Dr. Drew Pinsky Reveals Why He Doesn’t Call the ‘Teen Mom’ Cast Out at Reunions for Their Bad Choices; Says Fans Who Want Certain Girls Fired are ‘Disgusting’

How most fans feel when they watch the Reunions and see Dr. Drew pussyfooting around the cast’s terrible decisions…

Dr. Drew Pinsky (and his trusty T-shirt/blazer combo) have been a mainstay at the Teen Mom Reunions for 11 year. In recent years, Drew has caught a lot of flak for going easy on some of the girls (particularly Amber Portwood) during his interviews at the Reunions. 

In a recent interview with Heather McDonald of the Juicy Scoop YouTube show, Dr. Drew finally revealed why he doesn’t ask the girls the hard-hitting questions that many fans would like him to. He also discussed how mad he gets when the “rabid” ‘Teen Mom’ fans vocalize on social media that particular girls deserve to be fired for their actions.

Drew seemed to be particularly angry that fans wanted to take away the girls’ incomes, calling fans that want to see certain girls kicked off the show “disgusting.” He also discussed the ‘Teen Mom’ girls’ various mental health issues, and his true feelings about Farrah Abraham, whom he said was “awful” to him a lot of the time she was on the show.

The Ashley has broken down some of Dr. Drew’s most interesting comments into easy-to-read tidbits below.

On fans saying he’s too lenient on some ‘Teen Mom’ stars, such as Amber Portwood, because he doesn’t ask them tough questions at the Reunions:

“Make no mistake. I am here to collect my paycheck and show off this silver fox mug. Nothing else.”

Dr. Drew said that, because he is a licensed medical professional, he has to work within different parameters than, say, Dr. Phil, who is not a licensed medical doctor. Because of this, he said, he doesn’t call out the girls the way some fans feel he should.

“These people who want me to somehow attack a brittle mental health patient [like Amber], as though that’s going to straighten her out? Gimme a break!” he said. “She’s a complicated case with lots of significant issues. This ‘call her out’ notion is false. It is a flawed idea. It’s not something that helps anybody. 

“She’s been in treatment for 10 years now,” he added. “She was in prison for drug addiction. She’s had consequences. She knows.” 

Drew said this is a reason he holds back at Reunions with some of the cast members.

“That’s going to harm her. Why would I harm somebody who’s got significant issues and, by the way, is doing everything they can to treat their underlying problem?” he said. “It’s not like she’s ignoring it. And, even if that’s the case, and I would urge somebody into treatment, the way people imagine it on television is not the way you do it. It’s not the Dr. Phil world. Dr. Phil does great television but he’s not doing mental health services.” 

On Farrah Abraham: 

“I’m not gonna lie, Farrah. I sweat through the pits of my blazer when you’re near me. I’m afraid of you.”

“I miss Farrah, I actually do,” he said. “But, make no mistake, at times Farrah was horrible to me, awful. She would come out and do some of the wildest stuff because she was angry. I’m used to that with patients…and I noticed, in my last interview with her, she would just stonewall me…really being as obstreperous as possible.”

Still, he says he was sorry to see the Backdoor Teen Mom (and her attitude) go when she was fired from ‘Teen Mom OG’ a few years ago.

“I told her, and I meant it, I said, ‘Farrah I will miss you,'” Drew said. “I don’t know if everyone else will but I will miss you. We spent a lot of time together.”

On fans wanting him to attack the girls during interviews during the early years of the show:

“Look at all that bad teen hair. Haven’t these girls been through enough?”

“When they were 16, 17, 18, it was a really scary time for me,” he said. “I felt like we had to protect them and nurture them…and you had the same mindset with the [angry fan] mobs saying we should be attacking them on the air and setting them straight, confronting— all these types of words that mean nothing in the mental health world.”

“That was a really scary time, particularly with Amber, by the way, because there was domestic violence,” he added. “She was drug-addicted. She could have died through all of that really easily. That was tough. Once they became adults, it got a lot easier.” 

On the ‘Teen Mom’ fans wanting certain cast members fired:

“Again…just here for the paycheck, guys…”

Dr. Drew defended the casts of the ‘Teen Mom’ shows, calling them “youths” (despite the fact that some of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast have already turned thirty years old and haven’t been ‘youths’ for over a decade…)

“The ‘Teen Mom’ fans are into cancelling,” he said about the fans who want to see certain cast members fired. “You’re talking about [taking away] at-risk youths’ only source of income? Are you f**king kidding me? You want to cut them off from their ability to support their children? Think about that, a**holes! You want them to be cut off.

“They’ve chosen— they’re adults now— to take part in this thing where they make a living, and you want to take that away from them? That’s horrible. You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s disgusting.”

Dr. Drew said that most of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls come from poor families and battle mental health issues.

“These are poor, at-risk youths from all over the country,” he said. “And, let’s be clear, teen pregnancy is a marker, it’s a symptom of mental health issues. So they all have a spectrum of mental health issues…adolescents don’t complain of depression and crying; they get involved in truancy and sexual activity and drugs. That’s how they act out their mental health problems. 

“Now that they’re adults, they’re starting to reflect back,” he said, adding that he witnessed this at the recently filmed ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10B Reunion.

“Leah [Messer] was talking very vividly about why she got pregnant, and what was going on in her life,” Dr. Drew said. “Essentially that she felt deeply abandoned and emotionally out of control, and she was craving some sort of closeness and contact and– boom!”

“And that’s basically why I let Corey Tyler touch my cooter and I got them babies up in ‘er.”

On the ‘Teen Mom’ girls’ mental health issues:

“Why you gotta be talking crap about me, Dr. Drew?!”

“Amber [Portwood] has a lot of mental health issues,” Dr. Drew said. “I love Amber, but she has serious mental illness. She has a team that she works with and has worked with for years, much like many of the other [girls] that these rabid fans complain about. Not only do they have teams of mental health professionals, but their children have teams of mental health professionals.”

He then commended MTV for the help they’ve provided to the girls on the show.

“MTV has gone to great lengths to get people the services and resources they need,” he said. “They don’t force them to do it…but they offer these things and a lot of them took advantage of that.” 

On who his favorite ‘Teen Mom’ star is:

“Chelsea, I like you because you don’t make me cry and don’t try to box your co-stars.”

“Chelsea [Houska] is the easiest, but she has now left the program,” he said. “Catelynn [Lowell]…she and Tyler [Baltierra] were always kind of special to me. They stay in close touch with me. They call me for all kinds of things, Catelynn does anyway. They all can call me, but Catelynn does.”

Drew also talked about Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship with their biological daughter, Carly, and her parents Brandon and Teresa.

“I think [Carly’s parents] are sort of closing down access [to Carly] because they don’t want the cameras and they don’t want to be part of the story,” he said. “[Her parents] have been lovely, by the way.”

On what he thinks the impact of the show has been:

“I mean, it’s hasn’t stopped the girls on the show from getting knocked up, but it’s helped everyone else!”

“The quarter ‘Teen Mom’ started airing was the quarter teen pregnancy started dropping in the United States, and now it’s at the lowest level it’s been since the 1940s,” Drew said. “And, they’ve done two academic studies where they’ve got into communities and proven that the higher the viewership [of ‘Teen Mom’], the lower the teen pregnancy. Two studies have proven it.”

Drew said that putting girls on TV that people can relate to has helped.

“You get them invested in those characters, and you show them the consequences of their choices,” he said. “They get that, and then I can come in and kind of explain things.”

On what he does before each Reunions:

“They give me a package [of footage] and I watch the whole season,” Drew said, adding that he and the production team work together on the questions that he will ask the cast at the Reunion.

“I come up with things that I want to get into with them, but [production gives me] cards of stuff we need to get to,” he said. 

You can watch Dr. Drew’s full interview with Juicy Scoop below!


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  1. YOUR FIRST FEW SENTENCES YES 100%. I love/hate when my therapist calls me out on my bullshit. That’s the best therapy there is. But then again, she can call me out cuz I’ve been with her on and off since 15.

  2. Why is “Doctor” Drew even a part of this show? What “medical” advice does he give to these so-called “vulnerable youths”? Since when is giving millions of dollars to unstable, irresponsible, and useless people of benefit to any of them or the world at large? All money and fame has done for any of these morons is give them the resources they need to make more poor choices and in Amber’s particular case, hurt others and prevent her form ever having to take responsibility for her own actions. It was so OBVIOUS that she way high at the reunion and Dumbo Drew say there and did absolutely nothing but tear Gary and Kristina down for not “doing more” for that ungrateful lump on the couch. If anything is “disgusting” it’s the way Dumbo Drew once again gave Amber permission to blame Gary and Kristina for her colossal failure as a mother.

  3. Pinsky is full of shit. I’m an actual therapist with almost 20 years experience in treating dually diagnosed adolescents and adults and virtually nothing he’s said here is clinically sound. Of course it’s not ethical to attack mentally ill people on television, but I don’t believe for one minute he’s concerned about ethics. If he was, he’d never have agreed to participate in Teen Mom or Celebrity Rehab in the first place. Both have been highly exploitative of very vulnerable populations and no one with an ounce of integrity would agree cosign the shit they’ve done. IMO, Pinsky’s nothing but a paid shill whose role is to provides a (totally transparent) veneer of pseudo-respectability on poorly disguised shit shows. Fuck his sycophantic, hypocritical ass.

  4. He can’t call them out bc… He’s a doctor ?
    Hmm I’m in therapy and you know what helps me more than anything? When I’m explaining a situation I think of one way and my therapist calls me out or problematic behavior out or repetitive behaviors we’ve gone over. At first I usually act defensively, then I think about it and realize.. damn he was right and that was exactly what I needed. He doesn’t have to be harsh he can do it gently. Not calling it out at all is enabling and they will never ever learn if there’s no accountability.

    In regards to this is how they support their kids.. well amber doesn’t. Maybe they get some child support but I think Andrew would make out fine without it and I think they should keep Kristina and Gary on since that’s leahs mom and dad anyways. The way he came for Kristina in defense of ambers absolute delusions based on jealousy when if she put in any amount of fucking effort her child might actually want her in her life was so uncalled for and completely wrong. If you’re not going to call them out the very LEAST you can do is not feed into these delusions and agree to Kristina and Gary that was bs. That way you’re not calling oh so fragile abuser amber out to her face but you’re not agreeing with the ridiculous reasons she finds to push away any accountability for the lack of relationship she has with Leah. Even her damn brother called her out.

    If these “youths” are so fragile what would he call his behavior towards underage Courtney stodden when they were in an obvious dangerous relationship and all national tv at that.. I guess it didn’t matter then he was a doctor bc he got a paycheck to check their breasts and didn’t even do so accurately if you ask an actual sonographer.

    He will come up with anything he possibly can to keep his money flowing.

  5. So growing up poor and having mental illness mean you should never be fired from a job? The millions of Americans with mental illness and those who are poor are going to be elated.

  6. he is just insufferable. hope he loses his damn license, as he is visibly distanced from reality.

  7. Sort of off topic, but I’m watching a YouTube video on Diane Downs and I couldn’t place who she looked like. She looks like freakin janelle. Both awful mothers.

  8. He’s as delusional as Jenelle is..”at risk youths” who cannot be forced to you know, get a job, instead of raking in close to million a year, or more, for doing nothing?

    1. Right? As if best practice with working with at-risk youths is to exploit them for television.

  9. You made unbelievably good points. I had forgotten so many of his “winning moments” (sarcasm).
    He truly is awful as a pretend therapist & as a diagnostician.
    But he has his go to favorites he excuses over
    & over.
    He also wants to take credit for the show’s influence & is making way more of those studies mentioned.
    Even the research analysts said they couldn’t draw any hard truths from the data because too many factors were at play such as how many viewers had cable tv vs just streaming in an area indicating level of poverty which influences pregnancy rate ect.
    I also love the incredibly nasty words he uses to describe viewers who want the Ambers & Ryans fired. Pretty judge for a mental health professional so concerned with parameters! Lol

  10. Sounds to me like the ole “Doc” is getting worried the show is in danger of being canceled, thus losing his TV time

  11. I hate Jenelle and don’t want to really defend her here but… does he not remember being part of Nessa calling Jenelle out?? So apparently calling Jenelle out for posts by her and David are allowed to be called out but wielding a machete at your baby daddy and son is off limits. To me that’s pretty disgusting.

  12. But Dr Drew has always been extra harsh on Kailyn. Every since reunion he drags her through the mud. And honestly Kailyn came from the worst situation on the show. She didn’t have parents or any kind of family. I call bs on this interview

  13. “They’ve chosen— they’re adults now— to take part in this thing where they make a living, and you want to take that away from them? That’s horrible. You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s disgusting.”“

    How do I get me one of them there “jobs” where I can sit in my ass all day, complain about how the world mistreats me and make some bank! Damn. Must be nice “jobs” they have. Are you fucking serious and you think this is “making a living?” This is the problem with this world. We’re doomed!

  14. Bitches need some tough love.

    Maybe this is why Dr D tanked with his rehab show. Pretty much all his “contestants” are no longer with us. What does that tell you?

  15. Farrah received a college education and we all saw that but why did she do with it Not a Damn thing ?‍♀️ Her parents enable her narcissistic behaviors there with Farrah because nothing is ever her fault EVER!!!!!!
    Same thing with Amber
    I don’t understand what Caitlyn and Tyler or even attempting to do in life are they running a farm because I know their business is now defunct soooo ?‍♀️?
    Nobody’s ever been worried about Maci and Taylor
    Leah I know she’s been struggling but she’s always trying that I will give her credit for I’ll never count her out
    As for Dr Drew….. I think he’s wack job if you want the hard questions answered get Dr. Phil on there I loathe him even more
    These girls need to be hit with the hard questions years ago it’s too late now MAYBE ??

  16. I appreciate The Ashley summing this up. I would rather stick glass in my ears and eyes than watch or listen to Heather McDonald. Basically a garbage person interviewing a spineless person.

  17. Sorry, but this is absolute BS. I remember watching a reunion show where he was at pains to say he wasn’t appearing in a medical/clinical capacity (despite using his Dr title…), so it’s just nonsense now to say he’s restricted in what he can/cannot do by his medical license. And as for constantly referring to these grown-ass women as ‘vulnerable youths’ – with all of the opportunities that have been afforded to them as a result of appearing on this show – give me a break ?. If he genuinely cared at all about the mental health and well-being of these women and their children – or his professional integrity and reputation (as opposed to $$$ and profile) – he’d have left this sh*t show a long time ago.

  18. I love Dr. Drew and how he takes great pains to be a mentor to these girls and young women now.
    I do know that it is true that teen pregnancy has lowered in this Country since the “Teen Mom series have aired and for me that’s the reason I watch Teen Mom still at my age. Since it’s inception I have been invested in the lives of these special women and their beautiful children. I have Grandchildren that are 11, 12, and 13 years old and I have seen the teen children grow from the womb to today. I have so much to say to each of them as they have given me so much with what and how they have chosen to lead their lives. I thank teen Mom and MTV for these years of joy sadness and love.

  19. This man has become such a screaming piece of trash. We understand hosting a show is not a medical or therapeutic setting. Here’s an idea. DON’T HOST IT THEN! There’s literally no reason on earth that it should be him doing it. He’s vitriol at the people who watch this show and their daring to having an opinion is ridiculous. How dare he act like it’s the viewer’s responsibility to keep these people on TV. If they are that mentally unwell and “at risk”, then maybe they shouldn’t be on TV. He seems to have no problem exploiting them for his own paycheck.

    1. Sorry, accidental thumbs down, I agree with you, he’s a total hypocrite. Maybe if he had called then out on their ridiculous, selfish behaviour early on some of them would have got an education and made something of themselves instead of hanging on to this ‘job’ by the skin of their teeth.
      Also, it’s always hilarious when MTV pretend like they give a shit. Ha.

    2. It’s also kind of disingenuous for him to say that we shouldn’t be calling any of them out for bad behavior because they all have such serious mental health struggles that they all work really hard to deal with. Teams of people that they work with and such, teams of mental health workers for the kids now too. But we don’t see any of that on TV! We see these women doing awful horrible things that hurt other people, animals, and their children, consequence free, and then we see them throw themselves lavish parties, drive around in new SUVs every season, go on multiple vacations, upgrade their McMansions every year, and play dress up with new clothes, hair, and body parts on social media. So what we’re seeing is bratty people getting hugely rewarded for bad, often criminal behavior. We’re not seeing the mental health struggles and the teams of psychologists they’re apparently working with to help themselves. It’s like he’s watching an entirely different show than the viewers. Or he has all this extra background knowledge on the girls that we don’t have at all, and he’s mad at us for judging them by what MYV chooses to show us on TV, as opposed to understanding and sympathizing with them based on information we were never given.

      He makes it seem like this is a show about at risk, poor teenage moms on a mental health journey that leads them to address the reasons they got pregnant in the first place and become better, healthier people. But mental health is barely ever a plot point on these shows. And if it, it’s mostly used in a very shallow way: like they tell us amber has bipolar and Caitlyn has postpartum and is getting a therapy horse but then they don’t actually show or tell us about the apparently momentous amount of behind the scenes, off-camera work they’re doing to get better. So we just see people acting out, saying it’s because they have a diagnosis, and then continuing to act out. If they’re all gaining insight into their childhoods and dealing with past trauma, we’re not seeing it. If they’re going to therapy and managing medications and meditating and doing behavioral therapy, we’re not seeing it. We see the worst of these people and we see them spending tons of money on spectacular things. So no wonder we’re getting the idea that these moms and dads are being coddled and financially rewarded more and more each year for worsening and more outrageous and detrimental behavior. If you want us to sympathize with all the work they’re doing on their mental health, and their poor childhoods, and the at-risk nature of their upbringings, maybe show us those things? And reference them more frequently? Like sure, I could probably go back and watch everyone’s 16 and pregnant episodes and see the poverty, the lack of education, the messed up families, and the poor home lives, but not everyone that’s watching now has either A) been watching from the beginning or B) remembers super clearly everyone’s origin story… and the fact that a lot of their money (and everything money can buy like housing and education and transportation and leisure time) issues have been completely eradicated by the fact that they all make hundreds of thousands of dollars a season now tends to make people think of these girls as actually quite privileged and wealthy with many opportunities as opposed to poverty stricken and at risk.

      1. And apparently we’re just supposed to know that everyone is addicted to drugs and that’s part of their mental health struggle and a reason for their behavior, but the show goes to great lengths to hide and deny drug use, or the extent of these people’s addictions. We didn’t actually see jenelle deal with her heroin addiction. We just saw her nodding out once and and it was hinted at that she was using hard drugs. Then they focuses on her smoking weed a lot. They weren’t very explicit about the extent of amber’s drug use and addiction struggles either until after the fact. And they tried to hide leah’s. And Ryan: we still don’t know if he’s sober or using, and they did a lot of kind of hinting and showing him looking big eyed but didn’t ever really tell us and address it. So how are we supposed to know if these people are actually struggling with a serious physical addiction to drugs that is affecting their entire life and their mental health, or if they’re just casually partying and using sometimes? Again, it’s like he wants us to all have sympathetic and understanding opinions that are based on information we are not given.

        1. Well said. I wanted to say this because the thumbs up/down doesn’t always work correctly. You nailed every point. It’s beyond me why this show continues to air. Perhaps with the lockdown hopefully ending, viewership will continue to decline. Pinsky needs to have a real job, just like his “youths.”

          1. Oh, my gosh! You seriously cannot be called a youth when you’re pushing 30. Didn’t Amber just turn 30? Farrah too, I think. Anyway, none of them are young enough to be called that anymore. It’s ridiculous!

  20. This dude has done nothing but coddle half of these women for the past 10-11 years….
    And believe it or not, Drew…you can hold someone accountable without being a complete douche about it. Jesus Jerome ??‍♀️

  21. Well that’s some bs. I actually don’t care that he is soft on the women. What does irk me is that he is unfairly harsh on the people who are negatively impacted by the destructive behavior the “teen moms” engage in. Of course, I’m mainly talking about Kristina and Gary. He basically told Kristina that she shouldn’t be as involved with Leah because it makes Amber feel bad. THAT is what I have a problem with.

    1. Right! Who else is Leah looking to look up to as a maternal figure?? It sure as hell shouldn’t be Amber…Drew’s an idiot.

    2. 1000000% this. He was like this with Cory too. Fine, handle the mom’s carefully, but don’t trash the ONLY people being decent parents. (from what we see.)

  22. Ummmmm no. We don’t want dog killing, partner beating, drug addicts to get a bunch of money to help them continue to get away with dog killing, partner beating, and drug addiction.

    Isn’t the heart of every discussion about these behaviors that you cannot enable them? Do you really think Amber or Ryan or Janelle could’ve afforded all those drugs without MTV money? Not as easily. Maybe not at all, who knows.

    So as far as taking this large income away from “at risk youth” maybe that’s exactly what they need so they don’t have the same opportunities to be self-destructive.

    And you’re the doctor????

    1. Rabid fans! Wow, your useless at your ‘job’ if thats what you call it. You dont mind attacking other cast members tho such as gary and josh, its ok to speak down to them! And basicly tell them that they shouldnt fight back because poor ambie has issues! He knows she battered him. The biggest bs i have ever read! Youths are you kidding me! Andddddd no i dont think amber should continue getting paid for drugs battery and everthing else, shes not even a mom anyways! Twat.

    2. BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. No one gives a fuck about these nutters. BECAUSE ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

  23. Perhaps if as a “medical professional” he feels uncomfortable in his ROLE AS A REALITY TV INTERVIEWER he should find a platform where his skills are more appropriate?
    All his comments do is say that HE is the wrong person for the job.
    No one wants anyone fired without cause, people just like to see CONSEQUENCES FOR ACTIONS!

  24. > “You want to cut them off from their ability to support their children?”

    They’ve had 12 years and over a million dollars available to pursue higher education, learn a trade, open a business or otherwise fulfill their dreams.

    It’s THEIR FAULT if those opportunities were squandered amd they sit at 30 with no hope for a future without TM.

    They’ve had it easier financially and time- wise than a lot of us had while raising small children and we all still managed to provide an income.

    F*ck off with the constant victim bs.

  25. I love Dr. Drew.
    I feel he really does care about the girls and their kids.
    He may not be forceful but you can see he has their best interests at heart!
    I’m so glad he’s stuck with them!

    1. No he doesnt….its only because he doesn’t hold them accountable. You can give tough love without being hard on them. Instead of walking on eggshells for the sake of “hurting their feelings”, he needs to be honest.

  26. I love Dr. Drew.
    I feel he really does care about the girls and their kids.
    He may not be forceful but you can see he has their best interests at heart!

  27. “Amber was in prison for drug addiction”….No. Amber was in prison for domestic violence. I’m not saying drugs didn’t play a part, but she was convicted of a crime. Dr Drew should not be downplaying that!

    1. And she actually chose prison! Following the rules and staying clean was just too much work for her, we all know how she is allergic to work! Most people would do anything and everything possible to stay out of “gel” and be with their small child, not Amber!

  28. Can,we talk,about the fact that Drew once gave an interview talking about how frustrated he was with Farrah and wanted to “strangle her” (granted it was out of context) and when Farrah, rightfully so in my opinion, then tried to call say how his comment was inappropriate, because he was a doctor, he interrupts her and goes “well I’m not acting as your doctor. You know I’m not your doctor, right?” And acts like she’s crazy or stupid to have a problem with that. Not exactly the proper way to handle someone with mental illness, which Farrah clearly is. Yes he was not her actual doctor, but still he was at least a work colleague, and he had been pretending to act as a safe space for these girls since they were teenagers. And doesn’t even offer a “sorry if that made you uncomfortable “. Then here he just acts as if she just started stonewalling him out of nowhere. It’s just interesting how he can ,on one hand, say negative things/ talk shit and it’s fine because “he’s not their doctor” but then says he’s “not going to attack them” aka hold them accountable, because he’s a licensed doctor. By the way he’s an internist, not a psychiatrist . And he’s an addiction specialist , but doesn’t even mention when people are clearly high right in front of him? Like when he let Leah completely control that interview, and blatantly ignored the footage of her nodding out while holding a baby. And shit on Corey for being concerned about the girls, and dismissed him when he tried talking about the things he was going through and feeling as a father, because it wasn’t “on the same level” as Leah. What about when he used his cellphone flashlight to prove Amber wasn’t high? What about when he kept encouraging Maci to go back to a verbally abusive relationship with Ryan, saying they were soul mates? What about when he praised David and Jenelle’s relationship because he could “contain her” (ew) , despite the fact he is emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive to her and her children? Or the way he was practically salivating when Tyler admitted to having a history of self harm? “You were a cutter? Really? Did you do it just that one time? No, no there’s no way. How long did you cut for?” Like he was a schoolgirl learning gossip. What “mental health” work is happening here? What kind of addiction counseling is happening here? The same kind that landed most of his patients on Celebrity Rehab dead? And even from a medical standpoint, he sucks, Mr. “Covid is just the flu , you won’t catch it. Don’t freak out.” /He/ is disgusting. He just wants to keep his paycheck.

    1. You made unbelievably good points. I had forgotten so many of his “winning moments” (sarcasm).
      He truly is awful as a pretend therapist & as a diagnostician.
      But he has his go to favorites he excuses over
      & over.
      He also wants to take credit for the show’s influence & is making way more of those studies mentioned.
      Even the research analysts said they couldn’t draw any hard truths from the data because too many factors were at play such as how many viewers had cable tv vs just streaming in an area indicating level of poverty which influences pregnancy rate ect.
      I also love the incredibly nasty words he uses to describe viewers who want the Ambers & Ryans fired. Pretty judge for a mental health professional so concerned with parameters! Lol

  29. “Amber [Portwood] has a lot of mental health issues,” Dr. Drew said. “I love Amber, but she has serious mental illness. She has a team that she works with and has worked with for years, much like many of the other [girls] that these rabid fans complain about. Not only do they have teams of mental health professionals, but their children have teams of mental health professionals.”

    It is not working bro.

    stay lit

  30. This interview is disgusting and honestly he sounds as if he is grooming these women to exploit them even further by gaining their trust.

  31. There he goes making sh*tty excuses again for being a crappy host and not asking the hard hitting questions.

  32. Drew is clueless when it comes to mental health or psychological issues. He us an internist. The show needs a pschologist/psychiatrist, not him. He doesn’t even seem to know these women. Most of them come from middle to upper middle class families like Maci, Farrah and Chelsea and would have been fine. He onlly likes Caitlyn because she adopted out her kid. Teresa didnt shut down contact, she always wanted a closed adoption, which happens with many adoptive parents. Teresa feels threatened, which is stupid, but whatever. Caitlyn has only had a bit of contact because of the show and Bethany doesnt want to “look bad.” Drew says all kinds of clueless shit like when he approved of David because Janelle “needs to be contained.” Lol. He went on Heather’s show because they are both conservative republicans and are buddies, so Heather is not going to ask any hard questions.

  33. Since Doris is not his only hope, maybe a teacher will make a diff in Kaiser's life says:

    The only one I want fired is Dr. Drew.

  34. I used to Subscribe to Heather McDonald’s Patreon and listen to juicy scope faithfully but she started getting on my nerves when she wasn’t asking hard questions and she didn’t push him on any of the BULLSHIT he was spewing either.

  35. I think I actually hate him more after this story of excuses.

    Amber is not doing anything. Period. She has no consequences.

    Leah is not at risk at 30.

    By all means, don’t cancel this shit show but cancel a 16 yr old for something someone near him did when he was 12.

    Clown world.

    1. Exactly. Here’s this asshole’s entire job description: Normalize dysfunction. But they took it too far too fast by bringing the scum of the earth onto the show and now they’ve alienated their audience. Put a fork in it. The only thing that’s more overdue to end than this show is the scamdemic!

      1. Agreed. We’re almost closing in on the next generation of girls.

        They don’t cast relatable characters anymore, they look for the outlandish and wild, and yes, it alienates the core audience.

      2. They alienated their audience once the “girls” started buying new range rovers every season, new and bigger houses every season, taking multiple exotic vacations several times a year and hence their “problems” just became totally unrelatable to the average Americans.

        1. Omg so true , LuvzPugz2!

          Once they checks really hit and there was no more “struggle”– the entire premise of the show– yep, absolutely alienated the core audience. Absolutely.

  36. poor, at-risk youths?! umm Farrah’s family has been well off from the beginning…we literally watched her move into one of her parents’ spare houses that was empty. Maci and Ryan’s parents both appeared to be well off from their first episode. The only thing poor about a majority of the TM cast is their decision making.

  37. First of all, Amber went to prison for punching her baby daddy in the head in front of her infant daughter on national TV, not for drug addiction, and the “consequences” she’s faced obviously didn’t work because she attacked the next baby daddy with a machete in front of her infant son. The list is endless with Portwood and her issues.

    How about this? Since he can’t ask REAL questions like Dr. Phil because he has a license, or whatever his BS excuse was….how about they just replace him with Dr. Phil?? Dr. Phil vs. Portwood or honestly Dr. Phil v any POS cast member would be RATINGS GOLD. Screw Dr. Drew.

    1. Yes! absolutely!!
      “Dr Dipshit Drew” Saying about Amber Portwood having a “Team” if professionals / Dr’s around her…
      HAHA ?, Well Couldn’t he mention that clearly it’s not helping since she assaulted her other baby daddy with a machete & doesn’t “own up” yo anything?
      Or call BS on her “damn good Mother” line? Hell I wouldn’t call her a “damn good babysitter” even.

    2. I am so here for that!!! Dr. Phil would crush those girls. And he may not be a licensed physician, but he’s 10 times the doctor than Dr. Drew could ever be.

      1. He would call every single one of them out on their BS. Drew acts like these are young children and not women who are almost 30. I would love to see Phil call out Amber, Briana, Rhine n co, Jenelle and Farrah when they were on the show. Drew also annoyed me when he said that the girls being held accountable by the audience is messing with their income. Um, these girls have been on TV since they were 16, they have had PLENTY OF TIME to find other forms of income as a back up.

  38. “shes a complicated case with a lot of significant issues”

    Ambo is gonna be big mad cue 3…2…1…

    1. Oh no. This solidifies it for Amber. She’s a constant victim and will always have a simp in Dr Drew. To her, that’s an “official diagnosis” and forever excuse for why she won’t grow up.

      “I’m a complicated case, Gary! Dr Drew said so himself!”

  39. What a fucking enabler. I can’t believe he’s a fucking licensed doctor. Why would he continue to support this shit show? Wouldn’t it be in their best interest to get them out of this situation instead of continuing to put them through this if their mental health is that fragile. Doesn’t make sense. So basically MTV fucked them over by giving them such sweet paychecks that they again, need to keep the shit show going because they now do not know how to support themselves otherwise. I’m not a fucking licensed doctor and I can see where you all went wrong and what you really need to be focusing on, yet your not. And this is our fault how? He’s no different than the teen moms themselves. We are the reason for the problem. Not him. I see where Ambien gets this bullshit from. Dr Enabler.

  40. Dr Drew is a hack and what he really is saying is that people are despicable for trying to cancel him and his exectuive producer credits and hosting gig by cancelling the show. The 30 year old “girls” will be fine. They have made millions in the last 10 yrs. 95% of the worlds population cannot say the same. Remind us all how we should cry for these 30 yr old “girls” as we go to work at 8am 5 days a week to make the same amount in a month that they make in a week off of clickbait. Lastly, Dr Drew should be reminded that this show is classified as entertainment not as mental health therapy. Paying cable customers have a right to demand entertainment that is ENTERTAINING. Its actually unethical to be entertained, profit or publicize the mentally ill. Is this a private counseling session for these women or a show about former teen moms because Dr Drew completely dismissed the audience and told us to basically mind our business. Sorry Drew but my monthly cable bill says the shows I pay for are my business.
    Dr Drew better pick a lane before the sponsors and viewer find out that they are funding mental health sessions and not an entertainment show on the MUSIC TV station.

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