Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans & Her Baby Daddy Nathan Griffith Announce They’re Finally Getting Along

“Well, I no longer have to wear a bulletproof vest when I talk to her, so there’s that…”

It appears Hell (aka The Land) has frozen over, because Jenelle Evans is actually praising Nathan Griffith… and his girlfriend! 

The former Teen Mom 2 star returned to her Twitter on Thursday to thank her once-very-estranged baby daddy for assisting her in the time since she left her husband— the Nathan-hating David Eason.

“Thank you for being there for Kaiser and helping out lately,” she wrote to Nathan, tagging his girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt in the tweet as well. (This is significant, since in the past she has frequently referred to Ashley as Nathan’s “side piece.”)

Earlier on Thursday, Nathan tweeted how happy he is that he and Jenelle have finally been able to establish a good co-parenting relationship. (As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, they were at odds for nearly the entire time Jenelle was with David, and have been fighting each other for custody of Kaiser for a long time.)

“I am so appreciative to finally have a healthy relationship with [Jenelle],” he wrote. “Something we should of had 3-4 years ago. Especially one, that everyone, is supportive with. Thank you [Ashley] for being so understanding.”

“It’s sad how bitter people deflect negative attention to cover up their own insecurities,” Nathan added. “Hoping to justify their actions by the finding comfort in the approval of others.”

The first hint that the once-bitter exes were getting along came earlier this month, when Nathan was seen in the background of a photograph taken of Jenelle. As The Ashley told you at the time, Nathan was in the location to pick up Kaiser and, since he and Jenelle are getting along now, he stayed to play with the kids. The Ashley’s sources told her at the time that Jenelle had sent notice of her improved relationship with Nathan– as well as her mom Barbara— to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers.

Meanwhile, Jenelle’s other baby daddy, David, has been busy. Over the past week, he’s posted negative comments on social media about both Jenelle and Nathan.

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)


  1. If Nathan has any sense at all, he’ll push for a written agreement while they’re “getting along” because it’s only a matter of time before Nelly finds a new soulmate, MTV comes back to film yet another train-wreck, and her current litter is once again put on the back burner until she needs to use one or both of them to control her ex-Baby Daddies. The only way Nathan will ever break free of her control is if he gets custody like Babs because Nelly is a self-centred narcissist to her core and her control issues run deep.

  2. I still can’t believe that the breakup was that easy and that david is really done with her
    I thought he would never want to let her go if not for her at least for the money that she will possibly make just for being Jenelle

  3. How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?

    It takes 10

    Ten Tickles

    I’m here all week, don’t forget tip your waitress

    stay lit

  4. I hope for Kaiser’s sake it is real and it sticks, but they are definitely also doing this hoping to get back those TM checks. Nothing she does is soley for the good of her kids.

  5. You know how I know this is all BS? Because if they really wanted to heal the trauma inflicted on Kaiser they wouldn’t be showcasing this for MTV & viewers. They would close ranks, stop attention whoring, and get real help (Dr. Drew doesn’t count).

    Nathan is a dimwit and Jenelle is a sociopath angling to get back on MTV. They’re both thirsty.

    Team kids.

    (PS: Glad you’re peddling a happy ending, Jenelle, but how’s Maryssa?)

  6. The blatant desperation to get back on TM2 from these two…I can honestly say I’m not surprised. Jenelle needs an income and Nathan has a DUI he’s gotta pay for.

  7. Both Nathan and Jenelle are thirsty AF to ride the MTV money train again with this sudden b.s. story about peacemaking and redemption.

    Let’s all see how long it will last, with Jenelle probably finding the new soul mate and obnoxious abuser of her children in 5…4…3…2….

    1. Yay for kaiser! Now if only Jenelle gets her tubes tied, gets her own place close to Barbara and Nathan (for co parenting purposes), and starts mending her relationship with them. Jenelle owes Barbara and Nathan a load of apologies (and money to Barbara for taking care of her son), and that needs to be it. Put her kids in the same school district as each other like a normal person, and start a normal life. Jenelle sure has created a shit storm of a life but hopefully this is her long overdue new beginning.

  8. Nathan has been a fraud all along. He always claimed he was fighting to get custody of Kaiser. This was followed by vague statements about having to wait for miscellaneous court dates or some other lame excuse that his hands were tied. I would hate this woman and fight her for my son until the end of time for allowing Kaiser to be tormented and abused. Jenelle is no better than she was when she was with David and her perpetual bad choices will continue to hurt this kid.

  9. Does anyone remember that reality show in mid 2000s called “I Love Money”? It was a hilarious show, but my point is Jenelle should try out for a show more like that (or get 9-5 which she doesnt want to do). This “breakup” also means Jenelle and David wont be on “Doomsday Preppers” together.

    I’m honestly just bored of talking about their coparenting at this point. Nathan’s cordial but Jenelle is still bitter and just after the MTV money. The end.

  10. This renewed friendship would be fantastic if it weren’t because they were trying to get that MTV money. Negativity aside, parents and step-parents that get along are a win-win for the kiddo.

  11. I don’t even want to hear any of this! This is worthy of an article? Stop reporting every little thing about this POS!

    1. Why did you click on the article if you’re that bothered 🤷🏻‍♀️ Here is a thought if you don’t like the headline maybe you shouldn’t continue to read the whole article.

      1. I read the article because I didn’t want to make a comment on it if I didn’t actually read it! I read the article because I could not believe that Nathan and Janelle getting along was actually going to be an article! I thought maybe the headline was misleading or written in jest. Alas, I was wrong and Nathan and Janelle “getting along “ was actually deemed as worthy enough to warrant an article. If you must know.

        1. 1) You don’t want to hear this.
          2) But you want the world to know you don’t want to hear this.
          3) You read an article chock full of information you don’t want to know about.
          4) You let the world know you don’t want to know.
          5) Your nonsensical about not wanting to know is questions because CLEARLY something brought you here.
          6) Your response is that you read the article about what you don’t care about so you would be able to comment that you don’t care.

          Juhnelle? Dat you? Because you are just as thirsty for attention as she is.

          1. Chicken lips…….You wrote that perfectly, I choked on my drink because Its hilarious. Good job👍😊😂

  12. She always had a thing for Nathan. That’s why she hated him with a passion. He left her and she still loved him. I think she’s trying to get back together with him and uses Kaiser as a tool. She can’t be alone for even a minute. And also she needs MTV money.

  13. I think her time is up. Everyone including viewers are happy to get off of this rollercoaster. They have had almost ten years on air and the only thing that has changed about Jenelle is her baby daddies.

    1. Exactly. Prison produces a revolving door of soulmates for Jenelle. When the only criteria for a husband is that they be a Neuse Correctional Institution parolee, dumpster fire is the inevitable outcome.

  14. These liars, bums, drug addicts and alcoholics are all trying to get back on the MTV tit, that’s for sure.

  15. All of em are in it for the money. They are all hoping to get back on tv. Jenelle will get another man and the cycle will begin again.

  16. They want a medal?

    One sentence is very telling – Jenelle sending notice to MTV that her relationships are improving.
    So transparent and obvious…..”Hey MTV, look at me! Getting along like a grown up! Give me money so I can get more dr*gs…..the she-shed won’t smoke itself!”

    Still not buying this storyline.

  17. Again Kaiser is used as a pawn for Jenelles failed attempt at getting her “Job” back. I wonder in all of this chaos is she sitting down and actively looking for employment? No, I don’t think so, instead her and Nathan need to make public announcements that they are getting along. That poor little boy deserves so much more than these inadequate humans can provide.

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