David Eason Says His Life is “Finally Peaceful” Without Jenelle Evans: “I’ve Realized I Wasn’t in Love”

“Well you sure seemed in love when I was paying for your stupid guns and letting you live out your dream of building Old WhackDonald’s Farm!”

According to David Eason, life on The Land as a single man is going quite well.

The former Teen Mom 2 dad took to Facebook on Tuesday to let his followers know that he’s “so very much happier” since his estranged wife Jenelle Evans vacated the premises and announced that she plans to file for divorce.

“If you’re ‘so very much happier’ and you know it, clap your hands… around the handle of your wooden stick gun.”

David noted that his daughter Maryssa, who still resides on The Land with him, is also thrilled that Jenelle skipped town. 

“Glad u people think I am taking this so hard,” David wrote on Facebook. “Just so u all know I am so very much happier and so is Maryssa! Finally peaceful!” 

He went on to say in the comment section of the post that he has since realized he never really loved Jenelle.

“It bothered me but I’m not heart broken,” he wrote of the split. “I’ve realized I wasn’t in love and there are much better people out there for me.” 

David’s carefree attitude toward the split comes just a week after he promised on social media to expose everything against Jenelle in court. 

“No I will be in court exposing everything that you guys will make all your jaws drop,” David replied to a comment from one of his followers.   

Jenelle at said court date…probably…

Despite Jenelle revealing her plans to leave David just weeks ago, her estranged husband has kept himself busy between being served restraining orders preventing him from contacting her, publicly calling her stupid for reportedly wanting full custody of their daughter Ensley and slamming her second baby daddy Nathan Griffith online after Jenelle was photographed with him during a child-swap of their son Kaiser. 

While David may be “very much happier” with Jenelle out of his life, he continues to take swipes at her online. On Wednesday, he responded to a person’s comment and shaded Jenelle’s (admittedly questionable) mothering skills.

“I don’t think Jenelle Evans has a bond with her own kids,” the person wrote.

“Exactly!” David responded. 

UPDATE! David has continued to post about Jenelle, her lack of bond with her kids (and stepkid), and his daughter Ensley. 

On Thursday, he posted a video of Ensley to his Instagram, and told his followers how much he missed his youngest daughter, who has been with Jenelle since she left the state.

“I miss my baby more than she could ever imagine and I know she misses me too! I would give anything to take her hunting again right now!” he wrote.

When someone asked if Jenelle has reached out to Maryssa since she left, David said Jenelle had made no effort to contact her stepdaughter.

“Maryssa never received one single ounce of attention [from Jenelle], why would she now?” he responded.

He stated that he missed his stepkid, though. When someone asked if he missed Kaiser, Jenelle’s son with Nathan Griffith, David replied, “Of course I do! I’m the only one who fed him, wiped his baby butt, gave him a bath everyday, taught him everything he knows…”


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(Photos: MTV, Facebook)

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  1. If Maryssa is “so much happier” Why was she so upset and refusing to see her father when the kids were removed from the “land” the poor kid ran out of the first visitation in tears !

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Call me crazy, but I would like to see Shane Dawson do a series with Jenelle like he did with Jake Paul.

  3. I cant stand him BUT…
    I believe him
    I believe that he was the 1 that cared for the kids & spent time with them. He did the chores around the house.
    He didn’t have a job but he did all of the work while she spent her time in the bath or on social media in her “she shed*

    1. Well, we all know Jenelle doesn’t cook, clean, or play with her kids. They are on a Lunchable diet under her care.

      1. She’s completely useless, she strikes me as a lazy bitch. When you would see the house it was always a tip. It shouldn’t have to have been left for a child (Maryssa)to clean up after the sloths.

  4. It’s funny everyone hated David until Janelle left him now everyone is on his side. Fake ass mf all of you David is still a piece of shit

    1. Yeah and now everyone is so “proud” of Jenelle and she’s so “brave”!
      Well she didn’t leave him when he killed her dog, she didn’t leave him when he treated kaiser like s**t, she didn’t leave him after she called 911 over 20 times…. she left him to try to get back on a reality show! She’s trash. She’ll always be trash. I feel sorry for her kids.
      And we all know she’s just gonna hook up with another loser right? There are plenty of guys out there just as bad if not worse than David. ?

      1. I am not proud of her or worried she will be safe. I don’t give a shit what happens to her! This is all so fake! I really can’t believe that dog murderer would take this so calmly. There are petitions already starting to keep her off MTV. I will never forget what both of them have done to the children and the animals! They are Dog Murderers Child Abusing Selfish Monsters! That nasty ass bitch just wants the paycheck! She will never be on MTV!!! She needs to realize all the harm she has done to so many and just eat shit and die!!!

    2. NOT ME!!! That monster murdered that helpless dog! I will never get over that! He needs to be in prison and she needs to have no money, and they both need to lose those kids! Neither one of them are fit to be around civilized people! They are the lowest form of life ever! The devil don’t want them and God won’t have them! And that mother is only wanting the money also!

  5. Dsvid and Jenelle will be “back together” after her MTV money comes in. For now, Maryssa only has to deal with one adult strung out on drugs or drunk now versus two when Jenelle was there. Less 911 calls I’m sure lol.

  6. Aside from Cole, Taylor, Vee, Miranda, Kristina and Jeremy, I don’t think any of the new partners truly love those girls/guys on the shows…they all love their fame, money and notoriety. That’s why they create these installment plans (the babies) with these people so quick…to lock down an income and a spot on the show.

  7. He set the whole thing up when he killed Poor Nugget. Pics of the dog and child taken by him prove that, had he been concerned about his child he would of supervised her better. Who leaves a child in close proximity to an animal. He’s a monster .glad jenelle left him!

      1. If not worse ! …. She’s obviously got ulterior motives as to why she’s left…….and i bet it’s nothing to do with the safety of the children.

        1. Both David and Jenelle encouraged the children to touch (catfish)
          and KISS the animals. A small fish from the polluted river, even chickens… it was so stupid.

  8. For all the love he claims he didn’t have for her it sure seems funny he can’t keep her name out his mouth I call bullspit and the world sees what a worm you are . Open mouth insert foot pathetic excuses from a failure in life

  9. Rich coming from a guy who’s still living on her land and in her home, probably driving a vehicle that she paid for. Loser

  10. All I can say is, I hope the part about maryssa being happier is true. That is the only important thing in this situation, maryssa and the other kids

  11. Of course he never loved her. From Day One she was always no more than a walking MTV paycheck with arms and legs, who could maintain an adequate drug stash for the both of them.

    And that’s why these two sociopathic slobs SO deserved each other.


    1. He had been plotting to get with her since his days in a jail cell with Courtland. Him, Nathan, Mackenzie, Andrew, Matt, Javi (I know I’m forgetting some) don’t really love those TM cast members. They love the attention and money being associated with those people bring. Jenelle and Amber seem to be the easiest to take advantage of though.

      1. Yes! That’s what I’ve saying. Everyone kind of forgot that’s how he found out about her. They met and go pregnant so fast. Disgusting how she’s so worried about being alone than finding a good partner to be a good step parent to her kids.
        We all know she’s gonna hook up with yet another monster, right?

  12. I like to see you
    But then again
    That doesn’t mean you mean that much to me
    So if I call you
    Don’t make a fuss
    Don’t tell your friends about the two of us
    I’m not in love, no no, it’s because

    stay lit

    1. I keep your picture
      Upon the wall
      It hides a nasty stain that’s lying there
      So don’t you ask me
      To give it back
      I know you know it doesn’t mean that much to me
      I’m not in love, no no, it’s because

      stay lit

      1. I’m not in love
        So don’t forget it
        It’s just a silly phase I’m going through
        And just because
        I call you up
        Don’t get me wrong, don’t think you’ve got it made
        I’m not in love, no no, it’s because

        Big boys don’t cry

        stay lit

  13. Juh-nelle should get her own MTV show to find her next soulmate XD

    Kieffer, Babs and Kesha can be the panel deciding her fate.

  14. They are both terrible people. Jenelle was terrible before David too. He didn’t make her into this person. She was always nasty and picked men over her kid (s) before David came along. And David is an a** too.

  15. Of course David is happy. This was a serious come up for him. He will get the Land, the modular home, multiple vehicles and All terrain toys. Plus he can get alimony from Jenelle onces she starts cashing MTV checks again. Jenelle really created a big pile of shiit this time. I’m seriously loving David Charlies Angel pose.

  16. Yeah, he’s got no issues–if she’s back on TM2, who’s gonna get spousal support?! That’s right, it’s YOU, David! She’ll walk away from the land, happy not to live in that sinking mess, and he’ll be happy as a lark. Don’t worry, be happy!

    1. Mmmmmm YEP! He rants and raves and makes derogatory comments about homosexuality……is this because he won’t face up to his own “real feelings”

    1. David is “barb voice” HIGH HIGH of he thinks he’s getting another wife…. and anyone that would even consider dating him needs to be spayed and neutered

  17. That’s about all we can believe from DAVID. Too bad because Jenelle is just as sorry as you. We can just all hope MTV doesnt let her back on. FAKE FAKE FKE FAKE BREAK UP. Even if it’s not fake she only left him for money. Jenelle doesn’t care about her kids.

    1. I hope they dont let Jenelle back. They will probably have her appear for an “update” to see if the rating increase first. They so need to see a huge jump in ratings to sign her back on. If the rating continue to fall they won’t bring her back because she’s not worth the headache.So remeber don’t watch. Just keep checking back with the Ashley for the highlights.

        1. Thats great. But if MTV still tries it, MTV will probably low ball her and offer her $5000. Like they did first season. As long as we don’t watch she will go away.

          1. That’s not how it will work- Jenelle is still legally locked into the contract with MTV (which is why she hasn’t been able to do any other shows, MTV has legally been keeping her on the back burner hoping for this exact situation), and within the TM contracts appear to be payment tiers. If she comes back, she will likely make the same salary she was before (if not more, depending on if there have been increases). She won’t suddenly go back to making 5 grand like a 16 and Pregnant episode.

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