Angelina Pivarnick Thanks New Husband Chris Larangeria For Being Strong For Her During “Difficult Times” After Her ‘Jersey Shore’ Co-Stars’ Wedding Roast

“They basically served roasted hamster on our wedding day!”

Angelina Pivarnick has spoken out for the first time since her Jersey Shore co-stars delivered a brutal bridesmaids’ toast-roast that reportedly left Angelina temporarily leaving her wedding reception in tears last week.

On Sunday, Angelina thanked her new husband, Chris Larangeria, on Instagram for being so strong during what she called “such difficult times.”

“I wouldn’t be okay right now if you weren’t next to me,” she wrote in a long caption posted with one of her wedding photos.


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Happiness is the key in any marriage and partnership 💒👰🏻🤵🏻🙏🏼. Thank you @chris_e_piss_e for loving me for me and never letting things affect you .. you are sooo strong. I thank you for being my rock in such difficult times 💋. I wouldn’t be okay right now if u weren’t next to me. I love u @chris_e_piss_e A BIG Thank you to 📷@premierdigitalweddings for capturing this pic along with many others on our wedding day. More pics to come. And videos of course. A BIG Thank you also goes to @castlecouturebridal for my gorgeous dresses. You not only went above and beyond for all my bridesmaids and their dresses but u went above and beyond for me and my mom grandma and chris mom. I love you guys. For anyone needing a wedding dress or bridesmaids def go to @castlecouturebridal 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. U will be happy with their services I can guarantee you. Thank u again everyone.

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As The Ashley previously reported, Jenni Farley, Deena Cortese and Nicole Polizzi served as bridesmaids for Angelina during her wedding last Wednesday. Instead of giving traditional bridesmaids’ speeches at the reception, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation stars used their time with the microphone to deliver a brutal roast of Angelina, calling her, “the fly to our s**t,” “the dump to our island” and the “trash to our bag,” among other things. (You can listen to the full audio of the speech by clicking the video at the end of this post!)

In her post on Sunday, Angelina gave Chris a big shout-out for being there for her.

“Happiness is the key in any marriage and partnership,” she wrote. “Thank you [Chris] for loving me for me and never letting things affect you…you are sooo strong. I thank you for being my rock in such difficult times. I wouldn’t be okay right now if you weren’t next to me. I love you [Chris]…”

In the comment section of the post, Angelina responded to a few of her fans’ comments.

“If [the ‘Jersey Shore’] cast don’t accept you by now, they never will,” one person wrote. “Lower your expectations on them. Be happy, strong. Beautiful bride, groom.”

“Facts,” Angelina responded.

When another person left a comment stating that no one should be roasted (even if it’s in “a joking way”) on their wedding day, and that if it happened to Jenni, Nicole or Deena on their wedding days they’d be mortified, Angelina agreed.

“Exactly to all this!” Angelina responded.

On Monday, Angelina shared an inspiration meme to her Instagram Stories.

“Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now but it never rains forever.”

Nicole, Jenni and Deena have caught a lot of flak since the audio of the speech has leaked; however, Nicole and Jenni have yet to speak out about it. Deena posted a message about it to her Instagram account but has since removed it. (You can read her whole “apology” here!

The wedding (and the roast) were all filmed for the upcoming season of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ so there’s a good chance fans will see the brutal toast/roast play out on TV. Angelina is reportedly no longer speaking to her the girls from the cast.

Listen to the audio of Snooki, Deena and Jwoww roasting Angelina on her wedding day in the video below:


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(Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Instagram)


  1. What’s the big deal. She’s sold her image to MTV viewers a dirty hamster. She’s arrived with trash bags for suitcases and had period poop or whatever she called it in the car ride and she announced it to everyone and even wanted Snooki to look at her underwear. She’s a pig

  2. I do not feel bad for her because I feel that this was a set up. This was all done for the show. If this was for her “real” wedding she wouldn’t have chosen the cast mates to be her bridesmaids. She signed up for this and she knew what was going to happen.

  3. I’m confused why she even had them speak in the first place, unless MTV asked her to have them do it. She was always the odd chick out, and I don’t think any of those girls consider her a true friend, especially Jenni. If it were me, I’d be way to skeptical to have my frenemies speak at my wedding. Lesson learned. For their vowel renewal don’t have the meatballs and praying mantis speak.

  4. Muffcabage

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  5. I feel for Angelina. A roast is NOT a toast! I don’t care what anyone says they were being vindictive. Angelina, no matter how she was on the show did not deserve that on her wedding day. Any one of those 3 girls would have been feeling the same if someone did that on their special day. They meant to make Angelina feel bad. And if it was such a joke as Deena claims, they see how it truly affected Angelina not one of them has said they were sorry. But they are not sorry they are just bullies all 3 of them Snooki, Jwoww and Deena.

  6. Why were those slores even involved in the wedding to begin with? Jenni is a bitter bitch, she was embarrassed because her man hit on Angelina so she took the opportunity to hurt her. Nicole is the Karen to Jenni’s Regina and Deena is the Gretchen. No one should be shocked by this situation, Jenni was out to hurt Angelina and she had her two meatball minions by her side to help her. I’m a little surprised by Deena but I just don’t think she has the balls to go against Jenni and Nicole.

  7. No one should be roasted on their wedding day but was it really HER wedding day?

    She had the camera crew there filming for the SHOW…A TV SHOW based on arguing & making tasteless comments about each other.

    If you wanted a special day you should have left the camera crew outside, but then you would have to actually pay for your wedding.

    The ratings are dropping, of course they had to throw in some kind drama. That “wedding” will be the highest rated show that week, thanks to this drama so it was actually a successful day.

    I wonder if the free or discounted wedding was worth it to her

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