Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Announces She’s Leaving ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: “It’s Turning Into a Nightmare”

“Raise your hand if you and your liver have had enough… “

CABS ARE HERE… and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is hopping into one and leaving Jersey Shore: Family Vacation behind.

Nicole took to her podcast It’s Happening With Snooki & Joey on Friday to share that she’s “retiring” from the MTV show, calling the move “definitely a hard decision.” 

“I’m gonna throw up,” she said during the episode. “OK, you guys, I love you so much and don’t hate me for my decision, but I have to do what’s best for me at the moment and I am retiring from ‘Jersey Shore.’”

It’s the end of a era. A sloppy mess of an era, but an era, nonetheless.

Nicole went on to say if there is a Season 4 of the reality show, she won’t be part of it due to “a lot of reasons,” including having to leave her kids to film, which she said is “really, really hard.” 

“I just can’t do it anymore … I hate being away from the kids,” she said, later adding, “[it’s] supposed to be a happy, fun show and it’s turning into a nightmare.”

Nicole also stated that her hard-partying “Where’s the beach?” days are long over, and it’s hard for her to leave her family to go pound Ron Ron Juice.

“I don’t like partying three days in a row, it’s just not my life anymore and I wanna be home with the kids,” she explained. “It’s just really hard on me to leave the kids and film the show. That’s one reason.” 

Another reason she’s ready to throw in the towel? The drama.

“Girl, that’s what I’ve been tryna tell ya!”

“Our show, ‘Jersey Shore,’ is about family and about making fun of each other and having a good time and laughing and just knowing that it’s all in good fun,” she continued. “And lately, it’s just like, everything is so serious and when it comes to our show it’s not like, team this, team that, and then the fans are against one another when it comes to a cast member. That’s just not how the show works and that’s how it’s becoming.” 

In addition said she wasn’t comfortable with “the direction” the show is moving in and that she needs some time for herself.

(Although she didn’t specifically mention it, Nicole may be referring to the recent drama that was stirred up at her co-star Angelina Pivarnick‘s wedding. As The Ashley previously reported, Nicole, Jenni Farley and Deena Cortese received a ton of backlash after audio was leaked of them giving a very cruel bridesmaid toast at the wedding. Nicole never addressed the incident and has not apologized for her part in it.)

“I don’t want that and I’m not leaving my kids days on end to film this show when that’s the result of it,” Nicole said on the podcast. “I don’t like the turnout of it and I don’t like the person I’m being portrayed as and this is getting a little too much. 32 years old with 3 kids and if I’m doing a reality show I want it to be fun and lighthearted and just lately it’s not like that and the show is getting so dramatic and drama.”

She also revealed that she and her children have received death threats over her involvement in the show.

“It’s just a lot and it’s not something I signed up for with this show,” she added. 

A month ago, Nicole vented her frustration over the way reality TV is edited after she was seen having a total meltdown during an episode of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.’ 

She previously said her actions on the episode were a result of her missing her children, as well as her anger over Angelina “giving [her] crap.” When defending her habit of pulling the “I’m going home” card on the show, Snooki joked on Twitter that she craves the money and how the show has benefited her children. 

“I enjoy allowing my kids to eat and have college funds off of my a**holery,” she said.

Despite her roommates attempting to talk her “off a ledge” regarding her decision to quit the show, Nicole reiterated that “the show isn’t what it was,” though she made a point to say there were no “hard feelings when it comes to the production, or MTV” and that she hoped to “work with them more.” 

“In other words, let me know when you’re ready to hand me and my kids our own show.”

Even though her days on the Shore may be done, Nicole wishes her roomies well as the show moves forward… hopefully without all of the drama. 

“I don’t like the narrative of anything, I’m removing myself, I love you guys so much, I love my roomies to death, they know that, I’m not going anywhere when it comes to them and them being my family,” she continued, noting that her decision to leave doesn’t mean she’s done with TV or reality TV entirely. 

Following the news of Snooki’s departure, Jenni shared a photo of the two of them to her Instagram Story, captioned “Til the end… #rideordie.” 

Nicole herself posted a selfie-shoutout to her fans, telling them how much she loves them. 

…And for anyone under the impression that Nicole plans to also leave New Jersey, that’s not the case. After a Twitter user shared a premature celebration about the Meatball relocating out of The Garden State, Snooki went ahead and set the record straight. 

“I’m still here in Jersey Mary, and will always be. Come at me, bruh.” 

Listen to Snooki’s full podcast episode below.

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23 Responses

  1. I think Snooki is doing a great job she is a good mother and has a good heart, she is very humorous.
    Kids come first before anybody else.
    Family over everything.
    Love you Snooki ?

  2. Now it’s JWOW’s turn. I can’t stand these two and would really like to see how Deena behaves without her friends. She is the lesser evil of the three. Or better: give MIKE his own show!

  3. I’d have more respect for her if she’d just admit that her bridesmaid speech was out of line. Angelina rolls with the punches but, she’s been so excited about her wedding common sense would tell you that it was inappropriate.

    She’s probably trying to sell a spin-off featuring her store in Jersey.

  4. You can’t always blame editing. Maybe it’s time to realize it’s not always everyone else’s fault and maybe it is you that is being a mean and obnoxious a-hole ??‍♀️

    1. I think “fame” changed Snooki the most. She was this quirky, natural, funny meatball and she turned into this fake, (also looks wise) obnoxious, rude know-it-all who thinks everyone wants to hear from her. Obv she will still be present on social media and vocal about everything that will happen on the show.

  5. Based on the rest of the comments this may be an unpopular opinion, but I loved the show and think it’s a good decision on her part to leave for now because she’s right, it has completely changed.
    It used to be absolutely hilarious but this past season has been incredibly dramatic and not that much fun to watch. It’s been mainly second hand embarrassing and cringeworthy where it used to make me laugh out loud. Ronnie is so stupid and infuriating, and Angelina, while I don’t think she’s a bad person, really is just a bit much to handle. I’d watch a lot more of Vinny & Pauly though, and of course, the one I never thought I’d end up loving, Mike!

    1. I feel the same way. I used to love watching Jersey Shore and like you I would laugh out loud at most of the show, but lately it was hard to watch it was like the producers were asking them to act abnoxious so they had a good story line. Their too old to be acting like idots now! I love Pauly D, Vinny and Mike and I think they should have their own show !

  6. Soooo…I did something f*$ked up and people are actually holding me accountable for my mean girl behavior so wah I’m just not going to do the show anymore.

  7. Things were just fine when she was popular… she screws up diva BIG a few times in a row, becomes the villain and blames “the show” for the massive drama that ensues… hmmmm. The show has not changed!! What has changed is her attitude and image, which has nothing to do with “where’s the beach” days being over, that is not even the basis of the storyline anymore-it’s the relationships within the cast built up over the years, which she has evidentially mucked up (IMO).

    We all recognize they are not 20yo anymore and times/lives have changed- but those changed BEFORE “Family Vacation” even started! On premise, it’s a very different show than the original JS, because they are very different, many years different! We expect that from humans!

    I’m sure she is financially set and will in no way be living ‘JE style’, but regardless of who you are, losing that MTV $ HAS to have an impact on lifestyle, especially after building an entire adult life on it. IMO this is a “chase me” move, but implemented at the exact wrong time (when image is broken). I likED her but diva moves like this don’t sit well with me (and have to assume others feel similarly).

    What ever happened to honest sincere apologies??
    NO ONE is EVER above THOSE!! [IMO]

    The show must go on!

  8. Waaah, I don’t like the negativity! Also, come at me, bruh. Can’t have it both ways, honey. Is Jionni back on Ashley Madison? Is that why she’s so mad?

  9. The show has always been about drama and the guys are all problematic… all of a sudden she’s getting backlash for the dirty little hamster and she’s butthurt about it. oh well. The show has run its course imo with Ronnie being psychotic and the hamster being a total pig.

  10. “In other words, let me know when you’re ready to hand me and my kids our own show.”

    Pretty much sums it up.

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