Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Melts Down & Storms Out While Shooting Scenes for ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Season 3: Watch the Video!

“I’m spiraling, guys, but not in a Ronnie way!”

Snooki is not having a happy family vacation!

The Jersey Shore star– also known as Nicole Polizzi— stormed out of the house she was filming at for the next season of Family Vacation on Tuesday night, begging producers to let her go home, and calling someone a “f**king assh0le!”

Naturally, TMZ obtained footage of Nicole’s meltdown (thanks to a nosy neighbor who had enough sense to whip out their cellphone camera and capture the Kodak moment!)

“Stop talking to me! I’m leaving!” Nicole can be heard yelling as she walks away from the house. “Leave me the f**k alone! This is why I didn’t want to do this s**t! Leave me alone! I’m leaving!” 

Someone (who sounds a bit like Jenni Farley) can be heard talking to Nicole in the background, but Nicole continues to storm away.

She then says, “She’s a f**king assh0le!” but it’s unclear as to who Nicole is talking about.

“I want to go home to my kids! That’s where I belong!” she cries.

(Nicole is the mother of three children, the youngest of which is only three months old.)

“I hate this s**t!” she adds.

“Sounds like you could use some Pauly D Positivity right about now!”

It appears that Nicole eventually went back to the house, where two women— who appear to be Jenni and Angelina Pivarnick— talk to her and hug her. Nicole can be heard yelling “It’s not real!” several times. A person who appears to be a producer comes into the shot to talk to Nicole, as a cameraman stands just feet from her, capturing the meltdown for ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ most likely.

TMZ reports that, after Nicole stormed off, one of the show’s producers followed her and took her to a donut shop to get her calmed down. 

The site reports that Jenni and Pauly D later came out to talk to the crew, and Pauly was heard saying, “Well that didn’t go the way I expected.”

TMZ reports that Nicole eventually returned to the house, where we can assume filming resumed.

Watch the full meltdown video below!

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13 Responses

  1. Or, I don’t know, it could be just for the show. I bet producers are FUMING Sammi didn’t want to come back (good on her though!) because without the Rammi storyline they basically just have old drama to try to reheat.

  2. You can really tell when she’s drunk now that she’s in her thirties. Her and Ron look like crap when they spiral like she can barely keep her eyes open. I don’t know how she’s still doing that and yeah she should be at home with her baby but this show is how she supports her fam.

  3. Roger said that Snooki really had problems. I wondered what he was talking about. I think Johnny cheats on Snooki. I guess it will come out one day. I know Johnny was caught in the Ashley Madison thing. Snooki clammed Johnny would never cheat on her. ?‍♀️

    1. Rodger said that Nicole had problems? I wouldn’t believe him if he told me the sky was blue.

  4. Eh Jersey Shore ran its course. One come back season was fun but doing multiple season… idk seems like it’s jumping the shark.

    1. Completely agree. One comeback season would have been more than enough. Or a comeback season every few years to do like a where are they now type deal, but continuous season after season is doing waaay too much. The show isn’t as good now as it was then, when they were all in the house at the Shore. Now it comes across super fake and scripted.

    1. Isn’t that just kind of par for the course in the States? Get a few weeks of mat leave and go back to work before your body even fully heals?
      I know she obviously has the money to not go back to work but… it’s not unusual for someone to be working when their baby is 3 months old.

  5. I love Nicole, and she’s right, she should be home wither kids, especially the 3 month old.

    But the selfish side of me wants her on the show because it would be boring as hell without her.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Snooki is a drama queen shes a drunk

      1. That’s why she makes the show interesting and fun. It would be really, really boring if it was just Pauly and Vinnie just trying to pick up skanks, and Jenni and Angelina fighting. And I don’t think she’s that much of a drunk anymore.

    2. She’s funny but the spiraling with Ron is meh and not healthy for either of them. They are too old to be drinking all night and then waking up for more booze.

      1. I just think their lifestyles are so much different now, and the show should really reflect that rather than forcing them to do what they did in the past. Except for maybe Pauly, Vinny and Angelina.

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