Farrah Abraham Says She’ll “Turn Into A Whole Other Person” Now That She’s 30; Doesn’t Care If No One Votes For Her When She Runs For Political Office

“Whatever Michael constituents, I don’t care if you vote for me or not!”

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham hopes to add “politician” to her resume of complete and total randomness and according to her, she’s more than qualified. 

Farrah announced just weeks ago that she planned to formally announce her run “for a government position” as soon as she hit the big 3-0 on May 31. She told Fox News last week that entering her thirties means she’s “going to turn into a whole other person.”

“Which face should I use this time?”

Farrah said she’s exploring running as a representative for her local district as opposed to a mayoral position.

Let’s take a moment to mourn the fact that Farrah will not become the mayor of Los Angeles….

She is not, however, ruling out a run to become a Senator. No…seriously…

“I am passionate about advocating for my community. I understand the government situations are pretty toxic right now but as far as I’m concerned, I’m used to death threats, I am used to a toxic environment and I fight like no other person for rights within kids and women and creating safe environments,” she said.

If elected to office, Farrah said her main focus would be children’s rights and women’s rights. 

“That’s what I sponsor,” she explained. “That’s what I give my money to right now.”

Anyone wanna guess what else Farrah gives her money to…?

As for any public scrutiny she may receive for her political decisions, Farrah said she isn’t worried, because the nay-sayers are all “haters.” 

“Every survey I’ve seen myself on has been filled with haters,” she said. “Even if no one votes for me, I’m just happy I’m speaking up about things I want to see changed. I hope this helps younger people know they have the right to run for government positions and to change things as they would like to see them,” she said.

Farrah, the self-proclaimed “top female celebrity in our nation,” went on to inform her haters that she will use their hate to motivate her.

“I have so many people who mislabel me or only hold me to being a reality TV star or a very young woman. I think that’s the survivor in me and the overcomer. I take their ignorance and I turn that into gold for me,” she said. 

Farrah also claims that she’s been working with two therapist and a psychologist in recent years to overcome some traumas from her past. Despite the improvements Farrah has (allegedly) made, one thing remains: Her inability to form coherent sentences, as proven by her latest serving of Farrah Speak word salad she put on Instagram this week. (There’s a lot to unpack in this lengthy post – you’ve been warned.)

(As always, the Farrah Speak has not been left unchanged to preserve its “Farrahocity.”)

“Well I hope this post isn’t used against me later in court, BUT I’m officially in the 30’s CLUB ! Gotta say I still feel like a teenager,” Farrah wrote on Monday. “I guess all the teen mom shaming was all BS in my twenties so ladies take that weight off your shoulders and stand with confidence.

“To all women who allow rape culture, stand by very bad men, tell their kids, friends to not go to authorities and do not stand by victims of abuse who are violated and still get taken advantage of. No matter how hard it is please always be on the right side of history keep consent number 1 … .

“Teen moms are hero’s who fight to be treated equal with rights and all,” Farrah continued. “They deserve just as much respect as a 40 year old mom. This year my friends/family respected I literally could only handle my parents around me, even though I cried, laughed, lost it before I arrived and my birthday was canceled twice before this and I finally got strength to have a low key party I am grateful for, I’m grateful I still got an excuse to hug my baby that’s now a young lady, see my dad get seasick, have so much sea food & my mom repeat all of her behavior after countless therapy … .” 

I dunno, she’s seems totally fine to me…

Farrah wrapped up her post by giving “20’s Farrah” props for being the girl that “fought the good fights, helped communities, didn’t get sucked into dumb celebrity drama, allowed herself to be beyond male sexist inequality, cared for child development, social justice and broke many bad cycles.” 

Oh, and “20’s Farrah” also allegedly “changed history from production, parents, mental health, wellness, legal, our sex lives, entrepreneurship and business.” 

Before signing off, Farrah assured her followers that her 30’s will be a new chapter – one “that will rock the nation.” 

“Time to action it,” she said.  


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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; YouTube) 

28 Responses

  1. Why hasn’t “Daddy Derrick’s” side of the family tried to take Sophie away from Farrah. It must be really hard for that side of the family witness what is happening.

      1. Because I’m sure Farrah made Daddy Derrick’s family cringe and feel sorry for their granddaughter. They are probably horrified and properly scared out of their gourd of Farrah AND what she says and does to and with Sophia .
        If only they could get parental rights away from Farrah and her jumbled up head…. THEN and ONLY THEN might that child have a chance… MAYBE!

  2. Of course she mentioned Caitlynn Jenner. This has nothing to do with her fighting for women’s and children’s rights, but everything to do with her being obsessed with the Kardashian/Jenner’s. She is like that chick in that movie Single White Female, obsessed and desperately trying to be as relevant, successful, and as famous as the Kardashian/Jenner’s. It is pathetic. I’m truly surprised she hasn’t been clinically diagnosed as a narcissist yet, or at least having some sort of personality disorder. She lives on planet Farrah, and in her world she’s, top female celebrity in her nation…what a weirdo.

  3. I mean, she’s already a whole different person than she was when she was 20, courtesy of cosmetic procedures and seemingly a lobotomy. It’s not that much of a stretch that between 30-40 she will morph into some non-human entity altogether.

  4. Jeez, Farrah, lay off the FILLERS!! How about you also take all the time you have reserved for “campaigning” and use it to parent your child??? She needs your attention, stability, a good school and FRIENDS! You have less than 6 years left with her before she’s a legal adult!

  5. If she receives a single vote, I’ll be shocked. I’ll be even more shocked if she even makes it onto the ballot. I don’t think she realizes that it isn’t cheap to campaign, either, and that there is a whole lot of ammunition against her that can be used in mud slinging. Also, is her therapist Dr. Drew? Because whoever she is seeing is clearly enabling her, her narcissism, and her delusions.

    She has so much potential but she speaks like a half-sleeping toddler and is way too obsessed with herself to do anything out of pure kindness. Sun baked road kill has a better chance at office than she does.

  7. Farrah is mentally ill and poor Sophia. Has her child ever had a friend. This whole family, Deb included are mentally ill and need serious help. It’s obvious the many years of therapy haven’t even cracked the surface.

    1. What about the actress who was paid to be Sophia’s friend in the music video “Bestie Best Friend”. Does she count?

      In all seriousness, Sophia’s upbringing has been completely bizarre and none of it was her choice.

  8. I don’t understand the part about her dad getting seasick??? What is she even talking about lmao

    1. Farrah doesn’t even know what she’s talking about, haven’t you read her nonsense and incoherent sentences..lol

  9. She really hypes herself up ??? I would also like to advocate for children’s rights, let’s start with Sophia. She should not be getting pimped out online and have to watch her mother getting butt injections. She should also not have to fly around the world for her mothers escorting. Sophia should be in regular school hanging out with kids her own age.

    I would also like to advocate for animal rights, the neglect of Starburst the horse and the dog who Sophia probably killed. The dying of their pets’ hair.

  10. Speaking of ignorant, Farrah, see your post.
    What the hell did she just say?? Which government position? President or White House Cleaner? Both are noble but best to specify, Farrah.

  11. WTF?!?! I have no words…….
    What an airhead!
    First Trump/dump now crazy Frarrah!
    I’m moving to Canada! ??‍♀️

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