‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Says She’s Done with Polygamy After Splitting with Husband Kody: “I Don’t Believe In It For Me Anymore”

“I’m single and ready to mingle…with guys who have no wives!”

Christine Brown says she’s done with plural marriage.

The Sister Wives star— who split with her husband Kody last year— has decided that she no longer wants to a polygamist. During a preview for next week’s finale (part 2) episode, Christine gives her thoughts on polygamy, a lifestyle she lived for more than 25 years with Kody.

After announcing (rather proudly) that she and Kody are now divorced, Christine says that she no longer feels that polygamy is a good choice.

“I don’t want polygamy because I don’t believe in it for me anymore,” Christine– who shares six kids with Kody– said.

Kody, however, appears to be angry when the host tells him what Christine said about polygamy.

“We’ve got these great memories and we’ve got these beautiful children, and you hate polygamy?” he says in regard to Christine’s quote. 

“What the CRAP?!” he screams.

“Wonderful memories, huh? I must have missed those, Kody.”

Christine’s feelings about polygamy have certainly changed since we first met her in 2010 during Episode 1. During the show’s very first episode, Christine— who was pregnant with Truely at the time—says that she grew up having no doubt that she’d join a plural family someday.

“I always knew I’d live a polygamous lifestyle,” Christine tells the camera. “That’s probably because I grew up and was raised in it, so I wasn’t ever interested in single guys. If they asked my dad about me, I would just turn them down because I didn’t want them.

“I never wanted to just be married to a man,” she said during that episode. “I always wanted sister wives. I just liked the idea of the companionship; I liked the idea of the freedom that it got me…I honestly wanted sister wives more than a husband for a time of my life. I wanted the whole family; I didn’t just want Kody.”

During that same episode, Christine says something rather foreshadowing to what life in the Brown family has become. (Remember, Episode 1 was filmed before Robyn officially married Kody and joined the family.)

“There will be situations where a girl will come into a family and she just wants the man, and it rips the family apart,” Christine said in 2010.

Lookin’ at you, Robyn…”

As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, after her breakup with Kody, Christine left Flagstaff, Arizona, and moved to Utah, where most of her adult kids reside. Kody and the rest of his wives remain in Flagstaff.

During this season of ‘Sister Wives,’ viewers watched Christine and Kody’s marriage crumble, culminating with Kody telling Christine he no longer wanted an intimate relationship with her. This statement caused Christine to realize that her marriage to Kody was over, so she proceeded to box up his stuff and tell him he’s no longer welcome to stay at her home.

“Well at least I still have Robyn…and…the blond one…and the one with the leggings…”

In March 2021 (a few months after Christine boxed up Kody’s stuff), Christine still seemed to be in favor of polygamy. (Of course, she may have been attempting to keep her split on the down-low at that time, due to her TLC contract.) 

During a video chat interview with Us Weekly, Christine was asked if she ever wishes she were in a monogamous relationship.

“Oh gosh, that seems like a lot of work,” Christine says.

“It’s so out there, beyond my understanding to have a guy around every night!” she told Us Weekly. “I feel like it would cramp my style a lot because I’ve never had that.”

“I’ve never been a monogamous, ever,” Christine– who married Kody at the age of 21–said, later adding, “As soon as Kody and I married, I was the third wife. I really like the independence that I have [being in a plural marriage].”

In the preview clip of next week’s episode, Christine and Kody discuss the fact that Kody told Christine he was done being intimate (which, for them, includes sex as well as kissing, cuddling, hand-holding, etc.)

Christine stated that when she asked if there was ever going to be intimacy between them again, Kody answered “probably not.”

Kody explains that it’s all Christine’s fault that things ended up how they did.

“I didn’t want to be intimate because I had somebody who was stabbing me in the back!” he proclaims. 

Apparently Kody’s hair products have also betrayed him…

‘Sister Wives’ airs Sundays on TLC.

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14 Responses

  1. Once Robyn entered the family that was it. The other kids no longer had much of a father and the other wives didn’t have much of a husband. Robyn wanted Kody all to herself and Kody wanted just Robyn. Robyn played her cards well though. She went on and on about how she wanted a plural family to seem supportive of the other wives and Kody to make Kody want to be around her more because she was the non-complaining, submissive, and supportive wife. She is still being manipulative by saying it is the other wives that don’t want to be part of their family but what she is missing is the family doesn’t revolve around her and her children. There are other children. Kody needs to just admit he is in a monogamous relationship and let the remaining wives go so they can live their lives and find happiness whether it be single or with a different partner.

  2. I don’t think it’s polygamy or religion but her ex husband.

    He was not a good communicator or leader.

    He always let the ladies have their arguments and fights and said “I don’t want to hear about it”. But he would talk about it, acuse them, share what had been told to him in private etc.
    He wasn’t a leader that made things better and brought people together. He made things worse to enjoy the drama and to make others believe he was a better person.
    Het set them up against eachother. Narcissistic trades.

    A good leader listens to his team, together and individually. A good leader makes sure his team is a team.
    In the first seasons, outings with the family were complete mayhem.
    Kody didn’t lead and non of the wives was allowed to coordinate things.

  3. I’m so glad Christine finally put her foot down and left. She’s been unhappy for years.

    During season 1 Christine was already struggling with Meri and Janelle, but they were finally figuring out a good balance or something.

    Since the beginning Christine was NOT ok with Robyn. Kody and the others invalidated her feelings and Kody did what he wanted. Look how that worked out.

  4. “I never wanted to just be married to a man,” she said during that episode. “I always wanted sister wives. I just liked the idea of the companionship;

    Then one day, she discovered she can hang out with her best friends, even share childcare with them, without ANY of them EVER sleeping with her husband.

  5. I feel like Christine thinks the average American Monogamous male is a lot more high maintenance than he actually is.

  6. I kinda doubt she’ll end up monogamous….polyamory seems like an easier transition. I hope she dates 1000 dudes and gets to have fun sex lives with all of them. She deserves it!

  7. Stabbed in the back………… this dude and lifestyle make ZERO sense to me and anyone else with a logical brain.

  8. He fell out of love with his 3 old wives a long time ago. He replaced them with a new young wife. He should have told them that…..I don’t want you anymore, this is my new wife! Then they could move on with their lives and apparently THEIR children. Since he doesn’t refer to them as OUR children. What a jerk

    1. If anything I thought legally divorcing Meri would have been a big clue. I’m happy for Christine, I hope she can find her happiness no matter how she decides.

  9. She doesn’t want to be a polygamous anymore because she spend 15 years with a narcissist who told her she needed to fight for his attention and affection.

    And I can’t imagine how exhausting it would be to be like Jenelle is the smart one, oh she’s the one I go to for advice, and Meri is my first wife, and then now RObin is the one I go to for EVERYTHING else.

    What are you going to do to make me want to be with me?

    Kody has always been selfish, men don’t become polygamous because they want to think of others first. No, they do it because they want many women to want them and beg for them to love them.

  10. This guy has a black belt in playing the victim. Nothing is ever his fault, right?

    You don’t want intimacy with two of your “wives”. Both women get blamed but Kody is faultless. Kody, you have repeatedly referred to YOUR children as HER children (Christine and Jenelle’s kids) but now you want to act like you were the greatest husband and father and Christine is the problem?!?!? You need some serious introspection into your behaviors and beliefs and the example you are setting for your children—ALL of your children, not just the ones you share with Robyn.

    I’m curious because the only attention I pay this show is The Ashley’s articles, does Kody have a relationship with Meri’s daughter or has he thrown her to the wayside like her mother? And is Kody making any effort at all to see Christine’s kids? Or is he punishing them for their mother’s self respect, leaving this puffer fish behind?

    1. Kody hasn’t had a relationship with any of the children except for Robyn’s since she came on the scene. Even when they lived in Vegas there were complaints coming out of the culd’sac that Kody would go 3+ weeks without seeing some of his other families, wives & kids included, & nothing changed after they moved to Flagstaff other than he could use the distance between houses as an excuse.

      He uses the fact that his kids with the original wives are approaching adulthood & thinks that once they hit 18 that he’s off the hook & doesn’t “owe” them anything anymore.

      He’ll never admit that he’s N.E.V.E.R. been involved with raising his children. He’s never really provided for any of his children or wives; not emotionally, financially, pbysically, – heck, he knew so little about them & their care that he was actually a danger to them if, on the rare occasion, he was to ever watch them alone when they were younger.

      I doubt Kody has a clue where Mariah lives, let alone what’s going on in her life – the same with Christine & Jenelle’s adult children. IMO, the worst part of it all is that he blames the wives for his alienation from his kids when they’ve basically done all they can to involve him.

      Nothing is ever his fault. Plus, he’s aggressively angry towards the wives & kids for the situation he finds himself in. He’s a malignant narcissist. It’s interesting that he found 4 women who were each missing something in themselves that they felt polygamy was right for them (IMO, they accepted that they weren’t worthy of a man loving just them & didn’t know that they didn’t have to live the rest of their lives being jealous & sharing their husband with other women). I don’t understand how any sane, emotionally healthy woman could put up with him – yet he found 4 women who came willingly. I think their lifestyle/religion/cult is a form of abuse & extremely unhealthy for anyone to be involved in. The fact that he got the wives to go along with him & his unhinged ideas for so many years is mind boggling to me. And now, after the way he ‘s handled Covid & Ysabel’s surgery & the move to Flagstaff, the fact that Meri & Janelle are still staying in their “marriages” to him – is just CRAZY. Their levels of self worth must be reading in the negative.

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