She’s Outta There! ‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Has Reportedly Sold Her Arizona Home & Relocated to Utah

“Please take me with you! Any pair of leggings you want, they’re yours!”

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has a new address– and it’s NOT in Flagstaff, Arizona, with her husband Kody and his gang of wives!

After previously attempting to get Kody (and fellow sister wives Janelle, Meri and Robyn) on board with relocating from Arizona back to Utah, Starcasm reports Christine has sold her Arizona home for $700,000 and listed her new address in the paperwork as a duplex located in Murray, Utah, located just south of Salt Lake City.

(Murray happens to be the town that Christine’s oldest daughter Aspyn, lives in. Christine’s other daughter, Mykelti lives in nearby Lehi, Utah.)

You’ve got that right.

Christine’s Flagstaff home sold on October 8 for $180,000 more than Christine and Kody paid for it, according to Starcasm. However, Christine was the sole owner at the time of the sale, as Kody was removed from the deed in August 2020.)

Christine does not appear on property records as the owner of the Utah residential complex, but that may be because she may be renting half of the 3,490 square foot duplex.

With Christine’s five oldest children already living on their own, it is likely she’s living in the duplex with her 11-year-old daughter Truley. (Christine’s second-youngest child, 18-year-old Ysabel, recently moved in with her half-sister, Maddie Brown Brush and Maddie’s family in North Carolina.)

As ‘Sister Wives’ viewers may remember, Christine began eyeing Utah as the Brown family’s new happy home back in 2020 after polygamy was decriminalized in the state.

At the time, neither Kody nor the other sister wives were on-board with Christine’s idea of packing up (yet again) and moving to another state, with Kody especially aggravated as he previously suggested the idea of moving back to Utah himself, to no avail.

Christine responded by breaking down in tears, claiming she couldn’t “do marriage” with Kody anymore. 

” …and this is why I keep a few spares on-hand.”

On the upcoming 16th season of ‘Sister Wives,’ viewers will reportedly see the Utah conversation continue among the Brown family. In the season’s trailer– which was released earlier this month— Christine’s idea of moving to Utah is shutdown once again. Kody seems less-than-thrilled after Christine tells him she’d “move to Utah in a heartbeat.” 

Kody’s attempt to convince Christine to take the Utah talk off the table is equally unsuccessful, as Christine “walks out in tears,” unable to continue the conversation.

“If I’m being honest, I’m leaving because I can’t have a serious talk to you when you have that Top Ramen hair. Sorry.”

Christine also opens up about the strain COVID has put on her relationship with Kody, claiming she believes “he wants to live separate.”

As for the Brown family’s Coyote Pass property, Christine reveals in the trailer she is not interested in making a home there either.

“I don’t want to move on [our Coyote Pass] property,” Christine says in the trailer. “I want to move back to Utah.”

“Picture it, we all move into teepees on Coyote Pass!”
“Goodbye Kody. I’m OUT!”

“Why would I want to live on the property with a dysfunctional marriage where right over there he’s got a full-functioning marriage,” Christine asks, referencing Kody’s marriage to Robyn. “Who would ever want to live like that?”


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‘Sister Wives’ returns November 21 at 10 p.m. on TLC. You can watch the trailer for the new season below!

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  1. FFS I don’t even watch this show and I know these fools are constantly moving, or looking for properties to rent, or buy, getting wet bars, building attached homes in cul de sac’s, buying bed and breakfast inn’s, like damn…stay put for 2 years.

  2. Well Meri, you wanted a best friend and pushed for this relationship. Can’t tell me this hasn’t crossed those other 3 wives minds before. As well as their children minds.

  3. I cannot imagine anyone being surprised by this. I do wish Robin would stop acting like she has no clue this is what Cody has wanted from practically the beginning of their relationship.

  4. Gee Christine, it’s about time you figured it out. The only one Kody wants is Robyn. Too bad you left your house in Vegas.

  5. Good for Christine! I just want her to be happy. The fact that she thought of herself as “the basement wife” breaks my heart. I hope she finds someone who she can be happy with. Good luck to her.

    1. I feel sorry for Truely, It has to be hard loosing your dad at that young age to a whole other family. Wondering why?

    1. This new show will be so far behind, not watching it. He has nothing to do with Meri even tho she keeps denying it. Janelle is just “his buddy” so she will hang around. Robyn got what she wanted. Jody to herself!!!!

      1. J has to knee the peace! She is in charge of all their finances! She don’t wanna bite the 🍆 the 🧈’s her 🥯

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