Farrah Abraham Talks Sending Her Daughter Sophia Back to Public School, Regretting Being on ‘Teen Mom’ & More

Me, trying to make sense of anything that comes through Farrah’s overinflated lips.

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham gave the world– or at least the dozen or so of us that bothered to listen– a heaping helping of Farrah Speak recently, sharing her thoughts on an assortment of topics from parenting, the pandemic, getting impregnated at the prom and more. 

(No, really… like, SO much more.)

The aspiring politician provided this latest gift to the handful of us listening because we like a good trainwreck. During a recent episode of E! News’ Just the Sip podcast with Justin Sylvester, Farrah talked about her regrets; how much of a ‘trailblazer’ she is for reality TV stars, women and the human race in general; and why she will send her daughter Sophia to public high school, despite having “home-schooled” her for years.

Without further ado, let’s fire up the ol’ Farrah Speak translator and dive right into the cesspool.

On turning 30 and having regrets– specifically what she would “scrub from the Internet” if given the opportunity: 

Put on your cleanin’ shower cap– it’s time to scrub the Interwebs!

“I think I would get rid of all Teen Mom, with people asking me, ‘Do you have regrets?’ That’s what it would be, because I think I learned so much in my therapy and all of the stuff that I continue to do,” she said. “Like, stop looking at your life negatively. Stop saying like, ‘That’s bad.’ Like, if I didn’t go through it, I wouldn’t stop and that’s what I see.”

Farrah says that there are people twice her age trying to live the life she has already lived…or something.

“I see some of my friends from maybe in their fifties, and they want to do stuff that I was doing in my twenties,” Farrah claims. (She did not, however, indicate whether or not these 50-year-olds want to do a backdoor sex tape, create molds of their cooters and/or get arrested multiple times, as Farrah did in her twenties.)

“All hail The Number One Celebrity In Our Nation…”

Farrah also suggested that “everyone” follow her lead and pen their life story as she did with her latest book, Dream Twenties: Self-Guided Self Help Memoire.  

“ … Everyone should write a book, especially through their twenties, cause we’re so judged through our twenties,” she said. “And we care … but not in our thirties.” 

On how lucky her 12-year-old daughter Sophia is to have her:

Farrah said other “celebrity moms should learn now” how important it is to be transparent and honest with their kids. 

“Sophia’s got an awesome mom and I’m ready for her crazy years,” she added. 

On why she will send Sophia back to regular school when she gets to high school:

Sophia contemplating having a few Farrah-free hours every day…

Farrah has homeschooled her daughter Sophia since Sophia was about eight years old, when Farrah yanked her out of regular school so Sophia could “come to more events” with Farrah. However, it appears that Sophia wants to live a more-regular life as she gets into her teen years.

“Get this … Sophia was just like, ‘So mom, I can’t keep homeschooling because freshman year of high school is a very big year’ and I was like, ‘Sophia, I was already planning on you going back to public school for freshman year if it’s so important,’” Farrah said. “But those are kind of the things that we do talk about. 

“Like, we don’t want to sacrifice some of these beautiful moments … like prom,” Farrah continued. “ … I don’t want to hold any child back from those experiences. But I was happy when COVID happened and it was like a chastity belt for people at prom.” 

“Did someone say belt?! Is it leather or studded, by chance?”

After making that strange COVID comment, Farrah added that she’ll never say Sophia won’t make the same choices she’s made, but either way, she’s “there to support Sophia and get her through.” 

On what it was like “being so young” in the public eye and having everyone “throwing knives” at her: 

When asked about criticism she received as a teenager on reality TV, Farrah said she doesn’t think her age is the reason she received so much hate, but rather people misunderstanding her “narrative.” 

Farrah’s narrative, in a nutshell.

“I mean, you know, being young I don’t think was the issue,” she said. “I think others really not, I guess, knowing my narrative as the girl of who I was, to just be heard, and I think that’s what makes people defensive. 

“If I’m not right or if I’m wrong, just let me know, but if people are not heard for who they are or what they’re trying to achieve or their core, they get very defensive.”

“I was made out to be, ya know, a woman in adult entertainment and I wasn’t,” Farrah— who continues to do adult industry work on OnlyFans–said.

“I don’t know why people say I did adult industry work. I never did…except my sex tapes…and my CamSoda gigs…and my OnlyFans…”

“I was made out to be someone who didn’t love or consider their mom, but I really do,” she said. “Or maybe I’m a bad mom, and I’m really, like, one of the best moms. So I think anyone would kind of be defensive on that … .” 

“I’m honestly the BEST mom. Tell them Sophia…tell them!”

Farrah also said criticism about her parenting doesn’t bother her the way it used to because her “life has gone in such a different atmosphere”– much of which she credits to “mental health and wellness.” 

On how she treated her mom, Debra Danielsen, on “16 and Pregnant” & ‘‘Teen Mom’ & whether she looks at those moments with more understanding now: 

“ … I think I’ve always realized what my mom has tried to say,” Farrah said. “I think my mom is in a very different place as a person and I think a lot of us need to understand what is truly going on in our households at home that we’re watching … whether it’s mental health, mental illness or it’s disabilities, and I think a lot of that was just never really shared.

Teen MOm House
Fortunately, Farrah’s anti-Christ attitude was shared.

“And I think I learned, you know, just using me as an example– I don’t want to speak for anyone who’s not here– I learned that I had severe ADHD and I learned I had some other severe issues that I never took the time to take care of or think about that impacted my life and I think less drama will bring some better health standards and better communication to your life,” she added. 

On whether she supports Sophia watching her reality shows in the future: 

“ … I, for one, am a mom who’s like, ‘I’m turning on Teen Mom and we’re watching it’ cause this mama ain’t got nothing to hide, but to learn from,” she said. “But I think that’s why I’m a little different, ya know?”

Farrah then blamed her outbursts on her parents.

“The ‘angry Farrah’ that some of us saw was really like, my parents don’t tell me where they came from, my parents don’t really let me know things. My grandparents wouldn’t talk to me about like, their secrets and their upbringing … “ 

I, too, would like to know Farrah’s grandma’s secrets…

On women on reality TV and how Sophia will “be a trailblazer”: 

“I empathize and sympathize with them all,” Farrah said of women currently appearing on reality TV. “ … I continue to educate myself so I know how to help them, like, for decades further and I’m excited to– if I ever take that leap in my career and my life. I’m just so excited about my own life, but it does make me sad, ya know? I talk to my own daughter and I’m like, ‘Hey Soph, like, let’s just talk about some of these awesome people who maybe do music and rapping and they came from reality TV and stuff.’

“You rang?!”

“But the last thing I want to see my daughter is be, ya know, a child star who is only getting attention on magazines in a couple of years for having babies and/or having fights and/or making bad life weird rocky road situations,” she continued. “ … because I know, like I say to Soph, ‘I’ve been through that. I know how to do everything and make your dreams come true. You don’t need a guy, a network, you don’t need a streaming platform. Like, girl, I got you.’” 

Farrah added that a lot of reality TV stars today– including some of her “friends on Netflix”– want to “keep repeating” the things Farrah has already done.

Instead, Farrah wants Sophia to “be a trailblazer in her own way.” 

On dating and falling in love: 

For those eligible bachelors hoping to become the future Mr. Farrah Abraham, you’re joking, right? in luck. Farrah said she’s “not giving up” on finding love; however, she revealed she stopped using dating apps after appearing on Ex on the Beach. 

“ … I just realized that I have been paid so much to be on dating shows that it’s kind of going backwards and being counterproductive for me to be on apps and those things,” she said.

“Also, not to put a wrench in it, I traveled all over the world for dating TV stuff and I’m just like, ‘Wow, I’ve put myself out there and I’ve put myself out there so much in my twenties that I don’t really care kind of wasting time on it.’

“Basically, I’ll date again, but only if you pay me, and/or find me someone who is as perfect as me, which is obviously impossible.”

“But I did tell Sophia recently like, ‘Hey, I will not be dating for four years’ because I recently was assaulted,” she added. “But also recently, I feel like it’s not a safe environment for me to really date.” 

(Farrah was referring to the alleged sexual assault that occurred earlier this year by former Windsor, California Mayor Dominic Foppoli.) 

Farrah said she feels “really kosher” about not dating at the moment, adding, “There’s a lot of crime after COVID.” 

On her alleged assault: 

Farrah claims friends tried to convince her not to report what happened, but she did anyway and encourages others who have been assaulted to do the same. 

“It was a very hard time and I have to say I am thankful for the dad I have and I am thankful for the daughter I have, because if it wasn’t for those two people hearing and seeing what I had to go through, maybe I would have just crumbled and waited, like, a year before I dealt with it,” she said. 

“Wait….was that a nice comment that Farrah made about me? I’m confused. I don’t know how this works…”

“But I think God’s timing is so perfect, as it always has been, even with the mess of my life, but if I wouldn’t have turned that in, investigations opened with multiple other women that same week … and so I have to say, ladies and gentlemen and kids, you just trust your heart and your gut instincts because you could have the world telling you you’re wrong and you’re this and you’re that, but God’s got your back.”  

On her reputation with men: 

Farrah said she “feels bad either way” when people are taken advantage of, but joked that she’s learned it’s “why a lot of men hate me.” 

“I have women who show up to just do my nails and they’re like, ‘I told my husband that I was coming here and they hate you because you give women, like, an ego or balls to do what they want.’” 

“Umm, sorry not sorry for being a positive woman in today’s atmosphere and helping women with confidence and entrepreneurship to finding their own success through business professionalism, financial education, better health standards, independence and mental health to be leaders in our own way.”

“ … That’s why sometimes I’m like, I’m not gonna date, because I know men who will be out there hate me and will try to ruin my life.” 

Click here to listen to Farrah’s full interview on Just the Sip. 

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    1. I know my SO has always hated bc she’s annoying AND vicious. Every time she was on screen she’d be yelling or demeaning someone.

  1. Farrah thinks she’s misunderstood. It would be closer to the mark to say she’s NOT understood. It’s like the Swedish Chef giving a self-help seminar, I can’t make heads or tails of what’s coming out of her mouth.

  2. My head …. My brain hurts! I am not an English speaker and the Farrahspeak is really impossible. Even using a translator, I still can’t understand what I’m reading.

    1. I am an English speaker…trust me the girl makes no sense. She is legend in her own mind, delusional, and depriving her daughter of an innocent childhood. I’m all for honesty with kids, but let her be a kid! She has acted like a tween or teen since she was FOUR!

  3. I don’t automatically dismiss her allegation, bc I think it’s equally important to listen to both sides and withhold judgment until an investigation is held, so that’s out of the way. And I’m happy that Michael was there for her, as unhealthy as that relationship is, because people are complicated and ultimately everybody deserves some kind of mercy in trying times.


  4. Her biggest regret is being on TM, but not exposing her entire anus to the world for a check, or being so cruel and mean to all who have come into contact with her?? Just when you think she can’t get anymore delusional…

  5. “I think my mom is in a very different place as a person“

    Farrah has never said anything as true as this.

  6. My god this woman is seriously fucked in the head, she makes zero sense and pulled her child out of school, so she could travel to countries to get fkd for money and leave her child alone in hotel rooms.
    Farrah is no one id ever aspire to be like or to take any advice from.
    The only reason she never had another kid, is because no man wanted to deal with her for 18 years plus, she’s just a pump n dump.

  7. Oof. Poor, poor Sophia. Everyone pray for that little girl, who is surrounded by crazies. Nobody has Sophia’s best interests at heart, and that is NOT her fault. She deserves loving and caring adults in her life.

  8. She should get an honorary doctorate in how to not answer a question.

    Sophia will walk into high school after not being in school for 4+ years? Yikes. A childhood neighbor did this with their kids (& they weren’t the number 1 female celebrity in the nation) & those poor kids really struggled.

    I’m curious how she would guide Sophia in the entrainment industry. She made money selling poop videos and being an (alleged) escort. So…is that what she’s referencing as a teachable moment?

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