‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You’ve Missed Lately


From (frightening) new business ventures to movie debuts and arrests, you can always count on the Teen Mom stars/former stars to serve up something attention-grabbing! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last few days…

Farrah Abraham Continues To Creep Everyone Out on Social Media

“Being a TIkTok star is actually a really admirable occupation that one strives to achieve and to fully immerse one’s self into in a full capacity.”

This week Farrah blessed us all with several cringe-inducing TIkTok videos of herself attempting to dance/walk and lip-sync.

The first video showed Farrah strutting down a random street while lip syncing to Mariah Carey’s song “Obsessed.” (Check out the creepy appearance by Farrah’s daughter Sophia at the 0:10 mark. We don’t blame you Soph, we’d be hiding behind that wall, too. )

The best part is the random guys trying to walk past Farrah on the sidewalk, which she has turned into her “set.” They are just trying to move past the Backdoor Teen Mom to get to the Baja Fresh and are definitely not obsessed with Farrah!

If that first video didn’t make you want to rip out your eyeballs, check out the second one Farrah posted! From the weird sounds (possibly coming from the car…possibly from the Backdoor Teen Mom’s, um, backdoor), to the contorted facial expressions (which you know The Ashley will be using in screenshots for years to come!) it is truly a make-you-shudder masterpiece.

Debz OG Announces Her Movie Debut

“I’m back biotches!”

While Farrah concentrates on making weird movies via her cellphone, her mom, Debra Danielsen is working on making her feature film debut. Deb is proving that she’s the ultimate triple threat by conquering the worlds of reality TV, music and movies (not to mention the Wonderful World of Pleather Pants)!

“Debz OG” recently revealed that she will be featured in the upcoming indie film “Will Power,” which is set to debut September 6 in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Debra shared a photo on Instagram yesterday with one of her co-stars from the film.

While few details are revealed in the movie trailer, we know the film is produced by a company called Drömfångarfilm and is directed by Max E. Barnes Herrlander. 

Deb is not the first person in her family to star in a movie. Her daughter, Farrah Abraham is well-known for her film debut…although Farrah’s movie was a very different type of movie than the one Debz is starring in…thank the Baby Jesus (God Leah!)

Watch the trailer for Debz’s movie below! (Be aware that the trailer contains a lot of naughty language, so if you’re at work, be sure to throw those headphones on!)

Cheyenne Floyd’s Boyfriend Has a Record

“Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to gel?”

Fans of ‘Teen Mom OG’ have watched Cheyenne and her new boyfriend Matt Walker continue to grow closer this season; however, Matt’s previous arrest for assault has conveniently not come up on the show…until this week, that is!

According to Radar Online, Matt—also known as rapper eMex—was arrested in 2011 for assault. In the report obtained by the site from the Baltimore Police Department, Matt (who was 19 years-old at the time) got into an argument with his girlfriend and allegedly pushed her on to the ground.

“She had cuts to her face and nose,” the report stated. “Mr. Walker was arrested.”

The case was reportedly closed in August of 2013 due to abandonment by a plaintiff or prosecutor.

David Eason is Still Obsessed with Weapons

Insert surprised faced here.

Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason—- aka the poster child for people who should stay far away from sharp objects—- is reportedly trying to start his own knife-making company. Yes, KNIVES.(Balloon bouquets of the world, beware!)

Jenelle shared the news of David’s latest hobby on Instagram, noting that she was “super happy” for David.

In the post, we learn that David is planning to start an Etsy page to sell his umm…crafts? He also gave a shoutout to his number one financial supporter Jenelle for “always believing in me and positively encouraging me.”

We, too, are encouraged… encouraged to take cover and hide.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Vimeo)


  1. Wth at Farrah? Good for DebOg she seems to be a big part of at least the trailer lmao and the weirdos knives are horrible

  2. Omg! 😂😂😂😂😂😂that video of farrah with the car door🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. The ashley said that sound was coming out her back door.

  3. I really want to laugh at Farrah and Debz but I can’t because they are so clearly mentally unwell. David is also off his rocker in a different way. It’s no longer funny, it’s just….sad.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      I so agree with you!! It’s very sad! They have so many more resources than the average person to seek help; yet they continue to deny, deny, deny and repeat the same stupid sh*t year after year for millions to see.

  4. I feel the same way about Farrah as I do about Jenelle. “She was FIRED for a reason. Why are we still hanging on her every word.”

  5. If you go on YouTube and look at CBB16 Farrah Abraham best moments, your ears will start to bleed. I am hoping this display was all an act. If not, she is a true monster. A monster

  6. I cannot stop laughing at that Farrah video with the car! Wtf was that? Oh the faces! My sides hurt! David…this is a classic example of having “too much time on your hands”. Sitting around, doing “crafts” and thinking “hey I’m pretty good at this, think I’ll make a business out of it!!” I bet he already put in an order for business cards from Vista Print

  7. Farrhoe, can’t be served, as they can’t find her, Just. Look on TIkTok !!!!! For her location .

    Debz filming I Stockholm Sweden pmsl, have you been to Sweden recently, ( a once stunning country) now reduced to a shithole by their recent invaders.

    Ffs put a stop on any of that family flying outside of the states.
    Mind you with all the invaders I Sweden I’m sure debz will love the attention from them not

  8. Farrhoe, can’t be served, as they can’t find her, Just. Look on TIkTok !!!!! For her location .

  9. Farrah gets roasted in the TikTok comments, which is somewhat satisfying but I really wish people would stay silent and let her fade into obscurity.

    Even more than other social media platforms though TikTok clout is built on a basis of reciprocity. Creators are expected to engage with their commenters with hearts and responses, maintain a follow back percentage, duet trends, comment on others’ videos, etc. A failure to do these things, or doing these things only with the most popular creators will cause the community to turn its back on you. Farrah’s not built for that, and instead comments self hype on her own videos.

    Also TikTok won’t hesitate to Thanos accounts for inappropriate content or images. So this should be fun.

    1. Wow, I didn’t know that. Farrah is fundamentally unable to respect others, so yeah, gonna be fun!

  10. Might be old news, but I saw jenelle has a cameo account that she charges $200 for a shout out on… guess times are tough now, huh?

  11. Girl, they’re not obsessed with you, they’re trying to serve you legal papers. Not the same thing.

  12. Is the first pic of Farwhore, her BJ face, I bet the men in Dubai make her wear a burka, rather than look down at that ugly mug of hers.

  13. Debz and Farwhore, are laughingstocks…….
    Both are deranged and have serious issues…..
    Grow up debz you utter moron.

  14. It’s time to stop reporting on this nobody.
    This gives the attention, she craves, and this is why she believes that she’s a celeb.

    Her massive head now matches her over inflated lips, which matches her over inflated ego.
    She’s a whore nothing more nothing less.

    Mykol and debz are fucked up weirdos, and Farrah is so far away from the real world that she has several zip codes.

    Sophia is so psychologically messed up, she will need to spend the rest of her life in therapy, psychological abuse is as bad as physical abuse, this child should be removed from Farrah, and given some chance of normality, so she can learn how to speak and act like a child of her age.

    Farrah is a prostitute who fks men for money, taking her kid to countries, where women are objects and oppressed, ( Farrah is not worthy so that life suites her). Sophia how ever is just a child and is put in dangerous positions ( as these men ) will see her as easy pickings and will abuse her, these men in most of those countries see white girls as available regardless of the kids age.

    I can’t Believe authorities have not taken Sophia away,( child endangerment )
    Saying that, they allowed the Eason / Griffith kids, to return to their abusers.
    So Sophia really has no hope ( this won’t end well, I see a murder/ suicide ending for Farrah, and a disappearance of Sophia, these men in Arabic countries don’t value females..
    So Sad for the Demon child

    1. The older Farrah gets, even with all her surgeries, the more she looks and acts like Deb. Sophia is doomed.

      1. I can only imagine what Farrah’s childhood was like… probably really similar to Sophia’s. It’s all very sad.

      2. She looks so bizarre now, I thought she was pretty before all the surgeries.
        And the Drs who did this are reprehensible.

  15. I died laughing after reading about the “weird sounds possibly coming frI’m her backdoor” and then Farrah squeaking the car door open and shut!! 😄😄

  16. I literally can NOT. Those Farrah videos, her face, that beyond weird movie preview with Debra, David’s knives………..I don’t know if I’m about to burst out laughing or be traumatized for life.
    I can’t believe these are actual real people.

  17. Those will be the knives that monster dog murderer will use to kill all of them with! He will stab someone with them before long. I hope he slits the monster ex-teen mom’s throat. These two do not deserve to even be on this earth. She had an odd picture on facebook, that was mothers hugging their children, as they ran into their mom’s open arms. And then she said that this is what heaven is like. Is that an omen?

      1. I said what I said…and I’m not taking it back! I HATE them! I hate that they beat and killed that little dog, Nugget!

        1. You seem WAY more bothered by the fact that David killed the dog, rather than the abuse and neglect those kids suffered at the hands of those sickos. I never saw you wish death upon them for abusing their kids, or do animals mean more than human life to you?

          1. You don’t think killing a dog is worth concern? Why can’t she be concerned about both the kids and the dog. You do know that most abusers and serial killers start on animals? I work in rescue and I can assure you that everyone should be horrified that he killed the dog and got away with it. Who knows how many animals he has killed in cold blood. They are trusting living beings too.

    1. You seem as deranged as the people you HATE! HATE! HATE! so much. The obsessive volatility you display about something that, while tragic, has absolutely nothing to do with you is truly bizarre.

  18. Maybe if kaiser, Maryssa, and Easley watch David they can figure out how to make tools to get themselves out of there considering the adults around them are leaving them in an abusive situation.

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