The Top 5 Wildest Moments from ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Episode 7

This episode brought to you by wine. Lots and lots of wine.

This week’s episode of The Hills: New Beginnings gave us a lot to be thankful, not least of which the fact that we aren’t contractually obligated to spend holidays with co-stars. 

It’s time to break bread and possibly break down along the way as we bring you the top five wildest moments from this week’s episode of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings!’

1. Spencer gives the low-down on co-sleeping.

While putting their son Gunner to bed, we learn that Heidi and Spencer utilize a unique sleep method referred to as “co-sleeping.” 

One big happy/cramped as hell family.

“So co-sleeping is something we’ve discovered is not normal, I guess,” Spencer explains. “I guess most people put their babies in a crib. Didn’t work out that way with us so Gunner sleeps in the middle of us.

“Heidi has not slept for real, like, for real, more than three hours in a year now. To me, Heidi’s the best mom I could imagine. To an outsider, I’m sure it looks insane.”

Hey, your words, not ours. 

2. Brody and Stephanie get in a massive fight and manage to not have it filmed for this show. 

We first hear of this massive blowup between Stephanie and Brody when Brandon confronts Brody after hearing about it from Frankie. 

Got all that?

“He said things got crazy with you and Stephanie at some house party. Dude what happened with that?” Brandon asks. 

“Oh good, despite having zero footage of this, we’re still gonna make it a storyline. Awesome.”

Brody explains that he was “decompressing” from the whole fire situation when he saw Stephanie walk into a party he was at after hearing from Audrina that she had been an asswad really insensitive about the fact that the Woolsey fire– which almost burned Brody’s house down– put a damper on her Vegas partying a few weeks back.  

“When I saw Stephanie I just completely snapped, I had had a few drinks … I got in a blind f**king rage,” he said. “I just yelled at her, was super pissed off, I don’t even remember what I said to be honest, I was so pissed off at her.” 

Seriously, where’s a hidden cell phone camera when you need one to capture that Kodak moment?!

Later on, Stephanie and Justin talk about the run-in with Brody, too. Justin makes it clear that Brody didn’t put his hands on Stephanie, but he did “go nuts” on her. 

If anyone can spot “nutty” behavior, it’s this guy.

“What it comes down to is he thinks you just didn’t give a s**t about what happened in the Malibu fires,” Justin tells Stephanie. 

We hear the story again at Spencer and Heidi’s house on Thanksgiving (via Stephanie) and yet again at Frankie’s Friendsgiving dinner when Spencer mentions it at the table. 

“I would never do anything to offend Brody intentionally… it’s just not the British way.”

Basically this show is seriously lacking any real storylines and someone from the MTV crew likely caught hell for not capturing on film one of the very few exciting things to happen within this group this entire season. 

3. Frankie’s Thanksgiving coat. 

When your holiday threads match the main course…

I mean… it’s certainly a look. 

4. Justin shows everyone a couple of things he’s thankful for. 

Justin shocks his friends by showing up to Friendsgiving with a plus one named Lindsay who, let’s just say, seems quite thankful this party doesn’t have a dress code. 

“Can someone pass me the breast meat?”

“I mean, I get the whole phrase, ‘if you got, it flaunt it,’ but this chick is literally serving her boobs on a platter… for everyone.” Audrina says. 

Justin explains that this outing is he and Lindsay’s second date and that they met on Instagram… because of course they did. She must be OK with combat boots on the beach…

5. So much whining wining. 

Hey, wine-not?

The wine (and champagne) were flowing steadily throughout this episode and frankly, I’m not surprised. If you think forced family togetherness is a lot to handle during the holidays, just imagine forced faux-friend togetherness, paired with a camera crew and the risk of finding your name card next to someone who insists on sharing his philosophy on life while you’re trying to enjoy your pumpkin pie. 

“In a way, we’re all just pilgrims in life trying to cultivate our inner Thanksgiving… “

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(Photos: MTV)

4 Responses

  1. How many Thanksgiving meals did they shoot? No wonder everyone drank all episode. Whoever forgot to show up to film the Brody/Stephanie showdown probably got fired. That definitely wasn’t fake lol.

  2. How is it Spencer and Heidi are the most mature ones on the show now? Spencer is actually enjoyable this season.

  3. I hate how pathetic they have Audrina looking over JB. We all know the relationship or situationship or whatever they’re trying to portray on the show is FAKE. That whole friendsgiving thing was so staged and so LAME. The way Audrina kept leaving to go to the kitchen to gossip about that Lindsay girl was so immature, and so 2009 of her. Get a new story line already.

    If it’s true, then I’m glad Brody flipped out on Stephanie. It’s been a long time coming. Stephanie is obnoxious,
    she is annoying, she’s too much, and is constantly making something out of absolutely NOTHING. That whole trapping Audrina in the kitchen demanding an apology…come on. Stop it.

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