her. Robyn— who has admitted to being the only one of Kody’s four wives who has/had a functioning marriage with him– -is angry that Christine didn’t choose to stay in the unhappy marriage.

She also states that she’s angry about Christine’s departure, given that Christine is “part of my big picture.” (It’s unclear if Robyn is talking about their religious views, which state that a man must have a minimum of three wives to get into the celestial kingdom– at the lowest level. Men with more wives get to higher levels of heaven, and they take their wives and families with them. Christine revealed earlier in the tell-all that she no longer belongs to the church that the rest of the family does.)

“What a waste!” Robyn says coldly when asked about the split.

Robyn, possibly talking about the time it takes to brush your curls out or blend your eyeshadow…

“There’s two functioning people that could figure it out,” Robyn said, before wailing. “I don’t see why giving up is an option when you haven’t actually tried to fix it!” 

(In previous episodes, Christine said she has tried for years to make her unhappy marriage to Kody work. ‘Sister Wives’ fans have seen them attend couples’ counseling, and watched as Christine has expressed her needs to Kody, who eventually told her he no longer wanted to be intimate with her.) 

“I am frustrated and angry and devastated by Christine’s choice,” Robyn declares.

“She’s part of my big picture!” Robyn says. 

Nope…nothing creepy about that statement…nothing at all…

Earlier in the tell-all, Robyn stated that she doesn’t consider Christine and Kody divorced because they didn’t have the church grant the divorce.

“Christine says they’re divorced. And, technically, in my head, they’re not because their marriage was done by our church officials,” Robyn said. “And they haven’t granted them a divorce.”

Part 3 of the ‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 finale airs Sunday on TLC. 

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19 Responses

  1. Bruh! How the fuck is Robyn more upset than either person actually ending this relationship?!? That’s high level narcissism right there!

  2. Christine did everything she could to save her relationship with Kody. It isn’t her fault he was unwilling to take the steps to do the same. He and Sobbin are selfish narcissistic A holes who completely deserve each other. Lots of good luck to Christine and her kids.

  3. Only that bitch Robyn would think to use a picture of Kody, with Christine’s kids, and erase them in favor of her own messed up kids Day-Un, Aurora, and Breanna. I think Aurora is Robyn 2.0, and a total drama queen. Oh sure Robyn, you’re totally sad that Christine left, aren’t you? Phony Robyn, the bitch that keeps Kody’s balls in her iron grip!

  4. What kind of batsh*t crazy mess is this?! How are these people on television? Robyn is gross and delusional. Maybe Kody can snag Farrah Abraham for a trophy 4th wife that’d be fun to watch ?

  5. Robin you are to blame for all this drama in the family i hope you are happy now some of his kid’s don’t want anything to do with him becasuse of you cody only knows how to be a father to your kid’s

  6. Robin divorced a man and married Kody, so Kody could adopt another man’s children because he was a deadbeat father.

    And Robin can’t figure out why another woman would leave a man?

    How long did Robin try for before she left?

    Because Christine had been with him for 28 years, she has the audacity to say she didn’t try enough.

    He has called her disgusting before, and now says he doesn’t want a physical relationship. Kody is that man who makes himself so insufferable that you dump him, so he can say, It wasn’t his fault.

    He did it to Meri already is just so trauma bonded to Kody for years hearing him say terrible things about her, she truly doesn’t believe any other man could love her.

    I assume Jenelle will be out soon, she seems like she’s at the end of her rope right now.

  7. Oh, Sobbin. Your logic is flawed. The Apostolic United Brethern excommunicated the Browns a long time ago. They don’t have a church. Also, Sobbin is afraid that Kody will acquire more wives.

    1. Yep! Sobbin Robyn is TERRIFIED that Kody will bring in another wife, and then she’ll feel how Meri, Christine, and Jenelle felt!!!

  8. I am dumbfounded why they keep using the word wife to refer to all of these women. He has 1 wife, 1 wife only. As far as him getting into the celestial kingdom, good luck with that ! God have mercy on your soul Kootie.

  9. So why didn’t Robyn stay in her unhappy marriage with her ex husband? Why did she choose to give up? Right, because it is BS and she knows it. Robyn has created a divide ever since she came into this family & she knows she has. Kody is a complete Neanderthal and I am shocked that anyone would choose to stay married to that misogynistic asshole. I am thrilled for Christine, she deserves to finally be happy.

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