‘Sister Wives’ Star Ysabel Brown Announces She’s Moving Across Country to “Start My New Life,” One Week After Mom Christine Put Her Arizona Home Up For Sale

“I mean…did you guys expect me to stay here and stare at my dad’s horrific hair for another year? Peace out!”

Kody Brown‘s family continues to flee Flagstaff!

Just a week after his third wife Christine put her Arizona house on the market, their daughter Ysabel has announced that she’s high-tailing it across the country and moving to North Carolina.

Ysabel— who recently turned 18— announced on Thursday that she plans to move in with her half-sister Madison Brown Brush and her family, calling the move the start of a new life.

“So excited to start my new life in a beautiful place with a beautiful family,” Ysabel captioned a photo of herself with Madison’s daughter. 

Madison also celebrated Ysabel’s escape from farewell to the family’s land, Coyote Pass.

“Added another Brown to our East Coast tribe! YSABEL IS MOVING IN!!” Madison captioned a photo on Thursday.

While Ysabel was mum on the reasons she chose to leave her family (and Arizona), several members of the Brown Clan congratulated her on making the choice to leave.

“It’s going to be epic!” Janelle Brown— who is Kody’s second wife— commented.

“All the best luck to you Isabell, miss you so much,” Ysabel’s brother Paedon wrote.

The status of Ysabel and Kody’s relationship is unknown. ‘Sister Wives’ fans came down hard on Kody for suggesting Ysabel undergo a serious spinal surgery alone in the Fall of 2020.

“Ysabel….Ysabel…nope can’t place her. Is that the one who made me pay for 10,000 tacos for her wedding?”

Ysabel’s big announcement comes just one week after her mom Christine listed her Flagstaff, Arizona, home for sale. The home, which Christine bought in 2018, has been featured on ‘Sister Wives.’ Christine has yet to reveal why she put the house up for sale, but many speculated it’s because she is choosing to move back to Utah— an idea she discussed during the most-recent season of the show. (Christine has yet to confirm or deny that fan theory, though.)

Kody “sold” the home to Christine for $10 in November 2020. (Basically, Kody transferred the deed to the home to Christine, who is his “spiritual” wife.)

Christine isn’t the only Brown wife making big moves. In June, Janelle announced she had moved out of the Flagstaff rental home she had previously resided in, and is now living in an RV on Coyote Pass— the unused property that Kody had once hoped to build the family’s homes on.

“Honestly, Coyote Pass isn’t that bad, Christine! You’ll love it…I mean, it beats living with Kody!”

It is unknown where Christine will be living once her home sells. Currently, two of Christine and Kody’s six children still live at home– 19-year-old Gwendlyn and 11-year-old Truely. Christine became upset last season when Kody and his other wives did not like her suggestion that they move the family back to Utah, where they lived until 2011. She also expressed her unhappiness in her marriage to Kody. 

After Ysabel made her announcement, Christine wrote on her Lularoe Facebook page that Ysabel is attending college in North Carolina.

“Ysabel is moved in with Maddie, Caleb, Axel and Evie! She’s going to college in NC!! I’ll miss her but we’re SO EXCITED for her adventures to come!” she wrote.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)


  1. I’m sure none of the wives, except Sobin, are actually “with” cody at this point. They are just keeping it together for filming, money, and perks from TLC. There is NO way 4 women could all be OK with the way that greasy azzhole treats them or the kids.

  2. I hope Christine finally realizes that her oaf of a “husband” cares nothing about her OR her kids. He’s never been as assholey as he was when he suggested that Ysabel go by herself to get major surgery. Fuck him.

  3. Maybe Christine is getting an RV too. Makes sense with all the moving they do.
    Why don’t they get just Kody a small house? Every wife can come over when it’s her day, with the kids that want to see Kody, empty and fill water tanks and charge the battery while visiting Kody.
    Coyote pass would be Kody free pass.

  4. There’s never been mention of Ysabel ever having the spine surgery she desperately needs (or did I miss it?). I hope she is able to make the connections needed now that she’s in NC to finally get that taken care of because before she knows it she’s going to be in a wheelchair or her spine condition too far deteriorated that surgery is no longer possible.

    Her parents, especially Kody, failed her completely on this. I don’t think his actions, or should I say inaction about Ysabel’s health, is forgivable – and I hope she never does! I know she was hurt and angry at the time, as she should have been, and she should never forgive him for how he turned his back on his own hurting, beautiful, daughter, FFS! I don’t know of any other father who would ever do that to one of their own children, and yet, Kody did it with pride and no second tnoughts. And then there’s her mother who is hardly any better. I’d have turned him in to the state for child abuse or neglect. Christine should be ashamed of herself, too for the part she’s played in her daughter’s neglect.

      1. Thank you for the info about Ysabel’s surgery. That’s great news! I have to retract some of what I said about her parents since they did finally take care of her back issues, but I still fault them for waiting so long to finally get it taken care of. That news makes me even more excited for Ysabel moving away and spreading her wings and flying!

  5. It’s telling when as soon as these kids turn 18, they are out of there. Be it through marriage, school or military. None of them what to continue that lifestyle and move several states away from it.

    1. LOL Most kids leave for “college or military” when they turn 18 and graduate HS. That is nothing surprising. I do hope all of these kids get the F away from Cody asap.

  6. Good for Ysabel, and Christine! Life is short, you’ve got to choose what makes you happy. If your marriage isn’t working out, you’ve gotta find something that WILL work. You can’t make somebody love you! Meri, Christine and Janelle have seemed so unhappy for so long. They need to escape.

    1. I’m think a sibling not knowing how to spell another sibling’s name just shows how FAR apart the members of the Brown family really are, and have been all along. All the BS they tried to feed viewers of their show about how their relationships worked for them & how they were together so often & how great everything was, was just for the cameras.

      The various rumors over the years that popped up every few months about various rifts in the family & who hated whom, & how long it had been since various kids had seen Kody, etc were all true. Minor details may have been off, but the core of the stories was true. This family is extremely disfunctional. The wives & children are products of the abuse, isolation, indoctrination, & cult like thinking & lifestyle they lived for so many years – – lead by none other than the hugely narcissistic & controlling, Kody Brown.

      I think it is so good, and I cheer for the kids who get out and away from their parents asap. More power to them! To find the truth & determine their own paths toward the rest of their lives. Run kids, as fast as you can – away from that miserable lifestyle and towards a healthy and happy one!

      The wives? I give them “some” leeway because of the damage so many years with Kody & living their lifestyle has done to them, but that excuse can’t go on forever. They need each to get some intensive counseling & learn to find peace & strength & happiness. Or they need to accept their “miserableness” & shut up. It’s gone on too long & if we’re tired of it, they surely are too.

  7. I’d want to move across the country too in order to start a new life if I was stuck being in Kodys family.

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