Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Reveals Why She Returned to ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ After Quitting the Show; Insists She Didn’t Rejoin Cast for the Money

“The party is here back!”

Well it turns out being on Jersey Shore Family Vacation wasn’t a nightmare after all, because Snooki is back.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’ would return to the MTV reality show. A  video teaser of the second half of the newest season showed Nicole surprising her roomies and, over the weekend, she followed up the announcement with a statement about why she has returned to the ‘Shore’ spin-off.

“I’ve still got a few good partying years left in me… I hope.”

Nicole initially left in 2019, as reported by The Ashley, and she did not go quietly. Announcing it on her podcast, It’s Happening With Snooki & Joey, the ‘Jersey Shore’ star claimed that the drama was getting to her and being on the show was “turning into a nightmare.”

Her list of grievances ranged from it no longer being the show she initially signed up for, to the editing making her look like a bad person, to actual death threats being sent to her children. The mother of three loathed being away from her kids so often and said a lot of her decision had to do with wanting to spend more time with them.

“It’s just a lot and it’s not something I signed up for with this show,” she had said.

Now that some time has passed and her children are older, it seems that Nicole is ready to give it another go.

“Super excited to be back with my roomies,” Nicole wrote in her social media statement.

Coming back, she explained, made her realize how much she had missed the show and her castmates.

“Umm, yeah… me, too.”

Nicole explained that she doesn’t have any regrets about leaving and that it was a necessary “break for my soul … “ but that “Mawma is back.”

The second half of this season will feature Nicole and her ‘Jersey Shore’ family taking on the snowy Poconos in Pennsylvania.

When previously explaining why she was choosing to leave the show, Nicole said “I don’t like partying three days in a row, it’s just not my life anymore and I wanna be home with the kids.”

On Twitter, Nicole was accused of returning simply because she missed the giant MTV paycheck, but she was quick to set the record straight.

“I missed being a drunken hot mess more,” she wrote.

“Hey…at least she’s honest!”

‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ returns June 3 on MTV.

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18 Responses

  1. She probably did do it for the money. Her family live very comfortably but the siren call of a lot of money-that could be a big chunk of a house or university for the children for just pissing about for a few weeks a year is probably too much to turn down esp with covid making even secure revenue streams unstable. Also, I have stopped watching it as watching people my own age get really drunk and act like teenagers has lost it’s edge but I can imagine that JS without Snooki would just be soooooo dull, Jenny complaining, Deena being boring, Vinny going on about keto, Pauly being exactly the same, Ron being a violent druggy and Mike being nice and normal.

  2. “I missed being a drunken hot mess more,” she wrote. ??

    Snooki has a podcast and physical store, so I don’t think money was the issue. We all know Snooki had plastic surgery but she did reality tv for maybe a decade and got paid well. If she was somewhat frugal with her money, there shouldn’t be an issue (she could also be a Tori Spelling with her money, who knows).

    I don’t know what Snooki makes on her podcast or how popular it is, but Bachelor Nation former cast members can make anywhere from $50k (Dean) to $300k (Kaitlyn). If her podcast is successful, she could live off that income, not to mention whatever it is that her husband, Jennifer, does.

  3. Just read that Sammi apparently split from her not-so-hot fiance. Not surprised. I never believed she was in love with him. As emotionally whacked and petty as she’s always been, I always thought it was one big “look at how happy I am without you, Ron” ploy. I’ll just add how ridiculous it is that everyone makes her out to be an innocent victim and Ron a monster. Yes, Ron is fucked up and has serious issues but he’s always had far more heart than she’ll ever have. She relentlessly tested him and played emotional games with him. He should have ditched her early on for being such a whacko (no one in the house liked her outside of Ron, not even sweet Pauly D). Instead he let her drive him crazy. And then he downward spiraled and developed severe problems with alcohol and drug abuse after they split. I hope he finds his way. I still believe he’s a good person, although I understand why others have lost faith in him. He doesn’t appear to have hit bottom yet, imo. I hope he doesn’t end up killing himself and will find the help he needs.

    1. What are you smoking?!? Ron has been addicted to drugs and alcohol far before Sammi. He has physically assaulted every single girlfriend he’s had since being a public figure. That’s not Sammi’s fault, that is Ron’s fault. (This also has nothing to do with this article, which is about Nicole)

  4. Why is it so horrible to say you’re doing something for the money? Do what you want to do. Do what you gotta do while the opportunity is still there. I mean, everyone called this when she “quit.” They knew she’d be back. Just call a spade a spade though. There are lots of people who would jump at the chance to get paid for this. So get your check and be glad that you can while it lasts.

    1. With Ron getting kicked off the show and Sammi’s reported split for her fiancé I’m praying for a Sammi Sweetheart comeback ?

  5. I love my Snooks but the show needs to end. Didn’t watch last season. Probably will watch this one, not sure. Hopefully they keep it Jenni-light. I can’t stand her anymore.

  6. I think what she missed was the check.

    This show is so DONE! They are way too old for this now, its kind of gross honestly.

    It’s one thing to tell your kids “This is the crazy stuff I did before you were born.”

    It’s a whole different story to say, “This is the crazy stuff I did while I was gone during your middle school years!”

    1. I literally only watched like the first three episodes of the first season of Family Vaca cause I thought it was weird and pathetic AF watching these old ass people with kids partaking in the same drama and nonsense that they did in their early 20s. It’s just not entertaining anymore, it’s disgusting.

      1. I totally agree. I’m relatively the same age as the JS folks and they are way too old to be acting such a’fool. It really is cringey, gross and embarrassing. Meanwhile, the paychecks are fueling their depressing plastic surgeries, ridiculous mansions, humiliating partying and domestic violence lawyers. I admit, back in the heyday, I loved the show, and I should be ashamed to admit, (but I’m not) that I still watch bits of the ‘family vacation one, here and there, to see if it’s improved. Instead it just gets worse and worse. It’s scripted, trite, depressing and humiliating…But that’s just nothing but my worthless, peasant opinion.

      2. I wasn’t going to watch but I got sucked into Mike’s prison mess in the 2nd season. I hated him on the original show but watching his growth is great. Who knew someone could actually earned a redemption story on MTV?
        Just cancel Ronnie and the girls (maybe keep Deena) and it could be a fun show for specials.

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