‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Reveals He’s Getting Grief Counseling; Admits He Hasn’t Been a Wise Parent Lately

Finally! Kody said something that’s actually correct…

Sister Wives fans have watched Kody Brown‘s family break apart during the most-recent season of the show, and in a few new Cameo videos made for fans, Kody reveals that he’s struggling to come to terms with how things have changed.

As fans know, Kody’s third wife Christine left him last year, and several of his adult children have become estranged from him, due in part to his actions regarding his COVID-19 rules for the family. 

In a recent Cameo video made for a fan, Kody admits that his family is “struggling” and “kind of a mess.” He also shares for the first time publicly that he’s seeing someone to deal with his grief.

(Kody didn’t specifically say what or who he is grieving; however, based on the rest of the video, it is likely he may be grieving the relationships with some of his now-estranged family members.) 

“I was talking to somebody helping me with my grief recently,” Kody told the fan, before launching into a speech about how things can change.

“You have to be loving and forgiving, in spite of changes. I need to take some of my own advice,” Kody says.

“Um…yeah, ya think?!?!”

In another recent Cameo, Kody talks about how to be a good parent. However, he admits that he hasn’t been a wise parent himself lately. 

“Being a parent is a lot more about being in love with your children and connecting with them than it is about being wise as a parent,” Kody said, before admitting he hasn’t been the smartest parent lately.

“Parental wisdom is something that has escaped me, but that’s mostly because I’m looking back now at the mistakes,” Kody told the fan.

Raise your hand if you agree with this statement…

During Part 2 of the Season 16 finale tell-all episode, Kody admitted that Garrison and Gabe—two of the sons he shares with second wife Janelle— are not currently talking to him. He stated that his relationship with the boys is “not good” and that the relationships need “a lot of work.”

Kody felt that his sons were being disrespectful to him by not following his rules, while Garrison and Gabe thought that Kody was too focused on “being right” and not focused enough on his family outside of his wife Robyn and their kids.

“We need therapy,” Kody said of him and his sons during the Season 16 finale. “I need to sit down with my boys and get something straight because I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so angry about what happened that we’re not communicating and I think they are too.” 

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  1. Kody is a self-serving scumbag who is abusive to his wives and children. He has zero personality, he must have money. His wives have outgrown his caveman mentality and are raising successful, well-adjusted children largely without him. Makes you wonder how that self-centered martyr Robin’s kids will end up after spending so much time with him? No talk of a 5th wife because he couldn’t find one now, could he? Run, don’t walk away as fast as you can. I admire Chritine for kicking his dumb ass to the curb. You go girl

  2. Kody’s original wives all outgrew him. They matured into strong independent women, who are raising amzing, successful children on their own. He is a egotistical caveman with zero personality. I don’t understand how he convinced 4 women to marry him? Makes you wonder how that self-centered martyr Robin’s kids will turn out after he has spent so much time with them? Run, don’t walk away make some happiness for yourselves away from his toxic, preaching dictatorship. The kids are the collateral damage in all of this, what a pig he is.

  3. All this is happening since Robyn joined the family she’s the favorite and she wants him all to herself things were fine before with the other wives and kids

    1. There were still issues, but definitely not as many! I remember when Christine was in Labor and Kody was more worried about kissing Robyn (who he wasn’t even married to at the time) than he was about getting to the hospital for Christine! Robyn likes to pick and choose what “rules” to follow. She had it all planned out! She came into the family knowing this would be the outcome. Still trying to figure out why unemployed Robyn needs a Nanny….

  4. What kind of a man is he? You tell your wives you don’t love them, you don’t sleep with them, you advocate throwing your son’s into the street, you refuse to be there for your daughters major surgery! Kody is horrible

  5. I don’t care how much or what kind of counseling he gets, he will ALWAYS be a tool. I just wish Sobyn Robyn would stfu and just take him away from the rest of the family. They deserve better, she deserves him

  6. Cody will never see himself as we do – he only sees everyone else’s mistakes. I’m hoping Janelle will follow Christine and live happy lives. Sobbin Robin and kids can stay with Cody and remain obedient! Cancel him! Spin-off for the freedom of Christine and hopefully Janelle.

  7. Why can’t he just reach out to his kids and make major efforts to repair the relationship? Ya know, admit he was in the wrong (I know, god forbid, kody’s poor ego). This dude gets off on making himself a victim and a martyr. Good luck to the kids, who will be doing the majority of the work and effort if they want a relationship with their narcissistic dad.

  8. Koty is a piece of shit! He doesn’t care about anybody but Koty! He’s a narcissist pig! I don’t know what anybody wants with him. It’s all about him and Robin and Robin’s kids!

  9. I have never seen a situation that needs another wife added ASAP like this one. I think that will fix all of these issues.

    stay lit

  10. He couldn’t be more full of shit and it’s despicable to play the victim when this is exactly what he wanted.

    Robyn is doing the same thing by pretending she wants the whole family together in the interviews while all of her actions show just the opposite.

  11. He’s not in Love with wife Janelle or Christine and his first wife so he only wants the last young wife don’t the other wife’s see that. They need to do like Christine and leave his ass along and go on with there life’s. It’s not late to take Charge and get out be happy because he’s happy with that one lady for now and he’s going on with his life, and stringing you guys alone until he gets tired of his young wife so he can come back and make your lives a lot worse. Janelle you to Smart for that shit you knew he was just trying to show his first wife that he was really done with her at that service for her mother you are wrong ,he was just using you, that the way he’s going to you also. He’s showing all y’all that he don’t want y’all he just wants y’all to keep paying the way he wants to live that’s the only way you guys are getting to hang around.

  12. He is grieving 2 things, the 1 ounce of common sense he had years ago and the 2nd, bringing in that bimbo Robin and Jessop’s kid’s into his original, beautiful, functional family…

  13. Kody has made a huge mistake in favoring one wife over the others. All wives should have been treated the same. It is very evident that Kody favors Robyn’s children over all the others. Marriage vows are very sacred yet Kody has stomped on them & abused his wives by saying ugly & nasty statements to them. Words are hurtful. Why would you tell a wife you are not in love with her because she is chubby, because she was catfished (Meri did not sleep with the catfish but Kody is sleeping with 3 other women), because he is not attracted to her, etc. However he expects the wives to stay with him without affection & intimacy. What????? These are still vibrant & young women who should not live in a loveless marriage.(BTW, Kody should cut that nasty hair of his. It’s not becoming & looks RIDICULOUS on a man his age)). Kody comes across as abusive, angry, narcissistic, selfish, demanding, uncaring, hateful, condescending, etc. Shame on you, Kody. You really do need therapy. I hope TLC removes Kody from Sister Wives & starts anew with Christine & Janelle as survivors of his cruel treatment of them & their children.

  14. My heat breaks for his son’s and all his children from the other three wives. This man is not a good father and certainly not a good husband! The other three wives should divorce Kody. Get their children into counseling. And let Robin have him. They deserve each other.

  15. Kody just knows how so many has turned on him. For his hurtful bossy ways. It’s his way or noway He’s looking for sympathy now. To late ur wife’s most of them see u for the Man u are. Hopefully the others u treat like nothing will be next to go.

  16. Kody as a outsider who has watched this show from the beginning. You have cut all ties with all of wives but Robyn. All of Your children see this. Plus your not spending as much time with your other children as well. So with that it’s a you problem not the familys. You changed the rules on how you wanted to live.

  17. Kody as a outsider who has watched this show from the beginning. You have cut all ties with all of wives but Robyn. All of Your children see this. Plus your not spending as much time with your other children as well. So with that it’s a you problem not the familys. You changed the rules on how you wanted to live.

  18. I did only I fault kody for is how he was not there for his daughter that was pretty Shiite. However what he was asking of his family was not totally unreasonable. I think this show has proven plural marrages are not real marriage. There is no full comment when you see your family couple times a week. I think kody prove himself. Wrong that this is not a proper way to have a family. I pray for them all and may have move forward in positive light.

  19. I enjoy watching this family. It reminds me of my own situation. I had kids with a man that dated another woman then left her to go to another woman.then again and two had kids with him and I had 4 but 1before him.None of us married. Silly I know but I like the show and think they have a lot of blessings they don’t realize.

  20. I am floored that anyone would actually pay to listen to Kody. My curiosity got the better of me and I went to his page to see how much he charges, $99 for a personal cameo and $499 for a business cameo. What could he possibly have to say? His first video states, “I will take all requests and make a personal video, just don’t ask about a 5th wife.” He is a complete narcissist with an overinflated ego.

    My heart broke when Gabe tried to talk to Kody. He was very calm and respectful to Kody and tried in vain to get his point across. Kody was screaming at him and screaming about his mother, Jenelle. Gabe looked devastated. Not once did Kody apologize sincerely for hurting his other children and Gabe. He got mad and stomped off like the baby he is.

    1. Same here re: Gabe. So sad to see him brokenhearted over a dad that left him behind as baggage and then blames him for it instead of owning that he just didn’t GAF (or not enough at least). I know what it’s like to go thru that and there’s no words for how painful it is to be tossed away like trash by your own father.

  21. Kody is a great parent to Robyns kids. Its his own kids that he resents and want to kick out of their mothers homes. Kody literay forced his other wives to chose him or their kids and this narcissist is angry that they chose their kids.

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