“90 Day Fiance” Season 8 Star Stephanie Davidson Claims Producers Direct Cast On How To Speak On-Camera; Demand Females Wear Revealing Clothing

“This sugar mama is spilling the tea!”

Stephanie Davidson has revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets that she says she learned while filming 90 Day Fiancé Season 8, calling the reality series a “game” that she became acquainted with “very quickly.” 

The 52-year-old, who appeared on the show with ex Ryan Carr, explained to In Touch Weekly that after each couple is cast on the franchise, they are assigned several producers, and because these producers work as independent contractors, things can get competitive when it comes to bringing the juiciest footage. 

“My first [producer], you know, he would be like, ‘OK, now say this and be really sad about it.’ And then the same exact situation, he goes, ‘Now say it and be happy.’ And so he wanted several ways of it being said. Cause then, you know, the editors and the executives, they have plenty to pick from,” she said. “I then, after then working with two or three other producers along the way, I got to know the game. It’s like, ‘Aha, they’re all trying to [out] do one another.’” 

Stephanie said she believes the executive producer typically comes up with an idea of how they would like storylines to play out for specific couples – storylines that may change as filming continues – and the producers must then work to get footage that fits those guidelines. In addition to having a hand in the show’s storyline, Stephanie said executive produces also have a say in how the female cast members dress.

When it was time to film confessional interviews, Stephanie claims she was told to find a dress with a “plunging neckline” that would show “more boob.”

“As if being on this show wasn’t degrading enough already… “

“I became friends with a lot of the crew and they could tell I was upset by that, being sexualized on a ’90 Day Fiancé’ show,” she said. “One of them took me aside and said, ‘Well, Stephanie, you won’t have to worry about the Tell-All.’ What they used to have all women do is sit, they had to wear very low-cut things, and then they had to sit with their knees propped up on these like lounge chairs, so everything, and then like lean forward and then you couldn’t see it. 

“They sat on there, but then everything then plunges forward,” she continued. “And he goes, ‘I just want you to know, I know you’re upset right now. But you won’t have to deal with that at the Tell-All. They’ve changed that rule.” 

How in the world did this ever become a “rule” in the first place?

(This “rule” was called out by fans back in 2018, according to In Touch Weekly, as viewers began to question the seemingly awkward position in which some of the cast was sitting.) 

Since sharing her “90 Day” experience, Stephanie said other cast members from the franchise have reached out to share their own production experiences, many of them similar to her own. Stephanie speculates that some of what goes on behind-the-scenes of the long-running TLC series may contribute to the issues within the “90 Day” relationships. 

Unfortunately we missed out on getting to see Stephanie, Ryan, and Ryan’s growing watch collection (courtesy of Stephanie) live happily ever after…

“They go to great lengths to make a great story at the expense of, what possibly could have been a couple – in my opinion – staying together,” she explained. “But when you find out you’ve been deceived, obviously some things are unforgivable.”

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

9 Responses

  1. I found myself watching other shows than this one. I used to be obsessed and now I can’t even stand the story lines. They’re so far fetched. TLC is producing some weird crap. What’s up with my, my ex and my gf? That screams fake!

  2. Why does she care they make them wear revealing clothing when she has an OnlyFans? This woman is cray…..

  3. Omg. I laughed the second I saw Ryan. He is literally in his 20s! Also, we need to talk about her immediate jump from Ryan to Harris. And more importantly, Harris’s evil eyes in every scene!! He just screams “gold digger” and the fact that Stephanie believes that he loves her is absolutely laughable. He even explicitly says that he wants to go to “the states” to better his children’s lives. There cannot possibly be a redder flag.

  4. She makes me embarrassed to be white. All I saw was a sad BA degree approaching menopause and getting effed up on xanny bars and wine coolers like an 80s cheerleader. I would be surprised if she could remember half of anything that went on. Those eyes tell the story though before she even opens her awkward mouth. Probably best if the cat makes a hasty exit too although it looked like he mentally checked out a long time ago….

  5. “what possibly could have been a couple – in my opinion – staying together” you call fishing for broke young guys living in poor countries, then basically threatening them you’re not going to financially support them if they don’t act the way you want, a couple? Yeah, ok. This is what 90 day fiance is all about, delusional ppl who seriously believe that throwing money at some broke, much younger person from a 3rd world country is called love,then they bring them to the us and are entitled to treat them as a possession. Reality tv is about drama, entertainment, views, duh. Always has been, so I don’t know what she expected.

  6. If it’s possible to be further removed from reality than Farrah, this fruitloop might take the cake. She’s clueless and delusional and desperate on an exponential level.

  7. I know she’s cuckoo for coco puffs, I believe her about the cleavage & propped up legs, I remember seeing Chantel sitting like that too.

    You’ve really got to look hard at yourself if you think reality shows are ‘real’ these days – the 90 Day storylines are fake as fake with the o/s fiance always fighting with the USA family but in real time on the gram they’re all happy!
    90 Day’s just about had its day in the sun….same fake storylines & same fake family drama with no growth or movement makes it so boring – I don’t watch it now, just read recaps.
    Same as TM & TM2.

  8. Torn on believing her. Part of me thinks she is trying to deflect because of her recent legal battles regarding her business. She was drunk the whole season and it wasnt a pretty look for her.

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