Farrah Abraham Vows to Run for a “Government Position” After California Mayor Resigns After Being Accused of Sexual Battery Via “Hands/Feet/Teeth” by Farrah

There’s A LOT happening here…

Embattled Windsor, California, Mayor Dominic Foppoli stepped down on Friday, following allegations of sexual assault, abuse and mistreatment by nine women, including Farrah Abraham. In court documents and a police reported obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday, Farrah accused Dominic of sexual battery using his “hands/feet/teeth” while at a house in Palm Beach, Florida.

After news broke over the weekend of Farrah’s involvement in the allegations against the mayor, the former Teen Mom OG star announced that she plans to run for a “government position,” as soon as she’s legally old enough.

In the meantime, Farrah has been publicly speaking out against the former mayor. Dominic has denied all accusations of non-consensual sexual encounters, and on Friday released a statement announcing his resignation. The statement also seemed to call out Farrah for jumping on the accusation bandwagon, though he didn’t name Farrah in his statement.

He insinuated that a woman (we can assume he’s referring to Farrah) inserted herself into the accusations against him after reading about other women’s claims against him in a newspaper article. However, The Press Democrat reports that Farrah went to the Palm Beach police on April 2 with her allegations against the former mayor— six days before The Chronicle released its article detailing multiple claims of sexual assault against him. (Those claims are also being investigated.)

The former mayor’s statement declared his innocence, although he did not deny that he had sexual contact with Farrah or any of the other women accusing him of assault. He did, however, claim that all sexual acts were consensual.

“It is with a heavy heart that I am resigning, effective today,” Dominic’s statement reads. “I have always and will always maintain that I did not engage in any non-consensual sexual acts with any woman.

“I recently learned that a woman in Palm Beach, Florida is accusing me of non-consensual acts while I was visiting there in March of this year. She made her allegations after she learned of the April 8, 2021 San Francisco Chronicle story. I have no doubt she is making these allegations in an attempt to leverage the situation to her advantage.”

In the police report obtained on Monday by The Chronicle, Farrah claimed that the alleged assault took place in March. She claims she was injured during the alleged assault and has turned over photos of her injuries to the police. 

The Press-Democrat reports that Farrah was visiting Palm Beach to attend a charity event for an animal rescue organization called Big Dog Ranch Rescue. A look at Farrah’s Instagram account shows her, along with her daughter Sophia, attending an event in Florida for the charity on March 14. It is unknown where Sophia was during the time of Farrah’s alleged assault.


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“Farrah has turned over physical and digital evidence from the March Palm Beach incident and is cooperating with law enforcement, her attorney Spencer Kuvin told The Press Democrat. “I can’t get into the specifics of what she is alleging, but it was of a sexual nature. It was a very serious issue. The issue, the details of any type of particular conduct that’s alleged, I need to leave that up to the police to investigate.”

Dominic has somewhat of a past in reality TV himself. He appeared on an episode of the reality show Meet My Folks in 2002. (The women he appeared with and was dating at the time, Shannon McCartney, has come forward as one of the other women accusing Dominic.) In 2012, was recruited by Bravo to appear on a dating show. He filmed a few episodes before quitting the project.

Farrah retweeted a post crediting her with forcing the former mayor to step down after many years of serious abuse allegations, including one from a Windsor city councilperson.


“Farrah Abraham is really the woman who stopped Dominic….” the tweet read.

Farrah also retweeted and shared to her Instagram Story a post featuring an update on the investigation.


She followed that with an Instagram Story of an “Empowered Women Empower Women” GIF, listing some of what she’s experienced lately, likely referring to the accusations against Dominic, as well as her recent battle with Chrissy Teigen – the latter of whom is currently under fire for past comments made on social media about Farrah, Lindsay Lohan and former teen bride Courtney Stodden.

Farrah’s “statement” came as one big helping of “Farrah Speak” posted to Instagram.

(All grammatical and spelling errors have been left intact to preserve the “Farrah Speak.”)

“I relate what I’m going through right now to my PTSD from a p0rnstar & women who preyed on me & I now know government officials are just like abusing, murdering, lieing, sick, rapist p0rnstars,” she wrote. “Happy I lived through both experiences, but I fight & support women. God is good I have no idea why these bad things happen to me. I work so hard to stay away from bad people.”

Farrah’s desire to support women may have something to do with her big announcement this afternoon, that she plans to go from being the “top female celebrity in our nation” to (one of) the top female politicians.  

Farrah, strolling into her first debate…

Farrah is planning to run for office, an announcement timed to her upcoming 30th birthday on May 31.

“I will be running for a government position as soon as I turn 30… count down & thank you in advance for supporting me supporting you My experiences have lead me to this valuable place that I do not take for granted.”

The Ashley reached out to Farrah’s often-outspoken father, Michael Abraham, who stated, “Our family only asks that people respect our privately during this difficult time and because of the ongoing investigation we can’t comment.”

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: FoppoliForMayor.com; Twitter; Instagram)

36 Responses

  1. Wow whatever you are smoking must be some good shiit if you think back door Farrah should run for any political office. Your comment has made my day, I needed the laugh.

  2. Unfortunately, this is a normal occurrence in her line of work. Fortunately, she filed a police report about his assault. I assume to him this couldn’t possibly have been a sexual assault since her paid her.

  3. I believe her…I hate even giving her any validation…HOWEVER she needs to reconcile that this is the danger of her line of work because I think we all know how she ended up in that situation with him. He hired her for an evening and attacked her. It’s a danger of the job. Spinning it as a reason to run for a government position is just weird and she will fail spectacularly at this. But that’s par for the course with this dingbat. Can CPS finally step in here and maybe ask Farrah where her CHILD was while she was working that evening and why the kid was left alone so her mother could turn a trick? How traumatic. Your mother leaves you alone and when she comes back she’s a mess from being attacked. Good lord, will someone please step in and help this kid??

    1. Bro, it was a private tape for her own personal use that got leaked, everybody knows that.

      stay lit

  4. Poor Ferret. She wasted all that time constructing her word salad statement, announcing her intention to seek a “Government Position”, in the future. Sadly Ferret the position of “Dog Catcher” is currently filled, with no future vacancies expected.

    Further, the city of Windsor has no intention of creating a position of “Madame”. Alas she is advised to take her talents elsewhere. Perhaps the state of Nevada would be in need of her vast experience.

  5. It kinda pains me that I cant take this serious simply because its Farrah.

    I believe the other women, but Farrah … Not so sure.

    At this point im pretty convinced about her doing esc0rt for years now. Not that this is any excuse tho

  6. Good that a predator is out of office. That doesn’t change my opinion of Farrah though. She’s earned it over many years of continual garbage behavior. I still think CPS has majorly failed Sophia. I’m frightened for how her mother will exploit her as a teenager.

  7. I will give credit where credit is due. Farrah helped take down a menace, and I believe her. She filed the report, submitted evidence, and cooperated with police. That is difficult for many women who have been sexually assaulted to do.

    I don’t think she should be running for a “government position” though as she can not clearly communicate her thoughts when under the influence (which is frequently) and is a narcissist.

    She’s certainly not the angel she paints herself out to be (in reference to her statement about staying away from bad people). She assaulted a hotel security guard, neglects and emotionally abuses her child, allows pets to be neglected & abused, abuses drugs, and is rude to people she believes are lower than her (former employees from her multiple failed businesses, her parents, the MTV crew, fast food employees…etc).

  8. I would believe her if it weren’t for that political announcement. Pretty good timing, isn’t it? I do believe the other women though.

  9. I believe Farrah. She’s stated before that her time in her chosen industry has been abusive, and she never made a claim. Something about this experience was vile enough that she came forward.

    Good for her.

    She’s a strong person. I hope she gets the appropriate help to sort all this out.

    I think she’d make a great politician. She’s textbook politician. There’s worse and less competent than her holding public offices as we speak.

    1. She knows absolutely nothing about government or politics. She is unable to formulate an opinion on any public issue. She can’t form a sentence. There are a lot of slimy, bad politicians, but every single one of them is more capable than Farrah could ever dream of being.

    2. It wasn’t tied to her sex work but she straight up LIED about an Uber driver attempting to rape her. It was totally fabricated. She also said James Deen assaulted her when Deen’s (actual) victims came forward. I 100% believe her claims against Deen were false and it was Farrah trying to further distance herself from her obvious on purpose porn film. Also, the story she told about the Deen assault doesn’t make any sense.

      Farrah is a liar. She’s an opportunist. I think this story (the Farrah part of it) will be debunked.

  10. Nobody deserves to be sexually assaulted, and I guess the dude even went as far as to bite her?? That’s my take away with the teeth thing, and that’s horrible…but she can’t even put together a coherent sentence/announcement, does she really think she’s capable of comprehending any type of bill?? Does she even know what the 3 branches of government are?? Has she ever taken 1 political science class or course? I swear this girl wants to be a Kardashian (Kim K especially) so bad. Kims going to be an attorney, Caitlyns running for Governor, and now here comes Farrah, wanting to be an elected official. I can not take this girl seriously. Her obsession with that family is down right weird.

  11. 1 What was the mayor having Farah over his house for??
    2 Am I reading that wrong or did she call herself a porn star?
    I can’t interpret Farah speak.

    1. I think she was referring to James Dean as a porn star who took advantage of her. But who knows with her?

    2. Farrah considers it a hate crime that people have referred to her as a porn star. I am serious.

  12. i really don’t like farrah but i’m glad she came forward with what happened. but idk why she thinks she’s that famous or even liked enough that people would vote for her for anything ? even the people who voted for henessy and harambe in the 2016 presidential elections wouldn’t have voted for her

  13. Farrah is a hot mess that I will never understand but nobody deserves to be sexually assaulted. I truly feel bad that it had to happen to her. I’m SO glad she got the evidence she did so that this creep can hopefully be held accountable & stop hurting women. He clearly has no idea the lives he’s wrecking.

    Her political aspirations… Lol

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