David Eason Says He Will Be “Exposing Everything” Against Estranged Wife Jenelle Evans in Court: “The Truth Will Come Out Soon”

“My reputation was pristine before you came along, David! They don’t give people their own parking spots outside the courthouse for no reason!”

Jenelle Evans may have decided to leave her husband David Eason, but to the surprise of absolutely no one, it seems that David intends to make their break up as difficult for Jenelle as possible.

Days after David was served a restraining order barring him from contacting the Teen Mom 2 star or her kids, and a week after he called Jenelle stupid for reportedly wanting full custody of Ensley, David has taken to social media once again to slam his estranged wife, this time revealing that he plans to expose her deep, dark secrets in court.

David’s rant (in part) began after he was called out online for “getting unfollowed by everyone” on social media. David replied to the comment, claiming that his follower count was actually “going up” and that Jenelle would be the one to lose followers after the two of them face off in court. 

Naturally, David’s haters were quick to call him out for mixing up the words “loose” and “lose,” though David maintained that the spelling was intentional and meant to be a dig at Jenelle and her promiscuity.  

The criticism only continued after David’s “loose” remark, with one person calling him out for his immaturity and another asking that he “have some respect” for the mother of his child. David then claimed that he was not talking about his baby mama’s nether regions at all. (Sure, Jan…)

“Ever think she’s loose cause maybe she had to push your daughter out her vag? Not an easy thing to go through. Have some respect,” the comment read. 

David then attempted to do some damage control — aka call the commenter a pervert and deny any wrongdoing on his part. 

“I wasn’t talking about her vagina you pervert wtf. I guess the only thing loose can mean is something sexual? Get a life,” he replied. 

David’s social media rant then switched to the topic of reputations, which was likely a response to a Facebook post made by Jenelle recently in which she all but called David out by name. 

“You damaged my reputation but I saved yours when I didn’t tell my part of the story,” the meme she posted read. 

Gee… who in the world could this be about?

David’s (assumed) response to Jenelle’s reputation post basically claimed that he was the one who protected others and their reputation, adding that “the truth will come out soon!” 

“All I can tell y’all right now is that I have tried to protect ppl and their reputation but the truth will come out soon!” David declared on Facebook.

David and protect: Two words that have no business being in the same sentence.

Given Jenelle’s recent accusations that David abused her at least 11 times in two years, as well as the concerns of their children’s safety on The Land and the fact that David shot and killed her dog Nugget earlier this year, David’s priorities of who and what he chooses to protect were called into question. 

“Instead of protecting people and their reputations why didn’t you protect your wife, your kids and your family dogs,” one person commented on social media. 

“Maybe that’s what I’m talking about, maybe you don’t know what you’re talking about … ,” David replied. 

Regarding David’s promise to speak his truth, a (rare) supporter encouraged him to make sure he is “paid to do it.” While David said he wouldn’t be exposing his estranged wife for a profit, he ensured that it “will make all your jaws drop.” 

On Monday, David decided to switch his topic of rant to Nathan Griffith, Jenelle’s second baby daddy whom she was seen with over the weekend. When someone wrote that “Nathan is wonderful compared to David,” David couldn’t help but respond…and accuse Nathan of doing the things that David himself has been accused of.

“Nathan is the only one who has ever abused any women or children you fool,” David responded. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Facebook) 


  1. Also if a man or woman hits you once they’ll do it again remember that ! If they were ok with doing it once they’ll be ok doing it again !!!!

  2. Ahhh spoken in the words of a true abuser lol my ex did the same when I left him and threatened custody to tell our son when he was old enough I was a whore while his dumb ass was cheating a full year before I left and moved on to anyone else like it ISNT totally obvious ya just bitter she left David and have to get a job and not leech off of her anymore I feel bad for Jenelle she had a kid with this sick fuck cause fame or no fame she’s stuck with his dumb ass for 18 years it’ll be hard co parenting with a psycho he killed an animal I mean that’s a big red flag before he starts killing ppl I’d be worried what he’d do out of spite to my daughter

  3. These dudes be out here acting like bitches get out your feelings take the L and move the fuck on…why cant dudes just move on rather than trying to cause more drama just cuz a female dont want to be with you that’s petty and bitch made…live your life and let her live hers…SMDH

  4. We already know that Jenelle is abusive, aggressive when not necessary, drama queen, manipulator, pathological sociopath, narcissistic, egotistical, a horrible Mom. What’s funny is that David is every one of the things I wrote about – except he’s a horrible father. They both make me sick. Now that Janelle has moved, what about Jace? The boy she claims to love but never acts like it. Watch her expect Barb to drive from NC to TN. They are both gross.

    1. I wanna know what he’ll be revealing about ole meat curtains that we don’t already know? She goes to the islands to score drugs, she doctor shops, she treats her kids like shit regardless if cameras are rolling or not, shes a lesbian… The only thing that would outright drop my jaw was if we found out there was some type of child p. situation like with Farrah and Dubai… Cmon david it only proves youre a horrible person for being complicit in her actions… And now you wanna speak out. Foh Dutch

  5. After all these years there’s nothing David can expose that would shock us.

    She’s a druggie? Yup, we know

    She has gone to extreme lengths to get drugs, losing sight of everything else in her life? Yup, we know

    She neglects and abuses her kids and allows others to do the same? Yup, we know

    She lies all the time, about everything, even under oath? Yup, we know

    Sex tapes? Getting railed while doing drugs? Girl on girl? A threesome? Yup, we know

    Weaponizes her kids against Barb and Nathan? Uses her kids as leverage to manipulate people? Yup, we know

    There’s Literally nothing he can reveal that changes how we see her.

  6. Jenelle is getting exactly what she deserves! What was she doing when Kaiser was being abused by David? She had the nerve to “stand by her man” when CPS stepped in and took the children from them. She lied in court claiming David wasn’t abusive. So it wasn’t abuse when David was manhandling Kaiser, but it is abuse now because Jenelle has changed her tune. Neither one of those two idiots are fit to be parents. Those kids need a stable home, not the zoo Jenelle and David have provided. They are both jerks and they deserve each other, “babe”!

    1. This is EXACTLY what has infuriated me once again (initial was obviously poor Nugget – RIP😢😇👼)
      This POS honestly believes she can twist things to suit her own needs an in some ways we can’t blame her, it’s worked for her every time! It’s sick.

      However, this time is especially heinous because it CONFIRMS what we all have known all along, she was WELL aware of Kaiser being abused and animals being tortured but not only did nothing to stop it but fought tooth and nail to KEEP hi in that situation. She could have just NOT argued when CPS had children removed. It would have taken less effort than continuing the abuse. She’s revolting.

      Now, because she is desperate for a $400k job (that she has since realized will not be in her future beyond MTV, would take her a decade+ to make that same $) She all of a sudden recognizes the abuse – but wait for it, abuse against her poor boohoo self as focus NOT KAISER!!
      Not to mention, she was previously disgustingly boastful about “evidence not permitted in future cases against her” – but she’s since realized it is legit and would support her playing the victim card.

      (and who knows how many other animals😢)

      She insults every one of US when she smugly plays this victim card after we have all advocated so hard for HER children and pets!!
      At what point does she have to be accountable for her awful choices – that she has now proved under oath that she knows are bad but she expects to get away with them … as usual.

      Also, how about this clear case of perjury?? Is the law just going to let that slide too??

      LOCK HER UP!! 🔒🤣👨🏻‍⚖️⚖️

      1. I literally just screenshoted this because this a brilliant reply and exactly what I’ve been thinking all along.
        I’m so sick of the “oh! Jenelle is so brave for leaving David!” Crowd. Bunch of idiots…. she has a lot of people fooled but not me! Glad I’m not the one 😉

  7. Hope they let her return to show .. been watching her n kids grow from the start and love Barb who has sacrificed so much for her daughter n grandkids ❣️ we all make mistakes and we all grow n some learn ..

    1. Right, we all make mistakes. Sometimes we’ll accidently use salt when we meant to use sugar. We might set the clock for pm instead of am. We have all dialed wrong numbers in our lifetimes. What we do not do is consistently shrug off our responsibility as a parent. We do not get 10+ mugshots. We do not smoke weed whilst pregnant. We do not allow our spouse to abuse our child because he looks like our ex. We do not condone our spouse beating, then killing a family pet. We do not lie under oath to protect an abuser. We do not act as if the law does not apply to us. We do not try to play the victim all of the sudden because our gravy train has come to a halt. I could go on and on for day. Zero sympathy for that trashbox. She will never grow and she will never take accountability.

  8. Radom comment about the restraining order: they are meat for physical protection, and I’ve never heard of one that said “No talking about one another on SM.”

  9. This dude is twisted! His threats hold no power. We already know all about Janelle and the crap she’s doing/has done. Heck, she married him! As for him, well, what can one say? Dirt always returns from wence it came…

  10. I hate him, he’s absolute garbage, but this is going to be soooo good!! I think at this juncture most of us a pretty sick of watching Chelsea visit plots of land she wants to buy while trying to convince us she’s some kind of style guru, Kail bitch about various baby-daddies and go on vacations and Leah allude to sleeping with Jeremy. All we really have to look forward to are the epic tell-all’s from: Lurch and Jenelle, all of Jenelle’s various children, Andrew, and the one guaranteed to be most epic of all, Sophia!

  11. It seemed like he was insinuating that Jenelle killed Nugget. Jenelle is a lot of things and could has had moments of abuse towards her animals but I seriously wouldn’t believe she killed Nugget until there was a decent amount of evidence to prove it.

  12. He said he had to strap a 2 x 4 to his ass when he had sex with her so he “didn’t fall in” but he didn’t mean it in a sexual way.

  13. Please don’t let Lurch “expose everything”. I’ve already seen the supposed pics of Bigfoot and I’m not really curious about his junk.

    This should be the Teen Mon franchise tag line. Followed up by “I’M DONE!”

    Whatever David. No one cares what you have to say. What could come out about Jenelle that we all haven’t already seen or heard in her past anyway. She’s hardly the Saint of Reality Tv…..

  15. There’s nothing on this entire God forsaken earth that David could tell me about Jenelle that would shock me. She was a lowlife white trash piece of shit before him and will continue to be after him. But that being said, I also don’t think he can “reveal” anything that’s worse than all that he has done

  16. At this point, what could he tell us that is so “shocking?” We all know she smoked pot while pregnant with Ensley, we all know she defended him after he physically assaulted her, and we all know that she allowed him to abuse Kaiser.

  17. So, the police say he is dangerous? They let him get by with killing Nugget? But they had no problem serving him papers?

  18. There’s no possible truth that he could expose that would shock me about Janelle. She’s a garbage person. So is he.

  19. I may get down voted here but I still gotta say it. Both are SUPER crazy. Not defending one or the other. But… could she have killed Nugget and they spun the story so it placed blame on him since he was already hated and already off MTV? She has abused animals in the past and had to do a psa. She was barely hanging onto MTV at the time (doubt she expected to be let go for David killing Nugget) and let’s be honest, what else could REALLY destroy her reputation? Drugs while pregnant? Check. Cheating? Check. Temper? Check. Abuse? Check. Fighting? Check. Lying? Check. Manipulation? Check.

    Consider the story wasn’t supposed to even get out either. It changed multiple times. She is a known liar and manipulator. Her “remorse” – well. Need I go on?

  20. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I’m glad Jenelle is finally being smart and leaving it ass David she needs to protect herself from mean asshole like you I’ve been abused got out to protect my son good job jennelle proud of you

    1. I feel like Maryessa is going to be super vulnerable, especially to older men ESPECIALLY in the not-so-distant future. I’m sure she is not supervised online, and with all the internal drama/issues….poor thing. 🙁


    sorry for yelling but idk why nobody is trying to get her out. We havent heard a word about it and who knows what hes capable of.

    1. Stephanie, I completely agree with you on this and have been asking the same question for a long time. Why in the world isn’t her mom and stepdad and/or grandma fighting harder to regain custody? If I knew my child was with a man like David, capable of the things he is, I would move mountains to get my child out of there! And I think it’s a bullshit excuse for them to say that they don’t have the money for the attorneys to fight for custody. You find a way when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of your children.

      1. I absolutely feel the same way. Maryssa is very intelligent and at her age she knows exactly what is going on. It was not so long ago that she stood up in court and told it like it was, so much so that Lurch disowned her. Now that it’s just the two of them on The Land, there is no way that she is not paying for those perceived slights right now. I’m just going to say it, Lurch is depraved in every way, I absolutely think there is a strong possibility that poor girl is being sexually abused. Now that Jenelle isn’t around to abuse in every way possible why wouldn’t he take it out on Maryssa, he is a sick depraved individual and I put nothing past him. She is the most intelligent person to ever inhabit The Land and I really hope her mother’s side of the family swoops in as soon as possible and gets her out of there.

  22. I want a story of how Kailyn bought Chris am almost million dollar house. Now they aren’t friendly. How about a story of how there’s an outbreak of the clap(Gonorrhea) going around TM2. Britannia,Javi, And Kailyn all need to be checked for stds. The sh:t show needs to end.

  23. Omg David is so fucking stupid he is just mad 😡 cause she left him and took her daughter, and won’t come back. She did want did needed to do for her kids and her self the man was bad and awful hell I can’t believe she stay that long! Girl keep ur head up

    1. Who’s going to enforce it? The local sheriff in NC, who admitted he was the most dangerous guy in 3 counties? Ya, I don’t think so. Unless they’re willing to go in with a SWAT team and disarm him, there’s nobody who’ll waste their time trying to enforce a restraining order based on a verbal violation.

  24. What’s he going to “expose”? That she smoked weed while pregnant with Ensley? Idiot, we all already know this, and he allowed her to do it…stayed with her after the NEW BORN tested positive for THC..and LOL at Jenelle saying that he damaged her reputation while she tried to save his…Jenelle, from the time you were on 16 an pregnant until currently, you’ve damaged your reputation all on your own, and no matter how much you THOUGHT you “saved” David’s “reputation…he’s one of the shittiest humans on earth, he doesn’t have a reputation worth saving. Should’ve been trying to save YOUR KIDS from him instead of saving his “reputation”.

    1. Both of them need to be banned from all social media for the sake of the kids. Don’t these people think about their kids!? (No). All of these kids are going to be able to access this twitter and Instagram bashing one day and that’s vile. Kids look up to their parents and need structure and good adult influences.

      1. After all those poor children have been exposed to in real life (ie. poor Maryssa cowering in her bedroom after watching the beating and murder of her puppy), anything posted on social media will be nothing more than a ripple in the ocean to them.

  25. Funny how all abusers talk about the “truth will come out” when they get caught and then the only thing coming out are more details and confirmation of their abusive and violent behavior.
    The same happened with Amber. Two pieces of trash.

  26. This punk is all talk. He is nothing but a coward. He abuses women and children COWARD!!!!!!!!!! He needs guns to feel like a man COWARD!!!!!!! He threatens people on social media but not in person COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just put this POS to sleep like a worthless dog which he deserves.

      1. He IS a brave soldier who fights lap dogs and small children every day! They are enemies of THE LAND and he is protecting it!

      2. Let’s not forget JE told us all with a straight face that he risks his life every day cleaning boats…
        Welding was too dangerous because of his ‘terminal vitiligo’ (🤦‍♀️) – yet his forging crafts are somehow just fine.
        Anything that resembles “work / a job” is a risk to his brand and that’s about all.

  27. These two trash heaps deserved each other then, and as far as I’m concerned they STILL do.

    My only compassion is for their children, who after seeing some of the dysfunction they’ve seen already — have to grow up and see this sh*t too.

    Team kids. ( I’m still praying for you guys.)

  28. I thought David was barred from speaking about Jenelle online? Wasn’t that part of the restraining order? Is he “getting away” with this since he didn’t call her out by name?

  29. I’m glad to watch all this go down. It’s been a few yrs in the making. Now to grab some candy now enjoy the shit show

  30. Hey, I’m here for it. They’re both garbage people. I’m sure he has tons of disturbing stories to tell about her and vice versa.

  31. I really don’t think there is anything he can say, or her, that would shock us! They are both scum, both could care a less about the children, both selfish, and the list goes on and on.

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