Angelina Pivarnick Reportedly Not Speaking to Her Female ‘Jersey Shore’ Co-Stars After They Roasted Her During Their Bridesmaid Speeches

“How you gonna treat me like a dirty little hamster even on my wedding day?”

Angelina Pivarnick has reportedly cut communication with her three female Jersey Shore roommates after they betrayed her during their bridesmaids’ speeches at her wedding on Wednesday.

Entertainment Tonight broke the news that Angelina— who married Chris Larangeira in New Jersey on November 20— was so upset by what her bridesmaids Nicole “Snooki” PolizziDeena Cortese and Jenni “Jwoww” Farley said about her during the wedding day speeches that she left the room, only to return with a chip on her shoulder toward her ‘Jersey Shore’ galpals.

“Deena, Snooki and Jenni, in their speeches, all said something shady about Angelina,” Us Weekly reported on Thursday. “The audience at the wedding booed them.

“Their ‘jokes’ were all in good fun, but they didn’t land and weren’t kind,” the source added.

“You should have picked me as your bridesmaid, girl!”

The magazine’s source noted that Angelina became “visibly upset” during the speeches.

“Angelina stormed off during the wedding and was upset about it. She was pissed. Now, she’s not talking to them.”

Entertainment Tonight stated that, while “Angelineer” refused to talk to the bridesmaids, she did give an earful to the ‘Jersey Shore’ producers, who were at the event filming the wedding.

“Angelina left and then came back and was screaming at the producers,” the site’s source reported.


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TO ANGELINER AND CHRIS! ? Congratulations @angelinamtv! ?

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According to Radar Online‘s source, the entire ‘Jersey Shore’ cast looked “miserable” at the wedding, including the guys.

“It seemed like they didn’t want to be there,” Radar‘s source said. “But there were no fights, everyone was cordial.”

Angelina has had a strained relationship with nearly every member of the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast at one time or another. Most recently, she was feuding with Jenni over the actions of Jenni’s boyfriend, Zack “24” Carpinello. (Radar Online reports that Zack did not attend Angelina’s wedding, despite that he and Jenni are currently working on their relationship.) 

Nicole, Jenni and Deena have yet to respond to the bad bridesmaid claims….

UPDATE! Audio of the brutal bridesmaids’ speeches given by Nicole, Deena and Jenni has been released. Click here to listen! 

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38 Responses

  1. I don’t like Angelina at all.
    But for Jenny, Nicole and Deena to do that is disgusting, really really unforgivable.

    I used to like Jenny and Nicole, but this has changed my mind.

    Shame on you, you are grown ass women with kids ffs.

  2. Angelina reminds me of me in my teenage years to be honest. When you hang out with the popular girls because you don’t want to be outcast and you think you’re friends. Well, they aren’t your friends, Angelina. Jenni doesn’t believe you her boyfriend hit on you ANYWAY so I don’t know why you even invited her, I bet he was there with her (and it was awkward). Jenni is truly becoming a disliked character and I think her being blind for this guy is the reason why. I have a feeling she won’t leave him until she is knocked up again and he will flee. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, Jen!

  3. They were trying to do what the guys did for mike the situation, they roasted him too.

    Anyway She looks beautiful. It’s too bad she’s a trump supporter.

    1. If I remember, the guys trying to roast Mike fell a bit awkwardly itself. The difference is that theirs came from love and an actual relationship instead of whatever this was.

  4. They couldn’t be nice to her for one day!??? Shame on them to be so cruel to her on the one day she should feel special! Smh

  5. They are just jealous of Angelina because she is so much prettier than they are. They are the mean girls and Angelina rises above them. Yes Snooki and JWOW you are MEAN girls.

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    They are just jealous of Angelina because she is so much prettier than they are. They are the mean girls and Angelina rises above them. Yes Snooki and JWOW you are MEAN girls.

  7. First off, I love women, women are my job, and I work hard. So, at a very young age I realized that if I was going to crush the amount of ass I wanted, I needed to understand all that is women. Hours of discussion, millions of drinks pour down young ladies, countless hours of love making, there is one thing common with all women. They come out of the womb thinking about their wedding day. Now, there are a few outlander’s that don’t think this way, very few. So, with that being said, why on Gods green earth would another women do anything to ruin said day. No cool girls, not cool.

    stay lit #mrsensitivity

  8. Jenni and Nicole have been awful to her for years and Deena has no backbone and just does as they say. She should have just had her real friends and family as her bridesmaids.

    Jenni and Nicole are both miserable shrews so of course they couldn’t be nice to her on her big day.

  9. This is exactly why I said in my previous comment that none of them ever liked her! “The entire cast looked miserable” of course they did bc none of them ever liked her, it’s very obvious. They just felt obligated to go.

  10. Dont be mad your man wanted to bang angelina. Pretty sure your the petty bitch. Looking like a 45 year old dude. Jealousy isnt a good look.

  11. That’s really messed up!I really like angelina
    The girls are honestly mad that they have to share air time with her and that shes not going anywhere. I really used to like snooki. Not anymore. She needs to crawl out of Jenny’s asshole. Jenny is like regina george and nicole and dina are her little minions. It’s like fucking high school grow the fuck up.I’m really surprised at dina. It’s one thing to tease her on the show here and there but to roast her on her wedding day not cool. Jenny has a chip because she knows her man was into angelina there was no denying that one. Jenny got embarrassed on national tv so she figured I’m gonna embaress her on her wedding. That’s exactly what happened. They are a bunch of bullies.

  12. Honestly, I get why she had them as her bridesmaids, but she never should have had them speak. They all HATED each other for YEARS (with the exception of Deena because she never knew Angelina in the early days)…although the past is water under the bridge, I wouldn’t trust someone who loathed me and called me a chew toy on national TV, and the other one who got physical with me at one point, to speak at my wedding. Plus her and Jenni were just feuding a few weeks ago…poor Angelina, and I don’t even really like her much lol…Random, but I do wonder if Sam is going to invite them to her wedding.

  13. I read somewhere else that deena didnt go along with snooki and jenni…either way it was probably all for the show as mtv cameras were there

    1. I was just about to say that I couldn’t see deena doing anything shady-no matter what. I’m surprised jwoww was even there….. idk but what her man did was wrong. Not saying Angelina is right but you don’t mess with anyone’s wedding day…..

  14. Wow.
    It’s her f-ing wedding day!!!
    Why would you humiliate someone on their wedding day??
    If this gets shown on their show, I can guarantee that Deena and Nicole will pretend to feel remorseful,,, the old lady (Jenni) will care less and try to justify it…
    They are some grotesque trolls with ugly personalities… I used to enjoy JS, but it’s gone to sh*t and these little girls are in their 30’s with kids of their own and still acting like dumbass alcoholics! I hope Angelina learned her lesson, she’s been burned by them plenty of times, this should be the last time she calls them her family/friends Cuz it’s clear those mutts don’t give a damn about her.

    1. I lost all respect for Snooki when she decided to defend Ronnie. He’s a chronic abuser. Granted Jen is a total psycho. It just wasn’t right.

      1. I totally forgot about that. Snooki literally said Jen should “cover that sh*t” when it was clear she has bruises all over her body because of Ron’s actions. REALLY?! You are going this far to victimize the victim?! I sincerely hope Jionni is good to her forever.

        I like neither of them, Ron and Jen are a ticking time-bomb but if she had bruises which were CLEAR to see (not to mention it was summer so she shouldn’t cover herself anyway), she shouldn’t hide it just because his friend told her so! Again, I’m no fan of Jen by a long shot but Snooki’s word were absolutely vile. The same goes for Ron-show the bruises she made to you. No one is the winner here and the biggest loser is their daughter who has such psycho parents!

  15. Wow. No class. What a rotten thing to do to someone. If they don’t like her or respect her, then why be in her wedding in the first place? Terrible. I feel bad for Angelina


  17. They probably didn’t have a choice wether they went or not. It’s almost uncomfortable to watch Angelina with them because she tries so hard to fit in, and it’s obvious she’s the outsider.

  18. It’s one thing to roast her for the cameras at some club or hotel room, but cmon it was her wedding day… Pretty shitty of them, and hypicritical. Imagine what would have happened if she had done the same to them.

  19. Why did she even make them bridesmaids? They obviously don’t like her that much and aren’t close to her. I do feel bad for the way they treat her though

    1. Exactly. They could have just been invited as guests. Doesn’t Angelina have close friends or a sister? 4 spots is all you need.

  20. Of course, the 3 jealous trolls tried to ruin Angelina wedding. I wished they’d get rid of them. They bring nothing to the table.

    1. If she didn’t want to get humiliated she should have done two things. 1) Don’t be bitch, and 2) Don’t ask three other bitches to be your bridesmaids.

      I mean, duh!!! It’s common sense. But since that is she doesn’t have a lick of, I ain’t surprised she acted that way!

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