EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Spotted with Baby Daddy Nathan Griffith: More Details & How Jenelle is Using Her Co-Parenting Relationship to Try to Get Back on ‘Teen Mom 2’

“It’s nice to not have to travel to the swamp to pick up my kid!”

Jenelle Evans and her baby daddy Nathan Griffith are getting along much better these days, now that Jenelle’s estranged (and Nathan-hating) husband David Eason is out of the picture. Their improved co-parenting relationship was evident in a photo published by TMZ on Saturday showing Nathan in the background of a pic of Jenelle and a “fan.”

Naturally, Teen Mom 2 fans jumped to the conclusion that Jenelle was trying to get her mitts on Nate, since running back to an old boyfriend is Jenelle’s  typical breakup “modus operandi.” However, The Ashley can clarify and give details of what’s really going on…

In the TMZ photo, Jenelle is seen smiling with a girl, who The Ashley hears was an employee of the fun center that Jenelle and her two kids Ensley and Kaiser were visiting. Nathan, who is Kaiser’s father, is seen in the background of the photo.

“Jenelle’s baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, was also on hand … and a source tells us the two did a routine kid drop-off at the location,” TMZ reported.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Nathan was there to get Kaiser, and that Kaiser wanted his dad to stay and play with them, which is why Nathan is putting on his shoes in the pic.

Jenelle has been in hiding so when the employee asked her for a photo, she initially said no, but then felt bad and agreed,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “The girl then immediately called up TMZ.”

The Ashley’s media sources tell her that someone from Jenelle’s camp called up TMZ and asked that the picture not be posted, or at the very least the location not be shared. TMZ did not share the exact location where the photo was taken, so as not to tip off David to where Jenelle and the kids are. (Jenelle did not have a hand in getting that picture released, despite what people may be thinking. She was actually very fearful about the photo getting out.)

Anyway, the photo did, of course, cause some outlets to run stories stating that Nathan and Jenelle may be getting back together. The Ashley can confirm this is not true at all.

“Nathan was there for his son, and his son only,” the source said. “Nathan knows where Jenelle is because she has Kaiser, and now that David is out of the picture, Jenelle has no problem with Nathan seeing Kaiser and spending time with him. Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley is aware and supportive of the situation. There is nothing happening romantically. Nathan is grateful that Jenelle is being decent to him and finally letting him see and talk to Kaiser when he wants to.”

The Ashley hears, though, that Jenelle is trying to use her newly improved relationships with Nathan and her mother Barbara Evans (who is essentially Jenelle’s co-parent for her oldest son Jace) to her advantage.

“Jenelle has made the ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers very aware that she is now getting along with Nathan and Barb,” a production source tells The Ashley. “She has sent them pics of her and her mom, or her and Nathan with the kids, telling them that this is good stuff and that they should be filming it, and that they are missing out.” 

“The producers who are in contact with Jenelle have told her that, while they do want to film her actually getting along with the people in her life, they are reluctant to put out the money and effort to film her, because they know that she could run back to David,” the source said. “Plus, it will be very hard to get a crew together that is willing to film Jenelle at this point. Many of the behind-the-scenes people are genuinely scared to have anything to do with her because of David.”

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)


  1. Jenelle went to court and stated under oath that David did not abuse the children, they regained custody partially based on her testimony, I assume. Maryssa testified, I assume telling the truth and some wack job judge does a 180 and immediately the children are returned. Now Jenelle has fled to safety with her children stating abuse and she is fearful for her wellbeing and HER children’s safety, fair enough. What burns me is that her lies now leaves an 11 year old in his custody

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    Mannnnn. Give this girl some credit. Atleast she’s trying which is more than most can say in today’s society. I’ll come work for you if it gets her back on the show. In the words of the King,

  3. At least it APPEARS that MTV isn’t falling for her (blatantly obvious) scheme. Coincidentally she’s all of a sudden getting along with Nathan and Barbara, the other 2 adults that are apart of her story line who were also getting fat checks from MTV, and who are also upset they’re not filming anymore…Honestly I think since the season started, and they all saw that her replacement Jade’s story line is actually packed with drug filled drama (I was dying when her aunt was reading off her moms laundry list of drug charges on speaker phone at the nail shop LOL!), it seems to me like Jenelle (and co) are pulling a hail Mary to get back on the show before the door shuts completely…Until David is out of the picture the way Jenelle’s other soulmates are, I’m not fully buying this “divorce” as more than a diabolical scheme to get her 6 figure salary back.

  4. Who else sees this train wreck getting back on? MTV will do anything for ratings! Driving Jace with a gun out in road rage, yup! Ratings! Ryan driving while high on heroine? Oh yeah! MTV wallet was tingling! Oh, lest we forget ol’ Abusive Amber. She is HOT ratings! Disgusting!

  5. Worried for Maryssa. If David is anything like my dad, and I think he is, she could be getting raped and beaten everyday. Is anyone checking on her?

  6. What all of these characters need is actual professional help. Not the Dr. Drew and Ambien-enabler therapists, but an actual wake up call and a 12-step program. Unfortunately, they need to hit rock bottom first and that won’t and can’t happen until MTV cuts the purse strings. Bottom line, all of the TM’s came from some form of dysfunction that led them to having babies when they were still babies themselves. If they hope to change their circumstances and lead healthy fulfilling lives, they have to be willing to recognize that there is no hope for any of them or their children until they seek help.

    1. Spot on. MTV is complicit in the cycle of abuse by creating incentives for bad behavior… all at the children’s expense. Dr. Drew is too busy being an entertainer and securing his own bag to provide the help they need.

  7. That’s pathetic.
    MTV better not put her back on.. This is temporary anyway… She gets along with Barbara for a minute or two until Barbara does/says something she doesn’t like/want, or she doesn’t get her way, She yells at her and tells her she will never see Jace again after she gets him back etc.. It’s the same thing with her… Its clock work. It’s predictable. She really should just put in an application for a regular job and work like the rest of us… MTV needs to get rid of this stupid shoe… They girls are almost 30, what are they going to do with their lives?? Will they be grandmas before it cancels??
    So stupid.

  8. SHAME ON MTV if they take her back! They witnessed the dysfunctional abuse and obviously they’re quite willing to overlook it for a few $$$$$$$ ! They’re just as guilty as swampman and Chinelle!

  9. Before his recent DUI drama, I really thought Nathan had changed and was more than ready to work toward full custody of Kaiser. But now I see I must have been living in a dream world.

    Truth is, BOTH he and Jenelle are two dysfunctional, substance abusing, jobless whores who’ll do or say pretty much ANYTHING in front of a reality show camera — for a fast buck.

    So now let’s see if MTV’s not buying this “look at us make peace” garbage either, and tells both of them where they can stick it.

    1. Jenelle and Nathan had no business ever having a child. Poor sweet Kaiser suffer the consequences.
      Jenelle does not have any redeeming qualities. She is a raging narcissist. Her children are there to serve her wants and needs. It is never about them. Much like Amber.
      I feel Nathan has mental health struggles that lead to alcoholism.
      I think he does care for Kaiser unlike Jenelle. He is just not in a healthy enough place to give Kaiser what he so what he needs.
      It really is tragic between Jenelle and all of the father’s of her children there is not one able to function as a parent to those children.
      It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

      1. Post Partum Pony, I agree with everything you said. What is so very sick about Jenelle is that she took “the abortion pill” to get rid of a baby because she had no interest in trying to keep that particular baby daddy around and she was on tinder literally like the day after she took it. Then after she met Nathan they “planned” on getting pregnant with Kaiser within a month or so. This alone is a clear cut example of her narcissism, she had no use for a baby from one dude so she gets rid of it and literally like two months later she’s pregnant by another dude and decides to keep it because she thinks he’s hot. She is a serious mental case without the ability to love anyone but the warm body next to her and herself. Just look at all the times over the years she’s lost her mind because the kids were just being kids. She’s garbage, hopefully she can get Lurch off The Land and go live there by herself and maybe one or two chickens and never reappear again in polite society.

        1. @Post Partum Pony: Well said!

          @CoryandTrevor: What did the chickens ever do to deserve Jenelle? 😂

          Seriously though, it’s a true shame that people like Jenelle can have babies with the blink of an eye, but there are wonderful people struggling to become parents. Truly sad.

        2. And then didn’t know if she was really pregnant with Nathan’s baby or if it was left overs from the abortion.
          And told this to the world without blinking twice.

  10. I think if they r that’s a red of David, then they should get restraining orders on the mutt, I think it would be great to see Janelle back

  11. Employee requests photo.
    Employee sells photo to media.
    Photo contains details that could potentially put innocent children at risk.
    Employees face gets pixilated.
    Revealing details do not.

  12. I’m glad Jenell is getting along with the ppl that should be important in her life bc of the kids. I have to say I’m very proud of her bc no one should have to be nasty to a father or grandmother of her kids bc then the kids miss out on alot of stuff n now they get that back now that Janelle is not with David. He seemed to controlling to me n thats hard on any relationship.

    1. She decided to stand by her man, following ‘his beliefs’.
      She didn’t have to be nasty towards anyone.
      She failed to protect her children (Kaiser!) and Maryssa and the animals.
      Yes, David seems very controlling and she decided to marry him
      and to defend him/his horrible actions.

  13. Jenelle is addicted to drama, drugs, and dick. The needs all 3 of those things to feel valid. If she isn’t trying to get back with Nathan then she’ll find someone new within a month, or get back with David.

    And she’s only capable of having toxic relationships because she thinks that acting out of control is how people prove they care. She is not capable of not being a fucking mess of a garbage human.

    1. Jenelle couldn’t live without the drama….and the whole time pleading innocence and how hard done by she is ……. please get me a bucket!

  14. Interesting timing – Janelle goes to NYC to meet with MTV and while she’s gone entrusts Ensley to him. A day or two later she files for divorce. AFAIK, there wasn’t a 911 call and we know damn well there would have been a 911 call involved.

    It doesn’t add up – within 24 hours she has a sudden and silent change of heart and leaves in the middle of the night with Ensley? No way. Probably MTV said she could have her big fat paycheck back only if she and David are separated. She goes back to NC, discusses with David and they cook up the “divorce” plan so she can get her job back.

  15. Janelle does not know what she wants.After turning her back on everyone who loves her for this loser,she still dumps him anyway and trying to reconnect with the same love ones she alienated,what a complete loser.👎😈👎😈👎😈.

  16. So what exactly happened to Ensley between the time David was watching her when Jenelle went to New York “while he slept” and her coming back and “running away” with Ensley? No one called the 911? That’s how I know this “divorce ” is fake.

    I’m glad the crew are still refusing to film with Jenelle; it’s not worth it. She’s just going to get back with him after her contract is signed. This is all a money grab. Jenelle needs to get a job.

    Jenelle and Nathan are money hungry. He just got a felony and needs a good lawyer, so of course Nathan’s going for the photo op. Jenelle is just broke and probably never worked a job in her life.

    Maci and Briana seem to be the only TM cast members with recent job experience. I guess Kail too if we are counting her podcast.

    1. When Briana is held up as one of the more productive characters on the show then it’s a strong sign that this dumpster fire needs to end.

  17. Everything else aside..because this is just a giant shitshow and we could all write novels about it…let’s get at least one things straight. Jenelle is not now, nor has she ever been, a co-parent with Babs as far as Jace is concerned. Jenelle is like that annoying relative you have to visit now and then because your mom says you have to, or because you have to go somewhere while mom gets shit done elsewhere. You pretend you like her, you listen to her when you have to, you spend time with her and you behave yourself, but she is not your mother.

    Jenelle is not Jace’s mom, and has never been, she was simply an incubator-that doesn’t make her a mom anymore than shooting your load in some chick and making a baby out of it makes a male a dad. Babs has always been, and should always be, that boy’s mom, period. She is the only stable parent that boy has ever had, even with all the problems she’s had with Jenelle. Jenelle is not really a mom to any of her kids, but Jace most especially.

    1. I was just thinking about that. Barbara is probably thanking her lucky stars that she never actually gave Jace back to Jenelle, cause she has never been a mother to that boy

  18. Juhnelle’s a shitbag bc she’s just always a shitbag, TMZ is a shitbag for releasing a picture of the child custody drop-off location of people in a domestic violence situation, and this employee ID a shitbag and should be fired for posting it. Gross.

  19. This just further confirms to me that Jenelle wasn’t leaving because she finally came to her senses, she’s just desperate to not have to get a real job. She’s a parasite and an opportunist. Those kids aren’t safe because she’s just going to move on to the next loser.

    1. Still better than David, who is just an idiot (but a well armed idiot- if I were the MTV staff, I would worry about him finding out where they are from one of those “—- show is filming here” sites and killing everyone.

      1. Oh, Nathan is light years ahead of David!

        David is a non-useful (and psychopathic) idiot. But Nathan is not too bright and Jenelle, as horrible as she may be, is clever by comparison. Don’t get me wrong, I think Nathan is one of the most decent people amongst this motley crew of trash. And it’s good to try get along with your ex. But Jenelle is not just any ex, she’s a narcissist with a personality disorder. Remember when Nathan invited David & Jenelle to Kaiser’s party after Kaiser reported his abuse? This was during the abuse investigation, when the custody case was at its most delicate point? Trying to be a nice guy he actually contributed to the judge deeming Jenelle and David less of a threat. Useful idiot.

  20. You act like MTV has a choice. We are the viewers and the consumers of the commercial products. If the audience refused to watch and boycott the sponsors Jenelle will go back to that swamp,and MTV will cancel the whole TM shitshow franchise.

  21. Babs “bitch of a daughter” is scheming again. I don’t think she has ended the relationship with David. I think it’s a ploy to get back on MTV however David isnt happy about this. But he is in on this also. If Jenelle keeps rubbing it in his face that she is more successful and happy without him, he will forget the “agreement” they made and he will lose it. He’s too much of a fame whoring narrcisistic control freak to go along with this for a long time. Jenelle really is a trifling piece of work. When is came to Kaiser spending time with Nathan for Kaisers benefit, Jenelle fought it tooth and nail. When it comes to spending time with Nathan to get Jenelle back on TV, she all for it. What a spiteful selfish piece of trash.

    1. I agree with you. I think they are hoping to get on the show again, then film their “reconciliation”. I also think she will decide she likes to be able to do whatever she wants without him, and he will hunt her down and kill her and her kids. Maybe MTV will really luck out, and get the shootings on film- think of the ratings gold that will be.

    2. You are spot on. This is exactly what I think as well. Also I’m sure she doesn’t mind giving Nathan more time with Kaiser, bc we all know she doesn’t want to take care of the poor little guy. She just considers him an inconvenience.

    3. You nailed it. After her failed makeup launch she was boo-hooing about being broke but also she posted that David has been there for her. We all knew she’d go broke soon enough but I figured it was at least a couple of years away. I guess the lawyers they hired for the custody case wiped out those dummies. And I doubt either of them are savvy investors.

      I find it hard to believe that after all the 911 calls, obvious signs of abuse, animal murder and nearly losing her kids because of him she finally decides to leave David.

      Although if she is truly in danger and hiding then the person who sold the picture to TMZ sucks.

    4. If some redneck pos locked my kid in the car, I would have been done there, good for her if she really is leaving this idiot. But what took so long? I’m having a hard time with this being a mother myself.

    5. Does anyone actually believe this anything but an orchestrated plot by Jenelle and David to get the MTV money train rolling again?

      1. And/Or an orchestrated plot by MTV to raise ratings.
        Everyone is waiting to see the next thing to happen.
        She meets with people in NYC, then immediately ‘divorces’ David.
        It’s all just a way for MTV to get their sagging ratings about these sagging bitches back up.

  22. It’s pretty trashy for that employee to immediately call tmz after taken the photo. I can understand Jenelle not wanting anything to be posted online. David is a nut job. The less he knows about her whereabouts the better.

    1. A prime example that this is a hoax. She’s a moron, but is certainly smart enough to know that this “innocent” picture was going to be published. The employee should be fired…. happy with that $500 and 5 minutes of fame ?!

  23. That “selfie” is staged and framed to unnecessarily include Nathan and the name of the venue in the background.Jenelle is playing games, Dr. Drew is a fraud and plays with fire for MTV checks. He knows damn well Jenelle is personality disordered. Didn’t he try to talk Chelsea into dropping a restraining order against her ex?

    You know what makes me absolutely sick? That Maryssa is stuck alone in that hellhole they call “The Land”, all alone with an abusive psycho while he’s under stress. That poor girl bravely testified truthfully in court only to have David and Jenelle make her out to be a liar and force her back into their custody. Then Jenelle abandoned her there and filed a restraining order to protect HERSELF. Admitting to all of the abuse she denied when it served her own interests. She’s unforgivable. And so is the family court judge, “Dr Drew” and MTV as a whole.

    1. Im not sure he is really under that much stress, since the split seems to be totally faked so that Janelle can get her MTV job back. I would bet that once she was rehired she would reconcile with him and the show would keep her on because it’s salacious to have this fucked up love triangle.

  24. I am wishing so hard for MTv to refuse to take her back. But we all know they will. Sickening that this girl actually gets PAID for the horrible life she leads.

  25. Idk what the truth is here but shame on the girl who contacted tmz and shame on tmz for publishing the story. Who knows what’s going on but let’s all assume Jenelle is scared and hiding….

    1. Of Jenelle was serious about her safety, she would have got Nathan to come to her to get Kaiser. She would have flat out refused to take the picture, not even felt bad for it, if she was serious about her safety.
      She cares for noone about herself, and it is all a ploy to get money. She is a fame whore. And if she was serious about making changes, she would knuckle down, get a job and start life out of the spotlight.

  26. I hope Nathan keeps his guard up with both of them. David would go after him and Jenelle is a user who just looks out for herself. Neither should be trusted.

  27. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Kaiser goes to the same school as Marissa.. does anyone know if she has pulled him out of kindergarten?

  28. Let her bk she was good and now David’s out the picture please we beg u all the way from the UK we all miss her

  29. That girl wanted to sell Jenelle’s location and needed a picture to prove it. But now based on that photo alone we know the exact location of where she is. It makes NO sense that Nathan drove THAT FAR for a “routine pick up”. They’re all in on this mess. Once Nathan got arrested, Jenelle had the upper hand AGAIN and has everyone rolled up in this to get back on MTV. None of them have any employable skills at this point and her only hope is that MTV paycheck. I guarantee if MTV and Dr Drew said she’s done for good, this wouldn’t be happening. I also would place a pretty huge bet on that if MTV said she could come back if she turned over custody of those kids to the state, she’d do that in a heartbeat.

      1. Exact location wasn’t posted but there’s something in that photo that can be googled to find it. I’m not going to help anyone do it. But if you want to know badly enough, you’ll find it from information in that picture.

      2. Yup, everyone knows she’s in Tennessee too; at her only friend’s house. Jenelle also went to this same location, if I recall, for a week after David murdered Nugget.

  30. Oh my gosh – a quick google search and you can see the name of that place and the exact location. David is going to find her easily now.

  31. Well it’s evident that the employee has never been in an abusive relationship…running to TMZ to share the picture? Not nice in my opinion. It’s a young girl. She has to know all about David. You know, the one who makes all of our skin crawl? Stupid move on her part.

  32. I don’t care what happens to her! Now she is endangering Nathan’s life. And where she is in hiding? Duh? Tennessee? She’s not hiding very well. This is all just a plot to get back on TV and get that MTV 6 figure salary. And Dr. Drew thinks that she can get her job back if she wants it? And Dr. Drew thinks she’s not addicted to fame? This is coming from Dr. Drew, the biggest fame whore ever! And they show that video of the dog murderer monster child abuser, telling that brat Ensley to stick her face up all on Nugget! It makes me sick! I hope he does to the EX-TEEN MONSTER MOM what he did to that sweet baby dog!

    1. I was all for your comment until you called a dog a “sweet baby” and an innocent TODDLER a “brat”. Your heart only bleeds for animals? Both the children AND that poor dog were victims of David’s abuse. Please, if you think like that DON’T ever have children and God help yours if you do. It takes a heartless person to attack a damn child. Her parents, yes, it’s open season. These kids have no chance if they don’t have outside support. Why should they try to be better than their parents when they grow up if they can go online and find people like you writing them off before they are even potty trained? Shame on you! As someone who has worked with children all my life and who is a mother and foster mother, let me tell you something. A toddler is a mimic that tests boundaries constantly. That’s where we get the term “terrible twos”. This is the age where parents really need to start enforcing rules and boundaries. It’s NOT the child’s fault if her parents aren’t doing that. You’re almost as bad as David. At least he KNOWS the children he abused. You think you have the right to heap abuse on a child you have never met. And, yes, name calling is a form of abuse. I wish this board would lock you out. Your whole “save the animals, fuck the kids” shit is getting very old. You’re not a good person. You’re an insane animal lover who has blinders on to anything else. Go join PETA and throw paint at people. And, please, STAY AWAY FROM CHILDREN! You obviously don’t have the moral compass to protect them, just dogs.

      1. I wanna believe Jenelle is doing the right thing for her kids but posing for a pic isn’t smart, let alone one with the name of the place you’re at in the photo. Then again, there is a restraining order against David so wouldn’t that make it ok for him to know where they are then? Unless he goes to crazy lengths and stalks them?im honestly not sure what to think of the situation

        1. A piece of paper has never stopped a scorned ex from hurting or killing their target. A restraining order is a smart legal move, but in reality prevents nothing.

      2. Ensley was harassing that dog. She should have been taught better, that’s not her fault. But the fact is she was in that dog’s face and the dog was scared and nipped. Your essay doesn’t change the fact that Ensley was the aggressor. Her parent’s fault, yes. Definitely not the dog’s.

        And not everyone likes, or has to like children. Just like not everyone likes, or has to like dogs.

      3. Ensley is a brat. She’s the reason why nugget nipped at her and she’s ultimately the reason why nugget is dead. Teach your kids to treat animals better.

      4. Totally agree with everything you said! Completely sickening!!! People have gone nuts over putting dogs before humans. (And yes, I am a dog lover, I own 2 pugs, however my children come first OBVIOUSLY!)

      5. Omg thank you so much for saying this! You said what I’ve been thinking for months now. I’m so tired of seeing this person attack Ensley. I love animals too but this lady needs help! All she ever talks about is nugget, which of course was a tragedy but I’m way more concerned about the innocent human children that are in this situation. Again Emmatherevelator…thank you!

    2. Hey, The Ashley, I thought news and gossip sites including this one were putting a stop to revealing what state Jenelle and the kids were in? Think you should delete this woman’s comment? She’s giving the location of DV victims. Please, stick to your word.

    3. So, according to you, Ensley, an abused, neglected, 2 year old girl who was doing what her crazed parent told her to do, is a brat and you hope David murders Jenelle. You are one sick b*itch.

  33. Okay. She had me until the end. I can understand her being so fearful of David finding her that she didn’t want the picture published. HOWEVER, what the h3ll does she think will happen if they film? It would take 2 seconds for David to find her then! Girlfriend ain’t afraid, she’s just money hungry (and WILL be back with David on the QT). Leopards never change their stripes.

  34. How about, you know, get a job? Like most people? Oh right, you don’t know what it is.
    I hope the rest of the TM cast takes a good look at her situation cause that’s what is waiting for them when the show ends.

    1. Jenelle has made herself unemployable virtually anywhere except MTV. Can you imagine what a prospective employer would find if s/he googled her name?

  35. Jenelle is scared of David. Yet she posts her almost exact location, posts pics of Ensley, and reposts stuff about relationships. Iam still on the fence. Jenelle is all about losing the money. Barbara is kissing up to J because she’s all about the money too. News outlets can post where she is because she’s doing it. I don’t for a mt. Believe she’s scared. If I were scared I wouldn’t be doing what she’s doing. J go on back to D. No one cares.

    1. Yep. This right here. I am more scared FOR her than she is scared for her own self or those kids. She would be radio freaking silent if she were as scared as most of us are for her. I don’t care what anyone says, I think she’s still in contact with David to an extent and they know what’s going on. If MTV and Dr. Drew said there’s no way she’s coming back, I have doubts this would be happening.

      1. She had a job at a restaurant for like a week but lost it because she stole her mom’s credit card and took that road trip with Keifa, lol!!!

  36. There is not a genuine bone in Jenelle’s body. This is such a see-through move, a month ago she hated Nathan and cursed his name, now all of the sudden she has a change of heart. Her children are nothing to her but photo ops and man-trappers. She is such garbage, and who the hell would want to take a picture with her.

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